Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to keep the Anson County Courthouse safe from Mexican Muslim terrorists!!!!!!!


Kurtis Russell from our Lilesville NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with, get this, terrorism, larceny of a firearm, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, possession of a weapon at a courthouse, going armed to the terror of the people (WTF?) and possession of a firearm by a felon after he allegedly paid a visit to the Anson County Courthouse with an assault rifle and after the “authorities” snooped around his home and “found” homemade explosives and weapons.

See, all this nonsense started last week when Patriot Russell brought an assault rifle to the Anson County Courthouse and pointed it at the front door.  Look, we heard from some of the other members of the Lilesville NSPA chapter that Patriot Russell brought the gun to the courthouse simply out of concern some Mexican Muslim terrorists might show up to hurt somebody. After all, you never know what kind of an unstable crackpot might show up to the courthouse with the intention of hurting somebody.

We can only be thankful that Patriot Russell took on the responsibility to patrol the courthouse to keep everybody safe. Unfortunately, an armed security guard assigned to the courthouse chased him away because we’re sure he didn’t want Patriot Russell to get any of the credit for saving the day in case those terrorists showed up.

So then the “authorities” invaded Patriot Russell’s home and started snooping around until they found explosive devices and an AR-15 rifle, which he obviously had on hand so he can make use of them when the Mexican Muslim terrorists start causing trouble. Then to really stick it to him, the “authorities” put his bail at 5 million dollars. ( #overkill )

So once again we have a clear case here in which Dictator Obama and Crooked Hillary have tried to criminalize gun ownership and to suppress the vote of a Good Guy With A Gun because we’re sure he’ll still be locked up in jail on November 8th so he can’t vote for Donald J. Trump!!!!!!

Anson Co. man charged with terrorism after gun pointed at courthouse



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because a couple of punk asses couldn’t show him the respect he deserves!!!!!


Doyle Gabbert from our Mills NSPA chapter was frog marched today to the Natrona County Circuit Court to be bound over to District Court to face one count of aggravated robbery, three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of larceny, one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of possession of a deadly weapon with intent to threaten the life of another, which are all obviously bogus charges.

See, all this nonsense started back on August 9 when Patriot Gabbert was driving along, minding his own business, when he was allegedly forced to fire one shot at another motorist who almost crashed into his car. We would like to point out it’s not like he killed the other driver or anything. All he did was shatter the car’s back window.

Now let’s be real. Anybody who has seen those Safelight AutoGlass commercials on tv knows how easy it is to get car windows replaced nowadays. Besides, as the commercials point out, most insurance companies cover the cost of the service so we really don’t see what the big deal is here with this alleged incident.

Then two days later Patriot Gabbert had to go through this nonsense all over again. See, Patriot Gabbert was minding his own business in a parking lot at Ridley’s Family Market, a well known hangout for trouble makers in Mills, when he was forced to defend himself against these aforementioned trouble makers by allegedly aggressively confronting them and aiming a firearm at them.

See, these trouble makers made up a ridiculous story in which, get this, they claimed Patriot Gabbert had almost gotten into a collision with one of them. They claimed Patriot demanded the keys to one of their vehicles. It was at this point they claimed he pulled the gun on them. Then to make matters worse a couple of busybody “police officers” showed up to escalate the situation. Luckily, Patriot Gabbert was able to escape in a small sedan which he must have borrowed.

Then the busybody “police officers” kept pursuing him and stopped him near the Hobby Lobby on East Second Street. Fortunately, Patriot Gabbert was able to escape and borrow a mini-van from a nearby storage facility. Unfortunately, he crashed the van, probably because he got cut off the road by some woman driver who wasn’t watching the road because she was gabbing away on her cell phone. Luckily, he was near a beverage store while a Coca Cola delivery was being made, and Patriot Gabbert was able to borrow the Coca Cola freight truck.

Unfortunately, the “police officers” then had a “police dog” attack Patriot Gabbert before he was able to drive away in the truck, and Patriot Gabbert was forced to surrender.

Now here’s what really burns us up about these cases. When the “police officers” interrogated Patriot Gabbert about the separate shootings, they completely dismissed his perfectly legitimate explanation that he pulled his gun in both situations because he felt he had been disrespected. They didn’t care about this explanation because all they cared about was locking him up and confiscating his gun.

See, the real issue here is the lack of respect given to insecure, small penised, White men in America today. We are the last remaining minority group which can still be openly mocked and persecuted because we don’t qualify for unconditional protection by the political correctness police!!!! However, if Donald J. Trump is elected President, we will finally get the respect we deserve!!!!!

Man Chased Through Casper, Will Be Tried On Road Rage Charges



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for making the unfortunate choice to look for a roommate through Craigslist!!!!!!


Zachary Penton from our Maricopa County NSPA chapter (which happens to be one of our largest thanks to the recruiting efforts of chapter chairman Sheriff Joe!) was arrested yesterday after he allegedly shot and killed his roommate before calling 911 to turn himself in.

Sure enough, the disgusting media has rushed to sensationalize the series of social media posts Patriot Penton has made over the past few years to fantasize about obtaining a gun and killing people. See, once again, the disgusting media wants to make this all about “gun violence” so they can push their anti-gun agenda to do the bidding of that Muslim Dictator Obama and his henchwoman Crooked Hillary.

For example, they made a bid deal out of how Patriot Penton purchased his first gun in June and tweeted: “Holy shit, buying a gun is so easy.” Then they made a big deal out of this Tweet he posted on Friday: “I need to move out of my place before I viciously murder my roommates.”

It is obvious, though, that the disgusting media is lamely trying to use the magician’s art of misdirection by printing an endless list of these types of social media posts by Patriot Penton because they want to peddle the false narrative that this is a story about the horrible consequences of an emotionally immature and unstable sociopath getting his hands on a gun.

See, they want you to overlook the fact that this is really a story about the dangers of getting a roommate through Craigslist. Patriot Penton tried to explain to the “authorities” he had no choice but to defend himself after his roommate started scuffling with him after Patriot Penton told him he would have to move out. Unfortunately, Patriot Penton has now learned too late that you never know what kind of a dangerous lunatic you might encounter if you solicit for a roommate through Craigslist. How many times must there be a story about a murder resulting from a Craigslist ad before our ineffectual government finally does something to crack down on Craigslist with some sort of sensible regulation and legislation??!!!???!!!!

‘Holy s**t, buying a gun is so easy’: Firearm-obsessed man warns on Twitter that he wanted to ‘viciously murder’ his roommate – before ‘doing just that’



Look, no matter how the disgusting media tries to twist and manipulate the narrative of this case, this story isn’t about gun violence….at least not exclusively gun violence!!!!!!


Derrick Dearman from our Citronelle NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday night and charged with six counts of murder and two counts of kidnapping after he allegedly brutally killed five people and an unborn child while they slept in a home where his estranged girlfriend and her 3-month-old baby were hiding from him. After allegedly committing the six ghastly murders which managed to horrify veteran police officers investing the case, Patriot Dearman allegedly kidnapped his estranged girlfriend and her infant daughter.

Patriot Dearman then allegedly drove them to his father’s house before releasing them and turning himself in to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

Sure enough, the disgusting media is trying to distort the coverage of this case by making Patriot Dearman look like an unspeakably horrible, selfish, soulless, sociopathic baby man who hides behind a gun to destroy countless lives because he lacks the emotional strength to be a real man. See, we would like to point out the “authorities” are saying Patriot Dearman used multiple weapons besides his gun in his killing spree. The “authorities” haven’t identified any of the other weapons yet because they obviously want to keep the focus on the gun Patriot Dearman used, undoubtedly with the hopes of scoring Federal local law enforcement funding from Dictator Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton by pushing their anti-gun agenda!

So to any Social Justice Warrior internet trolls out there who are getting ready to put up posts about Patriot Dearman on their Reddit anti-gun memes, keep in mind he used weapons other than just a gun!!!! Nice try, losers!!!!!!!!

Alabama house of horrors: Man uses ‘multiple instruments’ to kill five people including a pregnant woman in their beds at secluded home where his ex was hiding in ‘worst case cops have ever seen’



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to provide good pool maintenance!!!!!!


Shawn Hrestak from our Boiling Springs NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with simple assault, endangering the welfare of children, possession of a weapon and recklessly endangering another person after he allegedly fired one round from his Ruger 9mm into a swimming pool occupied by his sister and his 5-year-old daughter.

Sure enough, this is a case in which the disgusting media is trying to manipulate the facts to make Patriot Hrestak look like an unstable and impulsively violent goon who shouldn’t have access to a gun in order to push their pro-Hillary agenda.

See, we heard from some of the other members in our Boiling Springs NSPA chapter that the swimming pool was full of algae, and Patriot Hrestak had been concerned about the health risk this posed to his sister and 5-year-old daughter who were in the pool. If too much algae builds up in the pool, it can get all over the pool ladder stairs and make them slippery, which could have caused his sister or daughter to slip and hit their heads on something while getting out of the pool.

So we figure Patriot Hrestak shot into the pool to break up all the algae rather than using all those dangerous pool chemicals. Everybody who has ever gotten out of a pool with burning eyes and itchy skin knows exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to those dangerous chemicals.

However, the “authorities” who were dispatched to “investigate” this minor incident had no interest in discovering the truth because they had their marching orders to lock up Patriot Hrestak and confiscate his gun. Once again, we have another case of an NSPA member being locked up in jail on bogus charges in the run up to the Presidential election in the swing state of Pennsylvania, surely to prevent him from voting for Donald J. Trump. Patriot Trump warned us that cheating is the only way crooked Hillary could possibly win Pennsylvania. If this case doesn’t prove it to you, nothing will!!!!!

Police: Boiling Spring man fired shot into occupied swimming pool



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing up to an unstable, dangerous driver capable of hurting somebody while behind the wheel of his car!!!!!!!


Scott Swearingen from our Las Cruces NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly pointed his handgun at another driver. Sure enough, the disgusting media is covering up the fact that this incident was entirely the fault of the other driver.

See, all this nonsense started when Patriot Swearingen was minding his own business while driving his silver Ford pickup truck along Roadrunner Parkway. Well, from out of nowhere, this unstable, impulsive driver in another car drove up on Patriot Swearingen’s rear and started rudely honking at him as he passed the truck because he felt Patriot Swearingen was driving too slowly. In fact we found out from some of the other members of our Las Cruces NSPA chapter that Patriot Swearingen was driving slowly because he wanted to make sure he didn’t run over any roadrunners or coyotes.

Patriot Swearingen immediately recognized he was in the company of a dangerous, road rage driver so he allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at this other driver to stand his ground in his truck. Then to show the other driver he wasn’t screwing around, Patriot Swearingen began driving aggressively toward him.

Then to really, really show the other driver he wasn’t screwing around, Patriot Swearingen drove through a red light to catch up to the other car and purposefully made it look like he lost control of his truck as it went over the center median and then crashed through a rock wall and heavily damaged an electrical transformer. See, this is a textbook example of how you get into the head of another driver who is trying to intimidate you.

Right on cue, though, the big shots on the Las Cruces “police” department swarmed all over Patriot Swearingen to arrest him and confiscate his gun. This is yet another reminder (as if you need one) of why we must get Donald J. Trump in the White House so he can bring law and order to America. Ever since Dictator Obama sauntered into the White House, the only place in America where you could find any law and order has been on the TNT cable channel where they seemingly feel compelled to show reruns of ‘Law and Order’ 4 hours every day. Change is coming.

Road rage suspect detained after crash


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his mother was being all passive aggressive on his ass about his need to lose some weight!!!!!!

Brandon Mason from our Chambersburg NSPA chapter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, simple assault and reckless endangerment last night after being forced to endure an 8-hour standoff with the state “police” Special Emergency Response Team all because he allegedly pointed a semi-automatic firearm at his mother.

Sure enough, the disgusting lamestream media is trying to make Patriot Mason look like the bad guy here when it was really his mother’s fault all of this happened in the first place. See, all the trouble started earlier in the day when Patriot Mason discovered his mother had moved his exercise equipment from another family member’s home to her home. Since Patriot Mason lives with his mother, it is obvious she was trying to tell him in her womanly, passive aggressive, overbearing motherly way that she thinks he needs to begin using his exercise equipment consistently because she feels he has become too heavy.

Well, Patriot Mason had no choice except to begin knocking things off counters, shoving the refrigerator and kicking a recliner and table before getting his semi-automatic handgun. Then he had no choice except to load a magazine in the gun and point the gun at his mother’s chest from two feet away. As Patriot Mason took another step toward her to emphasize his point, he had no choice except to kick his mother’s dog.

Rather than apologize for the head games she was trying to play on him, she grabbed the dog and ran out of the house. Then to compound the problems she had created for Patriot Mason by trying to body shame him in her insidious manner, she went and called the “police”, which led to the totally unnecessary 8-hour armed standoff just because the “police” were aware Patriot Mason owns two 9mm pistols, a 45-caliber pistol, a 7.62 rifle and a Kevlar vest.

Well, it really shouldn’t be any surprise that the standoff was rigged against Patriot Mason, and he was forced to surrender. Sadly, Patriot Mason now must rot away in the county jail until his preliminary hearing scheduled for August 30. Should it be any surprise that this persecution of Patriot Mason is being orchestrated in swing state Pennsylvania? See, wouldn’t it be very convenient if Patriot Mason is stuck in jail past November 8 so he is not able to cast his vote for Donald J. Trump? Like we’ve said all along, the election will be rigged so Crooked Hillary can steal the White House!!!!!!

Police arrest man accused of pointing gun at mom



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply conducting Extreme Vetting™ of his Lebanese neighbors!!!!!!!


Stanley Vernon Majors from our Tulsa NSPA chapter was arrested Friday on suspicion of first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed his 37-year-old Lebanese neighbor. Sure enough, the disgusting “journalists” at ratings challenged CNN were all too ready to jump on this story so they could spin the coverage to fit their anti-gun, pro-Hillary agenda.

See, they started reporting all kinds of the biased “facts” by claiming Patriot Majors had terrorized the family of the shooting “victim” for years. For example, they documented the times Patriot Majors regularly called them ‘dirty Arabs’ and ‘filthy Lebanese’ and yelled at them to leave the neighborhood. Then to rile up the Black Lives Matter crowd they had to go and report Patriot Majors called the black man who cared for the family’s lawn the N-word.

Then they had to go and report the family got a protective order to forbid Patriot Majors from having any contact with them back in 2013. However, Patriot Majors wouldn’t let this keep him down, and he continued screaming and yelling at them for the past 3 years. Then they had to go and report how last year Patriot Majors had an accident while driving his car when the mother of the shooting “victim” got in the way of his car and forced him to run over her and seriously injure her.

Then they had to report Patriot Majors was charged with felony assault for this accident, which we feel she probably caused, and was released from jail in May while waiting for his case to go to trial next year. Then they had to go and report the shooting “victim” became concerned Friday when he discovered Patriot Majors had obtained a gun. Then they had to go and report the shooting “victim” called the Tulsa “Police” to report his concerns. The “police” came to the house but rightly explained to the shooting “victim” there was nothing they could do. Then they had to go and report Patriot Majors allegedly shot and killed the shooting “victim” minutes after the “police” left.

Good luck finding any reporting on the actual truth here. Patriot Majors had simply been conducting Extreme Vetting™ all these years to make sure no dangerous Arabs were sneaking into the neighborhood. After all, the family of the shooting “victim” moved here from Lebanon back in the early 80s so how were we to know what they were really up to? Sure, some people will claim they moved here to find a better life and to escape the violence of early 80s Lebanon, but a lot of people we know are saying they might have come here to establish a sleeper cell.

This is exactly why we need to get Doanld J. Trump elected President because once he is in the White House we won’t have to put up with any of these people from Lebanon being allowed to come to America to move into our neighborhoods to inflict whatever hate and violence they have in their hearts!!!!!

Family: Son killed by neighbor who called him ‘dirty Arab’




Good Guy With A Gun attacked by the disgusting liberal media determined to spread lies about what he said!!!!!!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens at ;eft as Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative, speaks during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Al Baldasaro from our Londonderry NSPA chapter and co-chair of Donald J. Trump’s national veterans coalition is the latest victim of the disgusting lamestream media, which is guided by the singular goal of destroying the lives of true Patriots by misrepresenting their words in order to ensure Crooked Hillary Clinton gets elected President.

See, back in July Patriot Baldasaro simply made the salient point that the government only has one rational response to Crooked Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State when he said, “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

Sure enough, the disgusting, hate filled, liberal media has spent the past month flailing at Patriot Baldasaro by implying he supports the idea of somebody taking Crooked Hillary Clinton out. So today Patrtiot Baldasaro was forced to state publicly he was in no way advocating for the assassination of Crooked Hillary Clinton with those comments. No, he was simply pointing out she should be executed for treason. Then again, should we be the least bit surprised the disgusting liberal media is tone deaf to nuance?

To get an idea of how grossly the disgusting media has distorted Patriot Baldasaro’s image, take a look at his loving wedding photograph from his marriage ceremony back in 2013.


Now that’s a true American Patriot and proud small penised White man, not the cartoonishly abominable sociopath the disgusting media tries to present him as by reporting what he says!!!!! #disgustingmedia

Trump Adviser Clarifies: Clinton Should Be Executed, Not Assassinated



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to teach a car full of teenagers a lesson about the dangers of reckless driving!!!!!!!


Fredric (Dale) Spencer from our Alex NSPA chapter and the owner of the Alex Arms and Instruction gun shop, which provides wonderful one stop shopping for all of your gun supply needs, was arrested Saturday night and is being held on suspicion of assault and battery, two counts of felony pointing of a firearm and multiple counts of reckless behavior with a firearm after he allegedly assaulted a female gas station clerk and pointed an AR-15 at a car full of teenagers.

Sure enough, though, this is simply another case of the disgusting media reporting lies and distorting the truth just to make Patriot Spencer look like an erratic, untrustworthy, unstable buffoon by reporting what he says and does.

According to the “police” report, a car full of juveniles passed Patriot Spencer on Highway 19 because he was driving too slowly. So Patriot Spencer allegedly followed the car into the Chisholm Corner gas station and pulled up right beside them in his SUV. He then allegedly got out and asked, “Do you want to flip me off to my face, you little bitch?” The “police” report then stated multiple witnesses confirmed Patriot Spencer struck the juveniles’ vehicle with the stock of an AR-15 rifle and continued to yell at them.

Then some busybody woman who works in the gas station store had to poke her nose in on Patriot Spencer’s business by coming out to the gas pumps to tell him to leave. Well, Patriot Spencer had to stand his ground so he allegedly pushed the nagging woman down and pointed a pistol at her chest. He then allegedly screamed, “Stay back or I will shoot you.”

Patriot Spencer then allegedly pointed the gun at one of the juveniles before holstering his gun and driving off to go home, where he was later arrested as reported by The Express-Star. Now the big shot Grady County District Attorney plans to file charges tomorrow to really rub it in.

Look, Patriot Spencer was obviously trying to use role playing techniques to teach the teenagers in the other car to be more careful when driving because you never know what explosively dangerous lunatics you might encounter on the road. We can guarantee you after today that the teenagers will never again drive recklessly and give the middle finger to total strangers on the road. If anything, their parents should be thanking Patriot Spencer for keeping their children safe in the future.

As for the busybody broad, Patriot Spencer was also obviously using role playing techniques to teach her how unwise it is to get in the middle of disputes between strangers because you never know when you might encounter a hate filled monster who is bitterly disappointed with how his life turned out and is desperately waiting for the slightest provocation to vent his rage at the world.

However, none of Patriot Spencer’s selfless deeds got reported by the disgusting and spineless media because they have a vested interest in ridiculing and marginalizing real Patriots who could really make some positive changes in America. This is yet another reminder that we must get Donald J. Trump elected to the White House so something can finally be done to bring this disgusting media in line!!!!

Alex gun shop owner accused of assaulting woman, recklessly pointing AR-15 at juveniles



NSPA Executive Council calls an emergency session today because the rigged Olympics are a chilling warning of the rigged election that will put Hillary Clinton in the White House unless we take action now!!!!!


RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 11: Gold medalist Simone Manuel of the United States celebrates on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Women's 100m Freestyle Final on Day 6 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 11, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Well, now that Ibtihaj Muhammad and Simone Manuel have been handed their Olympics medals from the International Olympic Committee, there is no doubt the Olympics are rigged. These very same global power brokers are planning to rig the upcoming Presidential election to steal it from Donald J. Trump so they can hand the office to Crooked Hillary Clinton so she can usher in their One World Government nightmare agenda.

Thankfully Donald J. Trump is wise to this and has started warning the country that the fix is in on the election. He alone knows the plan for the rigged election is the only way Crooked Hillary can win so he has called for Election Observers to keep an eye out for all the Democrat Party hustlers who will be up to their tricks on November 8th in certain types of neighborhoods if you know what I mean.

We here at the NSPA Headquarters have decided in today’s emergency Executive Council session to watch Donald’s back on election day in Ohio. We will be volunteering as Election Observers at polling locations, looking out for those certain types of fraudulent voters (do I even need to go into any more detail than that?) who will be turning out in droves to cast their illegal votes for Crooked Hillary.

I’ve volunteered to watch the polls in Pepper Pike, Gary is covering Hunting Valley, Gus is covering Hudson, Joe from Columbus will be covering Bexley and Karl will be covering Bath. So now that we have those important locations covered, we need volunteers to cover East Cleveland, the Hough and Glenville neighborhoods in Cleveland, the Lane-Wooster neighborhood in Akron, the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati and the Five Oaks neighborhood in Dayton. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in protecting democracy and ensuring Crooked Hillary doesn’t steal this election from Donald J. Trump!!!!

Donald Trump Solicits Election Observers to Beat ‘Rigged Election’



Good Guy With A Gun stands up to the “authorities” by refusing their plea deal and manages to check off every item on my bucket list over the course of the past 8 months!!!!!!!


Back in December we reported on the bogus arrest of Robert Webster from our Durhamville NSPA chapter for allegedly pulling off to the side of the road by a farm and shooting and killing a family’s “beloved” horse. We clearly documented back then why he was innocent in the face of the ridiculous charges related to this shooting. Today we are proud to announce brave Patriot Webster refused to bow down to Dictator Obama’s hideous henchmen who call the shots at the Oneida County Court on Thursday by refusing their plea deal on the charges he is facing for aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment. Patriot Webster is determined to take this case to trial so he can show the “authorities” they can’t get away with their bullying tactics anymore!

Furthermore, Patriot Webster has lived life to the fullest since his bogus arrest for the alleged horse shooting. Since his arrest in December, Patriot Webster has also been arrested for setting his father’s house on fire, impersonating an FBI agent and disrupting a church service. Patriot Webster is living proof that the “authorities” can’t keep a Good Guy With A Gun down no matter what they throw at him!!!! #yolo

Webster Rejects Plea Offer



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically………..come to think of it, maybe he doesn’t want me writing about him so I’ll just quietly let this one pass….not that I would have any reason to be scared of him or anything.


Jeffrey Giddings from our Klamath Falls NSPA chapter was arrested Monday after taking a female hostage at a Subway restaurant and getting in a shootout with “officers” from the Gladstone “Police” Department. I was all prepared to write a lengthy defense of Patriot Giddings’ actions, but as I thought about it I figured maybe I would hold off in this case.

See, I drove my mother to the Noah’s Ark replica Ark Encounter exhibit and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky earlier today. We had a great time, but I spent a lot of time driving so I’m really, really tired, and I figure I should just go to bed right now and skip writing any more about this case.

It’s not like I’m scared I might write something Patriot Giddings doesn’t like, which might cause him to come looking for me after he’s done serving any time he might get for the little misunderstanding that occurred with the Gladstone “Police” Department. No, I’m just exhausted so I’m going to call it a night right now because I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to bring my mother to the Ernest Angley Cathedral Buffet for breakfast.

Felon with white pride facial tattoos identified as suspect in Oregon cop shooting



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he has an annoying girlfriend who forced him to go to an insufferable, all day wine tasting event!!!!!!


Louis Joseph Bianco from our Saylorsburg NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person after he allegedly shot his girlfriend in the lower back in her bedroom. What infuriates us about this case is that the “police” who investigated this accident didn’t do their jobs and bother to connect the dots to show it was actually Patriot Bianco’s girlfriend’s fault that all of this nonsense happened in the first place.

See, prior to the shooting Patriot Bianco had been forced to spend the entire day with his girlfriend at a wine tasting event at the Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard and Winery. Obviously she forced him to go against his sensible will because the only reason you’ll ever see a guy (at least a manly guy, if you know what I mean) at a wine tasting event is because some woman dragged him there.

Well, Patriot Bianco gutted it out and downed a few glasses of wine while being confronted by the awful reality of the constraints forced upon him by the unbearably slow linear passage of time at that damn wine tasting event that he never would have had to go to if he had never met that girlfriend who was gradually destroying his manhood and essence of being with these wily, womanly manipulations like dragging him to this damn frou frou wine tasting.

Understandably, when they got back to her apartment he wanted to reaffirm his manhood so he got out his gun and was in the middle of the manly act of showing her how to use it when it went off accidentally and sent a bullet into her lower back and exited from a spot just above her navel. Look, it’s not like it was a big deal because an ambulance rushed her to St. Luke’s University Hospital for an emergency surgery, and she’s totally fine now. Furthermore, he never would have been forced to bring out his gun if he hadn’t been emasculated by being forced to go to the wine tasting event so none of this would have happened if she hadn’t had the stupid, selfish idea to go drink wine all day long with him!

Sure enough, we soon learned why the “police” made such a big deal about this accidental shooting and slapped him with those totally bogus charges. When he was arraigned before a District Judge earlier today, she ordered him (get this) not to possess any firearms while he is awaiting his trial. See, all of these stories always come back to gun confiscation. When will this perversion of justice end? (*hint, hint*) – When Donald J. Trump is elected President – that’s when it will end!!!!!

Shooting victim: Gunfire was accidental after wine-tasting event



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply trying to defend his home from a bunch of hoodlums, or technically, two unarmed, young black men walking back to their car from a nearby party, but, hey, same difference!!!!!


Well, thanks to Dictator Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton it’s another day of war on the 2nd Amendment people in America because Chad Cameron Copley from our Raleigh NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday and charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed an unarmed, 20-year-old black man who was walking from a party back to his car parked by Patriot Copley’s home.

Sure enough, the lamestream liberal media is trying to make Patriot Copley look like some neighborhood watch vigilante fueled by a mixture of bigoted bloodlust and overwhelming insecurities and cowardice because they need to float out a boogeyman so they can help their liberal politician puppet masters push a legislative agenda to confiscate our guns.

Here’s what really happened. Patriot Copley was at home minding his own business when he heard noises coming from a party being held a couple of houses down the road from his home. See, there was a group of young black people congregating at this party so Patriot Copley certainly knew his neighborhood was in mortal danger.

Patriot Copley called 911 and reported, “We’ve got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. I am locked and loaded. I’m going outside to secure my neighborhood.” As you can see, Patriot Copley is a Good Guy With A Gun and a 2nd Amendment person who had to stand his ground to keep his neighborhood safe because the “police” sure as Hell weren’t protecting the neighborhood from the black men. The “police” were probably busy getting late night pulled pork sandwiches at that Raleigh barbeque restaurant Guy Fieri visited on ‘Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ last month. (My mother and I really enjoy watching that show together.)

So Patriot Copley simply fired his shotgun from his garage, striking and killing an unarmed 20-year-old black man who was walking with a friend along the street in front of Patriot Copley’s house. Right on cue, the liberal media has tried to portray the “victim” as a gentle, loving, hard working, considerate young man in order poison any potential jurors against Patriot Copley. See, it’s open season on 2nd Amendment people in America, and Dictator Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton will say the most impossibly hateful and ugly things about them in order to signal to their dull witted, hateful, gullible base that it is perfectly rational and justifiable to commit acts of violence against them.

Once again, it is becoming clear the only hope we have as a country is to elect Donald Trump President so once and for all we can put an end to all of this raw hate and inconceivably irresponsible language coming from the fear mongers on the Progressive left!!!!!

Black man, 20, killed by neighborhood watch ‘vigilante’ moved from Harlem to North Carolina as a baby because his mother wanted a better life for her three sons



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his vindictive, manipulative, conniving girlfriend (in other words, a typical woman) wanted the “authorities” to confiscate his guns!!!!!


Kevin Clements from our Southington NSPA chapter was arrested today on charges of, get this, illegally discharging a firearm, first-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree breach of peace all because one of his guns went off totally accidentally in the home he shared with his girlfriend.

See, all this nonsense started yesterday according to the arrest “warrant” when Patriot Clements’ troublemaking girlfriend called the “police” to report she was afraid of him because he would get violent the next day when he would be served with an eviction notice, which would accompany an end to their relationship. Then she claimed Patriot Clements has four guns and that he has pointed them at her and the household dogs in the past while drinking alcohol and watching TV. We’re sure she failed to mention he was probably playing Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’, and she couldn’t tell a difference between a real gun and the Nintendo gun that came with the old school Nintendo system.


She realized she was reeling them in hook, line and sinker so she then decided to finish Patriot Clements off by telling the “police” that last month he drank eight shots of whiskey and then went into the bedroom to install a new piece of equipment to one of his guns. She said she then heard a gunshot and ran into the room, finding him holding a rifle. He told her he accidentally shot a hole in their bed, according to the arrest “warrant” as reported in The Bristol Press.

Sure enough, the gullible and weak willed “police” fell for her manipulations just like Ashley Wilkes fell for Scarlett O’Hara’s fake tears, and they started grilling Patriot Clements about the gun incident. Patriot Clements initially denied it had ever happened. Then they wore him down until he told the “police” he was cleaning the rifle when it accidentally discharged. He then told the “police” he believed his girlfriend called them with the intention of having them confiscate his guns.

Right on cue the “police” went ahead and confiscated Patriot Clements’ weapons, ammunition and his pistol permit before arresting him. Then they hauled him into Bristol Superior Court this afternoon to really rub it in, and now he must return for a court appearance on September 7. Jeez, we really wonder how that will work out!

Southington man charged after accidental gun fire



Good Guy With A Gun harassed by the “police” to explain the hole in his shorts!!!!!!


Rodney Cummings from our Anderson NSPA chapter and the Republican Madison County Prosecutor was harassed and viciously interrogated by the Anderson “police” department after his gun accidentally discharged in his shorts while he was walking out of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant Saturday night.

See, all this nonsense started Saturday night when Patriot Cummings brought along his trusty Ruger 9mm pistol, which had been given to him as a gift by his daughter, in his shorts when he went out to dinner with a friend at the Texas Roadhouse because he might have needed it to protect the other patrons from a dangerous Mexican killer or Muslim terrorist who might have come to the restaurant to do harm to all of them.

Well, as Patriot Cummings and his friend were leaving, they heard a loud noise but were unsure what had happened. Patriot Cummings initially thought perhaps there had been an electrical explosion in the restaurant, but then he discovered a huge hole in the pocket of his shorts. At this point, it dawned on him that his Ruger 9mm had discharged. Hey, accidents like this happen every day so get over it.

First off, we want to be clear that this was in no way Patriot Cummings’ fault. As he explained, “I’ve been using firearms professionally for 36 years and nothing like that has ever happened before. I assume what happened is that putting it in and out of my pocket without a holster caused the safety to disengage. I was as shocked as anybody. I didn’t know what was happening.”

Sure enough, some scaredy-cat, busybody customer at the Texas Roadhouse had to go and call the Anderson “police” and get them involved. So they came out and ran Patriot Cummings through the wringer with all of their questions about the gun. Then they started poking their noses around the restaurant and discovered the bullet from Patriot Cummings’ gun went through a bench and lodged in a partition in the area of the hostess station of the restaurant, but it’s not like it actually hit anybody so it’s not like somebody could have been hurt.

So the “police” determined it was simply an accidental discharge of a firearm, and they closed the investigation. Furthermore, Patriot Cummings made the salient point that because the discharge was purely accidental there was no criminal recklessness on his part so there was certainly no need for any charges. Look, if anybody would know, it’s Patriot Cummings because he is a professional prosecutor. Sure, the haters have been yelping that there would have been charges if a destitute Mexican or a homeless black man had accidentally discharged a gun, but that’s because the haters are always trolling and trying to stir up trouble because they are Godless losers who have nothing better to do.

We should be thanking Patriot Cummings instead of ridiculing him like the haters on the lousy liberal left have been doing all day. He is exactly the type of unflappable, responsible, well trained Good Guy With A Gun we are counting on to keep us safe in flashpoint moments of chaotic violence because the lazy “professional police” are busy chatting up some cute 20-year-old waitress at the local diner rather than being on patrol to fight crime!!!!

Cummings: Gun discharge at restaurant an accident



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because we think the woman driver, who just happened to be an ex-girlfriend, in front of him applied her brakes too suddenly, because you know how erratic and impulsive women drivers can be, and this probably caused him to hit his head against the steering wheel in his truck, which then led to what happened next!!!!!


Kevin Pullen from our Bryan NSPA chapter was somehow charged with murder, aggravated assault with serious bodily injury-family violence, tampering with evidence and unauthorized carrying of a weapon by a felon after he allegedly shot and injured his ex-girlfriend and shot and killed her new boyfriend.

However, the way we see it, we think his ex-girlfriend is the one ultimately responsible for what happened because of her poor driving skills. See, it all started on Monday when Patriot Pullen was, we’re sure, minding his own business and driving along Texas 21 when he slammed into the car in front of him. By sheer coincidence the car in front of him was being driven by his ex-girlfriend, who had her new boyfriend in the car. Sure enough, the lamestream media reports tried to make it sound like Patriot Pullen intentionally crashed into the back of the car.

However, here’s what we think happened. Since it was his ex-girlfriend driving the car, we think she probably wasn’t paying attention to the road because she was probably sending an Instagram selfie of her and her new boyfriend on her smart phone or maybe she got confused about where she was going and realized she was lost so she impulsively applied her brakes suddenly so she could gather her thoughts without thinking of any of the other vehicles on the road. (Anybody who has ever been in a car driven by a woman knows exactly what I’m talking about.)

So we figure Patriot Pullen probably crashed into the back of his ex-girlfriend’s car because of her poor driving abilities, and this caused his head to hit the steering wheel of his truck, causing him to be dazed and disoriented. This probably caused him to stumble out of his truck with his shotgun because in the delirium caused by his ex-girlfriend’s womanly driver tendencies he probably thought he was under attack by a car full of Mexican rapists and killers who had just snuck across the border, which is shamefully easy to do in Texas since we don’t have a wall along the border. (Do we actually need to give you yet another reminder of why we need to elect Donald J. Trump President?!?)

So under this scenario Patriot Pullen had no choice except to shoot into the car to defend his well being. We’re sure it wasn’t until the fog in his brain (caused by the accident probably caused by his ex-girlfriend) cleared that he realized he had injured his ex-girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend. What are the odds of that? Fate sure is crazy sometimes!

Well, the Einsteins in the Brazos County Sheriff’s Department didn’t put 1/10 of the thought into this case that we did, and they plowed ahead with their pat explanation of the events, which put all of the blame on Patriot Pullen and accused him of engaging in “an act of violence”in response to a broken relationship. See, all they cared about was locking up a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscating his gun so the truth was the real casualty in this case!!!!!

Bryan man charged with murder in deadly Texas 21 shooting



Good Guys With A Gun arrested basically for trying to help the “police” with an important training exercise!!!!!!!


Shane Tierney and Donald Arabie from our Gretna NSPA chapter were arrested recently and charged with terrorizing, illegal use of a weapon, possession of ecstasy with the intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and use of a firearm in connection with drug-related activity. That’s a real fine ‘thank you’ from the Gretna “police”, considering Patriots Tierney and Arabie had simply been trying to help them train for how to handle a work related life or death situation.

See, all this nonsense started when two Gretna “police” officers pulled over a car in a parking lot below an elevated expressway. While the “officers” were conducting the traffic stop, they heard gun fire coming from above. After the “officers” scrambled for cover behind their squad cars, they heard several more gunshots and spotted a vehicle driving westbound on the elevated expressway.

So a whole bunch of Gretna “officers” who apparently had nothing better to do (like looking for Mexican rapists and murders, thank you) started driving around looking for a car that matched the description called in by the “officers” who had been under fire. Well, they spotted Patriot Arabie’s car, and a whole army of Gretna “officers” forced him to stop.

Then the Gretna “officers” really got down to “work”. First, they searched the car and found a semi-automatic pistol, spent shell casings and 82 doses of ecstasy, according to the “police” report. Then they collected “evidence” that the gun was fired on the expressway above the area where the initial “officers” conducted the traffic stop.

Now, according to the official “police” report, both Patriot Arabie and Patriot Tierney, who had been sitting in the passenger’s seat, admitted they had been drinking and had taken some ecstasy earlier in the evening. Patriot Arabie then admitted to seeing one of the “officer’s” blue lights as he was driving along the expressway so Patriot Tierney grabbed the gun and fired a shot out the window and then fired additional shots as they drove away on the expressway.

What is so utterly maddening about this report is that the “police” have rather conveniently omitted an important fact. See, we heard from some of the other members of our Gretna NSPA chapter that the reason Patriot Tierney fired the gun on the “police” was that he and Patriot Arabie wanted to provide the “police” a spontaneous training exercise to help them prepare for how to conduct themselves if they are ever fired on for real by members of Black Lives Matters or by radical Islamic terrorists.

However, the “police” in a disgusting display of ingratitude ignored this because all they cared about was confiscating the gun and locking up the two Patriots. This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald J. Trump in the White House so he can be the law and order President who will make sure the “police” are spending all of their time looking for the real criminals amongst us!!!!!

Intoxicated pair fired gun to ‘terrorize’ officers: Gretna police



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because of Satan’s sickening, sinister sway!!!!!


Douglas Riley from our El Paso NSPA chapter was arrested Wednesday afternoon and has charges pending after he allegedly shot a man (who had a Mexican sounding name so it’s not like he was some innocent bystander who got shot) who was in a car with three young children.

According to the “police” report, Patriot Riley approached the man’s car in an apartment complex and shot the “victim” in the face and stomach with no provocation. We don’t see what the big deal here is because it’s not like he died or anything. Yes, he is in critical condition right now, but with all of the advances in medical care recently he’ll be perfectly fine.

However, the lamestream media has latched onto the angle that the “victim’s” three young children were sitting in the back of the car during the shooting because they need to turn every story like this into some sort of an anti-gun tirade. Besides, none of the kids were harmed, and they are currently safely ensconced with their mother. Meanwhile, Patriot Riley is currently harmfully ensconced in the El Paso County Detention Facility with a $250,000 bond hanging over his head.

While the “authorities” maintain there was no provocation for the shooting, we would like to point out the shooting occurred in a neighborhood commonly known as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’. It’s obvious to us that Patriot Riley wasn’t responsible for the shooting. No, we are certain Satan temporarily took over his body and compelled him to shoot the “victim” because Patriot Riley is a good Christian and a Good Guy With A Gun. What better way would there be to get a Good Guy With A Gun of faith locked up in jail and have his gun confiscated in order to prevent him from using his gun to stand up to Satan?

See, this is exactly why Satan is such a dangerous adversary and why we must be armed and ready to confront him . To complicate matters we now know Hillary Clinton is an adherent to Satan thanks to Dr. Ben Carson’s riveting speech at the RNC last month. Just think of the destruction Satan could unleash upon this planet if Crooked Hillary ever got her hands on the nuclear codes!!! If you can think of a more terrifying prospect, please let us know because no such prospect exists!!!!!!

Update: Man shot in face and stomach in northeast El Paso



Good Guy With A Gun basically arrested because……well, we’ll have to get back to you on this one!!!!!!!


Caleb McKinney from our Lakeland NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic violence and shooting into an occupied conveyance (whatever the Hell that means) after he allegedly shot and killed the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a 5-year-old son who just happened to witness the shooting.

See, it all started early Wednesday evening when Patriot McKinney’s ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, who was a firefighter and devoted his life to saving other people (as reported endlessly by the gun-hating, lamestream media), drove to Patriot McKinney’s home to drop off medication for the 5-year-old son she had with Patriot McKinney. The 5-year-old son was in the backseat of the car behind his mother’s boyfriend, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Well, when Patriot McKinney’s ex-girlfriend came to his front door to give him the medication, Patriot McKinney charged out of his house to the parked car and shot his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend five times while his 5-year-old son watched from the back seat.

Patriot McKinney then pointed the gun at his ex-girlfriend before rushing back into his home to barricade himself until the “authorities” showed up and manipulated him to come out and give himself up. The Sheriff explained Patriot McKinney had been distraught over the breakup of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, even though he was the one who ended the relationship.

This case really has us here at the NSPA headquarters stumped because usually we can see right through the lies floated out by the lamestream media and the gun hating “authorities”, but we’re still working on figuring out who to blame in this case. Since this is yet another recent case of a Good Guy With A Gun in Florida getting arrested and having his gun confiscated, we’re sure this has something to do with Hillary Clinton’s wrecking crew making sure as many Patriots as possible are languishing in Florida jails on November 8 to make sure they can’t vote for Donald J. Trump.

Rest assured, Patriots, we will alert you as soon as we figure out who is responsible for this tragedy that has been forced upon Patriot McKinney!!!

Sheriff: Child, 5, witnessed deadly shooting in Lakeland


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his fiancee knew how to push his buttons!!!!


Royce Teets from our Plantation NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with premeditated murder after he allegedly shot and killed his fiancee with an AK-47 at their home after an argument.

Now, Patriot Teets tried to explain how the shooting accidentally happened, but the “authorities” were so stubborn that they ignored the first three explanations he gave them. Get this, they claimed the physical “evidence” didn’t match up with any of the three stories Patriot Teets provided them. Look, common sense tells you that the law of averages come in to play and the “evidence” would have had to match at least one of the three stories.

Then Patriot Teets told the “authorities” he had to shoot his fiancee because she had been nagging him so much and accusing him of things that he was at a ‘9 or 10′ on a 1-10 scale of anger. So he grabbed his AK-47 and shot her in the chest, according to the arrest report. The “authorities” then forced Patriot Teets to admit that his fiancee had been unarmed and had not posed a threat to him, but they failed to note she had actually been armed with cruel taunts.

No, they won’t note that in their official “report”, and you can be sure the prosecutor will keep that fact buried because they all want to make sure this Good Guy With A Gun is locked up in jail on November 8 so he will be unable to vote for Donald J. Trump in the swing state of Florida!!!! See, the election will be rigged!!!!

Florida man confesses to ‘killing his fiancee with an AK-47 rifle’ because he was ‘9 out of 10 mad’ at her during an argument



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for just trying to enjoy the new ‘Star Trek’ movie!!!!!


John Grabinski from our Ozark NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment (whatever the Hell that means?!?), second-degree disorderly conduct and fourth-degree assault and menacing after he allegedly pulled a gun on another moviegoer while trying to watch the new ‘Star Trek’ movie. Sure enough, right on cue, the lamestream media has clutched Patriot Grabinski in a Vulcan death grip to destroy his life by deceitfully trying to make him look like an impulsive, unhinged baby man who should have no access to firearms.

See, all this nonsense started last week when Patriot Grabinski was trying to enjoy a Sunday matinee of the new ‘Star Trek’ movie and some spoiled, no impulse control, little 14-year old brat started kicking the back of his seat. Well, Patriot Grabinski tells it like it is and doesn’t back down from anybody because he is a real man so he got up and cursed at the boy and asked if he was going to keep kicking his seat.

Then the brat’s father (who did a real great job of raising the punk) had to act like a big tough guy so he jumped up and started talking smack at Patriot Grabinski, who then was left with no choice except to whip out his concealed gun, as reported by witnesses, at the father and say, “What the fuck are you going to do now?” See, Patriot Grabinski showed him who the tough guy really was.

Unfortunately, since the theater was filled with a bunch of geeks and nerds who are scared of guns, the Paducah “Police” were called to the scene. Once they showed up, they immediately sided with the punk kid and his emotionally unstable father. So not only did Patriot Grabinski get kicked out of the theater and banned from ever returning to the Cinemark theater, but the Paducah “Police” turned the case over to the real geniuses in the McCracken County Attorney’s office so they could come up with the bogus charges Patriot Grabinski is now facing.

The most ridiculous aspect of this entire case is that there really was no need to press any charges because the father’s life was never at risk. If Patriot Grabinski had pulled the trigger, he surely would have shot the father just to stun him, not to kill him. However, in cases like this the “authorities” must always follow their Prime Directive to lock up a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate his gun under any circumstances.

This case reminds us why we must put Donald J. Trump in America’s Command Chair so he can order photon torpedoes to be fired at the rigged system and blow it up so every Good Guy With A Gun in America may finally be able to live long and prosper!!!!!!!!!

Man arrested for pulling gun out after child kicks his seat at screening of ‘Star Trek Beyond’

(UPDATE) Man Involved in Cinemark Gun Incident Arrested



Good Guy With A Gun convicted last week basically because he was the victim of cruel, immature name calling (we heard) by the “police” during an armed standoff that they started by showing up to his house!!!!!!


Peter Brandt from our Eau Claire NSPA chapter was forced to face a kangaroo court otherwise known as the Eau Claire County Court on Thursday and was surely coerced into pleading no contest to misdemeanor counts of possession of a firearm while intoxicated and bail jumping.

See, all this nonsense started back on February 27 when the “police” responded to a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance. When they arrived to the residence, the “victim” of the domestic disturbance told them Patriot Brandt was inside the house and possibly had access to a weapon.

This led to a three hour armed standoff with the “police”, and we heard from one of our other Eau Claire NSPA members that the “police” taunted Patriot Brandt the whole time by yelling that they thought he looks like a cross between John Malkovich and Fred Flintstone. They were obviously just trying to goad him to give themselves an excuse to shoot him. There is nothing that disgusts us here at the NSPA headquarters more than this type of juvenile name calling because it certainly escalated the situation and gave the “police” a justification to take Patriot Brandt down.

Sure enough, their manipulative plan worked. The police swarmed all over Patriot Brandt to confiscate his gun and arrest him. So on Thursday the “judge” sentenced him to 20 days in jail, two years of probation and fined him $886. It gets worse, though, if you can imagine it. As conditions of the probation, Patriot Brandt cannot drink alcohol or enter taverns for the next two years.

Let’s teach these name calling thugs in the Eau Claire “police” department a lesson by electing Donald J Trump to the White House and denying their puppet master, Dictator Obama, the opportunity to pass the puppet strings to Hillary Clinton. Then those thugs won’t feel so free and easy to call us Patrtiots such vicious and mean spirited names!!!!!

Eau Claire man gets jail for role in standoff




Good Guy With A Gun gets his gun AND his six pack of Busch Light confiscated by the “police” all because some prude doesn’t have a sense of humor!!!!


Wayne Hargrove from our Dickson NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with driving under the influence and aggravated assault for allegedly threatening a woman by pointing a gun at her and saying, “You’re dead.” Well, this certainly supports Jerry Lewis’ assertion that woman aren’t funny because this woman obviously lacks any sense of irony because she didn’t understand Patriot Hargrove was surely joking.

See, according to the “police” report, all this nonsense started when Patriot Hargrove picked up this female acquaintance in his very manly Ford pickup truck for a night of fun and immediately asked her to text nude photos of herself to him. When the frigid spinster refused, Patriot Hargrove understandably became a little upset initially and began yelling and cursing. Then, realizing he had to break the tension with a joke, he stopped his truck in the Big Lots parking lot, pulled a gun from his holster and pointed it at her. He began laughing after he told her the gun didn’t have a safety.

Hello, calling Captain Obvious, it’s obvious he was joking because he was laughing. What part of laughter doesn’t this shrew get? Since the joke went right over her head, she jumped out of the truck and ran (hysterically, I’m sure) to a nearby residence to get the homeowner to call the “police”. Patriot Hargrove pulled into the driveway surely to de-escalate the situation in a responsible manner, but the homeowner who really wanted to look like a tough guy (you know the type) demanded Patriot Hargrove leave his property. So Patriot Hargrove had no choice but to try to make it clear he was joking by telling the woman that she was “dead”. Like he would seriously threaten her in front of a witness. Yeah, right!!! He sensed she didn’t get the joke again so he drove away.

Sure enough, right on cue the “police” showed up and the woman claimed Patriot Hargrove had pulled a gun on her 4 or 5 times in the past. Then the “police” noticed Patriot Hargrove had returned and parked across the street while they were filling out the report. They chased him as if he were a common criminal and pulled him over. Since they really didn’t have a plausible case against him, they had to stack the deck so they claimed he smelled of alcohol and claimed to see two open containers in the truck. Then they made a big deal about the six pack of Busch Light he had in the truck. Since when did it become illegal to have a six pack of Busch Light?

Well, before it was all said and done, the “police” confiscated his gun and his six pack of Busch Light and hauled him off to jail. See, they’ve had a vendetta against Patriot Hargrove because they also falsely arrested him back in April and got him indicted for felony official misconduct as a probation officer after a district attorney’s office investigation (obviously rigged). So not only does he have a court date for September 6 for the bogus aggravated assault charge, but he also has to go to court September 20 to face the bogus misconduct charge.

It seems obvious to me that somebody is pulling some strings in this case to make sure Patriot Hargrove won’t be in any position to vote for Donald J. Trump for President on November 8, and that’s no joke!!!!

Ex-probation officer troubles continue, allegedly threatens gun violence



The Khans feel the wrath of Don!!!! Our man Trump drops the mic on them!!!!!


We here at the National Small Penis Association headquarters celebrated today when Donald J. Trump from our Manhattan NSPA chapter and the candidate we have endorsed for President finally put those bellyaching Khans in their places for trash talking him at the DNC earlier this week.

Khazir and Ghazala Khan stood on the stage as Gold Star Parents (talk about trying to milk the sympathy vote!), and Mr. Khan had the nerve to suggest Mr. Trump has never sacrificed anything. Well, sure enough, the lamestream media hack George Stephanopoulos tried to ambush Patriot Trump today by asking him to respond to Mr. Khan’s baseless assertion.

Patriot Trump rose to the occasion by explaining, “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I’ve done? I’ve had? I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.”

Not willing to concede he had been totally shut down, the rat fink Stephanopoulos shamefully doubled down by asking, “Those are sacrifices?” Patriot Trump swatted him down by stating, “Oh sure, I think they’re sacrifices.” In other words Little Georgie just got schooled by Professor Trump on his first day of classes at Trump University!

In fact Patriot Trump showed an amazing amount of modesty by not talking about the sacrifices his sons Eric and Don Jr. have made by selflessly marching into harm’s way just like Humayun S.M. Khan did. (Only, Patriot Trump doesn’t feel the need to announce it to the world!) See, Patriot Trump allowed Eric and Don Jr. to travel overseas to face the horrifying and life threatening risk of battling deadly animals armed only with powerful semiautomatic weapons, professional hunters acting as guides and a platoon of porters carrying equipment, preparing meals and providing support!!!


As you can see from these pictures, Don Jr. and Eric, who also happen to be members of our Manhattan NSPA chapter, know a thing or two about sacrifice and facing danger, thank you, very much!!!!!

Furthermore, Patriot Trump refused to leave well enough alone (which your average conventional politician would have done) and managed to deliver a couple more digs at Mrs. Khan before finishing the interview. Patriot Trump was the only person who had the courage to tell it like it is by making a salient point when he said, “If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

Sure enough, the haters on the liberal left wailed that only a delusional, amoral, narcissistic sociopath lacking the tiniest speck of decency in a nonexistent soul could commit the unforced error of picking a fight with a Gold Star Mother and offering her an embarrassingly all too easy forum to humiliate him and expose him as a petty, disgustingly insecure, incompetent grifter who should be forevermore dismissed and ignored by any remotely decent human beings. That’s precisely because those liberal losers don’t have a clue about what it takes to make America great again!!!!!

Trump Responds To Father Of Killed American Soldier, Can’t Name A Single Sacrifice

Donald Trump Goes After Grieving Mother Of Killed American Soldier



Good Guy With A Gun fired from his job as a Sommervell County Sheriff’s Deputy basically for doing nothing more than having a few drinks and letting off some stress!!!!!


William Cox from our Ovilla NSPA chapter was fired recently from his job as a Deputy with the Sommervell County Sheriff’s Department for an incident on July 13 when he drunkenly fired his duty gun into the air and into a church because he was angry over the ambush on police in Dallas. Thankfully Patriot Cox did not face any criminal charges over this incident because the pastor of the church, which was damaged, didn’t want to press charges. Unfortunately the politically correct powers that be who run and ruin the Sommervell County Sheriff’s Department caved like cowards and fired him.

See, when the Ovilla “police” responded to reports of Patriot Cox shooting his gun in the parking lot, their body cameras recorded video of Patriot Cox telling one of the “officers” he fired his gun to let off stress “cause my boys are getting killed in Dallas” and then said “the black coon started killing my boys.”

That sounds like a reasonable and accurate summary of the events surrounding the Dallas Police shootings, but Heaven forbid anybody from having the courage to speak the truth nowadays. Sure enough, his bosses abandoned him and fired him because they didn’t want to be accused of being racists by the Black Lives Matter mob or Rachel Maddow and her MSNBC wrecking crew of rabble rousers.

Then the fink Ellis County District Attorney raised a fuss claiming Patriot Cox got preferential treatment in avoiding criminal charges and insinuated this only fuels the perception that volatile, irresponsible law enforcement officials never face accountability for their actions. That hateful smear seems to be plagiarized directly from Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, but nobody will call him out on that because all of the journalists are busy spreading lies that Melania Trump plagiarized her RNC speech.

The tragedy here is that our streets now have one less Good Guy With A Gun out on patrol to keep us safe from any ignorant, unstable crackpots who might harm us all just to appease Dictator Obama and the loud mouthed, perpetual victims of institutional “racism”. Thankfully this type of a travesty of justice will end the moment Donald J. Trump is inaugurated President because he is the only one who can fix this mess!!!!!

Deputy upset over Dallas ambush drunkenly fires gun at church



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because we’re pretty sure he is an FBI agent and was working on blowing the lid off the Hillary Clinton email server coverup!!!!!!


William Brown from our Granite City NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor aggravated assault for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s six-year-old bulldog named Donte. Sure enough, the local “authorities” and the local lamestream media are trying to make Patriot Brown look like the bad guy by covering up the real facts of this case in order help Hillary Clinton coverup the truth about her email server.

See, all the nonsense started when Patriot Brown’s neighbor said he heard gunshots in his backyard, where minutes earlier his three-year-old child had been playing with Donte. He looked to the backdoor and saw Donte bleeding from his face. The neighbor walked into his fenced in back yard and saw Patriot Brown holding a pistol. Patriot Brown then allegedly pointed the gun at the neighbor, who ran like a scaredy cat into his house to call the “police”.

So the “police” showed up and found Patriot Brown driving a car in the area and stopped him. Then they got down to the real business at hand and confiscated Patriot Brown’s loaded handgun and a loaded rifle in the car.

When asked why he shot the dog, Patriot Brown reasonably explained he was working for the FBI and had been had been ordered to kill the dog. See, we figure Patriot Brown was actually probably working on an FBI investigation about Hillary Clinton’s private email server and was getting too close to the truth about the email server. Since FBI director James Comey already has so much personally invested in the coverup about Hillary’s email server, he had to neutralize Patriot Brown before he exposed Hillary’s guilt. Comey did this by setting Patriot Brown up with the bogus order to kill Donte, knowing the honorable and reliable Patriot Brown would follow through on the order with no questions. When Patriot Brown killed Donte, Comey was able to throw him under the bus and deny he ever worked for the FBI.

So now Patriot Brown is in jail, his guns have been confiscated and FBI director Comey has once again covered up for Hillary Clinton. This is just another reminder of why we need to get Donald J. Trump in the White House so he can free Patriot Brown from jail and lock Hillary up in his place!!!!!

Granite City man jailed after shooting neighbor’s dog



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for just trying to have a conversation about guns!!!!!


Jeffery Gilliam from our La Porte NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with Aggravated Assault (reckless) after he allegedly shot two people at an afternoon sidewalk sale in downtown La Porte. It’s not like anyone got killed, though, and a review of the facts reveals the real intention behind the prosecution of Patriot Gilliam is simply to stifle open conversations about guns!

See it all started when Patriot Gilliam was strolling around the La Porte sidewalk sale, and he stopped to talk to somebody about handguns. Patriot Gilliam loves nothing more than talking about guns and spreading the joy of gun ownership with others. So Patriot Gilliam was happy to un-holster and unload the gun to show off its custom made grips. Patriot Gilliam then attempted to reload and re-holster his gun and accidentally discharged it. The bullet struck the sidewalk and hit the guy he had been talking to. Fragments from the bullet also struck a female customer in the area.

Sure enough the gun hating La Porte police swarmed the sidewalk sale as if ISIS had just attacked.  Well, the first thing they did was confiscate Patriot Gilliam’s .45 caliber pistol (surprise,surprise), and then they hauled him off to jail because there’s nothing they enjoy more than ruining the life of a Good Guy With A Gun. In addition to that, their heavy handed actions were surely intended to send a warning that talking about guns in public will lead to suffering and persecution.

Fortunately we can report this will all change when Donald J. Trump is elected President, and small penised Good Guys With A Gun will finally get the respect they deserve and will no longer be jailed for basically just talking about their love of  guns!!!!

Citizen accidentally discharges pistol on Main Street, injures two



Good Guy With A Gun gets 3-years, 9-months for shooting and killing 1 cat?!?!?!!!!!!


Thomas Bigelow from our Springfield NSPA chapter was forced into court yesterday and obviously coerced into admitting he had violated his probation orders.  Patriot Bigelow then accepted a plea agreement to serve, get this, 3 years and 9 months in prison in a shocking case of judicial overreach.

See, all this nonsense started back in May when Patriot Bigelow was convicted of felony animal abuse for shooting and killing his neighbor’s cat. He was ordered to serve a brief jail sentence and then placed on probation for three years. This kangaroo court conviction came on the heels of a January arrest on a second-degree animal neglect charge and a 2014 conviction for unlawfully killing a raccoon without a permit. Whoa, what a frightening one-man crime wave we have here.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise the Springfield “police” continued their pattern of harassing Patriot Bigelow when they arrested him on June 10 for a probation violation simply because he had some drugs and guns on him. Here we go again, but we must report the Springfield “police” used this probation “violation” as an excuse to confiscate his guns and to hold him in jail since the June 10 arrest.

Patriot Bigelow is scheduled to be formally sentenced August 9, and isn’t it interesting all of this is taking place now so that Patriot Bigelow will be conveniently in jail on November 8, thereby being unable to vote for Donald J. Trump for President?!?! See, that’s what this case is really about. Dictator Obama sent out his orders to his undercover Red Army in Oregon to lock up and politically silence this Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate all of his guns for doing nothing more than protecting the good people of Springfield from disease ridden cats and raccoons.

It sure is comforting to know the Springfield “police” are busy arresting the likes of Patriot Bigelow rather than arresting Mexican rapists and murderers. In other words, they’re with Hillary! This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald J. Trump in the White House!!!!

Springfield cat killer to get 3-year, 9-month prison sentence



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he has such a kind heart and didn’t want to see his poor dog suffer any longer!!!!!


Duane Wilson from our Troutdale NSPA chapter was hauled into court like a common criminal on Friday and forced to face arraignment on one count of aggravated animal abuse and one count of unlawful use of a weapon all because a busybody neighbor of his called the Multnomah County “Sheriff’s” Department Thursday to report he had shot and killed his dog.

So the “Sheriff’s” Department sent an “investigator” to do a welfare check on the dog, but it was clear from the outset this “investigator” was not interested in discovering the truth. No, the “investigator” was only interested in taking down a Good Guy With A Gun.

Patriot Wilson provided the “investigator” his heartbreaking explanation that he had no choice except to shoot his dog Deucy because she had been suffering so horribly.  See, Patriot Wilson explained Deucy had recently experienced a really bad case of diarrhea. Yeah, Deucy was scheduled to see a veterinarian soon, but Patriot Wilson simply couldn’t bear to see poor Deucy suffer another moment of tortured anguish so he lovingly got his .22 caliber rifle and ended Deucy’s misery by shooting her in the face. Then he planned on throwing Deucy’s remains into Multnomah Falls in what I’m sure was intended to be patterned after one of those redskin Indian farewell rituals I think I remember seeing in a John Wayne movie when I was a little kid.

However, Patriot Wilson never got to give Deucy a beautiful spiritual sendoff because that window watching neighbor had to go and poke her nose into his business, and the “investigator” found Deucy’s body half covered by a plastic bag in the backyard. Then the “investigator” wrote a rigged report and stated, aside from the diarrhea, Deucy was healthy and claimed neither Patriot Wilson nor his wife provided a plausible explanation of Deucy being so ill that she had to be put down.

See, the “investigator” had to frame Patriot Wilson because the authorities were determined to confiscate his guns. Not only did they confiscate the .22 caliber rifle used to put Deucy out of her misery, they also confiscated an AR-15 rifle and five more firearms from him. Don’t be fooled! This gun confiscation is what this case is really about.

This type of miscarriage of justice won’t happen when Donald J. Trump is in the White House because he understands diarrhea, and he will never persecute Good Guys With A Gun or confiscate their guns!!!!

Troutdale man accused of shooting dog to death



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because it is damn near impossible to evict somebody nowadays!!!!


Glyndal Ray Plumley from our Magnolia NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his on-and-off girlfriend who was 28 years younger than he is. However, a review of the facts of the case reveals that it was the slow motion pace of the Columbia County “law enforcement” system and ineffectual “eviction” laws which take the side of intractable freeloaders that left Patriot Plumley no choice except to get his gun out.

See, all the trouble started earlier in the month when Patriot Plumley called the Columbia County “Sheriff’s” department to report he had been letting his younger girlfriend stay in his home, but he wanted to evict her and press charges against her because he suspected she had taken money from him. The “investigator” who took the call advised Patriot Plumley to serve her with an eviction notice, and he sent a deputy to file a theft report.

Well, almost a full week (!) went by without anything substantial being done about all this so Patriot Plumley had one of his neighbors help him prepare the eviction notice and follow up with the “Sheriff’s” department to find out what was taking so long. The “Sheriff’s” office said they already had a theft report so there was no need to file another one and explained the eviction notice would only be valid if a “law enforcement” officer served it.

It was probably at that point Patriot Plumley realized he would be waiting forever if he wanted the local “law enforcement” officials to resolve the matter, and a few hours later the neighbor who had helped prepare the eviction notice called back to the “Sheriff’s” department to report Patriot Plumley had shot his girlfriend.

Sure enough, the “Sheriff’s” department finally became proactive because they realized they now had the chance to put the fix in against a Good Guy With A Gun and lock him up. Patriot Plumley tried to explain to them the gun fired accidentally when she attacked him after he explained he was going to evict her. Sure enough, the “Sheriff’s” department claimed Patriot Plumley’s account did not match the “evidence” at the scene, and they arrested him for murder.

Once again, a Good Guy With A Gun is the victim of a broken “law enforcement” system which coddles takers, like Patriot Plumley’s girlfriend, and pumps Patriots into prisons, which have become little more than tax payer funded holding cells designed to destroy the Patriots’ lives and hollow out their communities. This will all change, though, when Donald J. Trump becomes President and fixes this corrupt system!!!!!

Plumley held under $500,000 bond for Benson homicide, affidavit says woman was shot twice in argument about eviction and alleged theft



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because of oppressive government regulations!!!!!


George Toeller from our West Allis NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and hauled away to jail for allegedly pulling a gun on a “police” officer, but a review of the facts of this case shows he was the victim here.

See, it all started when one of Patriot Toeller’s busybody neighbors called the city’s forestry department to tattle on him for being in violation of the city ordinance (i.e. soul-crushing government regulation) which states grass in a resident’s lawn cannot grow over six inches. If this happens, the home owner is fined $300, and a city crew will be sent to mow the lawn.

Well, when the government goons from the city’s forestry department swarmed his property on Thursday to cut his lawn, Patriot Toeller started screaming at them and shut them down because nobody treads on him!

Sure enough, they scurried away like a bunch of scared girls. Then they made the mistake of doubling down and returned to violate Patriot Toeller’s property yesterday, but this time they brought West Allis “police” officers with them for protection. However, Patriot Toeller was ready for this assault on his property, and he allegedly pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at one of the “police” officers. This officer then violently pushed the gun away and confiscated it. How many times must we see a “police” officer assault an NSPA member in such a manner before somebody is actually held accountable?!?

See, the fix was in from the beginning because the West Allis “police” had Patriot Toeller flagged for a safety alert based on a past incident with guns in nearby Racine and had already been called out to his property four times in the past five weeks so they obviously arrived with the intention of taking him down once and for all and confiscating his guns. So within minutes of arrival, they had Patriot Toeller in handcuffs and confiscated all of his guns, two speed loaders and ammo reloading supplies

Overbearing government lawn regulations and illegal seizures of guns and ammo are hallmarks of Dictator Obama’s regime. Have faith, Patriots, because all of this will change once Donald J. Trump is in the White House!!!!

West Allis man points gun at police officer in dispute over lawn


Good Guy With A Gun forced to plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter even though he basically didn’t do anything more than to try to give his wife a little scare!!!!


John Grant Coffey from our Portland NSPA chapter was hauled into Multnomah County Court today and forced to plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter in a plea deal to escape his original murder charge. See, Patriot Coffey knew he was trapped in a rigged system, and he had no choice but to make the best of an awful situation by agreeing to the plea deal. Now he must endure a torturous period of limbo until he is sentenced August 25.

See, all this nonsense started back on April 25, 2015 when Patriot Coffey totally accidentally shot and killed his wife. As he reasonably tried to explain to the “police”, he pointed his Walther P38 semi-automatic 9mm handgun at his wife after they had been in an argument in order to scare her to de-escalate the argument.

Well, when he pulled the trigger in order to scare her, he was dismayed to discover somebody had loaded the gun. So he sure was surprised when she died. Sure enough, the “police” were determined to arrest him and confiscate his gun so they ignored his explanation that it had all been an accident. To compound this travesty of justice, the county prosecutor ignored the defense attorney’s perfectly understandable explanation that Patriot Coffey was unfamiliar with the gun and that Patriot Coffey was in a state of “extreme intoxication” at the time of the shooting so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that he could be capable of accidentally shooting her. Again, all he was trying to do was scare her.

This gets to the heart of what burns me up about the case. Here we have Patriot Coffey waiting to face years in jail all because he simply wanted to scare his wife. However, in stark contrast, Hillary Clinton gets to walk away scot-free every time she tries to scare every U.S. citizen with her cartoonish, nightmare vision of what the United States will be like if Donald J. Trump wins the White House. See, it’s a rigged system all set up to arrest a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate his gun and to try to sneak Crooked Hillary Clinton into the White House!!!  If anybody should be going to jail, it’s Hillary Clinton!!! Lock her up!!!!  This is yet another reminder of why we must get Donald J. Trump in the White House!!!!!

Husband accused of killing PPS worker takes plea



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his neighbor’s daughter has what appears to us to be an emotionally unhealthy attachment to a dog!!!


Keith Zbrudzewski from our Warren NSPA chapter was sickeningly sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years of probation and 60 hours of community service for fatally shooting a dog. Worse yet, the judge ordered Patriot Zbrudzewski cannot own a weapon and cannot be in the presence of anyone with a weapon while on probation!!!! Then on top of all that, the “police” stormed into his home to confiscate all of his guns. See, gun confiscation is what this is all really about!!!

All this nonsense started back in May when his neighbor’s daughter, who was visiting with her nine-month-old son and miniature pinscher named Coco, let the dog out in her mother’s fenced in back yard. Now we don’t know what Coco did to force Patriot Zbrudzewski to shoot her because the “authorities” rigged the “police” report on the case and claimed he shot Coco for no apparent reason other than for enjoyment.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the “authorities” have run Patriot Zbrudzewski through the wringer because a couple of years ago they obviously fixed the “evidence” against him and forced him to plead guilty to animal torture-killing.

Sure enough the lamestream media has pitched in to stack the deck against Patriot Zbrudzewski by printing maudlin accounts of the emotional effect this dog shooting has had on the neighbor’s daughter. While speaking about her dog, she said, “She was my emotional support animal. Now I have nothing.” Then to really lay it on thick she said the loss was devastating because Coco helped keep her company while her husband has been deployed overseas for the military. Leave it to these gun-hating goons to hide behind the sacrifice of military service members to push their selfish agenda! They have no shame!

We can guarantee this will all change once Donald Trump is in the White House because not one more Good Guy With A Gun will senselessly be sent to jail for doing nothing more than shooting and killing a dog because we will have these Good Guys With A Gun out on the streets where they belong to shoot and kill Mexican Muslim Marxists terrorists who are coming here to kill us.

Man jailed for 30 days for killing dog



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his reckless neighbor irresponsibly pointed a paintball gun at him with an “aggressive motion”!!!!!!


Timothy Edward Tarr from our Fort Benning NSPA chapter was forced to appear in court yesterday for a bond hearing all because back in May he was arrested and charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime after he allegedly shot and killed his neighbor. Sure enough, the “authorities” and the liberal mainstream media covering the story are determined to suppress the facts of this case in order to take down Patriot Tarr to push their anti-gun agenda!

See, all this hoohah started back on May 24 when Patriot Tarr had his neighbor come over to his house to help him assemble a storage building. Well, this neighbor, who by the way happened to have six young sons, reportedly started firing a paintball gun at Patriot Tarr’s shooting range during a lull in their work. Apparently the neighbor discharged the gun too many times for Patriot Tarr’s and his wife’s liking, and they demanded him to stop.

Well, after the neighbor ignored Patriot Tarr’s demands to stop, Patriot Tarr had no choice but to remove the .45-caliber pistol from the holster he had strapped on his right side.  He then allegedly brandished it with the intent to intimidate his neighbor, according to the “police” report.

What happened next wasn’t Patriot Tarr’s fault because, as he explained to the “police” investigator, the neighbor then turned toward him “with the paintball gun in his hands in an aggressive motion” so Patriot Tarr was forced to shoot him once in the head. After all, have any of you ever been shot with a paintball gun? Those damn paintballs sting when they hit and violently explode blotches of paint all over you!

So when the neighbor passed away from the shooting he instigated because he had absolutely no impulse control while handling a paintball gun, the “police” didn’t waste any time in locking up Patriot Tarr and confiscating his gun. See, Dictator Obama is determined to round up as many Good Guys With A Gun as he can while he’s still in office. However, once Donald J. Trump is President, he will surely set free all of these small penised White guys who are sinfully and disproportionately incarcerated in prisons because of antiquated, unfair and counterproductive gun laws!!!! Freedom and safety is coming!!!!!

No bond set for murder suspect in Stone Creek Court shooting


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because some pathetically insecure grown ass man walked up on him in a sports bar to challenge his manhood!!!!!


Joseph Clyde James from our Roxboro NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday night and charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed another man in the Shifters Sports Bar. However, just a cursory review of the facts of the case makes it clear Patriot James had no choice but to use his gun to stand his ground for his manhood.

See, all the trouble started when Patriot James and this other guy brushed up against each other in the sports bar, which led to an argument, which led to Patriot James simply exercising his 2nd Amendment rights. Can you believe how criminally juvenile it was for this other guy to engage in such a low stakes alpha male game all because he probably had some systemic and ultimately self destructive, unresolved self esteem issues?

This case represents exactly why we must carry a gun at all times because we never know when we might encounter some emotionally immature, self pitying, ineffectual, thin skinned, easily provoked baby-man who is all too ready to resort to violence as a way to vent his disappointment and dissatisfaction with the way his life turned out. These types of guys are capable of random, catastrophic bursts of violence in response to the most minor of perceived slights so we must have our guns with us at all times to protect ourselves from them.

Unfortunately in Dictator Obama’s America this act of self reliance and self defense will only get you thrown in jail. However, this will all change once Donald Trump moves into the White House and makes America great again!!!!




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he couldn’t rely on the “police” to keep him safe!!!!


Jeffrey Lovell from our Chicopee NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly shot a 15-year-old boy who had mistakenly knocked on his front door that afternoon.

See, all this nonsense started around 3:40 PM Saturday afternoon when Patriot Lovell heard someone knocking on his front door. What Patriot Lovell didn’t know is that three teens who had been drinking nearby decided to visit a friend and mistakenly approached his home instead. The 15-year-old boy started knocking on the door. When his friend didn’t open the door right away, he began pounding on the door.

Surely because there are so many dangerous Mexicans and Muslims infiltrating America to kill us, Patriot Lovell retrieved his firearm and called the police to report a burglary in progress when he heard the pounding. Patriot Lovell later explained to the “police” he had tried to communicate with the person knocking at the door, but when he heard a plane of glass break, Patriot Lovell knew he couldn’t wait for the “police” to show up to keep him safe so he shot through the door and fatally struck the boy in the abdomen.

After all, who could feel safe at 3:40 in the afternoon with somebody pounding on the door and the knowledge that the “police” were on their way? Also, how could he have been expected to look out the window in the door or any of the windows next to the door to see who was knocking? His life was clearly in danger so there was no time to screw around, and he had to shoot because Heaven only knows how this all would have played out if he had simply waited for the unreliable “police” to show up!

See, that’s exactly why we need a cool headed, unflappable Good Guy With A Gun who has sound judgment like Patriot Lovell around to step in when the “police” aren’t able to keep us safe, and that’s exactly why we’re all less safe now that Patriot Lovell is locked up and facing a long jail term, and that’s exactly why we need to get Donald J. Trump elected as President so we can make America safe again!!!!

Chicopee man charged with murder after ‘gunning down 15-year-old boy




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he’s not one of those hard core drunks who has built up a high tolerance to alcohol!!!!


Donald Long from our New Haven NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with, get this, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, interfering with police, carrying a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving under the influence, evading responsibility (excuse me, shouldn’t Hillary at the very least have been charged with this because of her emails?), first-degree threatening and reckless driving all because he had a few fender benders in an Ikea parking lot while he was driving around with a few guns after having a few shots of bourbon.

All this nonsense started when the New Haven “police” responded to a call about a car crash in an Ikea parking lot that resulted in the driver of the offending car pointing a gun at people in the parking lot. While the “police” were on their way there, they got another call about the same driver crashing his car into another vehicle and pointing his gun at a different group of people.

Well, the “police” arrived and spotted Patriot Long walking away as all the nervous Nellies in the parking lot pointed him out as the “gunman”. So the “police” completely overreacted by drawing their guns on him and yelling (probably hysterically) at him to put his hands up. Thankfully this was a rare incident in which a White guy wasn’t shot by the “police”, but Patriot Long still had to deal with the indignity of being handcuffed and interrogated like a criminal.

Then the “police” got around to their real agenda (gun confiscation) and started harassing Patriot Long to tell them where he had his gun. Just to get them off his back, he told them it was in his car and happened to mention he had consumed several shots of bourbon. As he reportedly told the police, “I’m obviously not a good drinker.”

That moment of honest self assessment was completely ignored by the “police” who obviously lacked the slightest trace of empathy, and they began their gun grab. Patriots, get ready to weep because here is what they confiscated from Patriot Long: a loaded Sig Sauer P238.380 caliber handgun, a Colt .45 Gvt. model with 2 magazines, a Sig Sauer Mosquito .22, a Taurus .357magnum “The Judge” revolver, a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm shield with two magazines, a Ruger SP101 .357 magnum revolver, a H&R Arms .22 revolver model 922, a rifle CX4 Storm Beretta with 3 magazines, 15 .45 caliber rounds, a weapons magazine, a flash suppressor, a Winchester box containing 34 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition, a Winchester box containing 50 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition, a shot shell 9mm luger box containing 10 rounds, one Mini-Mag 22 LR containing 81 40-grain rounds, a Crown Royal bag containing 19 miscellaneous rounds, another Crown Royal bag containing 19 miscellaneous rounds and a Crown Royal bag containing 25 miscellaneous rounds.

In other words, he simply had what you need to stay safe on a quick trip to the store, which apparently is a high crime in Dictator Obama’s America. So, surprise, surprise, the “police” arrested Patriot Long and took his guns. The real crime here is that the “police” are allowed to take a Good Guy With A Gun, who we need more than ever to keep us safe is these increasingly uncertain, volatile times, off the streets. I would feel a Hell of a lot more secure knowing Patriot Long was still out there navigating the streets with his modest arsenal to be ever vigilant for any Islamic extremist terrorists from Mexico who are coming to America to kill us to establish a caliphate.

However, Dictator Obama and Hillary (aka Hellary) Clinton don’t want us to feel secure. No, they want to keep us in a perpetual state of fear so they can push their selfish agendas. Thankfully we have a real leader we can turn to in Donald J. Trump to make the fear go away and to make sure not one more mother of a Good Guy With A Gun will ever experience the heartache of having her son arrested for simply expressing his God given 2nd Amendment rights!!!!!

New Haven police confiscate 8 guns after Bethany man crashes pick-up truck twice in IKEA parking lot


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for having a neighbor who doesn’t know how to act like a grown ass man and show him the respect he deserves!!!


Rickie Lane Price from our McAdenville NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with attempted first-degree murder all because he did nothing more than put his neighbor on notice that he better start showing him proper respect.

See, it all started when this smartass neighbor was installing a ceiling fan in his carport when his tattletale adult son walked over to tell him Patriot Price was flipping him a middle finger. First off, who the hell puts a ceiling fan in a carport? If you ask me, this is an obvious indication Patriot Price’s neighbor has really, really bad judgment.

So the neighbor looked over, and this time Patriot Price justifiably flipped him the middle finger with both hands. Then the neighbor thought he would act like a real tough guy so he started to move forward across the empty lot between their houses because, as he told the “police”, he just wanted to see what was going on.

Well, Patriot Price told the “police” the neighbor was actually motioning to him in a confrontational manner, as if challenging him to come over. Sure enough, the neighbor tried to cover up his responsibility for what happened next by claiming he momentarily got distracted by a man mowing the grass on the lot that separates the two homes.

Then the neighbor said, “I heard kapow.” He claimed he looked up and saw Patriot Price pointing a gun at him. So the neighbor showed what a scaredy cat he really is when he ran into his house with his son so they could call 911.

When the “police” showed up, Patriot Price tried to explain to them he had simply been angry with his neighbor for staring at him and just being generally disrespectful toward him so he shot his gun toward him. He made the important point that he aimed the gun at the ground when he fired it so it wasn’t like he was trying to kill his neighbor or anything.

Then to make matters worse, prior to their cruel interrogation of Patriot Price, the police stopped his daughter from driving away when they pulled up in his driveway and blocked her in. While they were conducting their rigged “investigation”, they found Patriot Price’s semiautomatic handgun in the trunk of her car. See, her sensible plan had been to get the gun out of there because she and Patriot Price knew the “police” would try to confiscate it.

So when it’s all said and done, this is really all about how the “authorities” will blow any little thing all out of proportion just so they can carry through on Dictator Obama’s gun hating agenda by locking up a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscating his gun!! We Good Guys With A Gun will finally start getting the respect we deserve once Donald Trump is in the White House!!!

Man jailed on attempted murder charge after McAdenville neighbors say he fired gun towards them


*****SPOILER ALERT******

The all girl Ghostbusters totally sucks!!!!!(For those of you who just don’t get it, this is a sarcastic spoiler alert because who couldn’t see this coming?!?) 


Well, in this case, I do want to say, “I told you so!” From day one, when I heard about the plans to make an all girl Ghostbusters, I predicted it would be the worst movie ever made. Now that the movie (if that’s what you want to call it) has finally been released, I can proudly declare I was right all along. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve seen plenty of reviews on You Tube which confirm how awful it is so there really is no point in going to see it.

Ultimately, the important takeaway from all of this is now that we’ve seen what destruction four girls can do to the Ghostbusters franchise, just imagine how much destruction Hillary (aka Hellary) Clinton could do to the United States of America franchise if she is elected President! We cannot compound the disaster of this new Ghostbusters by allowing an even worse sequel to be made in the form of a Hillary Clinton presidency. So to get rid of the stink of the all girl Ghostbusters and the horrifying thought of what Hillary will do to America, I’m going to watch my VHS tape of ‘Red Dawn’ and dream of Donald Trump making America great again!



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to protect his daughter from a man who could have hurt her!!!!


Clayton Matthews from our Fort Myers NSPA chapter was arrested Monday night and charged with child neglect for accidentally firing a gun shot near his daughter while he was actually doing nothing more than trying to save her from getting hurt by a shockingly irresponsible man. Sure enough, those Family “Services” trouble making busybodies have poked their upturned noses into Patriot Matthews’ business to complicate things for him.

See, it all started Monday night when Patriot Matthews went into his daughter’s bedroom and found her boyfriend, who is in his 20s, hiding in her closet. Well, the boyfriend knew he was dealing with a Good Guy With A Gun so he jumped out the window and ran away. Patriot Matthews then acted as a responsible adult and used the incident as a teachable moment by lecturing his daughter on the dangers of being in the company of men who could hurt her. To emphasize his point, because you know how easily distracted and inattentive teenagers can be, Patriot Matthews waved his gun around. This ploy worked because Patriot Matthews’ daughter repeatedly asked him to stop waving the gun.

Well, one thing led to another, and Patriot Matthews’ gun accidentally fired, sending a bullet into a wall just a few inches away from his daughter. Sure enough the cry baby neighbors on the other side of the wall made a big deal about the bullet coming into their apartment so they called the “police”.

The “police” completely fell for the daughter’s story and her claim that she didn’t think the shot was accidental so they arrested Patriot Matthews on the child neglect charge. Now he has to go to court in August to face this ridiculous charge. Then to make matters worse the usual suspects at the Florida Department of Children and Families have opened a child protection investigation.

At this point do we even need to explain to you that this is all really about making sure Patriot Matthews is locked up in jail by November 8 on this trumped up charge to prevent him voting for Patriot Trump?  Yes, the Clinton Hate Machine is already up and running at full force in Florida!!!

Fort Myers dad says shot fired at daughter was accident



Just to let you all know, even though we here at the National Small Penis Association executive headquarters in Akron, OH have been planning for the past two years to attend the Republican National Convention in nearby Cleveland next week, some things have just come up and it looks like we probably won’t be able to attend after all.

We just want to make it perfectly clear this sudden change in plans has absolutely nothing to do with the New Black Panther Party’s recent announcement that they will be attending the convention with their guns, which all the internet trolls and haters out there have been implying is the real reason we won’t be there because it’s so easy to be a snide smartass while hiding behind the anonymity of a blog which virtually nobody reads on a regular basis!!!!


Let it be known, we here at the NSPA are deeply disappointed in this change of plans because we were looking forward to showing our support for Donald Trump and to making new friends with like minded White guys who define their manhood by the guns they own. I can’t even begin to tell you how many friends I made four years ago at the Republican convention in Tampa just in the men’s room at the convention hall alone.

See, it turns out I’m going to be pretty busy next week. My mother who has a very delicate back, she can’t even sit in a wicker chair comfortably, needs me to bring her to a scrapbooking workshop at the Hobby Lobby in Fairlawn on Monday and Tuesday. She doesn’t get out of the house much and really wants to go to the workshop. Her sister offered to bring her, but I am a good son and I don’t know how much longer she will here until Jesus calls her home so I insisted on bringing her even if it means not being able to go to Cleveland those days because I want to spend as much time as I can with her while I still have her here.

Then on Wednesday I have to wait at home all day for the Time Warner Cable guy to come for an installation. I have been a Direct TV customer for the past 15 years, but I am switching to Time Warner because of those Jon Bon Jovi Direct TV commercials that started airing a couple of weeks ago. Jon Bon Jovi just endorsed Hillary Clinton so I had to drop Direct TV.

Then on Thursday I have to bring my ‘85 Chevy Nova into the shop to get a brake drum replaced because that’s the only day Gary can squeeze me in.

If I didn’t have to take care of all of these things, my executive team and I would be in Cleveland going toe to toe with the New Black Panther Party because we are not the least bit scared of them!

New Black Panther Party to openly carry guns at Republican convention as President Obama visits Dallas



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because the selfish “police” don’t want anybody crowding in on their “home protection” racket!!!!!


Stephen McCann from our Manchester NSPA chapter was arrested this weekend and charged with, get this, illegal discharge of a firearm, second-degree assault, second-degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace, second degree, after he allegedly accidentally shot his cousin who had come over to his house to visit him.

See, it all started Saturday night when two of Patriot McCann’s female cousins stopped by his house for an unannounced visit to talk with him. (You know how emotionally needy, insecure and chatty women can be!) Well, Patriot McCann didn’t know who was at his door so he grabbed his trusty 9mm Beretta and slowly opened the door. When he saw it was his cousins, he tucked the gun in his waistband and invited them in to the kitchen, where they all sat at the kitchen table to talk (or actually for Patriot McCann to be forced to listen to the two women talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk).

After a while Patriot McCann stood up to put his handgun away (probably because he was ready to put a bullet through his head after listening to the endless, frivolous prattle coming out the mouths of these two women), but he accidentally pressed the trigger when he pulled the handgun out of his waistband, according to a police report.

Well, one thing led to another, and one of his female cousins ended up with a bullet in her leg. When the other cousin brought her to the hospital to get the minor injury treated, their cover story about the shooting occurring at a house party by a gunman whose identity they were unsure of quickly fell apart when the “authorities” began asking all kinds of questions because women by and large can’t keep their cool in pressure situations like this and totally choke.

So then the “authorities” rushed over to Patriot McCann’s home to arrest him because his cousins didn’t waste a moment to give him up once their story fell apart. See, the “police” wanted to arrest him and confiscate his gun because they want to send a chilling message to all Good Guys With A Gun who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and protecting their homes with a gun because the “authorities” know if there are too many Good Guys With A Gun out there, the public will eventually see through the false narrative that we need “police” departments to protect us. They know the gravy train from their cushy jobs will come to an end because the public will realize there is no need to waste tax dollars on them since we already have a perfectly capable army of volunteer Patriots ready to serve and protect!!!!

Manchester Man Charged After Accidentally Shooting Cousin



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to protect his community from an outbreak of Mad Cow disease and Avian influenza!!!!


Cody Bechtol from our Ozark District NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with criminal mischief for allegedly shooting a pregnant cow and some birds with a .22 caliber firearm, according to an arrest report by the Franklin County “Sheriff’s” office, which we can be certain was a fair and balanced document…..NOT!!!!

See, as Patriot Bechtol explained to the “investigators”, the night started under perfectly normal circumstances when he went out with an under age buddy for a little fun. We’re not sure, but we think Patriot Bechtol probably hooked up with his underage friend through that Big Brothers program because he wanted to teach the boy how to be a man. What better way to teach this than by showing him how to handle a gun?!?

So Patriot Bechtol spotted the pregnant cow and shot and killed her because we’re positive he must have talked earlier in the day to a veterinarian and heard there was potential for an outbreak of Mad Cow disease  in the area. Then after he was done shooting the cow to terminate the threat to the community, Patriot Bechtol taught his young ward how to shoot and kill birds because he probably heard from that same veterinarian there was a whole bunch of Avian influenza getting ready to be spread throughout the community.

So as it so often happens in Dictator Obama’s America, a Good Guy With A Gun steps forward to save the day only to be arrested and charged with crimes when he really should have been feted as a hero. Once again, this is just another reminder of why we must get Donald Trump in the White House!!!!

Pregnant Heifer Shot And Killed, Suspect Arrested



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for protecting his neighborhood from a vicious dog that was part Mexican!!!!!!


Shane Rockwell from our Salem NSPA chapter, in a clear case of “police” misuse of power, was arrested recently and charged with first-degree aggravated animal abuse and recklessly endangering another person after he did nothing more than allegedly shoot a 1-year-old Miniature Pinscher-Chihuahua mix named Rosie, which obviously posed a threat to the neighborhood despite its deceptively sweet sounding name.


See, a few months ago we here at the NSPA broke the story about the Mexican government’s secret program to smuggle disease infested Chihuahuas which have been trained to attack into America as a way to counteract Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall to keep Mexican murders, rapists and drug smugglers out of America. The Mexican government is determined to destroy us one way or another and what better way to do it than with an under the radar army of killer Chihuahua diablo dogs?!?

Patriot Rockwell recognized this threat when he saw the dog casing the neighborhood from the fenced in yard of its clueless owner. Worse yet, Rosie’s owner was running a state certified preschool and day care center out of her home. Patriot Rockwell knew he had to act immediately to save all of the children in the day care at the home so he shot into the yard and injured Rosie, who was euthanized thankfully before she was able to hurt any of the children or other residents in the neighborhood.

However, due to political correctness, nobody besides the NSPA has the cojones to talk honestly about the threat these Chihuahuas pose to our country. Worse yet, Patriot Rockwell is now facing a felony charge for taking a stand and defending the neighborhood. Our collective hearts broke here at the NSPA executive offices when one of the other members from our Salem chapter who was there on the scene contacted us to report as the “police” were taking Patriot Rockwell away in handcuffs, he was pretty sure he heard a little boy yelling, “Shane, come back!”

If I weren’t such a real man, I might have felt a tear or two start to form in my eyes when I heard this. However, I’m a real man, and I never cry just like Donald Trump! See, earlier this year when Jimmy Fallon asked him on ‘The Tonight Show’ if he ever cries, Patriot Trump replied, “Yeah, when I was one, I cried.” It sure will be nice to have a real man in the White House once he is elected!!!

Family mourns death of dog outside of Salem daycare



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for committing the horrific crime of being an American who celebrated the 4th of July!!!


Matthew Barszczak from our Boca Raton NSPA chapter was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with illegally discharging a firearm in public and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence after he allegedly shot at least 128 rounds from an AK 47 to celebrate the 4th of July. See, all the trouble started Monday just before midnight when some busybody, window watcher neighbor called the Palm Beach County “Sheriff’s” Office to complain about Patriot Barszczak shooting an AK 47 repeatedly into the air and the ground.

So the “deputies” showed up and surrounded Patriot Barszczak on the front lawn. Then they ordered him to drop his weapon as if he were some sort of a dangerous criminal. Patriot Barszcazk dropped the AK 47 and a revolver and ran into the house, as he later explained, because he was scared and didn’t know who was yelling at him. Once he came back out, he reasonably explained to the “deputies” he was simply celebrating the 4th of July. Sure enough, they ignored the facts of the case and arrested Patriot Barszczak.

Isn’t it interesting with Dictator Obama in the White House that celebrating the 4th of July is now considered to be a crime? I suppose he only wants us to celebrate May 1st for International Workers’ Day like they used to back in what he considers to be the good old days of the Soviet Union. Rest assured, once Donald Trump takes back the White House, no Good Guys With A Gun will be getting arrested on the 4th of July!!! We’re going to be taking that day back!!! Good Guys With A Gun of the world, UNITE!!!!

PBSO: Man fired AK-47 into air 128 times Fourth of July west of Boca



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for having the foresight to bring his Glock 27 to a Black Lives Matter rally in Portland!!!!!


Michael Strickland from our Portland NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with menacing and disorderly conduct just because he drew his Glock 27 and swung it from side to side to defend himself from the Black Lives Matter protesters who had taken over the streets of Portland to have their Don’s Shoot PDX march.

See, the real story is that the Portlandia lamestream media wanted to take Patriot Strickland, who they label as a right-wing agitator, down because he regularly exposes irrational acts of liberals by videotaping them at left leaning events and posting the videos on the absolutely hilarious ‘Laughing At Liberals’ youtube channel. Let me tell you, this ‘Laughing At Liberals’ channel is almost as funny as ‘Red Eye with Tom Shillue’, the irreverent and brilliant comedy/current events gabfest on Fox News. Now that’s saying something!

Well, Patriot Strickland was at the march with his video camera to catch the liberals in attendance doing something foolish and irresponsible (talk about fish in a barrel!!!!) when all of a sudden there were about six or eight black people walking toward him. Hello!!!! This is precisely why we have concealed carry.

So Patriot Strickland did what any sensible Patriot would do when confronted by black people and liberal deviants. He drew his Glock 27, swept it from side to side and screamed, “Back off!” Sure enough, there were plenty of liberal trouble makers recording this on cell phone cameras and rushing to post on social media the videos of Patriot Strickland defending himself.

Then since Portland is liberal screw ball central the “police” showed up in their riot gear to arrest and handcuff Patriot Strickland as if he were some sort of criminal. This was like a bad Portlandia skit (but, truth be told, is there really any other kind?) that was so bad it never aired but got added on as an extra on the dvd release.

This is all part of the liberals’ power structure to keep conservative Patriots voiceless and to suppress their grievances and to heighten their sense of powerlessness. Can you really blame a marginalized White guy like Patriot Strickland for demanding to be respected!?

‘Hit the ground!’: Trump supporter pulls gun on Black Lives Matter rally in Portland



Good Guy With A Gun socked with probation basically for being forced to deal with the consequences of his ex-girlfriend’s selfish decision to walk out on him and their loved one!!!!


Dustin Dewayne Kreger from our Amarillo NSPA chapter was forced to appear in Potter County Court yesterday to face the ridiculous charge of abandoning an animal after he had no choice except to shoot his Siberian Husky mix in the head three times back on September 1. Sure enough, the court system which is rigged against men (as all of us in the men’s rights movement know all too well) did not require the presence of his ex-girlfriend even though she was the person really responsible for all of this in the first place.

See, back when Patriot Kreger and his ex-girlfriend were a couple, they brought a Siberian Husky mix into their lives. However, like we see it happen all the time, one day she just selfishly walked out on Patriot Kreger and their dog. So Patriot Kreger was left as a single man to raise the dog on his own with no support from his ex-girlfriend.

Well, the responsibility of it all became too much for Patriot Kreger so on September 1 he brought the dog outside and shot it in the head three times. Unfortunately the humane ‘kill shots’ did not work, and the dog ran away into the night. Then some busybody goody two shoes found the bleeding dog and brought it to an animal clinic to save its life. Fortunately, this happened in Texas where there is no law against attempting to kill your pet so the gun hating police and prosecutors who rushed to judgment and pushed for a felony cruelty to non-livestock animals charge against Patriot Kreger were rebuffed, and the charge was reduced to a Class A misdemeanor charge of abandoning an animal.

However, justice was still not served because Patriot Kreger got hit with one year of probation, a $500 fine and a requirement to repay the cost of the veterinary bills. It just goes to show the reach and scope our enemy has because this went down in Texas. If there’s one state in America, with the possible exception of Mississippi, where you would think we would be safe from this kind of senseless persecution, it would be Texas! However, as long as Dictator Obama is in office we will never be safe anywhere, and it will be even worse if Hillary (aka Hellary around the NSPA offices) takes his place. How many more reminders do you need that we must get Donald Trump in the White House?!?!????

Man receives probation for shooting dog



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to learn responsible gun handling techniques in the privacy of his own home!!!!


Todd Devozza from our Collier County NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday night and charged with shooting a deadly weapon into a dwelling after he was practicing with his new shotgun in his house and allegedly fired a shotgun blast through a wall in his neighbor’s house and almost struck her while she was watching television with her daughter.

See, it was July 3rd and Patriot Devozza was simply getting into a good pre-4th of July vibe by having a few (or maybe more) cocktails while handling his new shotgun in the privacy of his own home. Furthermore, he was acting as a responsible citizen because he purchased the shotgun for home defense so it was important for him to get as much practice time with it as he could. What better tribute could there be to the 4th of July? It sure was a good thing we had a whole bunch of Good Guys With A Gun armed with muskets back in 1776 because we never would have been free from the United Kingdom without them so Patriot Devozza was simply keeping the spirit of ‘76 alive and well prior to his arrest.

See, this was in Florida after all, and we need to have as many Good Guys With A Gun as possible armed and ready to stand their ground to protect us from all of the dangerous non-White, non-Christian killers who are pouring into the state to destroy America with Dictator Obama’s tacit approval!

Besides, what’s really the big deal in Patriot Devozza’s case? Neither his neighbor nor her daughter actually got shot, and they now have one hell of a story to tell. Also, Patriot Devozza acted as a job creator for the dry waller who was hired to fix the hole in the wall in his neighbor’s house. More important, Patriot Devozza picked up valuable experience handling his new gun so, if anything, this whole situation is a classic win-win.

Sadly, though, the gun hating goons in the Collier County Sheriff’s Department had their quota to meet so they arrested Patriot Devozza in an obvious attempt to obliterate Jeb! Bush’s legacy as a champion of the insecure, small penised, White guy movement with his introduction of Stand Your Ground Legislation in Florida. This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald J. Trump elected President at all costs possible.

Man learning to use shotgun nearly shoots Collier woman



Good Guy With A Gun has his weapons confiscated two times in 9 months by the Portland “police”!!!!!


Spencer Thomas Johnson from our Portland NSPA chapter had his guns confiscated by the Portland “police” on Saturday just 9 months after the Portland “police” confiscated more than 30 weapons, including AR-15 rifles, from him.

So you’re probably wondering how the Portland “police” finagled this gratuitous gun grab. Well, here’s how. Back in October an out of state relative of Patriot Johnson’s girlfriend at the time contacted the Portland “police” to ask them to do a wellness check on the girlfriend. Two “police” officers arrived to the home Patriot Johnson shared with her and observed Patriot Johnson ignore them and walk toward her with a loaded 9mm pistol after she let them in. The reckless “police” drew their guns on him and ordered him to hand over his gun. Patriot Johnson continued to ignore them and said to her, “You called the cops…I can’t believe you called the cops.”

Eventually he turned over his gun to the “police” who handcuffed him and charged him with, get this, two counts of interfering with a police officer, attempted assault and harassment. They did this after he reasonably explained he didn’t immediately hand over his gun to them because he wasn’t sure who they were and he wanted to protect his girlfriend from armed intruders. Worse yet, they used this as an excuse to confiscate his 30 weapons, including the AR-15 rifles.

Well, Patriot Johnson’s girlfriend really wanted to make him look like a bad guy so she claimed to the “police” that he had repeatedly threatened to shoot her and that she felt he was going to eventually kill her.

Even with such flimsy “evidence”, the judge threw the book at Patriot Johnson after he agreed to plead guilty to a single count of interfering with a police officer. The judge burdened him with 18 months of probation, including a prohibition on possessing guns or other weapons, a requirement to take a domestic violence course and 40 hours of community service. On top of all this, Patriot Johnson’s girlfriend walked out on him. However, Patriot Johnson was such a great catch that he moved in with another girlfriend all but immediately.

Well, we don’t know exactly what happened on Saturday night, but the Portland “police” showed up to the apartment Patriot Johnson shared with his new girlfriend and apparently found her dead from a single gunshot wound so they immediately arrested Patriot Johnson and charged him with murder and unlawful possession of a weapon. However, we’re guessing there’s a pretty good chance those armed intruders Patriot Johnson was determined to protect his previous girlfriend from may have pulled the trigger. However, we’re sure the Portland “police” won’t investigate this because they already got what they really want, a Good Guy With A Gun locked up in jail!!!!!

Former girlfriend: ‘He is eventually going to kill’



Good Guy With A Gun vilified on social media basically just for trying to teach three of his children the importance of gun safety and how to protect your family at the High Noon Guns shooting range in Sarasota, Florida. Well, when it’s all said and done, at least we can be sure two of the children certainly learned the importance of being careful when handling a gun!


William Brumby from our Sarasota NSPA chapter has certainly been taking a beating on social media for the past 24 hours all because yesterday he took three of his seven children to the High Noon Guns shooting range for a little gun safety and family protection training and accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old son.

According to witnesses Patriot Brumby fired his trusty .22 semi-automatic pistol, which ejected a super hot shell casing which bounced off a wall and ricocheted into his shirt. Well, since it was super hot, he reflexively reached his gun hand back to try to brush it off, and, well, one thing led to another and the gun went off again, causing a bullet to ricochet off the ceiling into his 14-year-old son.

As one of Patriot Brumby’s sons explained, “He wanted to take us to the shooting range to spend time with us but also teach us how to be a man; how to protect the family when it needed to be protected.” Hey, there are going to be a few mistakes along this learning curve, but as we stated earlier, we’re sure Patriot Brumby’s other two children learned to be really, really, really, really careful when handling a gun.

Sure enough, the internet trolls are coming out in full force to condemn Patriot Brumby for what they consider to be irresponsible recklessness that is all but impossible to process. That’s exactly how those liberal, self-loathing-American, gun haters operate.

Just to prove Patriot Brumby is above reproach, I checked the Sarasota County voter registration records and confirmed he is a Republican and under ‘Race’ he is listed: White, Non Hispanic. Case closed! What more proof do you need he was not at fault here? Besides, as it notes in many of the articles about this incident, Patriot Brumby is a Christian so it’s not like he is some Muslim determined to hurt as many people as possible!!

It’s time to leave Patriot Brumby alone so he can get back to the business of using guns to protect his family and all of the good citizens of Sarasota. He is precisely the type of Good Guy With A Gun we here at the NSPA and our brothers in arms at the NRA tirelessly tout as the stoic, unflappable protector who will step in during any chaotic spasm of violence to selflessly act as our savior from the threats of Muslims, Mexicans, unarmed black teenagers and government troops sent out to confiscate our guns and herd us into FEMA concentration camps!!!!!!

Sheriff: Teen died after accidentally being shot by father




Would the Houston “police” please stop calling our NSPA executive office to get the names and phone numbers of the members of our Houston NSPA chapter? We have a perfectly good explanation for where they were this morning around 5:00 AM, and it involves Cowboy Troy!!

cowboy troy

To the members of the Houston “police” department who have been flooding the voicemail and email here at the NSPA executive offices to ask for the names and contact information for the members of our Houston NSPA chapter, we would like to kindly inform you all that none of them could have possibly been involved in the early morning ambush shooting of the Muslim doctor outside of the Madrasah Islamiah mosque which you all are apparently “investigating.”

See, all of our Houston chapter members were busy early this morning planning for their Houston Glock Con, which is being held August 17-20 at the Norris Conference Center. They were busy selecting the entertainment for Glock Con, and the meeting went all night and into the early morning hours around the time of the shooting. We are excited to announce Cowboy Troy will be headlining the entertainment. We have been a big fan of Cowboy Troy ever since we saw him perform at the 2008 Republican Convention. Who would have ever thought there would be a black guy who sings country music and favors John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama? Well, we’re glad we found one, and we are tickled to have him perform for us.

Unfortunately we don’t have any minutes from the meeting because our office girl Cheryl wasn’t able to be there, and we weren’t going to have any of our Houston chapter members do any kind of secretary work. Also, all of our Houston chapter members are good Christians and responsible gun owners who are pledged to keep America safe so that really should be all the proof you need to take them off your list of suspects. So please stop harassing us because it really is unfair that we are constantly being suspected of some sort of involvement with all of these targeted shootings nowadays. It just goes to show the damage irresponsible Democrat politicians can create when they are so quick to gin up fear for their own political purposes by pointing their fingers at us. #theyhave noshame

Muslim eye doctor is ambushed and shot while on his way to Houston mosque just one day after a Muslim man was attacked in Florida



Good Granny With A Gun arrested for simply using the firearms self defense training she got at one of our NSPA Community Outreach seminars!!!!


Sarah Schisel from Manitowoc, WI and a recent graduate of the NSPA Community Outreach seminar on firearms self defense training we held at the Manitowoc Senior Center on Custer St. was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with suspicion of reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon. However, truth be told, the Manitowoc “police” really arrested her for doing nothing more than using the training we provided her.

See, all this nonsense started early Wednesday evening when Sister Schisel’s neighbor claimed he had lost his pet duck and suspected it might be on her property. Sister Schisel insisted she didn’t have his damn duck and invited him to search her garage to prove it wasn’t anywhere on her property. Once the neighbor stepped into the garage, Sister Schisel pulled a pistol from her shirt pocket and pointed it toward his stomach.

This is exactly how we had trained Sister Schisel to respond in such a scenario. At our firearms self defense seminars we cover the obvious and well known threats such as Muslims, Mexicans, and unarmed black teenagers and the lesser known threats such as criminals who employ the Des Moines Duck Scam to catch unsuspecting homeowners off guard. In this scam the criminal approaches the homeowner, claiming to be desperately searching for his beloved pet duck. Then, after the good hearted but naive homeowner lets his/her guard down and invites him to take a look, the criminal pounces.

Now, unfortunately there’s only so much self defense we can teach a woman (particularly an old woman), and this dangerous, duckless grifter knocked her down before she could fire a shot. The Manitowoc “police” showed up and started grilling Sister Schisel. She told them she was aware that bullets were in the gun and that the gun safety was off. After all, this is exactly how we taught her to be prepared for any threat. Well, the Manitowoc “police” wanted to intimidate all of the other graduates from our Manitowoc seminar so they arrested Sister Schisel to make an example of her.

See, they don’t want anybody discovering that well armed citizens, even women under certain circumstances, can protect a community just as effectively as tax payer financed “professional” (yeah, right) “police” officers. We will not be stopped, though, and we are registering students for our next seminar to be held in Carbondale, Illinois on Saturday, July 23 at 2:00 PM at the Senior Adult Services Center on N. Springer St. If you are not able to attend, please have your gun loaded and be ready if some slick talking sociopath comes calling and claims he’s looking for his lost duck. BEWARE, THEY’RE COMING!!!!!!!!

Woman threatens man with gun over missing duck



Good Guy With A Gun falsely arrested because of shoddy, lazy, unreliable “police” work!!!!!


Terry Ray Baker from our Clarksville NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with carjacking after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman and stole her car at a car wash on Fort Campbell Blvd.

This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice, and we have just dispatched the NSPA legal team to Clarksville to have this obviously invalid charge thrown out. See, here’s what infuriates us about how the investigation of this case was handled. The alleged “police” had the alleged “victim” of the alleged “carjacking” identify Patriot Baker as the perpetrator from a photo lineup!?!?!

Come on, we all know how unreliable photo lineups can be. Most crime “victims” can’t remember anything distinctive about a stranger’s appearance after a brief, chaotic encounter, and we’re sure the “victim” in this case didn’t actually recognize Patriot Baker from all of the photographs presented to her. No, we’re sure she didn’t want to admit she was too panicky and overly emotional (like most women would be) at the time of the carjacking to remember anything about the carjacker’s appearance so she just picked a picture at random.

Unfortunately, Patriot Baker, who could pass for any average Joe you might walk past on the street, now has to pay the price for her feckless decision to pick his picture out of the lineup. Sadly, the “police” were all too willing to go along with this because all they cared about was getting another Good Guy With A Gun off the streets!!!!

Police: Suspect pointed gun at woman, stole her car



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for nothing more than being an entrepreneur, which is a high crime in Dictator Obama’s Socialist wonderland which used to be the United States of America!!!!!


Michael Giannone from our New Fairfield NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday and charged with nine counts of possession of an assault weapon, three counts of possession of silencers, 65 counts of possession of a high-capacity magazine, improper storage of firearms, risk of injury to a minor and possession of weapon on school grounds.

These same “authorities” arrested him back in March and charged him with firearms trafficking, possession of an assault weapon, sale of assault weapons, possession/sale of a high-capacity magazine and illegal firearms transfers.

Truth be told, the “authorities” arrested Patriot Giannone on these two occasions because they wanted to punish him for being a self reliant businessman rather than being some handout seeking bum who wants the “government” to take care of him. See, Patriot Giannone was doing nothing more than running a business out of his home. He even had a business card with the catchy motto: No names, no numbers, no witnesses.

Patriot Giannone was simply manufacturing and selling assault weapons from his home. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in a garage and were lauded as heroes, but Patriot Giannone started a business in his garage and got treated as a common criminal. The difference here is that Patriot Giannone’s business was making assault rifles, and we all know much the “government” hates guns so this was inevitable.

Sure enough, the “authorities” invaded his home to make a big production, but they turned up empty handed. All they found were 59 firearms (48 of them were illegal), 9 unregistered assault rifles, including two AK-47 assault weapons and 5 AR-15 assault weapons with no serial numbers, including one rifle with an illegal silencer, as well as 2 additional silencers and 65 illegal high-capacity magazines, 12 illegal AR-15 lower receivers without serial numbers and over 10,000 live rounds of ammunition.

Look, with Dictator Obama clearly planning to confiscate all of our assault rifles before he leaves office, Patriot Giannone only did what every successful businessman has done. He identified a need (the replacement of all of the assault rifles Dictator Obama will be confiscating) and produced a product to satisfy that need. That’s precisely why the “authorities” knew they had to take him out, and this is precisely why we need to get Donald Trump in the White House!!!

New Fairfield man arrested for making and selling illegal assault style weapons



Good Guy With A Gun’s use of a crossbow only highlights the futility and pointlessness of gun control legislation!!!!!!!


Paul Kuzan from our Philadelphia NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday night and charged with murder and possessing an instrument of a crime after he allegedly shot his second wife of 9 days with a high-velocity crossbow as she sat in a chair in their home, according to the “police” report.

Not only is Patriot Kuzan a member of our Philadelphia chapter, but he is also a devout practitioner of the Christian faith. See, he made sure everybody who visited his Facebook page knew about his Christian faith. Sure, all of the haters claim his Christian faith was nothing more than a fraud because they claimed he was an unstable, vicious, abusive pig of a man who terrorized his first wife during their 10 year marriage, but that’s because they don’t believe in God and want to discredit any faithful Christian. Hell, if he had been a Muslim, they would have bent over backwards to portray him as just a regular guy like you and me.

Sure enough, the Philadelphia lamestream media piled on and printed court records of his arrest and no contest plea on charges of patronizing prostitutes and solicitation. It figures a liberal, atheistic reporter would know nothing about the Bible and Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene so this egghead reporter failed to realize Patriot Kuzan had been doing nothing more than probably preaching to the prostitutes in Philadelphia and got caught up in a dragnet to clear Good Guys With Guns from the streets.

Now we aren’t exactly sure what happened between Patriot Kuzan and his new bride just prior to the crossbow shooting, but we would like to point out Patriot Kuzan didn’t need a high power assault rifle to kill his wife. Therefore, what would be the point of outlawing or restricting access to semi-automatic handguns and assault rifles? Even if the government were to do away with every one of these guns, you could still kill somebody with a high-velocity crossbow. So why even bother?

Look, it’s obvious that the real issue here was the assault on Patriot Kuzan’s Christianity by the liberal forces of acceptance for women’s rights and homosexuality and the normalization of the Muslim faith. If his Christian faith had not been corrupted by these corrosive societal forces, we are sure none of this would have ever happened!!!!!

‘I am God,’ alleged crossbow killer once told daughter, her grandfather says



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for defending the sanctity of Christian marriage and the family unit!!!!!


Bobby Thompson from our Cabell County NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged today with first-degree murder and wanton endangerment (whatever the Hell that is) all because he allegedly shot and killed a young man he suspected of having an affair with his wife.

According to the West Virginia State “Police” report, Patriot Thompson tracked down his wife sitting with a 22-year-old young man, who Patriot Thompson suspected was her boyfriend, in her car parked near the Cox Landing Public Library, Cox Landing Elementary School and the Riviera Country Club golf course. Well, apparently Patriot Thompson shot into the car and killed the young man. He drove away but turned himself in to the “police” an hour later and confessed to the shooting according to court documents.

Sure enough, this case was red meat for the anti-gun crowd, and they made much of the fact that Patriot Thompson not only took away another human being’s life, but he also had selfishly jeopardized the lives of the children at the elementary school playground, the golfers on the golf course and the library patrons who were all near the site of the shooting. Then they whined that the young man Patriot Thompson killed leaves behind a 3-year-old son while Patriot Thompson will leave his four children without a father for the duration of his inevitable prison sentence.

However, we would like to point out, though his actions may have been a tad bit on the excessive side, Patriot Thompson really wasn’t doing anything other than defending the sanctity of Christian marriage between one man and one woman and the sanctity of the family unit.

Just like the manner by which Eve invited unending strife and misery into this world by tempting Adam with that damn apple of hers, when you think about it, isn’t Patriot Thompson’s wife really the one responsible for everything that happened here? If she hadn’t tempted that young man into her car for whatever purpose, Patriot Thompson never would have been forced to pull his gun out to defend his marriage, his family and the very tenets of Christianity.

However, we male Christians are having our rights taken away every day so should we really be surprised that Patriot Thompson was the one person singled out for punishment in this case? Yet again, these entries are becoming a daily reminder of why we need to get Donald Trump elected as President!!!

UPDATE: Man says deadly shooting was over wife’s affair, according to WVSP



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for being a good father by teaching his one-year-old son how to be a Good Baby With A Gun!!!!!


Jason Luman from our Bloomington NSPA chapter was arrested this weekend and charged with neglect of a dependent all because his one-year-old son pointed Patriot Luman’s handgun at a maintenance worker who was in the family’s apartment to fix a leak.

Apparently Patriot Luman’s infant son removed the gun from the unlocked dresser drawer where Patriot Luman had kept it safely secured. His son then climbed on a dining room counter, tucked the handgun under his arm, climbed down and pointed it at one of the members of the maintenance crew. However, instead of praising the infant for already displaying the qualities of being a real man, the scaredy cat crew members quickly confiscated the gun and called the “police”.

Well, the Bloomington “police” will never pass up the opportunity to confiscate a gun so they rushed to the apartment to conduct their “investigation”. First off, they completely disregarded Patriot Luman’s account of the events, which rightly put the blame for what happened squarely on the maintenance crew. See, Patriot Luman explained the crew must have moved a baby gate meant to keep the boy from getting into the room. Sure enough, the cowardly crew denied this and claimed they had stepped over the gate. Yeah, right!

Look, Patriot Luman should have been commended for teaching his son to be so comfortable around guns. What if a Mexican or a Muslim had broken into the apartment? They would have been staring down the barrel of a gun being held by this infant enforcer. That’s what would have happened! This is precisely the type of responsible gun ownership we constantly promote and use as a rationale to justify our entitlement to unfettered access to any gun we want. Furthermore, just think of all of the kidnapings we could prevent every year if we armed every baby with a gun!

However, you can rest assured the hysterical scare mongers in the Democrat party will obey their masters at and will block any common sense gun legislation like this idea of mine to arm infants. This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald Trump elected to the White House in November!!!

Bloomington father faces neglect charge after 1-year-old boy points gun at maintenance workers



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for trying to protect a number of Detroit area drivers from Islamic extremist terrorists after he narrowly avoided the hazard of a woman driver!!!!


Michael Ziccarelli from our Southfield NSPA chapter is lucky to be alive today after encountering a woman driver on the Lodge Freeway in Detroit last week. Unfortunately, Patriot Ziccarelli was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and six counts of felonious assault as a result of the good deed he tried to do after surviving the hazard of the woman driver.

See, all this nonsense started when Patriot Ziccarelli rammed his car into a car being driven by a 66-year-old woman and caused her to crash into a wall along the highway. There is no doubt she was the driver responsible for the accident because we have all dealt with the danger posed by a woman driver. We figure she was putting on make up while driving and almost ran him off the road, which caused him to crash into her. Sure, some of the internet trolls have already been shooting down this theory by questioning whether a 66-year-old woman would be putting on make up while driving. To this argument, I point out that the vanity of a woman has never been acquainted with the constraints which should come with age.

Since this was Detroit, after all, Patriot Ziccarelli had to be careful so he got out of his car with a shotgun and started walking toward the other driver and pointing his gun at her, according to the “police” report.  See, the suburbs of Detroit have a large Muslim population so there was a good chance they might encounter a dangerous, unstable Islamic extremist terrorist. We’re sure Patriot Ziccarelli was just trying to signal to her the need to get out of there before any Islamic extremist terrorists showed up.

Meanwhile, another woman driver stopped to help. Well, Patriot Ziccarelli fired at her car from about three lengths away because we’re sure he wanted her to get the Hell out of there as well before the Islamic extremist terrorists showed up. Then in quick succession Patriot Ziccarelli allegedly pointed his gun at a male driver from Livonia, a woman driver from Wyandotte and a male driver from Grosse Pointe. Again, he surely did this to make sure they got away immediately before encountering a Muslim terrorist.

Well, Patriot Ziccarelli’s strategy for clearing the scene of all potential terrorism victims worked because all of the drivers sped away after he pointed his gun at them. However, instead of getting a big, well deserved “thank you” from the “authorities”, they searched his car and confiscated the five guns he had with him.

Ultimately, gun confiscation is what this was all about, and the amoral “authorities” didn’t care if they had to destroy the life of a Good Guy With A Gun to achieve their ends. This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald Trump elected in November!!!!

Heavily armed Lodge Freeway motorist charged in road-rage attack



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he had a gut feeling his girlfriend had snuck some money out of his bank account and because he had a hunch she had secretly sided with a neighbor who is suing him!!!!!!!


Virgil Everett Hyde from our Groveland NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday night and charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting his girlfriend in the top of her head with a pistol while she was loading the washing machine in his home. Sure enough, the lamestream media has tried to paint Patriot Hyde as an insecure, volatile, White, Christian extremist because it fits the anti-gun narrative they irresponsibly pump out on a daily basis to poison the minds of gullible, easily manipulated, low information liberal cry babies.

See, there’s a whole lot more to this story that puts Patriot Hyde’s actions in a context. First off, Patriot Hyde’s girlfriend moved out of their home last week because Patriot Hyde had allegedly shot their dog. We’re guessing he probably shot the dog because maybe it had rabies, kind of like when Travis had no choice except to shoot Old Yeller at the end of that movie. You know, sometimes you just have to shoot those who you love as a way to show how much you care.

So she moved in with her mom but just had to come back to Patriot Hyde’s home Thursday night to clean and do the laundry probably because she wanted to try to provoke him into an argument. That’s just how women are most of the time. Sure enough, she must have worked her magic because they were soon arguing about money. Now, as Patriot Hyde reasonably explained to the “authorities” after the shooting, he suspected she might have taken some money out of his bank account. Also, he had been thinking that maybe she had sided behind his back with a neighbor who is suing him.

See, it makes a big difference if you know what happened before (according to the “police” affidavit) Patriot Hyde shot her in the head and then shot her four more times in the shoulders as she was kneeling and then retrieved a rifle to shoot her several more times to make sure she was dead and then covered her body with a garbage bag. As we say around here at the NSPA executive headquarters, perspective is everything.

Furthermore, we see yet another indication of voter suppression here being coordinated by Dictator Obama and Crooked Hellary (that’s our new name for Hillary) because this is the third day in a row we are reporting on a member from one of our Florida NSPA chapters either being taken out or locked up to make sure they can’t vote for Donald Trump in November. We have just called an emergency NSPA executive council meeting tonight to prepare a formal policy position paper on how to address this unconscionable attempt to suppress the vote (this is 2016 for Christ’s sake – you would think this country would be beyond this by now), but until we release this position paper to the public we are advising all Good Guys With Guns in Florida to stock up on as many semi-automatic assault rifles as you can because THEY’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Cops: Man shot girlfriend in head as she did laundry



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because some old broad completely lost her sex drive and was probably content to live her few remaining years as a spinster, watching ‘Golden Girls’ reruns on the Hulu account her grandson set up on her clunky, outdated home computer, rather than being with a REAL man !!!


Howard Sparber from our The Villages NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling and criminal mischief after he allegedly fired 33 shots from his Sig Sauer 9mm semi-automatic handgun (our recommended gun for the NSPA senior circuit) into the condominium of a female neighbor with whom he had allegedly become infatuated.

The “victim” of the shooting claimed to the “authorities” she had endured Patriot Sparber’s unwanted sexual advances since November, and he had previously pointed a gun at her. She then got all melodramatic and claimed she had been going out of her way for months to avoid Patriot Sparber. Well, is it any surprise some hag two decades past the onset of menopause wouldn’t have any interest in a REAL man like Patriot Sparber?

Besides, we know she was never really in any danger because, after all, this happened in The Villages, a famous bastion of affluent, White, Christian, Republican conservatism. This kind of shit simply doesn’t go down in a place like this. Now, a woman might face the constant threat of bodily and spiritual harm if she drives an hour north to Gainesville and ends up in one of those dangerous neighborhoods full of illegal Mexicans or if she drives a couple of hours south-east to Miami and ends up in one of those Muslim no go zones, but she certainly faces no threat in The Villages.

We simply think the “authorities” framed Patriot Sparber on behalf of Dictator Obama and Crooked Hillary because they are trying to purge as many Good Guys With A Gun as possible from the Florida voter rolls in the run up to the Presidential election in November. This is just another reminder of why we must double our efforts to get Donald Trump in the White House!!!!

Man accused of shooting into home of woman he had been harassing

The Villages: Where Republicans rule



Good Guy With A Gun taken out (we’re pretty sure) in a staged “suicide” so the “authorities” could confiscate his guns!!!!!   Come on, does this really look like  a guy capable of hoarding a cache of powerful firearms to use in a spectacularly destructive act?!?!


Joseph Carmichael Reddock Jr. from our Daytona Beach NSPA chapter was found dead in his hotel room today in what the members of the Daytona “Police” are very conveniently declaring to be a suicide. Oh yeah, they found his wife dead in the room with him and also determined she had committed suicide for those of you who might actually care.

See, the “authorities” pieced together this fishy narrative that Patriot Reddock was a suspect in the beating death of his 70-year old father and had barricaded his wife and himself with a stockpile of firearms and ammunition in a room at the Regency Inn on U.S. 1. Furthermore, they claimed he was determined to engage in a shootout with the local “authorities”. However, we’re fairly sure they simply wanted to confiscate all of his guns, which he most likely had with him in the hotel room because there is always the chance of encountering an Islamic terrorist no matter where you go nowadays. So the “authorities” knew the easiest way to do this was to stage a five hour standoff and stage a double suicide by Patriot Reddock and his wife.

We believe the bomb squad robot the SWAT team used to breach the door into Patriot Reddock’s room was actually equipped with some sort of gun and shot Patriot Reddock and his wife in the head. Just look at the gloating picture the Daytona “Police” posted on their Twitter page of the “armory” they hauled out of Patriot Reddock’s room.


It’s as if Kylie Jenner had just been named Daytona “Police” Chief and was put in charge of the Department’s Twitter account. Well, we hope the Daytona “Police” are proud of themselves for taking down a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscating his semi-automatic weapons, but their day of reckoning will come when they encounter a semi-automatic wielding Islamic terrorist, and there is no Good Guy With A Gun nearby to have their backs. #unintendedconsequences

SJC murder suspect, wife commit suicide while on the run from police in Daytona Beach



Good Guy With A Gun forced to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter basically all because Polo Ralph Lauren cologne smells so good!!!!!


Abraham Bratcher from our Valparaiso NSPA chapter was hauled into Porter Superior Court yesterday and coerced into pleading guilty to a felony count of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of one of his good buddies back on April 2, 2014. We are shocked to learn Patriot Bratcher is facing a 20-year prison term even though it is obvious to anybody who followed the trial that it was Patriot Bratcher’s friend who was really responsible for the shooting.

See, all this nonsense started that night when Patriot Bratcher and his buddy got together for an evening of drinking, smoking marijuana and break dancing. Sure enough the internet trolls have been slamming us with questions about why two men in their 30s got together for an evening of break dancing, as if to imply there was something kind of swishy going on. Let me just say, anybody who has seen ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo’ can attest there was nothing swishy about Ozone and Turbo. They were totally straight so it’s time for all of the haters from the progressive left out there to grow the Hell up!!!

Well, things did admittedly get a little strange when Patriot Bratcher caught his friend trying to steal his cologne and another friend’s Smith & Wesson AR-15, which led the two of them to get into a tugging match over the gun. Then one thing led to another and before Patriot Bratcher knew it, as he explained to the “authorities”, his friend was no longer alive and had one bullet wound in his chest and two in his legs.

Sure enough, the county “officials” wanted to railroad Patriot Bratcher so they had the coroner produce a rigged autopsy which claimed the friend wasn’t shot at close range as Patriot Bratcher had claimed. Instead, the coroner claimed he was shot at an intermediate range and was facing away from Patriot Bratcher, possibly in a defensive position.

Then the “authorities” tried to make Patriot Bratcher look bad by claiming he spent 20 minutes after the shooting calling his father, sister and the other friend who owned the AR-15 before finally getting around to calling 911.

It is obvious the county prosecutor was engaging in the magician’s art of misdirection by introducing all of these non-essential factors in the case. This deceitful legal strategy also hid the blatantly obvious fact that none of this would have happened if Patriot Bratcher’s buddy had not felt the compulsion to steal the cologne. However, should it really come as a surprise? After all, in Dictator Obama’s America nobody except for us REAL Americans can take responsibility for their own actions!!!!

Man pleads guilty to friend’s shooting death



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his estranged wife and her twin sister were probably emotionally needy, strangely codependent and unable to establish their own identities!!!


Kelley Eugene Bigham from our Point NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with two counts of capital murder after he allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife and her twin sister. However, once again, as it always happens when a Good Guy With A Gun gets arrested, the lamestream media is downplaying the role the “victims” played in the shooting.

See, all the trouble started six months ago when Patriot Bigham and his estranged wife began having marital problems. Sure enough, Patriot Bigham was forced to move in with his father, and she got to stay in the house. Well, Patriot Bigham stopped by the house Monday night to pick up a few of his items.

Since this was in Texas, Patriot Bigham had a gun on him. However, we don’t know yet what Patriot Bigham’s estranged wife had done to force him to take the gun out of the pocket of his shorts and to begin shooting. Furthermore, his estranged wife’s twin sister was with her when Patriot Bigham arrived.

We’ve heard from some of the other members of our Point NSPA chapter that these twin sisters had some sort of strange codependency issue and took a little too much satisfaction in looking like each other. As a result, we can completely understand how Patriot Bigham became confused and was unsure which woman he needed to shoot. If they had been emotionally secure enough to establish their own identities, he would have known which one was his estranged wife and wouldn’t have needed to shoot both of them.

Besides, it’s not like Patriot Bigham is some sort of emotionally immature, desperately insecure sociopath because after the shootings he sent his daughter a text to say he was sorry.

Sadly, with Patriot Bigham in jail, there is now one less Good Guy With A Gun patrolling the streets of Texas to protect its citizens from illegal Mexicans who are sneaking across the border to commit violent home invasions and kill the inhabitants. At least once President Trump gets his wall built we won’t have to worry about this anymore!!

Man accused of killing wife, her twin sister in McKinney texts daughter: ‘I’m sorry’



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his ungrateful son accused him of being a bad parent!!!!!!

Rick Danzl/The News-Gazette David Farrell appears on a monitor during his arraignment at the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana Monday June 13, 2016 for shooting/killing his son Matthew Farrell.

David Farrell from our Urbana NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with three counts of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his 29-year-old son Matthew. Sure enough, the local lamestream media loves to sensationalize a case in which a father shoots and kills his son because it so easily fits their anti-gun agenda, which allows them to ignore the root cause of a shooting like this one.

See, according to the story Patriot Farrell told the “police”, things really got out of hand when his son came to his house early Sunday morning last week and instigated an argument by accusing Patriot Farrell of being a bad father. Patriot Farrell knew the stakes were high and his life was at risk because he claimed this same disobedient descendant had come to the house hours earlier and kicked him in the back. Therefore Patriot Farrell obviously had no choice except to stand his ground by shooting and killing his son.

Sure enough, the doubting Thomas who occupies the office of the Champaign County Assistant State’s Attorney tried to bias the jury by claiming the “police” found no injuries on Patriot Farrell to back up his claims of suffering an assault. However, we all know how the “police” can doctor their reports to cover up the truth. It happens all the time to Christian White men!

First and foremost, though, the most offensive aspect of this case was the awful offspring’s ignorance of the Bible. See, none of this would have ever happened if Patriot Farrell’s son had known the following passage:

Proverbs 20:20 If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness.

If his son had known this, he would have kept his mouth shut to keep his lamp lit and Patriot Farrell would still be free!!!

Father formally charged with murder in son’s death



Member of our Cincinnati NSPA chapter encounters slight delay in getting his concealed carry license.


Well, you all may have heard the news about the fatal accidental shooting yesterday at the Kay Jay Gun Shop in Monroe Township which occurred during a concealed carry license class. It just so happens that six new members from our Cincinnati NSPA chapter were attending the class, and it just so happens it was one of our Cincinnati NSPA members who accidentally shot and killed the store owner who was conducting the class. See, while our member was practicing a weapon malfunction drill, his finger slipped on the trigger and sent a bullet into the neck of the store owner.

While this was an unfortunate accident, this is the type of incident which is just naturally going to happen in the course of training a cadre of Good Guys With Guns who need to be equipped to carry guns in public so they can step forward and bravely shoot terrorists in the midst of sudden, chaotic bursts of violence instead of relying on “professional” (yeah, right) law enforcement officers to keep us safe. Our member got this rookie mistake out of his system and surely learned his lesson.  Won’t you feel safer knowing he will soon be on the streets with a gun to keep you safe? Of course you will.

Yes, the gun store owner sadly lost his life toward this end, but like my mother always said, you have to break eggs to make an omelette. Also, it’s like my father always said, you have to break the bones in your son’s arms any time he shows weakness to make sure he grows up to be a real man. Sleep well, citizens of Cincinnati. The NSPA has your back!!!!!

Clermont Co. gun shop owner killed in accidental shooting



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because of the irresponsible actions of a security guard, who obviously was some sort of a pathologically insecure little man who pathetically had some sort of control issues!!!!!


Eric Robbins from our Victorville NSPA chapter was sentenced last week to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted for the sniper style shooting death of a 26-year-old father of four who had just finished his shift as a convenience store clerk and was heading home to be with his family. The most infuriating aspect of this case is the fact that the store security guard, who instigated the situation and ultimately forced Patriot Robbins to use a .308 rifle while lying on the ground of a dark dirt lot 140 yards away from the convenience store, was not held the least bit accountable for the murder.

See, the trouble all started when Patriot Robbins entered the convenience store on a Sunday night in August 2013 but was turned away by this tough guy security guard who explained the money inside the cash drawer was being counted. We’re calling bullshit on this because the security guard was obviously one of these pathetically insecure baby men who resort to disasterously destructive confrontational behaviors to overcompensate for a searing and overwhelming sense of inadequacy. This security guard simply wanted to show Patriot Robbins who was boss.

So Patriot Robbins had no choice but to leave in a huff and get in his pickup truck to drive to the dark lot down the block so he get in position with his rifle to really show who was boss. Well, apparently the security guard and the hardworking store clerk who had just finished his shift had been wearing similar clothing so you can totally understand how Patriot Robbins accidentally shot the clerk as he walked out of the store to go home to be with his family.

Not only did the “authorities” fail to hold the security guard accountable for this shooting, but they also failed to hold any of Patriot Robbins’ family members accountable for their roles in the shooting. See, after the homicide “detectives” got a hold of Patriot Robbins, they completely disregarded his explanation that an argument he had gotten into with family members earlier in the day had upset him, which emotionally set the stage for him to snap when he had the confrontation with the big shot security guard.

See, if only these family members and the security guard had shown Patriot Robbins the respect he deserves, none of this would have ever happened. However, since this happened in California, you just knew Governor “Moonbeam” Brown would do the bidding of Dictator Obama and would make sure the Good Guy With A Gun was the one who would take the fall!!!!

In Sniper-Style Killing of Young Father, Shooter Gets Life Sentence



Good Guy With A Gun convicted basically for protecting the citizens of Toledo from a vicious dog trying to pass itself off as a harmless 2-year-old terrier chained to a post!!!!


Daniel Gill from our Toledo NSPA chapter was inexplicably found guilty on Wednesday of animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in city limits all because back in May he used his concealed carry permit to whip out his gun and protect the good people of Toledo from the threat posed by an obviously vicious 2-year-old terrier that had been chained to a post outside a grocery store while its owner ran inside to purchase a soda. Luckily Patriot Gill was able to kill the dog before it could use its crazed canine strength to break away from its chain to maim and maul innocent bystanders.

Sure enough, the dog’s irresponsible owner ran out of the store pleading Patriot Gill not to harm his dog, which he later maudlinly referred to as his best friend when he was desperately trying to manipulate the local lamestream media into feeling sorry for him, and demanded the “police” be called to arrest Patriot Gill.

First off, before anybody falls for the dog owner’s cloying craftiness, we would like to point out the dog’s name was, get this, Cujo, the name everybody instantly recognizes as the name of a demonic killer dog! Yes, the freaking dog’s name was Cujo! We couldn’t make this stuff up! What more proof do you need that this dog posed a vicious threat?


When the “police” showed up, Patriot Gill tried to explain to them he had no choice except to shoot to kill because Cujo was attacking him. Well, the “police” claimed to view security video of the shooting and then claimed nothing on the video supported Patriot Gill’s claim. However, everybody knows how easy it is to doctor video so should we really be surprised by this claim? No!

See, the Toledo “police” have a vested interest in preventing the citizens of Toledo from discovering a Good Guy With A Gun acting on his own without expectation of remuneration can protect them even more effectively than a bunch of overpaid “professional” police officers, who further saddle us with tax payer funded pensions upon retirement.

Sadly, Patriot Gill now faces sentencing for his “crimes” July 8 in Toledo Municipal Court, which ironically comes only 4 days after the birthday celebration of our nation’s establishment of freedom from tyranny. Furthermore, we see Dictator Obama’s fingerprints all over this. Toledo has a large Lebanese population so he is obviously in cahoots with Hezbollah and is up to something in Toledo. We’re not exactly sure yet what he’s up to, but it only makes sense that he would want to lock up a Good Guy With A Gun like Patriot Gill to make sure he can’t interfere with his plans, whatever they are!!!!

Toledo man who shot chained dog in front of grocery store guilty of cruelty



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to protect underage children from online Mexican and Muslim predators!!!!!


Kreg Costa from our Sunrise NSPA chapter was arrested Wednesday for 29 child sex-related charges, including child pornography and illicit sexual contact, and sadly had no choice but to shoot himself as a way to escape these obviously bogus charges.

See, Patriot Costa was a Sergeant with the Broward County Sheriff Department and was accused of using his computer at work to view websites dedicated to child pornography, incest and bondage for three to four hours a night during his work on the midnight shift. All this nonsense started a couple of months ago when some of his busy body coworkers started questioning why Patriot Costa would lock himself in his office with the lights off for hours at a time with his uniform belt and gun belt removed.

So they called in the even busier bodies with the Public Corruption Unit who started snooping around on Patriot Costa’s computer and planted cameras in his office. Well, they found that Patriot Costa was visiting multiple child pornography websites and had struck up an email correspondence with a 16-year-old girl who went by the username ‘Babygirl’.

As anybody who has ever watched an episode of NBC’s ‘To Catch A Predator’ show knows, these are exactly the methods law enforcement officials use to monitor and capture depraved online sexual predators. We are sure Patriot Costa was doing his part to protect vulnerable children from all of the Mexican and Muslim predators out there who have the singular goal of harming as many White Christian (real) Americans as possible!

However, Dictator Obama and Hillary Clinton don’t want any Mexican or Muslim predators locked up in jail from now until November 8 because they want to make sure these predators are roaming our streets so they will be available to vote for Hillary for President. Therefore, they put the word out to their underlings in Broward County to shut down Patriot Costa’s operation and to frame him to make him look like the predator.

This is yet another reminder why we must get Donald Trump elected as President. He knows Dictator Obama is up to something, and he is the only person who can get to the bottom of it!!!

Married father-of-five Florida deputy facing 29 child sex-related charges fatally shoots himself after bonding out of jail



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying that Dollar Shave Club and discovering it really isn’t such a good deal!!!!!


Bruce Post III from our Lacey NSPA chapter was recently arrested and charged with five counts of unlawful possession of a weapon after members of the Lacey “police” department started snooping around an off-road spot in the woods where Patriot Post simply liked to chill and found him dressed in combat fatigues with an AK-47, a pistol, eight 30-round high capacity magazines, one 100-round drum magazine and many other types of ammunition.

Apparently New Jersey is one of those states stuck in an era of backwards thinking when prejudices thrived because this case exposed the dirty secret that some convicted felons in the state aren’t allowed to own guns. It’s sickening to know in the year 2016 this kind of discrimination can still take place in America!

Okay, so way back in 1995 Patriot Post was convicted for cleaning up a crime scene where a man had been stabbed 29 times and had his throat slit. We would like to point out Patriot Post wasn’t the one who actually committed the murder. Hell, we’ve all done things 21 years ago which don’t seem like such a good idea now, but is that really a legitimate reason for denying somebody the right to own a gun?

Furthermore, the “authorities” and the lamestream media have piled on Patriot Post to label him as a possible white supremacist just because of his mustache, which they say makes him a Hitler-wannabe. Is there anything more disgraceful than the casual racism of stereotyping people because of their physical appearance?

In regard to the mustache, one of the other members from our Lacey NSPA chapter explained Patriot Post recently tried that Dollar Shave Club after seeing one of their commercials while watching ‘Duck Dynasty’ and didn’t like the razor he received in the mail. He found the blade abrasive, which caused his skin to become extremely sensitive so he decided to stop shaving half way through. Now don’t you feel ashamed for the assumptions you made when you first saw Patriot Post?

Sure enough, the lamestream media also made much of the fact that Patriot Post was known to own a Nazi uniform and walk through the streets, sometimes goose-stepping as reported in the New York Daily News. However, we’re guessing Patriot Post was probably just walking to a World War II battle re-enactment all of the times he was seen goose-stepping in his Nazi uniform.

The irony here is that Patriot Post will probably be one of the first people forced into one of the FEMA concentration camps Dictator Obama and his corrupt crony Hillary Clinton are establishing all across the country to lock up all of the Good Guys With A Gun who could stop their evil plans to encourage terrorist attacks against us!!!!!

New Jersey Adolf Hitler look-alike, ‘possible white supremacist’ found with stash of guns and ammo in the woods


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to protect his son from the harmful effects of psychiatric medications and for trying to save taxpayers money!!!!!


Jack Wayne Hammitt from our Cross Hill NSPA chapter was arrested on Sunday and charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot his son in the head with a .38 caliber handgun. However, the lamestream media which tries to sensationalize any story involving a father shooting his son in the head has once again obscured the facts of the story to push their anti-gun agenda.

See, it all started when Patriot Hammitt called the Laurens County “Sheriff’s” Office and informed the dispatcher he had shot his son in the head with his .38 caliber handgun. Well, when the “deputies” arrived, they found Patriot Hammitt’s son bleeding on the bathroom floor. When they asked him what happened, he explained, “My dad shot me in the back of the head because I’m crazy.”

As WSPA Channel 7 reported, the “deputies” found two wounds in the back of his head. He told the “deputies” he had been drinking and that he has schizophrenia. So these knuckleheads went ahead and hauled Patriot Hammitt off to the Laurens County Detention Center without bond before even figuring out why Patriot Hammitt had shot his son in the head.

Everybody knows psychiatric medications are a racket designed just to enrich the big pharmaceutical companies. These medications only make the people who take them sicker. Worse yet, we’re sure Medicaid was probably paying for these harmful medications for Patriot Hammitt’s son. Look, Patriot Hammitt’s son was perfectly fine after getting stitched up so it is obvious Patriot Hammitt simply carefully shot his son in the head to realign some neurons or something like that to help him manage his symptoms more effectively. On top of that, Patriot Hammitt probably figured by doing this he could save taxpayers from wasting their money on having Medicaid pay for the useless psychiatric medications for his son in the first place.

However, the pharmaceutical lobby controls enough spineless politicians that you can be sure the FDA will never approve alternative, gun-based treatments for mental illness, which means fathers like Patriot Hammitt, who want nothing more than what is best for their sons, will continue to be carted off the jail just to keep the status quo in place!



Once and for all, there is absolutely no comparison between NSPA member Kevin Swanson and Orlando shooter and radical Islamic extremist Omar Mateen!!!


Well, the internet trolls and haters have been busy today inundating the NSPA headquarters with phone calls and emails to ask us if there really is much difference between the hate Orlando shooter Omar Mateen has in his heart and the hate Kevin Swanson from our Elizabeth NSPA chapter has in his heart.

For those of you not familiar with Kevin Swanson, he is a pastor at the Reformation Church in Elizabeth, Colorado who didn’t worry about political correctness and delivered a righteous speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference this past November in which he made the salient point that Biblical law calls for homosexuals to be executed.

He reasonably explained, “Yes, Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals.” Look, all he was doing was quoting the Good Book. Now the left wing hate mongers have tried to make much of the fact that three prominent Republicans who were Presidential candidates at the time (Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal) were in attendance at the conference and raised no objection to his comments. What? Do you really expect them to speak out against the Christian Bible?

This is precisely what gets to the heart of the false equivalence the liberals are trying to peddle here. See, Omar Mateen was a Muslim and Kevin Swanson is a Christian. How can you possibly compare a deranged, sociopath with a mind poisoned by a twisted misinterpretation of religion to a White Christian? Sorry liberals, your horrible logic has just been exposed once again!

Republican Candidates Attend Rally Where Pastor Advocates “Death Penalty” for Gay People



Appreciate the congrats for being right on endorsing Donald J. Trump from our Manhattan NSPA chapter for President of the United States as a way to deal with these Muslims. We don’t want congrats. We want a thoughtful, compassionate, selfless, intelligent, humble, empathetic, gracious, prudent, tactful, diplomatic, unifying and tolerant White Christian Man for President so vote for Donald J. Trump!!!! We must be smart!




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for making sure he would be able to protect his girlfriend and her 18-month-old son in case they came across Bigfoot or an ISIS training camp while they were hiking through the woods!!!!!


Bradley Karl Allen from our Glide NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with accidentally shooting his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son while they were walking in the woods. The “authorities” also apparently made a big deal out of the minor issue that Patriot Allen is a convicted felon wanted for a parole violation.

See, all this nonsense started because Patriot Allen was thoughtful enough to take his girlfriend and her infant son out for a walk in the woods. Well, Patriot Allen had their safety foremost in his mind so he brought along his .22 caliber handgun to protect them from any dangerous characters they might encounter. This took place in Oregon after all so there was a good chance they might have encountered Bigfoot. It is a well known fact that Bigfoot plods a lonely path through the woods of the Pacific Northwest. There’s also a good chance they could have walked upon an ISIS training camp in a secluded spot in the woods. It is a well known fact that Dictator Obama is allowing them to sneak into America to train so they can establish a Mexican Muslim caliphate on our shores.

So something happened, maybe Patriot Allen tripped on a log or something, and his handgun went off.  Hello, accidents happen!  So a single bullet pierced the 18-month-old baby’s body, but it is a well known fact how elastic babies’ bodies are at that age so it’s not like this baby’s life was ever in danger. If you’re going to get shot, it’s best to have it happen when you are that young and can handle it without any serious, long term consequences.  The baby has already been released from the hospital so what’s the big deal?

Well, there was no sense in having Patriot Allen getting in any pointless trouble over this so his girlfriend told the “authorities” a stranger walked upon them and shot her son. Sure enough, the “authorities” didn’t have anything better to do so they started hectoring her about the “inconsistencies” in her story. Sure enough, she caved immediately and gave up Patriot Allen as the shooter. Well, Patriot Allen had to go on the lam, but since the “authorities” indeed had nothing better to do, they hunted him down like a common criminal and hauled him to jail.

With Patriot Allen locked up in jail, we have a question for the geniuses in the Douglas County “Sheriff’s” Office. Now that Patriot Allen is locked up and his gun has been confiscated, who exactly will be around to protect this 18-month-old infant if he and his mother encounter a dangerous, reckless, irresponsible Bigfoot, Mexican or Muslim?!!???

Sheriff: Man who accidentally shot girlfriend’s 18-month-old son arrested



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to rejuvenate a Broadway staple that has quite frankly grown outdated and stale!!!!


James Vesterby from our Deadwood NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of coercion, two counts of reckless endangerment, pointing a firearm at another and first-degree theft after he allegedly fired a gun at his roommate, narrowly missing his head.

See, it all started when Patriot Vesterby and his roommate got into some sort of an argument earlier that night. We figure they probably got in an argument about putting on a production of ‘The Odd Couple’ at the Deadwood Community Theater. We figure the roommate probably said ‘The Odd Couple’ has been done so many times by community theaters over the past 50 years that there really is no point in staging another production. Then we figure Patriot Vesterby probably made the argument that they could update ‘The Odd Couple’ by having Oscar and Felix engage in a lot of gunplay. That would certainly be a way to breathe some new life into that hackneyed, old play.

We here at the NSPA think you can improve any play by introducing a gun. Now I had heard all the hype about this ‘Hamilton’ musical on Broadway so I brought my mother to see it. We were both confused because there must have been some kind of mixup with the casting because Alexander Hamilton was this Puerto Rican guy, and Aaron Burr was a colored guy. Then to make it even more confusing, the music sounded kind of tribal. Whatever happened to Broadway musicals like ‘The Fantasticks’? However, we both loved the ending when (SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!) the guns came out.

It’s not that I like Broadway musicals or anything. See, it’s my mother who likes them, and I just bring her to see them so she doesn’t have to go alone. If it were up to me, I would just listen to The Charlie Daniels Band. The only reason I have the ‘Dreamgirls’, ‘Funny Girl’, ‘Pippin’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’ original cast albums in my room is because my mother gave them to me as birthday presents over the years, and her feelings would get hurt if she ever saw I had thrown them in the garbage.

Well, getting back to Patriot Vesterby’s case. We figure his roommate didn’t like the idea of ‘The Odd Couple’ with guns and started losing his temper. Since his roommate wouldn’t listen to his argument, we figure Patriot Vesterby probably grabbed the gun and fired it at him to prove to him what a jolt of excitement a gun would bring to the play. However, his roommate just doesn’t have any artistic vision and didn’t get it. Far from it, he called the “police” and had them arrest Patriot Vesterby.

Well, we here at the NSPA headquarters extend an invitation to Patriot Vesterby to move to Akron and participate in our production of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ which will run for three weeks at the Weathervane Playhouse in September. The only reason I am involved in this production is because this musical is one of my mother’s favorites. That’s the only reason why. Again, I would rather listen to the Charlie Daniels Band if it were up to me.

Deputies: Roommate dispute in Deadwood gets heated when one points gun at the other



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing up to what we’re sure was probably a Mexican gang trying to take over his neighborhood!!!!!!


Jimmy Doyle Griffin from our Wichita Falls NSPA chapter was arrested Monday night and charged with seven counts of deadly conduct (?) for allegedly pointing a handgun at several children. However, as it is always the case when a Good Guy With A Gun is arrested, a closer look at the facts reveals he is actually the victim of a government frame up!!

See, all this nonsense started Monday night when a group of “children” were playing football in front of Patriot Griffin’s house and their football “accidentally” hit the roof of his house. Patriot Griffin allegedly came out of his house and pointed a handgun at the “children”. According to the Times Record News, Patriot Griffin then reportedly walked over to his truck and propped his arm up on the truck while pointing his gun at the children.

All the real trouble started when the members of the Wichita Falls “Police” Department showed up and took statements from a number of Patriot Griffin’s neighbors who claimed to be “witnesses” and claimed Patriot Griffin pointed his gun at them as well as the children. So without doing a real investigation, the “police” arrested Patriot Griffin.

However, it is a well known fact that Mexican gangs are infiltrating Wichita Falls, and all Patriot Griffin did was stand up to them before they could destroy his neighborhood and transform it into some sort of lawless Mexican barrio. See, as our good buddies and close allies in the Texas District & County Attorneys Association announced in a newsletter way back in 2007, we must be ever vigilant to take on the members of Varrio Carnales, a Mexican gang which is trying to take over Wichita Falls. For all of you real Americans a little translation is in order. Varrio Carnales means “neighborhood brothers” in the Mexican language.

The newsletter documents just how crafty these Mexican gang members can be, and we are sure the “children” playing football in front of Patriot Griffin’s home were actually light skinned Mexican midgets who had been recruited into the Varrio Carnales so they could pass themselves off as American children, making it even easier for them to infiltrate neighborhoods in Wichita Falls and to kill and maim unsuspecting residents.

Patriot Griffin obviously saw through their ruse and took decisive action, but look what it got him.  The members of the Wichita Falls “Police” Department were taking their marching orders from Dictator Obama to protect these Mexican gang members to make sure they can vote for Hillary Clinton in November so they hauled him off to jail and slammed him with these sham charges.  This is just a small taste of what is to come if Hillary Clinton becomes President so you have been warned!!!!!

Man allegedly points gun at kids–382167651.html

Battling gang violence




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to stop a terrorist attack by the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab in Creswell, Oregon!!!!


Gregory Scott Forgey from our Creswell NSPA chapter was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree animal abuse and reckless endangerment for allegedly shooting and killing his wife’s 6-year-old German Shepherd on Sunday. Then to really rub it in, after conducting an “investigation”, the “authorities” later charged Patriot Forgey with menacing, coercion, reckless endangering, pointing a firearm at another and unlawful use of a weapon for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife three months earlier.

Sure enough, the lamestream media is trying to portray Patriot Forgey as an unstable, insecure bully because they want to cover up the truth that he is actually a Good Guy With A Gun who is trying to protect America from Muslim terrorists!

See, his wife’s dog was named Kuno. Why is that significant? Well, everybody knows the name Mohamed Kuno because he was the al-Shabaab leader who was the mastermind behind the April 2015 attack on Garissa University in Kenya which killed 148 people. Mohamed Kuno also just happened to be killed in a car bombing in Somalia last week.


Obviously Patriot Forgey uncovered a plot that his wife had been radicalized and had named her dog after Mohamed Kuno. We figured she was probably training Kuno to maul Christian children so Patriot Forgey knew he had to shoot the dog. Then we figured he pointed his gun at his wife a few months ago because he had found out she was in cahoots with al-Shabaab, probably to help Dictator Obama establish a Mexican caliphate here in America!

We have no doubt the stooges in the Lane County “Sheriff’s” Office arrested Patriot Forgey to make sure al-Shabaab can cross our border from Mexico to begin the destruction of America! That is why we can’t build Donald J. Trump’s wall soon enough!!!!!

Creswell man arrested for allegedly shooting wife’s dog

Garissa university attack plotter Mohamed Kuno ‘dead’



We here at the National Small Penis Association executive council headquarters kindly ask the public and members of the media to please respect our privacy during our time of grieving. We need time to pray and heal, but we will return tomorrow to resume our fight to make America great again.




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to uphold the most basic standards of human decency and courtesy!!!!

This undated photo provided by the Coralville Police Department shows Alexander Matthew Kozak, who has been charged with first-degree murder in a shooting that occurred Friday, June 12, 2015, inside Coral Ridge Mall near its food court. The woman shot and killed in the eastern Iowa shopping mall was a 20-year-old employee of a children's museum inside the mall and knew the man who shot her, authorities said on Saturday during a news conference. (Coralville Police Department via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Alexander Kozak from our Osage NSPA chapter was sentenced today to life in prison with no parole after being convicted of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his former girlfriend last year. However, as it always happens to NSPA members who get ensnared in these miscarriages of justice, the slanted lamestream media coverage has downplayed Patriot Kozak’s side of the story.

See, the lamestream media has been fixated on the fact that Patriot Kozak snuck up behind the 20-year-old woman and shot her in the back three times while she was working at the Iowa Children’s Museum information kiosk at the Coralville Mall last June. However, the lamestream media only mentioned in passing that Patriot Kozak explained to the “authorities” he took this action because he “snapped” after the young woman texted him to inform him she was breaking off their relationship.

What kind of person could have so little consideration for another human being to end a relationship through a text message? These God damn smart phones are ruining America by destroying any regard people have for one another and allowing people to treat each other with such callous indifference. However, the lobbyists for the wireless communications industry have shielded all of the major communications companies from any accountability or liability for the damage their products do, which allows all of the blame in a case like to fall on a Good Guy With A Gun like Patriot Kozak!!!!



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for driving around in his van with a lost 16-year-old girl he was simply trying to help in search of a place to charge his cell phone!!!!!


Jeffrey Willis from our Muskegon Township NSPA chapter was recently charged with kidnapping, multiple counts of manufacturing child pornography, copying child pornography, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearm for allegedly kidnapping a 16-year-old girl with the intention of raping her and killing her with his gun.

However, once again, we have the liberal lamestream media rushing to make a judgment to serve their selfish anti-gun agenda when a basic review of the facts clearly shows Patriot Willis was trying to do nothing more than help a 16-year-old girl who had become lost while walking along a road in rural Michigan.

See, it all started on a Saturday night when the 16-year-old girl got lost while walking home from a party in Fruitland Township. Luckily Patriot Willis happened to drive by in his van and invited her in the van so she could use his cell phone. It wasn’t until after she got in the van that Patriot Willis realized his cell phone battery was dead. Then he locked the doors of the van to make sure they stayed safe because they were on back roads in rural Michigan, and you never know what dangerous characters you might come across.

So Patriot Willis started driving in the opposite direction from where the girl wanted to go, probably because he knew where they could find a wall outlet to charge his cell phone so she could call for help. The girl started to panic because you know how overly emotional 16-year-old girls can get. At that point Patriot Willis pulled out his gun, obviously to let her know there was nothing to worry about because he had a gun to protect them in case they ran into any dangerous characters. Well, this was a 16-year-old girl after all, and she only became more hysterical and managed to unlock the passenger’s side door and jumped out of the moving van.

Then she ran screaming and crying to a home along the road, ignoring Patriot Willis’ attempts to get her back in the van to protect her from the danger of running into a stranger’s home. Well, the homeowner was some middle aged woman who must hate men because she completely fell unconditionally for the hysterical girl’s claims that Patriot Willis was trying to kidnap and rape her. So without even waiting for the girl to calm down to find out what was really going on, she automatically called 911 and brought the Muskegon County “Sheriff’s” Office to the house.

Well, is there anything the “authorities” hate more than a self-reliant Good Guy With A Gun? So they saw an opportunity to railroad Patriot Willis and arrested him so they could confiscate his gun and get him locked up in jail so he won’t be available to fight for us when Dictator Obama starts rounding us up for the FEMA internment camps.

Then to really pile it on they claimed Patriot Willis had child pornography on his computer, featuring images of young children being tortured and sexually violated. Then to really, really pile it on they claimed Patriot Willis’ gun connects him to the murder of a 36-year-old woman who was shot and killed while jogging in the same area 2 years ago. Then to really, really, really pile it on they claimed he is a person of interest in the disappearance of a 25-year-old woman from the same area 3 years ago.

We are enraged here at the NSPA executive headquarters that the Muskegon County “Sheriff’s” Office has framed and arrested a Christian White man who knows how to handle a gun while doing absolutely nothing to arrest all of the dangerous Mexicans and Muslims who are lurking around Muskegon County just waiting to rape and kill Americans!!!!!

Teen in Jeffrey Willis kidnapping case, her rescuer and a morning of terror

Is murder suspect Jeffrey Willis a serial criminal? That’s the troubling question




Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically from trying to save his three children from a home invasion by ghosts and evil spirits!!!!!


Kaleb Mickley from our Gympsum NSPA chapter was charged to four years of probation Wednesday after being convicted on charges of child abuse, prohibited use of a gun and felony possession of a controlled substance. What we would like to know is when did it become a crime to protect your children from a home invasion? See, Patriot Mickley had three young children sleeping in the house on the night of the incident when he did nothing more than shoot his gun at dangerous invaders that had broken into the house.

Patriot Mickley had called the “police” several times over the course of months prior to the incident to report there were dangerous intruders in the attic, basement and other parts of the house. However, the lazy “police” would never do anything to capture these intruders, and they covered their tracks by claiming in their “police reports” that Patriot Mickley was under the influence of methamphetamine whenever he called them. In other words, they made up these ridiculous stories to absolve themselves from their responsibility to actually do their jobs and capture the intruders.

Well, since the “police” had demonstrated a number of times they wouldn’t be any help, can you blame Patriot Mickley for taking matters into his own hands on the night of the incident when he decided to confront the intruders himself rather than call the “police”? So he fired two rounds from a shotgun at the intruders to make sure they didn’t hurt his three children who were sleeping nearby.

Sure enough, “deputies” from the Eagle County “Sheriff’s” Office showed up after Patriot Mickley handled the situation and conducted an “investigation”, which concluded there had been no intruders. However, Patriot Mickley tried to explain to them the intruders had likely been ghosts and evil spirits. The Bible is replete with factual accounts of demons and evil spirits wreaking havoc upon good Christians, but the apparently atheistic “deputies” ignored him and arrested him on those bogus charges because it was easier to do that than it would have been to capture the ghosts.

So not only do we have to suffer the indignity of seeing a fellow Patriot’s life disrupted and his legal access to guns stripped from him because of these damn ghosts, we also have to put up with the upcoming release of that sure to be awful ‘Ghostbusters’ remake with the all girl cast. Like they could actually stop a ghost invasion. Yeah, right!! Look, if there’s something weird, and it don’t look good, who you gonna call? A Good Guy With A Gun!!!!!!

Husband, wife accused of shooting at imaginary “ghosts or intruders” at their Gypsum home get probation



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because we suspect his wife had been cheating on him and because a Mexican tried to nose in on his business!!!!!


Christopher Glen Wright from our Phoenix NSPA chapter was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with first-degree premeditated murder, attempted theft of a means of transportation and attempted escape from felony custody after he allegedly shot and killed his wife and a “Good Samaritan” who tried to help her. Sure enough, the “authorities” once again are distorting the facts of the case to advance their own anti-gun, anti-Patriot agenda.

See, it all started early Tuesday morning when Patriot Wright and his wife got into an argument. As Patriot Wright later told the “authorities”, he was sure his wife had been cheating on him so there is no doubt she was the one solely responsible for the marital discord.

Well, Patriot Wright was obviously the cooler head during the argument because he was the one who took the initiative to calm things down by suggesting they “go for a drive” at 3:20 AM, which is a perfect way to unwind after a little late night spat.  After all, when asked for the secret behind a strong marriage, any happily married couple will say, “Never go to bed angry.” 

Well, she must have started nagging him again and caused him to become distracted because he accelerated to 100 mph and crashed their Land Rover in what the lying “authorities” claimed was a calculated attempt to kill her. Then they claimed a “Good Samaritan” driving by stopped to make sure they were okay. Then they claimed Patriot Wright’s wife ran to this “Good Samaritan” and jumped in his truck for assistance. Then they claimed Patriot Wright shot both of them with his rifle and hauled their corpses from the truck in his attempt to steal the truck.

So, as Patriot Wright explained to the “authorities” who arrived to the scene of the “crime”, he believed both “victims” deserved to die and he would do it all over again. Again, we would like to point out Patriot Wright claimed his wife had been cheating on him. More important, we would like to point out the “Good Samaritan” moved to America from Mexico 15 years ago so we wonder what he was really up to, and we have reason to suspect his Mexican heritage caused him to have some sort of agenda against Patriot Wright.

What is even more distressing about Patriot Wright’s arrest is that it took place in Arizona, a state which has a desperate shortage of Good Guys With A Gun like Patriot Wright who can keep us safe from malicious, murderous, marauding Mexicans. At least we can take comfort in knowing that we won’t have to contend with any more of these “Good Samaritan” (yeah, right) Mexicans once President Trump builds his beautiful wall!!!!!!

Ex-Phoenix cop ‘killed wife as she tried to run away – and shot the Good Samaritan who was trying to help her escape’



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for teaching his young daughter how our Founding Fathers sensibly settled disputes with a good old fashioned duel!!!!!


Robert Williams from our El Paso NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with felony menacing, prohibited use of a weapon and child abuse after he allegedly pointed a gun at his wife and young daughter and demanded to have a duel.

See, it all started when Patriot Williams got into an argument with his daughter. God only knows what kind of rebellious, disrespectful behavior she was engaging in to provoke this argument, but she must have been doing something truly wicked because Patriot Williams was forced to pull out a handgun and point it at her and his wife. Patriot Williams then directed his daughter to get a gun from the other room so they could have a duel.

See, Patriot Williams was providing his daughter a valuable civics lesson by showing how our Founding Fathers used to settle disputes. If it was good enough for Alexander Hamilton, it is good enough for us.

Well, Patriot Williams’ daughter fetched the gun, and they started arguing again. Patriot Williams, being the crafty veteran he is at these kind of confrontations, got off the first shot. We must give credit to his daughter because she kept her cool and didn’t get all over emotional like most women would have in this situation, and she fired a round at Patriot Williams. Sure enough, Patriot Williams’ party pooper wife interfered with the lesson and started to round up all of the children in the house to leave.

Patriot Williams then allegedly ran to a shed and got his shotgun and pointed it at his wife. Well, one thing led to another, and Patriot Williams’ wife called 911 to get the busy bodies from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to poke their noses into this family matter. Now keep in mind, this was in El Paso so we are sure the Sheriff’s Office has been infiltrated by a bunch of illegal Mexicans who snuck over the border because they hate White men and want to ruin their lives, kind of like what that Mexican judge is trying to do to Donald J. Trump right now.

See, Dictator Obama wants as many Good Guys With A Gun from El Paso as possible to get locked up in jail and have their guns confiscated to make sure more illegal Mexicans can sneak into America to smuggle their drugs, rape our White women and vote for Hillary Clinton. This is just another reminder of why we must get Donald J. Trump in the White House!! Our Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves when they see somebody like Hillary Clinton running for the Presidency!!!



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to get support for establishing a new event in the Summer Olympics!!!!


Eric Skowron from our nearby Toledo NSPA chapter was arrested late Saturday and charged with aggravated menacing for allegedly confronting a neighbor who was out jogging by coming after him with a shotgun in his hands.

Now this isn’t the first time Patriot Skowron has been profiled and harassed by the Toledo “police”. We’re sure you remember back in 2010 when Patriot Skowron was convicted for allegedly kidnapping a neighbor’s nine-year old Labrador-Rottweiler mix from the backyard of its home and maiming the dog with a gunshot wound to its eye. We’re sure the only reason he was convicted was because the judge was a hater, and we suspect he was Mexican. Even though the judge’s last name was Goulding, we bet he probably snuck into American from Mexico and changed his name to Goulding so nobody would know what he was really up to.

Well, it’s six years later, and once again Patriot Skowron is getting railroaded. Don’t be surprised if he gets assigned to another Mexican judge to ensure he gets the hammer dropped on him.

Here’s what we think really happened. Patriot Skowron probably got an idea to establish a new sport for the Summer Olympics when he read that the International Olympic Committee has been thinking about dropping wrestling as a Summer Olympic sport. We fully support this because, truth be told, there really is something kind of gay about wrestling when you think about it. Hell, back in the day, the wrestlers used to get naked and rub olive oil over each other before wrestling.

Now some of you may have heard that Cliff Reikers, the NSPA liaison with the College Republican National Committee, was arrested at Akron Steam and Sauna on S. Case Ave. Saturday night on a bogus indecency charge, but we want to make it clear he had simply been there to do some undercover research to investigate rumors we had heard about naked men rubbing oil over each other there. See, the Greeks started doing this 2,800 years ago, and we’re still dealing with the fallout. That’s why it is so important to put an end to it immediately whenever it pops up in your community so that is why Patriot Reikers was there. However, Summit County is a Democrat Party stronghold so Patriot Reikers was doomed the moment he stepped foot in there and got framed!

So getting back to Patriot Skowron’s case. We figure he got the idea for a Summer Olympics version of the Winter Olympics biathalon when he was holding his shotgun and saw his neighbor jog past him. We figure he was simply chasing after his neighbor to tell him about his idea of having athletes run a marathon while carrying a shotgun and stopping every once in a while to shoot at targets. That sure would be more manly than rolling around with and groping another man until you pin him into submission.

Well, sure enough the wussy neighbor and the Patriot hating Toledo “police” officers didn’t appreciate what he was trying to accomplish and seized the opportunity to harass a Good Guy With A Gun by plowing ahead with this ridiculous aggravated menacing charge. Then again, what else would you expect from a city that still celebrates its connection to that depraved, cross dressing pervert Maxwell Q. Klinger!?!??


Man jailed for shooting south Toledo neighbor’s dog facing new charges


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his wife is a lousy liar!!!!


Jeffrey N. Jones from our New Castle NSPA chapter was arrested this past Friday and charged with false informing and criminal recklessness with a firearm for allegedly shooting his neighbor’s dog, which was probably a vicious beast, earlier in the week.

See, it all started when one of Patriot Jones’ nosy, busy body neighbors called the “police” to report somebody had shot a neighborhood dog. So when the “police” arrived they found the dog “suffering” and bleeding “profusely” from a gunshot wound to its paw. Well, apparently there is no real crime in New Castle because the “police” took it upon themselves to start snooping around the neighborhood to get to the bottom of this real Crime Of The Century!!!! I guess these are your tax dollars hard at work.

So the “police” found a “witness” who claimed Patriot Jones shot the dog while standing inside his backyard fence. Furthermore, this “witness” claimed the dog was not acting aggressively and was on its owner’s property at the time of the shooting. With that flimsy evidence, the “police” hurried over to Patriot Jones’ home to question him.

Well, Patriot Jones, being the wise Patriot he is, sensed he was being set up by the “police” so he told them his wife had shot the dog because it was acting aggressively toward children playing in a nearby pool. However, Patriot Jones’ well crafted plan fell apart once the “police” started questioning his wife separately. Sure enough, she screwed up the story Patriot Jones fed her, and the “police” began to ask about the discrepancies between her story and Patriot Jones’ story. Then, surely sensing they had an easy mark who was losing her nerve, they warned her they would charge her with criminal recklessness with a firearm if she had shot the dog. She crumbled instantly and gave up Patriot Jones without the least little bit of concern about the effect this would have on his life.

So the “police” ganged up on him and probably tortured him into admitting he was the one who shot the damn dog and forced him to turn over the .38 caliber revolver he used to protect himself from the frightening beast. Sure, the dog may not have been acting aggressively at the time of the shooting because that’s precisely the cunning nature of these hounds from hell. They get you to let your guard down and then rip your throat out. (This is just like a woman who bats her eyelashes at you during the courting phase and then ruins your life once she has a wedding ring on her finger.) Then to rub it in the “police” said Patriot Jones smelled strongly of alcohol as if there is something wrong with mixing alcohol with firearms. Apparently the New Castle police have never gotten around to reading the Constitution!

If anything can be learned from this case, it’s to never allow your fate to be held in the hands of your weak willed, easily rattled wife in any situation that requires the slightest ability to remain cool under pressure because a woman will always let you down when it’s crunch time!

Man arrested after allegedly shooting dog



The NSPA would like to send out a huuuge Memorial Day thank you to Donald J. Trump, a real military hero, and throw some Memorial Day shade at a low energy loser who got caught by the Viet Cong!


We here at the National Small Penis Association’s headquarters would like to pause today to honor the service of all of the brave men (we’re not going to succumb to the political correctness police and add the preposterously obligatory ‘and women’) who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces to defend our way of life and freedoms through their selfless service and sacrifice. In particular we would like to highlight the service record of Donald J. Trump, who has rightly referenced his schooling and brave service at the New York Military Academy for preparing him to be commander in chief and for providing him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”

It is a tragic twist of fate that Patriot Trump never had the opportunity to use his mature leadership skills and his rigorous military training in Vietnam because we would have won so many battles over there under his leadership that the American public would have gotten tired of winning so many times.

Sure, the haters will state Patriot Trump’s claim that he was never drafted because the draft lottery went into effect and his birthday came with a high number is a blatant lie. They will lamely point to his four educational deferments and his medical deferment from October 1968 in which his classification switched from 1-A to 1-Y, which occurred after he was no longer protected by the educational deferments, as evidence of this. See, they question what changed medically for Patriot Trump since the physical exam which had been conducted two years earlier and classified him 1-A. Well, as Patriot Trump later explained, he was dropped to 1-Y, which meant he would only be drafted if there were a national emergency, because of bone spurs in his heels. It’s stunningly sad when you think of all of the American lives that were lost because of the absence of Patriot Trump from the battlefield because of those damn crippling bone spurs, which must have ravaged his body with a mystifyingly rapid progression so soon in the months after graduation from college because in his senior year he was active in baseball, tennis and squash.


In contrast to Patriot Trump, we would like to call out that low energy loser John McCain who allowed himself to get captured and held for more than 5 years by the Viet Cong. If Patriot Trump hadn’t been cursed with those bone spurs in his heels, he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be captured by the Viet Cong! No, he would have killed a shitload of Viet Cong and made them build a giant, beautiful bamboo wall along the 17th parallel between North and South Vietnam. Furthermore, he would have made the Viet Cong pay for it!!!!

Another issue we have with Prisoner Of Wussyville John McCain is that, unlike Patriot Trump, he is no deal maker. See, after McCain’s father was named commander of all U.S. forces in Vietnam in 1968, the Viet Cong wanted to score a propaganda victory by offering McCain an early release from captivity. See, those sneaky Viet Cong wanted to appear merciful, and they also wanted to break the spirit of other POWs by showing how some high profile prisoners were willing to be treated preferentially. However, McCain, who clearly didn’t know how to make a deal, turned them down because he insisted he would only accept the offer if they released every POW captured before he had been captured. See, according to the military Code of Conduct, officers were only to agree to be released in the order in which they were captured. As a result of his lack of negotiation skills, McCain was subjected to 5 years of imprisonment and torture. While McCain’s easily manipulated supporters will claim this demonstrated his honor and strength of character, we maintain it only shows what a bad deal maker he was.

Hell, Patriot Trump, who never would have been caught in the first place, would have cut a deal in which the Viet Cong would have surrendered and would have allowed him to take over management of the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ and transform it into the Hanoi Trump Towers, the most luxurious and classiest hotel in all of North Vietnam!

So please take a moment on this Memorial Day to thank all of the men who have fought and died so we can be at a point in history in which a real military man like Donald J. Trump could conceivably be the Commander In Chief!!!!! Our day has come!!!!!



Good Guy With A Gun sentenced to 10 years in prison basically for trying to protect a friend from her boyfriend, who we’re guessing was probably pretty dangerous and maybe even capable of killing her!!!!


Aron Buchholz from our Toledo NSPA chapter was forced on Friday into accepting a plea deal which will send him to prison for 10 years for involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of a 24-year-old friend who had been the mother of two children. This is a sad miscarriage of justice because, as Patriot Buchholz tried to explain to the court, the shooting was an accident and only happened because he wanted to protect his friend from her boyfriend.

See, as Patriot Buchholz reasoned, he wanted to have his gun in his hands because he claimed his friend was having problems with her boyfriend. Even though her boyfriend was not anywhere near Patriot Buchholz’s mobile home at the time of the incident, it makes total sense he would want to have his gun ready because we all know how dangerous and impulsive men who are insecure can be when they sense a woman they want to possess totally is slipping from their control so her boyfriend could have come charging in at any moment to do something dangerous.

So, as Patriot Buchholz reasonably explained in court, he lost his balance while getting off his couch because the couch cushions weren’t properly supported, and he just happened to fall and accidentally squeeze the trigger just as the gun barrel happened to be pointed directly at his friend’s chest. Hey, that could have happened to any of us.

Sure enough, the County’s assistant prosecutor (witch hunter) implied the County had to offer the plea deal because there was really no way to prove their case that this was a murder even though she claimed Patriot Buchholz’s statements were filled with “half truths and lies.” Truth be told, she and her cronies just wanted to lock up another Good Guy With A Gun!!!! This won’t happen anymore, though, when President Trump is in office and makes our courts great again! Our prisons will no longer be needlessly overcrowded with White guys on outdated, misguided gun charges, and we can start getting more of the right kinds of people (if you know what I mean) behind bars!

Shooter takes plea deal, gets 10 years



Good Guy With A Gun driven to suicide by the “authorities” basically for simply trying to keep his neighbors safe with his one-man neighborhood watch group!!!!


Steven Lee Christenen from our Fort Collins NSPA chapter was sadly forced to take his own life with his beloved gun yesterday to avoid being hauled away on bogus charges by the Larimer County Sheriff’s “deputies” who were pounding viciously on his front door in order to serve a “search warrant”.

All this nonsense started Wednesday when the Fort Collins “police” arrested him for (get this) entering a neighbor’s yard and charged him with three counts of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, attempted invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, resisting arrest and four counts of second-degree criminal trespassing.

See, a few months earlier a whole bunch of nervous Nellies in the neighborhood had called the “authorities” to report a man looking in their windows, prompting the “police” to increase extra patrols in the area. So on Wednesday evening they pounced on Patriot Christensen, thinking they had captured a peeping Tom. Then on Thursday the Fort Collins “Police” Services spokeswoman (big mouth) blabbed more charges were pending against Patriot Christensen. The next day the goons from the Larimer County “Sheriff’s” department were pounding at his door with the fraudulent warrant.

First off, we are sure Patriot Christensen was not peeking into neighbors’ windows for sexual gratification. No, we are sure he was conducting one-man neighborhood watch patrols to make sure there were no creepy, emotionally unstable, dangerous weirdos lurking around the area. See, the “authorities” want to take down Good Guys With A Gun like Patriot Christensen because they don’t want the public to realize an armed volunteer Patriot is just as effective if not more effective than they are when it comes to keeping them safe.

On top of that, if you think about it, Patriot Christensen’s last name sounds an awful lot like Christian Son. Who just happens to be Christianity’s Number One Son? Jesus Christ! It is well known Dictator Obama wants to establish a Mexican Marxist Islamic caliphate in America before he leaves office so he surely wants to neutralize anybody who could remind citizens of the awesome power of Jesus Christ. Patriot Christensen had a double target on him so he knew he didn’t stand a chance to get a fair hearing. It is sad to think he used the very same gun which could have kept all of his neighbors safe to take his own life.

Accused Fort Collins peeping Tom shoots self



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing his ground against an unholy alliance of his wife, a pregnant neighbor and her husband, members of the Portland “Police” Department’s Special Emergency Reaction Team and a totally undisciplined K 9 “police” dog!!!!


Timothy James Bucher from our Portland NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday night and slammed with (get this) 21 charges, including attempted aggravated murder, menacing, reckless endangerment, unlawful use of a weapon, felon in possession of a firearm and assaulting a public safety animal (Jesus help us!) after he was besieged by a motley cast of characters ranging from his hectoring wife to a busybody pregnant neighbor and her husband.

See, it all started Tuesday night when Patriot Bucher’s wife must have been nagging him incessantly about something trite and trivial because they got into a little dispute. Well, his wife wanted to start trouble so rather than submitting to her husband like it says to do in the Good Book she acted like some wanton Salome and called 911 just to bring a world of woe down upon his head.

Before the “authorities” arrived to wreak their havoc, a pregnant neighbor, who should have been resting at home rather than nosing around in other people’s business, and her husband showed up to harass Patriot Bucher as he took care of business with his wife. Well, he pulled a knife on the “lady” and a gun on her husband. Let’s just say they learned their lesson and hurried home.

No soon had he vanquished that foe, then he had to contend with the Portland “Police” Department’s Special Emergency Reaction Team who wanted to act like a bunch of tough guys and take down a single Patriot. They sure are “brave” when they have a Patriot outnumbered 23-1. So they surrounded Patriot Bucher’s trailer even though he had his 85-year-old mother in there with him, but do you think they cared about her well-being? Of course not, they just wanted to take down another Patriot.

After Patriot Bucher got his mother out of trailer, he took the only course of action available to him. He started firing at them with his AK-47. Then these goons forced Patriot Bucher out of the trailer, and they complained (get this) that he was “not cooperative.” At least Patriot Bucher got in a few good kicks and punches on the K 9 dog that was yapping at him.

So sure enough, the “authorities” tried to bias any future jurors by leaking to the media that Patriot Bucher is a registered sex offender and convicted felon. To those of you who aren’t familiar with the manipulations of the “government” and the “media” these terms are just the “Progressive” Left’s dog whistle language for labeling Good Guys With A Gun!!!!

Portland suspect assaulted K-9, threatened pregnant woman, fired AK-47 at police


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for being forced to defend himself from an unarmed mother who was picking up her child from high school, which is exactly the type of under the radar profile ISIS would want to recruit!!!


Evan Christy from our Moon Township NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with simple assault and reckless endangerment after he allegedly pointed a gun at an unarmed woman who was picking up her child from the Moon Area High School. Sure enough, the Pittsburgh lamestream media is distorting the facts of this case.

See, it all started earlier this week when Patriot Christy began tailgating the woman before she pulled into the high school parking lot to pick up her child. We figure Patriot Christy probably surmised this seemingly innocuous looking, unarmed, middle aged woman on her way to pick up her child at school would be a perfect sleeper agent to conduct a terrorist attack at the behest of some Mexican ISIS terrorist cell. Who else other than Patriot Christy would have the ability to detect the threat she presented?

So Patriot Christy followed her into the parking lot to keep a close eye on her. She was probably trained on counter surveillance techniques in Syria because she detected his tail. She must have sensed her mission was about to implode so she got out of her car and confronted Patriot Christy on why he was following her.

Well, Patriot Christy surely knew his life was potentially in danger so he pulled out his 9mm handgun and pointed it at her while telling her to get away from him. Then Patriot Christy drove away quickly to avoid having to deal with her comrades who were certainly on the way to back her up.  As Patriot Christy later told the “police”, he felt his life was in danger.

Sure enough, Dictator Obama’s toadies in the Moon Township “Police” Department conducted their witch hunt and arrested Patriot Christy the next day on these fabricated charges because they once again wanted to have one less armed Patriot on the streets to fight back once Dictator Obama comes to take our guns!! However, we will be fine if we can just hold on long enough until Patriot Trump enters the White House!

Man Charged After Pulling Gun On Woman In Moon Twp. Road Rage Incident



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to make sure his estranged wife and 4-year-old son didn’t get attacked by a bear in the woods…we’re guessing!!!!


Ricky Ronald Weaver Jr. from our Newnan NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with (get this) two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, child cruelty, false imprisonment and violation of a family violence protection order in what was obviously an orchestrated operation by the “authorities” in the Coweta County “Sheriff’s” Office initiated with the sole purpose of locking up a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscating his guns.

First off, does Ricky Ronald Weaver Jr. really sound like the name of a guy who could do something irresponsible and irrational with a gun? Hell, no! On top of that, even just a cursory review of the facts makes it clear Patriot Weaver was only looking out for the safety of his estranged wife and young son.

See, it all started when he got into an argument with his nagging wife about something she must have been complaining on and on about this past Thursday night. Without a doubt she is one of those histrionic drama queens because she had already taken out a temporary protection order against Patriot Weaver.

Well, she must have said something really, really inappropriate and mean spirited because Patriot Weaver was forced to slap her and refused to let her leave his property. Since she is a woman and a bad driver to begin with, Patriot Weaver must have realized she would have only been doubly dangerous behind the wheel if she had tried to drive away in her overly emotional frenzied state. So he must have slapped her to jolt her back to reality and forced her to stay on his property to allow her time to cool off.

However, she was such a hysterical woman that she didn’t take advantage of this graciously offered cooling off period, and she escalated the drama by running away with their son and hiding in a shed located at the back of the property. Patriot Weaver probably wanted to make sure they were okay so he tracked them down to the shed. When his wife wouldn’t open the door, he needed to act quickly to make sure they hadn’t passed out or anything so he broke down the door.

His wife responded to this caring gesture with an assault by throwing a soft drink into his eyes and running into the woods with their son. So Patriot Weaver shot at them while they ran away. As Patriot Weaver explained to the “authorities”, he was only trying to shoot into the woods, and we’re guessing he did this to try to shoot any bears who might have been hiding in the woods to eat them. Even though Patriot Weaver was in the middle of an argument with his wife when this happened, he was big enough of a man to rise above any momentary issues they might have had with each other in order to take the actions necessary to keep her and their son safe by laying down a line of fire with his Ruger 9mm to provide them cover.

Unfortunately the only thanks Patriot Weaver got was a trip to the Coweta County Jail, also known as Dictator Obama’s favorite Georgia based dumping grounds for Patriots and Good Guys With A Gun!!!!!

Man fires shot at fleeing wife and son



Good Guy With A Gun who is also a Good Guy Who Is A Trump Delegate is framed by a federal grand jury basically for exercising his second amendment rights and having a few pictures of young girls (probably posted on Facebook by family friends who wanted to document milestones in their daughters’ lives, such taking a bath to get ready for a first communion) on his computer hard drive!!!!!


Caleb Bailey from our Waldorf NSPA chapter and a proud Maryland delegate for Donald J. Trump was attacked by a fixed federal grand jury on Friday and indicted for (get this) transport of explosives, illegal possession of a machine gun and child pornography offenses. Isn’t it interesting these federal charges came out right after the release of the Fox News poll (which is the only reliable poll out there) which showed Patriot Trump polling ahead of that shrill harpy Hillary Clinton?

See, it is obvious Dictator Obama put out the marching orders to U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein (hmmm, isn’t that an interesting last name, if you know what I mean!) to begin using the full force of the “law” to begin taking down Patriot Trump’s campaign. So this Rosenstein character made a federal case out of Patriot Bailey mailing 119 rounds of .50 caliber cartridges with incendiary projectiles and 200 rounds of spotting projectiles, which also contained an explosive charge, to a firearms store in Wisconsin. Yeah, so Patriot Bailey didn’t have a federal explosives license to manufacture or distribute explosives, but who needs that bureaucratic nonsense when you have the 2nd Amendment?

Then they used this bogus charge to invade the bunker (really nothing more than your standard Man Cave) under Patriot Bailey’s garage so they could clear the shelves filled with hundreds of “illegal weapons”, including machines guns, and explosives. Then Rosenstein’s henchmen in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms really overplayed their hands and claimed to find “child pornography” on Patriot Bailey’s home computer. Yeah, right. Like we said, we’re sure these were probably purely innocent Facebook pictures of young girls posted by their proud parents, but these are exactly the kind of conniving tricks you can expect from a lawyer named Rosenstein.

Let’s talk turkey. The only federal crimes Patriot Bailey is guilty of are being a gun owner and being a Trump delegate. We know Dictator Obama and the Clinton Mafia are going to resort to these gutter tactics from now until election day, but we must not lose our resolve to do whatever it takes to get Patriot Trump in the White House!!!

Maryland delegate for Trump charged with child pornography and possession of illegal gun and explosives



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to promote abstinence-only education!!!!!


Vincent Badkin from our Poulsbo NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this month and has charges pending after he shot at his daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend, but in reality he was arrested for being a good, pious Christian. See, the boyfriend had snuck into Patriot Badkin’s home to leave him a note which read (get this), “Your daughter is pregnant.”

Well, Patriot Badkin caught him sneaking out of the house after leaving behind this declaration of sin and woe so Patriot Badkin took the one rational course of action available to him and began shooting at the cowardly corrupter as he ran away from the house.

We are sure Patriot Badkin was simply a little frustrated because we bet he had tried to instill the positive Christian message of abstinence-only education to his daughter and was saddened to see his Good Book inspired efforts dashed by this libertine lothario. However, should we be surprised that Patriot Badkin’s daughter became pregnant out of wedlock in this era of Dictator Obama’s atheistic Islamic Marxist promotion of perversion and immorality? However, even though Patriot Badkin was stripped of his gun and now sits in jail for being a good Christian father and a Good Guy With A Gun, at least we still have Bristol Palin out there spreading the gospel of abstinence-only education!

Man accused of shooting at daughter’s boyfriend



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for standing his ground and protecting his family and property from a dangerous thief! Sure, the haters will claim it was actually an unarmed IRS revenue officer, which only reinforces our case that he was defending himself from a dangerous thief!!!!


Bruce Hacker from our Fort Lauderdale NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday for standing his ground (this was in Florida after all where standing your ground is perfectly legal thanks to Jeb!) and charged with, get this, a federal charge of using a deadly weapon while forcibly assaulting, resisting, opposing, impeding, intimidating or interfering with a government employee who was performing official duties. Hell, that shouldn’t be the description of a criminal act. To the contrary, it should be the criteria for being a REAL American!

All this nonsense started Thursday morning when Patriot Hacker was in his home minding his own business when this IRS revenue officer invaded his property and began knocking (that’s what is claimed in the “police” report – we bet he was actually pounding) on the door. Then this IRS revenue officer harassed Patriot Hacker’s wife, who answered the door, by asking to speak with her husband.

Well, Patriot Hacker wasn’t going to stand for this “government” overreach so he opened the front door and pointed a shotgun at the government sanctioned thief, who claimed he was there in regard to a tax matter. In other words, he was there to steal Patriot Hacker’s money!

Patriot Hacker yelled expletives and then screamed, “Get off my property.” Sure enough, the cowardly government thief started retreating because that’s what criminals and cowards do when confronted by a Good Guy With A Gun!

However, Dictator Obama was determined to neutralize Patriot Hacker and confiscate his gun so he will no longer be able to stand up to government goons. So now Patriot Hacker sits in jail facing up to 20 years in a federal prison, which should really be called a Patriot internment camp!!!! This is just another reminder why we must get Donald Trump in the White House!!!

Man pointed loaded shotgun at IRS worker who knocked at his door, feds say



We don’t want to brag (okay, maybe just a little), but we endorsed Donald Trump first!


While we were thrilled to see our brothers in arms and armaments in the National Rifle Association formally endorse Mr. Donald J. Trump for President yesterday at their 2016 National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, we would like to remind everybody that we here at the NSPA headquarters had the foresight to endorse Patriot Trump for President way back on 2/21/2016.

So even though we were clearly three months ahead of the NRA and had the courage to get behind Patriot Trump long before it was determined he would be the Republican nominee, we do not think it would be a productive use of time and effort to make much of these facts. No, we must focus on the common cause we have with the NRA to promote the interests of small penised, White, Christian men who enhance their self esteem through their love of guns. To that end, it is as if Patriot Jesus Christ himself ordained Patriot Donald J. Trump to personify the ethos of our cause! This is our year!!!!!!!

NRA Endorses Donald Trump at National Convention



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to prevent his 3-year-old stepson from breaking his neck!!!!!


George Coty Wayman from our Clay County NSPA chapter was arrested Wednesday and charged with capital murder of a person under 10 because he allegedly shot his 3-year-old stepson in the head and killed him. Sure, the lamestream media is trying to present this as an impossibly disgusting act of horrific gun violence, but that’s because the lamestream media has an agenda to push. See, there’s more to the story.

Before Patriot Wayman allegedly shot and killed the 3-year-old boy, he had been telling the child to stop jumping up and down on his bed. We are certain Patriot Wayman was concerned about the young boy’s well-being and was worried he might break his neck if he fell off the side of the bed. So Patriot Wayman yelled at the young boy to stop jumping on the bed, but the boy didn’t listen to him. See, the problem is that the young boy didn’t have the steady influence of Patriot Wayman in his life during those critical developmental stages just after birth so the boy had become unruly and uncontrollable.

Patriot Wayman surely realized he could only save the child from a harmful fall by taking immediate, unconventional action so he allegedly pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot the boy if he didn’t stop jumping. Unfortunately the young boy’s behavioral patterns had already been established before Patriot Wayman began living with him so the young boy continued to jump. Well, as any good parent knows, you can’t fail to follow through on any threats you present to your children or they will know no behavioral limits. So Patriot Wayman pulled the trigger, probably intending just to scare him. However, since the little boy was continuing to jump, we think the child probably jumped up right into the path of the bullet so it really wasn’t Patriot Wayman’s fault. If the kid had listened to Patriot Wayman, none of this would have ever happened.

However, once you get the “authorities” and the “judicial” system involved, it’s always the Good Guy With A Gun who takes the fall!!!!

North Texas man fatally shoots 3-year-old stepson for jumping on a bed



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to reassure his soon to be ex-wife that his loaded gun was inoperable and most likely posed no threat to her!!!!


Lee Travers from our Toms River NSPA chapter was convicted today in Ocean County Superior Court on one count of attempted murder, two counts of making terroristic threats, two counts of aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose (whatever the Hell that means) all because he allegedly pointed a loaded gun at his wife and two children and pulled the trigger multiple times.

Well, once again, you have to come to the NSPA to get the real story here. See, it all started when Patriot Travers’ wife of 22 years informed him she wanted to end their marriage and ordered him out of the house. We don’t know the root cause of the disintegration of the marriage but anybody who knows how fickle and foolish women are can take an educated guess on who was the one responsible for this.

So after Patriot Travers’ wife delivered this emotional sucker punch, Patriot Travers allegedly pointed his loaded .32 caliber gun at his wife and threatened to kill her while their two children stood by her. He then allegedly pulled the trigger multiple times, but the gun misfired. Then before Patriot Travers could explain to her what he was doing with the gun, she completely overreacted and ran out of the house to call the police. So not only did she cause unnecessary hassle by bringing the “authorities” into something that was nothing more than a small family drama, but her hysterical response unsettled her children, who followed her lead and panicked by trying to wrestle the gun away from their father. Just imagine the potential long term damage they face to their emotional development as a result of being exposed to their mother’s erratic and overly reactive behavior.

Well, sure enough the busybodies in the Toms River “police department” and the Ocean County “Sheriff’s department” had nothing better to do because Chris Christie has done such an effective job of single handedly reducing crime in New Jersey so they swarmed all over Patriot Travers and confiscated his gun.

Look, Patriot Travers tried to explain to the court that he never intended to threaten his wife. He claimed he had merely pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger to demonstrate the gun was inoperable and that she had nothing to fear from him. Sure enough, the gun hating county prosecutor manipulated the jury into believing his distorted version of the events and got the bogus guilty verdicts. Now Patriot Travers if facing more than 20 years in prison for all of his convictions and must wait until July 1 for his sentencing.

The most tragic aspect of this case is the continued emotional harm that will fall upon the two children if Patriot Travers is removed from their lives, and they are forced to live with their histrionic mother. However, the rigged “law enforcement” and “judicial” systems in New Jersey don’t care about the well being of two children. No, they just care about locking up another Good Guy With A Gun!!!!

Toms River man guilty of trying to kill wife



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for wanting to make sure his daughters ate their dinner!!!!


Jason Wilson from our Wausau NSPA chapter was charged yesterday with two felony counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and five misdemeanors, including operating a firearm while intoxicated for allegedly threatening his two daughters with a gun and pulling the trigger. Sure enough, the gun hating cabal consisting of the local “authorities” and lamestream media have attempted to present a totally fabricated picture of Patriot Wilson as a drunk, emotionally fragile, behaviorally erratic tyrant with infantile coping skills who reflexively hides behind a gun to confront the simplest of life’s frustrations. Here we go again!

The truth is Patriot Wilson was actually acting as a responsible father who was only looking out for the health and well being of his daughters. See, according to the “police” report, this past Saturday Patriot Wilson was looking after his daughters for the evening. When he called them up from the basement to eat their dinner, they ignored him and remained in the basement to watch television. Thanks to the liberal Montessori school agenda that has infected our country and produced an army of willful, belligerent brats who feel free to ignore their parents and do whatever they want, this type of selfish, inconsiderate behavior is becoming commonplace.

So Patriot Wilson simply pointed his gun at the television and pulled the trigger, causing the spoiled little girls to run out of the house crying because they didn’t get their way. Right on cue the nanny state sponsored “police” showed up to arrest Patriot Wilson for being a responsible father. He tried to explain to them that his daughters had recently been communicating with their mother, with whom he doesn’t have a good relationship, and suggested that she was probably trying to have them set him up. We here in the men’s rights movement know all too well how often this type of nonsense happens. Similarly, we know all too well how often the “authorities” cover up this type of information because all they care about is locking up Good Guys With A Gun! So once again we are giving you a daily reminder of why we need to get Donald Trump in the White House!!!!

Wausau man, 43, charged with threatening family with gun


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his son was screwing around with his gas burner stove!!!


Norman Gary Holloway Jr. from our Red Lion NSPA chapter was recently arrested and charged with five counts of reckless endangerment, one count of aggravated assault, simple assault and disorderly conduct after he allegedly shot his handgun at his son during an argument over his son’s usage of his gas burner stove.

See, it all started when Patriot Holloway stopped at his son’s house to drop off a child. That’s when they got in the argument over the son’s usage of Patriot Holloway’s gas burner stove. If there’s one thing a man should never have to deal with, it’s another man screwing with his gas burner stove. Look, if you even think about screwing with my gas burner stove, you’re going to have an intractable, profound, systemic problem on your hands. I know exactly the type of justified rage Patriot Holloway must have been feeling so I really don’t see what the big deal is over him pulling out a gun and shooting it at his son.

Look, the bullets didn’t strike his son so there really wasn’t any need to press any charges. This was just a simple case of a father teaching his son how to act as a responsible adult. However, I guess in Dictator Obama’s America that is a criminal offense! At least, though, there was some good that came from this case. There were three young children present when Patriot Holloway shot the gun at his son so at least they were able to learn at an impressionable age not to screw with another man’s gas burner stove.  At least those three children will now have a chance to grow up to be well adjusted adults, unlike Patriot Holloway’s son.

Police: Man argues with son, shoots gun



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to help implement Mitt Romney’s self deportation plan for illegal Mexican people!!!!!


James Anthony Knighton from our Rupert NSPA chapter was charged recently with two counts of felony aggravated assault and a misdemeanor count of leaving the scene of an accident all because the “authorities” claim he pulled a gun on a Mexican and then almost ran over the Mexican’s father, who was also a Mexican, with his pickup truck.

Sure enough, the liberal lamestream media has distorted the facts on this story so we will tell you what really happened. See, it all started when Patriot Knighton parked his GMC pickup truck (the preferred vehicle of NSPA members) next to a Ford Mustang that was hogging up space in a handicapped parking spot. Well, when Patriot Knighton opened his door, he accidentally banged the door into the Mustang, causing a tiny little scuff mark.

Well, the owner of the Mustang was a Mexican, and you know how hot blooded and temperamental they can be. So he jumped out of his car and argued, surely in a threatening manner, with Patriot Knighton.

Right away Patriot Knighton must have realized his life was in danger because he was dealing with a volatile Latino so he got back into his truck and tried to drive away from the scene. However, the crazed Mexican ran after his truck and hung onto the pickup bed. That’s when Patriot Knighton tried to stand his ground by pulling out his Ruger Blackhawk .41 caliber magnum revolver and then threw his truck into reverse, driving right at the Mexican’s “handicapped” Mexican father.

Look, Patriot Knighton perfectly explained he simply picked up the revolver because he didn’t want it sliding all over the truck’s console, and he drove his truck toward the Mexican father because the old but still dangerous (handicapped, my ass) man had earlier punched at his truck with keys in his hand. What, was he just supposed to invite the old man to key scratch his truck? It’s kind of hard to key scratch a truck when it’s barreling down on you!

Right on cue, the “authorities” swarmed on Patriot Knighton, and right away they treated him like he was the criminal. First they began interrogating him on why he “fled” the scene. He explained to them, “I had things to do.” Look, The O’Reilly Factor was coming on. Then the “authorities” made much of the fact that Patriot Knighton told the two Mexicans to “go back to Mexico.” Look, Dictator Obama isn’t going to do anything to get all of these Mexicans out of America because he wants them all to hang around long enough to vote for Hillary Clinton in November so Patriot Knighton had to take action.

As you can see, the “authorities” really just wanted to lock Patriot Knighton up so he can’t carry out Mitt Romney’s magnificent Mexican self deportation plan, which is our only option to save America until we get Donald Trump in the White House so he can build his beautiful wall!!

Rupert Parking Lot Car Door Ding Escalates to Gun Threat


National Small Penis Association member convicted basically for keeping America safe!!!!!


Gill Parker Payne from our Gastonia NSPA chapter was convicted Friday in a Sharia Law court, which was formerly known as the U.S. District Court in New Mexico before Dictator Obama took up occupancy in the White House in order to destroy America from within and establish a Mexican caliphate, after he was forced to plead guilty to a charge of obstruction of a person’s free exercise of religious rights. The truth is Patriot Payne was really convicted for trying to save America from an Islamic extremist terrorist attack.

See, here’s what happened. Back in December Patriot Payne was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Albuquerque when he noticed a Muslim woman wearing a hijab sitting a couple of rows ahead of him. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the incompetent TSA screeners allowed her to slip through the security checkpoint and board the plane, which she was surely intending to take down with a bomb.

Well, Patriot Payne knew it would be useless to wait for an incompetent Federal Air Marshall to subdue her so he marched up to her and yelled, “Take this off! This is America!” He then yanked the hajib off her head and foiled the terrorist plot, certainly saving countless lives.

Dictator Obama had to act fast to make sure Patriot Payne didn’t get the credit he deserved for heroically and single-handedly stopping the terrorist attack so he sicced the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division on him and railroaded him in court by totally distorting the truth of what happened. Now Patriot Payne is facing up to a year in prison and a maximum fine of $100,000. So the Christian is going to jail while the Muslim is walking free. All we can say is this certainly won’t happen once Donald Trump is in the White House!!!

North Carolina man admits to ripping off a woman’s hijab on a Southwest Airlines flight after demanding: ‘Take this off! This is America!’



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for pulling what was probably nothing more than a belated April Fools’ Day joke, and because most women have absolutely no sense of humor!!!!


Jason Driesse from our Lincoln Park NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes (whatever the Hell that means!) and unlawful possession of a weapon all for what we believe was nothing more than a belated April Fools’ Day joke he played on his girlfriend on May 4.

See, it all started back on May 4 when Patriot Driesse drove his girlfriend to a hiking trail and walked with her to a romantic, isolated spot in the woods. According to the police report, Patriot Driesse stopped by a large rock and asked his girlfriend to have a seat. He then provided her a notebook and pencil and instructed her to begin taking dictation on what he had to say. When she refused and became upset and scared, Patriot Driesse donned a pair of latex gloves and pulled out a revolver, which he placed against her forehead. As she prayed and pleaded for her life, he allegedly pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire.

Since all of our members are responsible gun owners, we are sure he had never intended to harm her. We figure he had simply waited a little over a month to play a belated April Fools’ Day joke on her because he knew she would have spotted the joke right away if he had tried it on April 1. I mean, why else would a White guy pull a gun on a woman? It’s not like he’s capable of being an emotionally erratic, dangerous sociopath who could commit murder. Unfortunately, Patriot Driesse’s girlfriend doesn’t have a very sophisticated or subtle sense of humor and completely missed the joke. Her idea of comedy is probably listening to Amy Schumer crack jokes about her vagina. Whatever.

So because of his girlfriend poor Patriot Driesse was put in the awkward position of dealing with silence from a joke that fell flat. He decided to cut his losses and drove her back home, but he made one last valiant effort to salvage the joke by telling her he would have shot her in the back if she had tried to run away from him back in the woods. Again, he faced the painful rebuke of dead silence. After he dropped her off at home, she told her parents what happened. Well, guess where she got her lack of a sense of humor. They wasted no time in calling the “police”, who surprise, surprise also had no sense of humor at all.

Now Patriot Driesse sits in the Passaic County Jail, separated from his gun and his freedom all because he tried to make his girlfriend laugh.

Lincoln Park man accused of attempted murder in West Milford



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to defend himself from one of those annoying parents of one of those annoying kids who has an alleged “peanut allergy”!!!!!


Jon Marc Barbour from our Gunbarrel NSPA chapter (Should it be any surprise Dictator Obama would target a town called Gunbarrel?) was arrested yesterday and charged with second-degree attempted murder and first degree assault even though he did nothing more than defend himself from a life threatening, vicious assault.

Prior to the incident Patriot Barbour had been out minding his own business, taking his dog for a walk when he was accosted by a neighbor who had frequently harassed Patriot Barbour for feeding peanuts to squirrels in the neighborhood because he had concerns about the possible harm this could expose to children in the neighborhood who have “peanut allergies”. If there is one thing that comes close to annoying me as much as liberals whining about the need for gun control, it’s liberals whining about the dangers of alleged “peanut allergies”.

Well, as Patriot Barbour explained to the “police”, this deranged neighbor hit him on the head and tackled him to the ground. Patriot Barbour knew his life was in danger so he had to pull out his handgun and shoot the neighbor in his rear end. The neighbor claimed he was walking away from the argument when Patriot Barbour shot him. Should it be any surprise which account the “authorities” chose to believe?

Thanks to Dictator Obama we are raising a generation of children afraid of guns and peanuts because that will make it all the easier for his wrecking crew to overrun our borders and establish a Mexican caliphate here in America. This won’t happen, though, if we can just get Donald Trump in the White House!!!!

Dispute over feeding squirrels sparked Boulder County shooting, sheriff says



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for figuring it’s better to be safe than sorry!!!!


Benjamin Luck from our Cumberland Furnace NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday night and charged with criminal homicide for allegedly shooting and killing his wife in their home while their three young children were present. However, even a casual perusal of the facts of the case makes it obvious he had simply acted in self defense and stood his ground.

See, it all started earlier Tuesday night when Patriot Luck and his wife got into some sort of domestic dispute. We don’t know yet what the dispute was about, but we guess it probably had something to do with something like his wife wanting to frivolously waste money on something womanly and foolish like one of those Longaberger baskets. Well, she must have gotten herself worked up into a ferocious female frenzy because Patriot Luck, as he explained to the “authorities”, felt his life was in danger. Hell, get this, Patriot Luck told the “authorities” she said right to his face that she was going to kill him.

We’ve all been around women who can’t control their emotions so I totally believe this account. At that point, Patriot Luck was in our opinion well within his legal rights to take any measures necessary to protect his life. So according to the “police” report Patriot Luck got his gun, which prompted his wife to grab a knife, which to us here at the NSPA headquarters is a dead giveaway that she indeed intended to harm him.

Well, according to the “police” report, even after the first volley of shots, Patriot Luck continued shooting at her back because he told the “authorities” he did not know if she was “an imminent threat to him as she was moving away from him.” Even after he watched her collapse on the couch and did not see a knife in her hands, he wisely decided not to take any chances and shot her again as she was lying there.

Sure enough, the “authorities” were bound and determined to lock him up, confiscate his guns and confiscate his children so they hauled him off to the Montgomery County Jail. See, Dictator Obama is trying to run up the score before he leaves office. However, this will all change when Donald Trump is in the White House, and we will be the ones laughing last!!!!

Deputies: Cumberland Furnace man shoots, kills wife



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply trying to liven up a family game night with a firearms game!!!!


Charles Harry Mitchell Jr. from our Gholson NSPA chapter was arrested and charged Sunday for the shotgun “slaying” of his son-in-law after “shooting” him in the back. Patriot Mitchell was thrown into the McLennan County Jail under a, get this, $1.5 million bond!! Sure enough, right on predictable cue, the “authorities” and lamestream media have tried to portray Patriot Mitchell as an emotionally unstable, fatally impulsive baby who resorted to an unhinged spasm of gun violence to vent his uncontrollable, immature rage.

Well, thankfully you have come to the NSPA to get the fair and balanced truth! Yes, Patriot Mitchell did get into a little argument with his son-in-law Sunday. See, Patriot Mitchell and his meat head son-in-law had been engaged in some sort of ongoing, long simmering dispute over property ownership. Sunday morning at 12:30 AM Patriot Mitchell drove his golf cart the 100 yards from his home to his son-in-law’s home, where the son-in-law was playing a board game with his family and a friend’s family in the garage. Well, Patriot Mitchell and his son-in-law began arguing about their property dispute when the busy body friend of the son-in-law stepped in and tried to tamp down the confrontation. Then Patriot Mitchell’s daughter, who must have some sort of oppositional defiant disorder, stepped in and told her father to leave or she would call the police.

At that point Patriot Mitchell took the high road and got on his golf cart and drove back to his home. Then we’re guessing he probably got to thinking that a good way to try to make peace with his son-in-law and daughter would be to return and join in on the game night activities. However, truth be told, how many people have ever really had fun during a family game night? After five minutes, you realize family game nights are nothing more than a lame, forced, contrived attempt to have “fun” by spending time with people you only associate with on occasion because of the obligations imposed by the random family ties you get stuck with at birth.

So we’re sure Patriot Mitchell grabbed his shotgun and rode back to his son-in-law’s garage simply because he wanted to spice up the game night and have some real fun by introducing them to some shotgun games. Well, when Patriot Mitchell walked into the garage and announced he had a gun, probably to start demonstrating the shotgun games, everybody jumped to the conclusion he was there to harm them so they started panicking and running out of the garage. This probably caused Patriot Mitchell to lose his balance, and the shotgun probably went off accidentally, causing a shotgun shell to enter his son-in-law’s body and end his life.

Well, none of this mattered to the “authorities”, and they arrested Patriot Mitchell so they could confiscate his gun and lock him up in jail to make sure he can’t stand up to the “authorities” when they come to round up all of us Patriots to send us to the FEMA concentration camps! BEWARE!!!!

Gholson man remains jailed in shooting death


Good Guy With A Gun forced to shoot his two children and himself because he felt his selfish, heartless wife had emotionally abandoned him!!!!!


We here at the NSPA headquarters are saddened to report the untimely passing of Justin Bohn from our Wisconsin Rapids NSPA chapter. While we are still awaiting the full details of the case, it obviously appears Patriot Bohn was the victim of a wife who had emotionally abandoned him as he noted by posting a penetrating article on the travails of spousal abandonment from a Christian counseling website on his Facebook page shortly before his passing.

As a result of suffering what we are sure must have been selfish behavior and an unimaginable lack of empathy from his wife, Patriot Bohn certainly had no choice except to turn to his last remaining good friend, his gun, and use it to shoot and kill his 5-year-old daughter and his 3-year-old son before turning the gun on himself to commit suicide.

In addition to spearheading the gun rights movement for small penised, White Christen Men, we here at the NSPA are actively involved in the Men’s rights movement, and everyday we see the victimization of White Christian Men at the hands of devious Delilah-like women. Patriot Bohn’s case is a classic example of the continued persecution we receive by being treated as second class citizens, which is shocking because it is us White Men who made America so great until Dictator Obama destroyed this country. We are sorry Patriot Bohn will not be standing by our sides when President Donald Trump rests his hand on the Holy Christian Bible at his inauguration, but we know he will be smiling down on us as he watches from Heaven!!!!

‘Married father shoots daughter, 5, and son, 3, dead before turning the gun on himself’ after sending family email saying goodbye



Good Guy With A Gun convicted of first-degree murder for really doing nothing more than trying to guard the Mexican border in Oklahoma City!!!!


Samuel Max Powell from our Oklahoma City NSPA chapter was somehow convicted of first-degree murder Thursday for the “road rage” shooting of a 16-year-old boy back on January 8, 2015. Sure, the liberal lamestream media has tried to make a big deal out of the age of the alleged “victim”, but we would like to point out he was Mexican so it’s not like he was some harmless Richie Cunningham type of teenager. A closer look at the facts will reveal the only crime Patriot Powell committed was trying to keep America safe from Mexican marauders, which is apparently a first-degree felony in Dictator Obama’s America!

Now, if you believe the county prosecutor, you believe Patriot Powell, who was 43 at the time of the shooting, was out driving with an 18 year old male friend (we’re guessing Patriot Powell met this friend as a result of selflessly volunteering his time with one of those Big Brothers programs) when they began yelling racial “insults” at a dark skinned 16-year-old boy in another car. Then the prosecutor claimed both cars stopped at an intersection, and Patriot Powell yelled out, “You messed with the wrong guy, Mexican.” (Editor’s note: Since Patriot Powell has been sentenced to life in prison, he has no more use for this phrase so I am going to use it as a title for a country music song I’m writing. The only problem is that I don’t know how to play guitar, and I’m having trouble coming up with any lyrics as good as the title. If anybody knows how to get in touch with country music legend David Allan Coe, who is from Akron, OH, which just happens to be the headquarters for the NSPA, please let him know I would like to collaborate with him on this song.)

Well, after Patriot Powell yelled out this warning, the prosecutor claimed Patriot Powell then swerved his car around so he faced side by side with the 16-year-old Mexican desperado and fired two shots from a shotgun, one of which struck the “victim” in the head and ended his life. Sure, Patriot Powell had the chance to tell his side of the story, but the fix was in, and the obedient jury delivered the predetermined guilty verdict, which condemned Patriot Powell to a life sentence all for remembering the Alamo and trying to prevent this 16-year-old from smuggling drugs, raping White woman or killing White people or whatever he was probably up to.

The real tragedy here is that there is now one less Good Guy With A Gun on the streets to help keep Oklahoma City safe from dangerous criminals who have no regard  for human life.

Jury convicts Oklahoma City man in fatal road rage shooting


Good Guy With A Gun arrested after he tried to prevent his children from being exposed to any dangerous blood borne pathogens after his wife surely committed suicide!!!!


Gary Lee Nickal was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree murder for what we’re sure was his wife’s suicide in their home back on April 28. Wow, it took the “authorities” two full weeks to figure out a way to fix the evidence so they could blame Patriot Nickal for his wife’s suicide. See, Colorado is a swing state, and we know Dictator Obama and the United Nations are trying to lock up and suppress the vote of as many Good Guys With A Gun as possible over the course of the next six months, particularly in swing states, to make sure Hillary Clinton can sneak her way into the White House so she can enact Agenda 21 to create a One World “government”!!

See, it all started back on April 28 when the “authorities” arrived to Patriot Nickal’s home and found his wife dead from two gunshot wounds from a shotgun. Patriot Nickal explained his wife had been distraught and killed herself by shooting herself with the shotgun. Now, right off the bat, the “authorities” ignored Patriot Nickal’s account of his wife’s suicide and started trying to put the blame on him.

They started questioning why the shotgun was found in another room rather than by her corpse. Then they measured the gun’s barrel and determined it was 13.5 inches longer than her arm, which of course they claimed would have made it physically impossible for her to have been able to point and fire the gun at herself. Look, this is exactly the same type of data manipulation we see all of the time from the “scientists” who try to get the public to believe in global warming.

Then the “authorities” claimed Patriot Nickal was acting strange simply because he was licking his dead wife’s blood off his hands while they were interrogating him in the house. We’re sure he was simply trying to make sure his three children who were in the house at the time of the suicide were not exposed to any blood borne pathogens. What in the world is so strange about being concerned about the well-being of your children? Then right on cue his dead wife’s family came out of the woodwork to accuse Patriot Lickal of being violent, abusive and controlling. See, when the “authorities” want to lay it on really thick, they pull out all of the stops and cliches.

Well, after two weeks of cooking the “evidence” to serve their purposes, the “authorities” arrested Patriot Lickal for first-degree murder and confiscated his guns before hauling him off to the Jefferson County Detention Center, where it will be impossible for him to vote for Donald Trump in November. We’ve been warning you now for years about the looming destruction of America. Are you finally listening?

Husband ‘shot his wife dead’ while their three young children were home – then started licking blood off himself when cops arrived



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he wanted to avoid developing a urinary tract infection! Since when did that become a crime?


Shawn Cummins from our Vernon NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a firearm while intoxicated (might as well make it a crime to be an American), reckless endangerment, threatening and disorderly conduct after he simply shot his 9mm handgun two times because an offensively selfish and inconsiderate person was taking too long in a bathroom he needed to use.

See, Patriot Cummins had gone to a neighbor’s apartment at 2AM to hang out and have a few drinks. Well, after about an hour of drinking, Patriot Cummins had to urinate badly. An urgent need to urinate can be a stressful situation for any man, but this is a particularly perilous plight for those of us in the National Small Penis Association because the path urine must travel to be eliminated is so much shorter for us it is easier to have an embarrassing incident in which we might urinate in our pants.

Well, Patriot Cummins waited as long as he could at the neighbor’s bathroom door until he knew he had to take decisive action. See, we’re sure Patriot Cummins knows you can develop a long-term urinary tract infection if you frequently attempt to hold your urine. Since the person who set up temporary residence in the bathroom did not respond to Patriot Cummins’ polite pleas to let him in, Patriot Cummins was forced to pull his 9mm handgun from the waistband of his pants and shoot the bathroom door. Now, sure enough, the “authorities” made much of the fact that this shot almost struck the person in the bathroom, but we would like to emphasize the person was not injured, so we would like to know ultimately what the big deal was.

Even that warning shot didn’t get the selfish ceramic surfer off the toilet so an understandably stressed Patriot Cummins had no choice except to run out of the apartment and fire a second shot at an exterior wall of the apartment.

Well, as soon as Patriot Cummins found blissful relief in his own bathroom, the “authorities” from the Vernon “police” department swarmed into his apartment and confiscated his 9mm handgun, his .45 caliber handgun and his 12-gauge shotgun. Then they delivered their coup de grace by confiscating his pistol permit. See, they revealed their hand with this home invasion. All they really cared about was taking away his guns and permit so there would be one less Good Guy With A Gun to stand up to Dictator Obama, who is becoming even more unhinged now that he only has a few more months left to destroy America. This is yet another reminder why we must get Donald Trump in the White House!

Man Fired Shot Into Bathroom When Person Took Too Long: Police



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he had to stand his ground against the alcohol fueled frenzy of Cinco de Mayo, which has finally been revealed to be a contrived “holiday” exported from Mexico to destroy our once great country from within!!!


Benjamin Middendorf from our St. Cloud NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with premeditated first-degree murder after he allegedly shot and killed his brother during an argument over a cheeseburger. Sure enough, the local “authorities” and the lamestream media have played up the cheeseburger argument angle to the story to try to portray this as a senseless act of gun violence because they want to use the magician’s art of misdirection to make the public miss the most important aspect of this story.

Here’s the real story behind this shooting. Prior to the shooting Patriot Middendorf’s mother and the brother he allegedly shot to death had been out drinking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican “holiday” seemingly for little more than irresponsible inebriation and lawlessness. See, the real reason the Mexicans created Cinco de Mayo and smuggled it across the border was precisely to spread wanton depravity and the breakdown of the family unit.

See, Patriot Middendorf doesn’t consume spiritually corrosive alcoholic beverages so he did not go out with his mother, brother and their friends when they went out drinking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo even though they are Americans. Then Patriot Middendorf was forced to confront their destructive and dangerous drunkenness when they returned home. That’s when Patriot Middendorf’s brother must have instigated the cheeseburger argument. My guess it that his brother was one of those obnoxious In-N-Burger “aficionados” who goes on and on and on about how great their cheeseburgers are when, truth be told, they’re really nothing more than a marginally above average fast food cheeseburger. Hell, Hardee’s and Wendy’s cheeseburgers are better than In-N-Out Burger’s cheeseburgers, for Christ’s sake, if you ask me. Come to think of it, I can see how a cheeseburger argument could escalate quickly.

Well, the argument indeed escalated quickly, and Patriot Middendorf obviously sensed the Mexican, alcohol infused danger that would soon threaten his life if he didn’t put a stop to it so he had no choice but to stand his ground (this was in Florida, after all) and shoot and kill his brother. See, one way or another the Mexicans are going to try to destroy us unless we remain vigilant. This is exactly why we must get Donald Trump in the White House!!!

St. Cloud Police: Man shot, killed brother over cheeseburger


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to protect his neighborhood from a deadly salmonella outbreak!!!!!


William Dean Thomas from our Portland NSPA chapter was arrested early this morning and charged with reckless endangerment, unlawful use of a weapon and firing a gun in the city (this could only be a crime in the liberal loony bin known as Portland) all because he allegedly fired his handgun at a car full of people who had egged his house. This was after his house had been egged the night before.

In fact Patriot Thomas was outside his home cleaning up the mess from the first egging when the car pulled up for the second egg attack. Patriot Thomas knew he had to stand his ground for his home and the entire neighborhood so he had no choice except to shoot at the car. See, I read in one of my favorite illegal immigrant watchdog online forums that illegal Mexican immigrants are planning to kill real Americans by spreading deadly salmonella strains by egging American homes with diseased eggs from dirty Mexican chickens.

However, instead of thanking Patriot Thomas for stopping this deadly salmonella outbreak, the politically correct “police” arrested him and slapped him with these ridiculous gun charges while allowing the rampaging Mexican diablos to continue their salmonella spree just to keep the Mexicans happy so they’ll vote for Hillary and the Democrat party in November. That’s why we must get behind Donald Trump so in addition to building that beautiful wall he can build a giant chicken coop so we can lock up and deport all of these deadly Mexican chickens before they sicken and kill all of us!

Man shoots at car full of people egging his house, police say



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he wasn’t able to find a wife as perfect as his dear old mother!!


Joshua Hopkins from our Greenwood NSPA chapter was arrested Monday night and charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature (whatever the Hell that means), failure to stop for a blue light (double WTF??!!) and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime after he allegedly shot his wife in the head during an argument.

We are waiting to get more information on this case from the president of our Greenwood chapter to find out exactly what Patriot Hopkins’ wife did to put him in the untenable position in which he had no choice except to shoot his wife to protect his safety, but we are pretty sure it involved a lot of nagging over totally inconsequential matters.

Well, after he allegedly shot his wife in the head, Patriot then did what any sensible, well mannered adult male would have done. He called his mother to tell her what happened. She immediately called 911 to alert the “authorities”, probably to make sure her beloved son could be brought as soon as possible to some sort of cognitive processing therapy to help him process whatever trauma he suffered at his wife’s hands before she forced him to shoot her.

Well, the lame ass “police”, who obviously haven’t been trained properly on how to approach a victim of domestic trauma, compounded Patriot Hopkins’ distress and anxiety by following him in their squad cars with their disorienting blue police lights spinning and loud sirens blasting. Any mental health professional will tell you this is the worst thing you could possibly do while trying to engage a trauma victim who is in a car ahead of you.

Eventually these knucklehead “police” cornered Patriot Hopkins and then must have gotten a command from somebody high up in the “police” department to destroy this Good Guy With A Gun by denying him the counseling he needed and hitting him with the bogus criminal charges in order to confiscate his gun and get him locked up in jail with a lengthy sentence so he can’t vote for Donald Trump in November.

Sure enough, the lamestream media has tried to portray Patriot Hopkins as an insecure, emotionally immature mama’s boy prone to committing impossibly impulsive violent acts, but we know the truth. He is just another Good Guy With A Gun marked for destruction by Dictator Obama!!!

Man shoots his wife, calls his mother, report says



Really??!!!? Does this Good Guy With A Gun actually look like an emotionally unstable man with anger management issues capable of impulsive fits of rage? Nice try, Steelton Borough “police”…NOT!!!!!


Mark Sypniewski from our Steelton NSPA chapter and possessor of a stately, serene soul wholly unacquainted with wrath and rage was obviously set up by the Steelton Borough “police” Friday night when he was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, simple assault by physical menace and recklessly endangering another person after he allegedly pointed a loaded gun at his daughter during an argument at his home.

Anybody who knows Patriot Sypniewski like we know him understands he would never pull a gun on his daughter unless he had a perfectly good reason so we don’t buy this baloney for a second. The Steelton “police” certainly simply wanted to confiscate his gun so they surely crafted this far fetched narrative. Now I would get to the bottom of this tonight to clear him of all false charges, but I am busy helping my mother cook cabbage rolls for the Donald Trump victory celebration we are holding in our NSPA national headquarters in Akron to revel in the triumph of Patriot Trump’s Indiana primary win tonight.

Therefore, Patriot Syniewski’s liberty must be put on hold for one brief day while we celebrate the coming of the Trump Presidency, which will bring deliverance for all insecure, gun loving, small penised White Christian men across America!

Steelton man pointed loaded gun at daughter, police say



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing up to his brother who was ultimately trying to prevent him from having a robust, sustained erection!!!


Sean Halla from our Loveland NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with first-degree assault for allegedly shooting his older brother in the neck and leaving him in critical condition. Sure enough, the gun-hating lamestream media clearly took sides in reporting the story and tried to portray Patriot Halla as the Cain and his brother, who was really the instigator here, as the innocent Abel!

See, here’s what really happened. Patriot Halla had been regularly purchasing testosterone supplements from his brother every couple of weeks for $180. Well, yesterday Patriot Halla’s brother tried to jack the price up to $210, and an argument ensued. Since Patriot Halla has a small penis to begin with, the absolute last thing he needed was hindered access to his testosterone supplements so he had no choice but to pull out his gun and shoot his brother in the neck. The very essence of his manhood was at stake after all so he had to stand his ground!

We would like to point out the sinful irony that in Colorado marijuana, or liberal lettuce as we like to call it here at the NSPA headquarters, is completely legal while testosterone supplements are classified as a controlled substance, forcing small penised, Christian White men to sneak into back alleys to get something to which they should have unquestioned access. See, these hateful liberals don’t want small penised, Christian White men to have control over their own bodies in addition to not having access to their guns!  #wewarnedyou

Man shoots brother over $30 testosterone price increase



Don’t squeeze the Charmin, and don’t even think about throwing it all over the yard of a Good Guy With A Gun’s neighbor, punk!!!!!


Ronnie Lee Neeley from our Sylvania NSPA chapter was the victim of an all out manhunt until he was forced to turn himself into the thugs in the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department on Wednesday to face bogus charges of second-degree assault, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and two counts of menacing all because he was protecting a neighbor from intimidation from a liberal hate group, we’re pretty sure.

See, it all started Saturday night when Patriot Neeley, ever vigilant for his neighborhood’s security, detected a pack of out of control teenagers, probably demented on marijuana, who were toilet papering his neighbor’s house. Well, Patriot Neeley immediately took decisive action and shot a 16-year-old delinquent in the hip but was unfortunately unable to strike any of the other domestic terrorists who fled the scene.

Now, sure enough, the lamestream media is trying to dismiss toilet papering a house as a harmless teen age prank in their contrived efforts to make Patriot Neeley look like an unstable bad guy with anger issues who should have no access to a firearm. They are just covering up to the truth in this case, though, to help Dictator Obama with his sinister agenda. See, just two weeks ago I got an email from my ex-brother-in-law Gary to tell me he had just heard about the latest government giveaway of (get this) Obama toilet paper!?!

As if Obama phones and Obamacare aren’t already crippling our once great nation’s economy, we now have to pay for poor people to have toilet paper! Wait, though, it gets worse. Gary told me he then read on his second favorite website (as if you have to guess what is his favorite website) that Dictator Obama is encouraging packs of dangerous teenagers to use this Obama toilet paper to toilet paper the homes of conservative REAL Americans to try to intimidate them by violating the sanctity of their property and leaving behind a reminder that they are being watched.

Now if some Ku Klux Klan gathering had expressed their Christian faith by burning a cross in somebody’s front yard to represent the light of Jesus’ love, the lamestream media would have wailed and cried outrage. However, in this case they are ignoring the truth about what these teenagers were really up to because apparently Dictator Obama can do no wrong in their myopic eyes. Thankfully you have the NSPA to help you see the truth clearly about what is really happening!

Alabama man charged with shooting teen rolling yard with toilet paper



Good Guy With A Gun attacked by “police” for being a Second Amendment activist!!


Cody Lehman from our Minot NSPA chapter and one of our nation’s premier Second Amendment activists was targeted and assaulted by the thugs in the Moorhead “Police” department for simply enjoying his Second Amendment rights in a motel room at the Super 8 Motel on South 8th St. in Moorhead where we held our NSPA Minnesota state convention last year.

See, it all started when a guest at the motel called the front desk clerk to apologize for something which was not clear. The best the clerk could determine was the caller was apologizing for shooting a gun inside his room.

So right away the over reactive clerk showed poor judgment by calling in the Moorhead “police” who swarmed the motel and barged into Patriot Lehman’s motel room by using the motel’s master key. On a side note we would like to admonish Super 8 for acquiescing so willingly to the government’s request to betray a customer’s privacy. We have switched this year’s Minnesota state convention to the Travelodge and Suites on South Frontage Rd. as a result of this corporate cowardice!

So getting back to Patriot Lehman’s plight, the Moorhead “police” terrorized Patriot Lehman’s little lady who acknowledged there was a gun in the room, but she wasn’t sure where it was. Then the “police” encircled Patriot Lehman who had succumbed to the serene sanctity of sweet slumber on the room’s bed with his trusted gun close by his hand.

Well, the cowardly “police” handcuffed Patriot Lehman while he slept. Then when Patriot Lehman woke up he was justifiably furious over the violation of his rights. He became emotional because he loves this country and its Constitution so much and informed the “police” he was a Second Amendment activist and had a Constitutional right to have his gun with him on his bed.

The snide “police” report noted they found numerous empty containers of alcohol in the room and that Patriot Lehman appeared to be extremely intoxicated. Excuse us, but we would like to inform the Moorhead “police” who are already ignorant of the 2nd Amendment that the 21st Amendment overturned Prohibition in 1933 so Patriot Lehman was simply enjoying his Constitutional right to have a few alcoholic beverages!

So the “police” pored over the room like they were investigating a crime scene or something and discovered a bullet hole in the ceiling. Then the fickle woman told the police that Patriot Lehman had fired the gun after drinking heavily but emphasized the shooting had been an accident. That provided them the excuse they needed to haul a handcuffed Patriot Lehman to one of their “police” cruisers. We are proud to report Patriot Lehman went down fighting for his Constitutional rights to enjoy firearms and alcohol, and multiple officers were required to control him. Patriot Lehman allegedly threatened to harm one of the officers so in addition to slapping Patriot Lehman with a charge of reckless discharge of a firearm, they also hit him with a charge of obstructing the legal process.

Isn’t it ironic they charged him with obstructing the legal process when he did nothing more than try to defend his Constitutional rights? Well, that’s life in Dictator Obama’s America.

Minot man calling himself Second Amendment activist arrested on gun charges


Good Guy With A Gun And A Great Head Of Hair And A Cool Beard charged with a hate crime even though the only thing he hates is terrorism!!!!


Michael Kochalian from our Burlington NSPA chapter was racially profiled and arrested today by the Burlington “police” for disorderly conduct with a hate crime enhancement after he thwarted what we’re sure was a planned terrorist attack. See, it all started earlier in the day when some black woman wearing a hajib was walking around downtown Burlington with her young child obviously to case the area before unleashing some sort of horrific terrorist attack.

Well, God only knows where the “police” were during all of this so thankfully Patriot Kochalian was around and took it upon himself allegedly to approach this obvious sleeper cell agent. He then allegedly called her a terrorist and pointed a gun at her. Sure enough there was some America hating nitwit on the scene who helped her leave and head over to the Burlington “Police” Department’s headquarters because Burlington must be one of those liberal sanctuary cities that care more about illegal aliens and terrorists than real Americans.

So sure enough the Burlington “police” put out an all points bulletin to arrest an elderly White man with a beard and salt and pepper hair down to his ears, and they jumped to the conclusion it was Patriot Kochalian all because he has a history with them with two felony charges with one conviction and 42 misdemeanor charges with 10 convictions. So the hunt was on for a White man, and the “police” took Patriot Kochalian into custody while nothing was done to the woman who we are sure is probably recalibrating the plans for her attack, which is exactly the way we are sure Dictator Obama wants it to be!

Burlington man charged with hate crime



Good Guy With A Gun arrested after being forced to use his gun basically all because of gay marriage!!!!


Kenneth Munhall from our Omaha NSPA chapter was arrested Monday and booked at his Wednesday morning bond hearing for First Degree Murder and a weapons charge for allegedly shooting and killing his 71-year-old roommate. Sure enough, the “authorities” are ignoring the real instigators of this shooting – Dictator Obama, five unelected members of the Supreme Court and the gay mafia!

See, as Patriot Munhall explained to the “authorities”, he returned home on Sunday and found his roommate involved in an intimate act with Patriot Munhall’s Chihuahua. When Patriot Munhall called him a pervert, his roommate tried to brush it off as no big deal, as reported by WOWT News 6 in Omaha. Well, that didn’t sit well with Patriot Munhall so he decided to teach his roommate a lesson by getting his gun and shooting it into a dark room where his roommate was sitting. Well, lo and behold, when Patriot Munhall turned on the lights, he discovered his roommate had died from a gunshot to the forehead.

We here at the NSPA maintain Patriot Munhall should not be held accountable for this because none of this would have ever happened if gay marriage had not been shoved down the throat of the United States of America. See, we and our good buddy Rick Santorum have been warning for years about the corrosive effects, such as man on dog sexual relations, that would accompany the acceptance and normalization of gay marriage. The arrogant liberal elites laughed at us when we first raised this warning, but they aren’t laughing now because the facts of Patriot Munhall’s case have finally vindicated us by proving our point! We warned you!!!!

Accused killer claims victim’s intimate acts with a dog led to fatal shot



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because Dictator Obama wants to destroy Jeb! Bush’s legacy for all of the human rights advances he made on behalf of those of us in the small penised community!!!


Justin Matthew Sowers from our Jacksonville NSPA chapter was charged yesterday with the ambush shooting murder of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, who was also the father of her 5-year-old daughter, and the attempted murder of another man in the car at the time of the shooting.

See it all started back in January when this ex-boyfriend got out of jail on a drug charge and went directly to spend the day with his 5-year-old daughter. After he dropped the young girl off that night at her grandmother’s home, somebody in a black car pulled up beside him and a friend who was driving with him and began shooting at their vehicle. Well, the ex-boyfriend died from a gunshot to the head and the other guy in the car was unharmed.

Right from the beginning the “authorities” started snooping around Patriot Sowers’ home and acting all suspicious towards him simply because he had been dating the dead man’s ex-girlfriend and held a grudge against the guy because Patriot Sowers felt the guy had set him up for an arrest in Texas. Well, the stupid coppers couldn’t pin anything on him. If anything, a justifiable motive in this case would have been that Patriot Sowers didn’t want a dangerous drug dealer in the lives of his girlfriend and her 5-year-old daughter. That would have at least made sense.

Then things got doubly suspicious when Patriot Sowers himself got arrested on April 4 along with his girlfriend on drug charges after the “police” stormed into their home and found cocaine, heroin, pills and a handgun. Hell, like the “police” have never planted evidence on a proud White man before. Then while Patriot Sowers was in jail on this obviously bogus drug charge some jailhouse snitch conveniently claimed Patriot Sowers had been bragging in jail about being the gunman who shot and killed the ex-boyfriend back in January. Hell, like a crooked prosecutor has never used false testimony from a jailhouse snitch to doom a proud White man.

Since this is in Florida and Dictator Obama is bound and determined to erase all of the advances Jeb! Bush made for gun loving, Christian, small penised White men, the “authorities” slapped Patriot Sowers with the murder and attempted murder charges. It is 2016 in the United States of America and White men are still being treated this way. It just goes to show how much work we still have to do here at the NSPA!

Jealous boyfriend charged with murder after man released from jail shot at stoplight


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to stop a crazy ass woman from breaking a vase which had belonged to his mother!


James Sanders from our Sellersburg NSPA chapter was arrested early Sunday morning after some busybody, window watching neighbor called the “police” on him after reporting shots being fired in his home. Well, when the “police” arrived, a perfectly calm and collected Patriot Sanders met them outside and acknowledged he had fired a gun and then put it on top of the refrigerator, as reported in The News and Tribune “newspaper”.

Now, sure enough, Patriot Sanders’ disturbed little lady right away began portraying herself as a victim. She claimed she and Patriot Sanders had been arguing about their relationship and their dog. (If you ask us, Patriot Sanders probably only really cared about the dog.) Well, drama queen that she surely is, she then claimed Patriot Sanders had become irate with her and began knocking things off the counter and ordered her to leave the house. When she refused, she claimed Patriot Sanders pointed the gun at her and said, “Let’s end this right now; I’m going to kill you.” Then to really pile it on, she claimed Patriot Sanders fired his gun, striking the sliding glass door behind her. That’s when she said she fled to a neighbor’s house.

Thankfully it was then Patriot Sanders’ turn to tell his side of the story or in other words, the truth. He explained to the “police” she had been nagging him for quite a while and then started texting him earlier in the evening that she wanted to have sex with him. Patriot Sanders explained he instead chose to take his dog for a walk rather than have sex with his looney lady. See, between the two activities, he chose the one he would actually enjoy.

Well, as the saying goes, Hell hath no fury like a crazy ass broad scorned. When Patriot Sanders returned with his dog, she began throwing things at him and threatened to break a lamp which had belonged to his mother. So at that point Patriot Sanders had no choice except to fire his gun in her direction to calm her hysterical ass down. He struck the sliding glass door behind her, causing glass to shatter all over the kitchen, but more importantly it got her the Hell out of the house.

Unfortunately, the gullible nitwit “police” fell for her sob story version of the events and arrested Patriot Sanders on charges of (get this) attempted murder, intimidation with a weapon, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, neglect of a dependent and pointing a firearm. In other words, they went through all of this just so they could turn him into a Good Guy Without A Gun! If we allow Dictator Obama to take away our guns, how in the Hell are we to be expected to stop crazy ass broads from breaking our mothers’ vases??!!!???!!! Look, if you want to break any of my mama’s vases, you’re going to have to cross over my cold, dead body to do it!!!

Sellersburg man being held on attempted murder charges


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing his ground against a violent, life threatening attacker……who also just happened to be his 89-year-old father!!!


James Troy May from our Lecanto NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with second-degree murder all because he was forced to shoot his 89-year-old father who Patriot May reported had become violent towards him. Since this occurred in Florida Patriot May was well within his state protected rights to Stand His Ground and shoot his deranged daddy. Evidently, though, Dictator Obama is forcing his will upon the “authorities” in Florida in an attempt to obliterate Jeb! Bush’s legacy of bestowing Stand Your Ground legislation upon the good people of Florida so the “authorities” went ahead and arrested Patriot May.

Furthermore, the lamestream media in Florida made much of the fact that Patriot May went to sleep shortly after shooting his father and slept for hours before waking up to call the “authorities” to report what happened as if to imply he is a heartless killer. Well, we applaud Patriot May’s courtesy for this because he was obviously thinking of the safety and well being of others. See, there have been plenty of reports in the news recently about medical studies documenting the dangers of drowsy driving. Patriot May obviously wanted to make sure he was well rested in case the “authorities” asked him to drive himself to the police station to fill out a report about the necessary steps he had to take to protect himself from his father.

Unfortunately, though, the fix was in and the “authorities” drove their squad cars to Patriot May’s home to arrest him on the bogus murder charge and haul him to the Citrus County Detention Center, which is exactly where Dictator Obama wants to keep him through November so he can’t vote for Donald Trump in the swing state of Florida!

Deputies: man shoots, kills father


Good Guy With A Gun in New Hampshire arrested basically for following the state motto by trying to live free or die!


Terry Allen from our Hudson NSPA chapter in New Hampshire was arrested recently and charged with reckless conduct and criminal threatening, both felonies, all because he had to use his gun to defend himself. If you just look at his mug shot, you understand the imminent threat he was facing. Hell, his life was clearly at stake so we would like to know when it became a state crime to use a gun to live free or die, which just happens to be the state motto for crying out loud.

See, all this hullabaloo started when Patriot Allen and another guy got into some kind of a fight at Capri Pizza in Hudson. We are still waiting for details, but we are guessing the other guy was probably being a wiseguy and insisted on getting pineapple on a pizza Patriot Allen offered to split with him. So Patriot Allen probably called bullshit on this, and the other guy probably had emotional and anger management problems which caused him to succumb to his reckless impulsivity and attack Patriot Allen in a vicious manner. So then Patriot Allen was probably mindful of the safety of the other patrons so he steered the fight outside and probably tried to calm the situation down by suggesting they order separate pizzas, thereby eliminating any disagreement about the toppings. However, at this point the other guy was probably too consumed by a narcotic-like haze of rage and anger and continued his assault.

Well, at this point Patriot Allen probably had no choice except to pull out his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson and fire three shots in the air, an action which had its intended effect of quieting his assailant. However, since Dictator Obama won New Hampshire in 2008 and 2012, there is no doubt who calls the shots around there. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Patriot Allen was hauled off to jail for using his 2nd Amendment rights to protect himself and is now awaiting his May 19 arraignment in Nashua Circuit Court. Jeeez, we really wonder how that will turn out!

Gunfire Erupts After Fight at Hudson Pizza Joint: Police



Good Guy With A Gun hunted like an animal after his wife was found shot dead in their home, while by sheer coincidence (yeah, right!) the Stop Trump movement has just happened to set up shop in Pennsylvania before Tuesday’s primary!


It is with heavy hearts burdened by the ballast of sorrow that we must announce the untimely passing of Anthony Detar from our Sewickley Township NSPA chapter. Patriot Detar was forced to flee for his life Friday when the Pennsylvania state “police” wanted to harass him about details regarding the shooting death of his wife in their home earlier that morning.

Patriot Detar probably knew he had to get on the road to find the real killer before the “authorities” apprehended him because we’re guessing he had cable television and anybody who has cable television and has the FX channel which seemingly airs the Harrison Ford film ‘The Fugitive’ every three days knows all too well how easy it is for an innocent man to be framed for his wife’s murder.

On top of that the “authorities” were trying to smear Patriot Detar’s reputation to make it easier to frame him by reporting to the lamestream media that he had been arrested this past August on charges of simple assault and harassment for punching his wife in the face so severely that he knocked out an upper tooth and left her eyes and lips swollen, according to the criminal complaint filed by the state “police.” Thankfully justice prevailed in that case because those bogus charges were dismissed when Patriot Detar’s wife chose not to testify against him. She certainly would have testified against him if he had actually done this. See, they had been out drinking earlier on the evening she sustained the injuries, and most woman can’t handle alcohol very well so we figure she probably got injured after she walked into the bathroom door and then fell down the stairs.

Well, the state “police” conveniently confronted Patriot Detar in an unpopulated (in other words – no witnesses!!!) area just north of Marienville. So the official report is Patriot Detar shot himself in his truck before the state “police” could apprehend him. However, since Patriot Detar is dead, we will never know what really happened.

Isn’t it interesting that all of this happened just a few days before Pennsylvania’s Republican primary on Tuesday, an election which has generated an all out assault by the Stop Trump movement from the Republican Party establishment? Haven’t they freely stated they are doing everything they can to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination? Wouldn’t it make total sense they would do anything to suppress the vote of real American men like Patriot Detar? What more effective way would there be to prevent Patriot Detar from voting for Donald Trump than by killing him? Where were Reince Priiebus and John Kasich at the time of Patriot Detar’s death? Who does a better job than the NSPA of reporting the facts so you can decide?

Suspect in fatal Sewickley Township shooting kills self after police stop


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply wanting to stop all of the arguing and fighting between his girlfriend and him.


Jeremy Hardin from our Clay NSPA chapter was arrested recently and jailed briefly until he was able to post a $50,000 bond all because he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend in front of her two small children while she was cooking for them. Sure enough the local lamestream media was trying to paint Patriot Hardin as the bad guy, and to achieve this end they downplayed the explanation he gave the “authorities” for why he allegedly shot and killed her. See, they wanted to keep this quiet because his explanation puts his actions in a perfectly understandable context.

See, as Patriot Hardin told the “authorities”, there had been a history of arguing and fighting between his girlfriend and him and he just wanted it to stop. So Patriot Hardin simply used his gun to break the cycle of arguing they had gotten into and stopped it permanently. Sure, her two small children were forced to experience the trauma of seeing Patriot Hardin allegedly walk up behind their mother and shoot her dead, but that single episode pales in comparison to the endless trauma he saved them from experiencing by witnessing the years of arguments between him and their mother that would have occurred if he had never pulled out his gun.

Now the “authorities” have not pressed any charges yet, but we all know the fix is in and it will only be a matter of time until he gets railroaded with some sort of murder charge so they can lock up another Good Guy With A Gun in Alabama. See, this is exactly the open season we knew there would be on proud, gun loving, small penised White men in the South after the forces of political correctness turned the Confederate flag into a bad thing. We warned you!

Mother, 38, shot to death in Clay home in front of 2 children while she was cooking


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for standing his ground against a woman who was playing with his head!


Christopher Kalb from our Brunswick County NSPA chapter was coerced Monday into confessing to the April 10 murder of the mother of his child as reported in the Niagara Gazette. Patriot Kalb is now facing extradition from North Carolina to South Carolina, where the corpse of the mother of his child was found in a vacant lot.

See, all of Patriot Kalb’s trouble began because of the fickle, manipulative behavior of the mother of his daughter. As he explained to the “authorities”, she would constantly harass him with calls and texts from her home in New York and taunt him regularly by denying him the chance to come to New York to visit his daughter.

Well, on April 17 she arrived in South Carolina, surely with the primary intention of making Patriot Kalb more miserable, and the plan was for Patriot Kalb and another woman to pick her up at a Myrtle Beach bus station and then drive her to his home in North Carolina to talk about their daughter. Well, we don’t know all of the details yet, but apparently she started acting like a typical conniving, vindictive woman trying to provoke a man, and, well there were consequences for that.

As Patriot Kalb explained to the “authorities”, “She got into my head, so I blew hers the (expletive) off.” According to the autopsy, she died of a gunshot wound to the head. Oh, and she happened to be 16 weeks pregnant. Well, if she had never used their daughter as some sort of a means to get into his head, none of this would have ever happened. This is just another example of what those of us in the men’s rights movement know all too well. Child custody decisions are universally biased against men and leave real men no choice except to use a gun to balance the scales of justice.

Suspect in NT woman’s shooting death near Myrtle Beach confesses


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for recognizing the sanctity of life before it was too late!!!


Keith Smith from our Frankfort NSPA chapter was arrested last month and is facing possible charges for the murder of his wife, but once again the “authorities” have conveniently done a cover up on the most important details of the story.

See, Patriot Smith and his wife had been in an argument earlier on the evening she died. Well, as Patriot Smith explained to the police, he and his wife had made some sort of a suicide pact as a way to resolve the argument, which strikes us as a totally believable explanation. After all, it provided both parties a way out of the argument without either feeling the other had gotten the upper hand. So according to Patriot Smith the plan was for his wife to kill herself first, and then he would kill himself. Patriot Smith explained he was showing his wife how to use the gun to kill herself when the gun accidentally went off and killed her.

Then when Patriot Smith saw his wife die he couldn’t bring himself to follow through on his end of the suicide pact. We figure Patriot Smith, good Christian that we are sure he is, came to appreciate the sanctity of life as the life force expired in his wife. We’re sure he then realized there was no point in shooting himself because this was a classic case that two wrongs don’t make a right. Thirty minutes after she died, Patriot Smith called the “police” to report the accidental shooting.

Well, the “authorities” immediately began overlooking Patriot Smith’s plausible explanation of the events and took him into custody. They realized this was their chance not only to lock up a Good Guy With A Gun but also to lock up a Good Christian With A Respect For The Sanctity Of Life. See, not only could a free Patriot Smith stand up to Dictator Obama’s looming gun confiscation program, but he could also stand up to Dictator Obama’s looming mandatory abortion program. In other words, that made him public enemy #1 in Dictator Obama’s America!

Court docs: Frankfort man killed his wife with his town marshal gun


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for teaching his grown ass son a valuable life lesson!


Ted Alan Walters from our Elizabethtown NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree burglary and assault with a deadly weapon all because he had simply acted as a responsible father and tried to get his son on the right path in life.

See, this all started Friday night when Patriot Walters discovered his 25-year-old son allegedly stole hamburger and bacon from his grandmother’s freezer, according to the “police” report. Furthermore, Patriot Walters later told the “police” his son had also taken thousand of dollars of his property in recent months, as reported in the Fayetteville Observer.

Well, Patriot Walters knew he had to resort to a little tough love in order for his son to get his head on straight. So Patriot Walters forced his way into his son’s home and shot him in the lower left leg. Look, Patriot Walters made sure the shot wasn’t fatal, and his son was rushed to New Hanover Regional Hospital for prompt care so we don’t see what the big deal is here.

Patriot Walters explained to the “police” he had simply tried to teach his son a lesson about stealing. He said, “I did not want to kill my son. I just want him to have a reminder each time he takes a step while he is stealing someone else’s belongings.” Ward Cleaver could not have devised a more effective way to teach his son a valuable lesson on this matter so we here at the NSPA national headquarters are going to cover Patriot Walters’ bail as an early Father’s Day present.

Thanks to the liberal and homosexual agenda to destroy the family unit in the short term and America in the long term, there are a lot of fathers absent from their children’s lives. Imagine how much better America would be if these AWOL fathers were more like Patriot Walters and cared enough about their sons to shot them in the leg to prevent them from making future mistakes. We can only dream as long as Dictator Obama is in the White House.

Bladen County father shoots son in leg over food theft



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for defending himself from a vicious dog that was obviously trained to be a part of the liberals’ War On Christmas!


Joseph Kukla from our Clarksville NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday night and preliminarily charged with intimidation with a deadly weapon after he had to use a gun to defend his life in his driveway. See, this plot to kill Patriot Kukla started earlier that night when a neighbor’s dog ran up on Patriot Kukla’s driveway. Now the cover story the neighbor fed the “police” was that his dog got loose from his yard, and he and a few other neighbors were chasing it to bring it back to his home.

However, we are positive this was actually all part of a liberal plot to have the dog attack Patriot Kukla because he looks like Santa Claus. See, their goal is obviously to start their annual War On Christmas in April this year to catch Christian real Americans off guard.

So when this vicious dog, surely trained to maim and kill, came onto Patriot Kukla’s driveway, he had no choice except to shoot at the dog. Then when one of the neighbors, who was clearly involved in this War On Christmas plot, threatened to call the police, Kukla defiantly yelled back, “You (expletive), you are going to be next.” See, if you try to wage a War On Christmas with Patriot Kukla, your ass is in a fight to the finish.

Well, unfortunately the “police” who were then called to the scene were in cahoots with the plot, and they ignored his explanation that he shot at the dog to protect himself because his neighbor had sent it to attack him. So today Patriot Kukla sits in the Clark County jail, stripped of his gun, while the Godless forces of progressivism and evil continue their crusade to kill Christmas!

Clarksville man accused of shooting at dog


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for participating in a scavenger hunt!


James Lane from our Riverside NSPA chapter was recently charged in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court with, get this, three counts of attempted murder, three counts of attempted kidnapping, one count of violation of a protection order, one count of violation of a protection order while committing a felony, one count of menacing by stalking and one count of possession of criminal tools. We only wonder how long it took the Montgomery County Prosecutor to come up with this list of bogus charges.

See, if you believe the “authorities” in Montgomery County, which just happens to be a Democratic Party stronghold in Ohio – just sayin’, you believe Patriot Lane had hatched a horrifying plot to kidnap his estranged wife and twin 8-year-old daughters in order to kill them execution style with his gun. All this nonsense started when Patriot Lane’s wife called the “police” to report he was following her in his car even though she had secured a temporary protection order against him a month earlier. Look, Riverside, Ohio is a pretty small town so the odds are pretty good that just by random coincidence you end up driving behind somebody you know.

Then to really lay it on the thick and set Patriot Lane up for a fall, she told the “police” a melodramatic tale in which she was scared of what he might do to her and their daughters because he had recently threatened to murder her and had been sexually abusive toward her according to the “police” report.

Well, without even bothering to get Patriot Lane’s side of the story, the “police” chased him down and started snooping through his car. They found a stun gun on the passenger seat and cash, a handgun, duct tape, black latex gloves, zip ties and a lock picking set in his trunk. So just because they believed his wife’s story and found these items in his car, they felt like they could go ahead and throw all of those ridiculous charges at him.

In regard to the items they found in his car, we would like to point out those were all items we had on the scavenger hunt list for our annual Ohio NSPA statewide Family Fun and Gun Fellowship Picnic back in August last year. We’re guessing Patriot Lane simply hadn’t gotten around to taking the items out of his car. However, the “authorities” don’t care because that inconvenient fact upends their narrative that was created to lock up Patriot Lane so they could confiscate his gun and prevent him from voting for Donald Trump in November. It is morally reprehensible what convoluted lengths these liberal Democrats will go to so they can make it more difficult for Patriots to vote. They have no shame!

Man accused in plot to kill wife, kids pleads not guilty


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for doing exactly what Jack Bauer would have done in any episode of ‘24′, we’re guessing.


Steven Saxe from our Sweet Valley NSPA chapter is facing all kinds of trouble all because, we’re guessing, he tried to stop some sort of a terrorist plot this past Wednesday night.

See, it all started when Patriot Saxe went to a house looking for some guy about something that must have been pretty important. Now we think maybe Patriot Saxe had gotten information that ISIS had planted a time bomb someplace close by and that this guy he was looking for had something to do with it so time was of the essence. Since he probably didn’t have any time to mess around, kind of like the type of situations Jack Bauer always faced on ‘24′, Patriot Saxe had no choice but to take pragmatic action. So he forced his way into the house and grabbed a woman by the shirt and pointed his handgun in her face while demanding to know where the guy was.

When the woman claimed he wasn’t there, the woman’s mother charged into the scene and threatened Patriot Saxe. Since the seconds were probably ticking away on the time bomb, Patriot Saxe pushed the mother and continued to wave the handgun around. Then the woman’s father charged into the scene and told him to leave. Since he was a man, Patriot Saxe showed him the respect he deserved and left the house to continue looking for this guy before the bomb exploded.

Jack Bauer faced an unexpected complication every week, and sure enough his wife then added a complication to his search. See, after Patriot Saxe left that house where he had been looking for the guy, Patriot Saxe’s wife then called the “police” to report he had been drinking all day and had become argumentative with her about this guy who we’re guessing is a terrorist. When he left the house to look for the guy, she told the “police” she tried to stop him by following in her car and swerving in front of him to force him to stop. After he crashed into her, he waved his gun at her and said, “(expletive), get out of the way.” Then, just like Jack would have done, he drove away to find the guy probably because there were so many lives at stake.

However, before Patriot Saxe could find the guy to stop the bomb from exploding, the “police” tracked him down thanks to his wife’s phone call. They found his 9mm handgun in the waistband of his pants and confiscated it immediately. Then they charged him with felony counts of aggravated assault and carrying a firearm without a license, along with misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and harassment. See, that’s what this was all about. The “police” didn’t care about the greater threat of the bomb which was probably about to go off. No, all they cared about was following their marching orders to confiscate his gun and to lock him up in jail because it means there will be one less Good Guy With A Gun for them to contend with when Dictator Obama tells them to get all of our guns before he leaves office!!!!

Police: Sweet Valley man pointed gun at his wife, residents inside their home



Good Guy With A Gun arrested by Insidious Indians With A Grudge!!!


Joseph Terry Grubbs from our Mathews NSPA chapter was charged earlier this week with first-degree assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle for allegedly shooting an acquaintance who was sitting in a parked car. We would like to point out this “crime” was allegedly committed by Patriot Grubbs in the fifth floor parking deck at the Wind Creek Casino owned by the Indian tribe in Wetumpka, Alabama. Also, we would like to point out he was arrested by the Tribal police from this Indian community. Now as proud sovereign citizens we here in the NSPA already refuse to respect real American police departments so we sure as Hell will never submit to an Indian Tribal police department.

See, we suspect Patriot Grubbs was framed for this “crime” as some sort of long standing grudge these Indians have about the Trail Of Tears and Wounded Knee. Even though many moons have passed since these kerfuffles occurred, these Indian people still feel they have a score to settle with White American Men who worship Jesus Christ instead of a (get this) white buffalo.

Furthermore, we here on the NSPA executive council are really miffed we have to cancel our plans to campaign this weekend for Donald Trump at the “Build The Wall” rally in Laredo, Texas all because we now have to go to Alabama to bail Patriot Grubbs out of jail thanks to these trouble making Indians. While protection of gun rights remains our top priority, we also recognize the importance of putting an end to illegal immigration to prevent the undesirable, uninvited invaders from taking over our country. This is precisely why we must elect Donald J. Trump as President and build his beautiful wall so we can take OUR country back!!!!

Tribal police make arrest in Wind Creek Casino shooting


Good Guy With A Gun who was sent to jail in 2013 for defending himself from his abusive girlfriend now faces charges for defending himself from his abusive brother!!!!


In a classic case of history repeating itself, Raymond Scott Hanson from our St. Cloud NSPA chapter was charged today with second-degree assault in connection with a shooting involving his brother Sunday evening. See, according to an obviously biased court complaint, Patriot Hanson allegedly brought a gun to his brother’s home. We’re guessing he was probably bringing it over as a birthday present or something like that.

Well, there was certainly something wrong with his brother because according to the court complaint there was a struggle between the two of them, and his brother turned the gun toward Patriot Hanson and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet into Patriot Hanson’s stomach and leg. Sure enough right on cue, the “authorities” lined up plenty of “witnesses” (i.e., friends of Patriot Hanson’s brother) to claim Patriot Hanson had made comments earlier in the day about wanting to harm his brother.

So excuse us if we’re a little confused how Patriot Hanson is the one charged with assault when it’s his brother who pulled the trigger on Patriot Hanson’s gun. To make matters worse, Patriot Hanson was also charged with being an ineligible person to possess a firearm because of a previous conviction for second-degree assault in 2013, according to a report in SCTimes.

In that miscarriage of justice, Patriot Hanson was accused of beating and kicking his girlfriend to the point where she lost consciousness and suffered broken ribs and a broken nose. According to the court report, Patriot Harrison’s girlfriend, who clearly knew how to manipulate the jury into thinking she was the victim, claimed she had to lock herself in a bedroom to get away from Patriot Hanson. She then claimed Patriot Hanson broke down the door and began to beat her.

What burns us up is how the jury completely overlooked her statement that she tried to protect herself with her hands and a pocket knife. Her own words here support Patriot Hanson’s contention that he had simply assaulted his girlfriend as an act of self-defense. Was he supposed to just let her stab him to death with the pocket knife? However, the fix was in, and Patriot Hanson was sentenced to prison and banned from owning a gun.

Ultimately the gun ban placed on Patriot Hanson is what both of these cases are all about. The “authorities” have clearly identified him as a Patriot who could complicate their plans for allowing Dictator Obama to establish a caliphate in America so they want to make sure he cannot own a gun and spends most of his time confined to a prison!

Man charged in Avon shooting


Good Guy With A Gun’s wife stands by her man, but he still gets convicted for an accidental shooting!!!!!?!!!!!!


David Kramer, Jr. from our Crescent City NSPA chapter was recently forced to plead guilty to negligent injury even though his wife testified he simply accidentally shot her during an argument. So not only does Patriot Kramer now have this bogus charge on his record, but he was also forced to leave his job with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety’s Crescent City Connection police unit after he totally accidentally shot his wife, as if he posed some sort of danger to the citizens of Crescent City.  Give me a break!

See, this all started back in October when Patriot Kramer and his wife got into an argument over a photo she found on his cell phone. We figure Patriot Kramer was probably keeping a picture of her on his cell phone so he could take it out and look at it any time he was missing her. We’re sure Patriot Kramer isn’t shallow so the picture he had of her was probably one in which she wasn’t wearing any makeup because he appreciates her natural beauty. Well, we figure his wife is vain and shallow (she is a woman after all) so she became upset with him when she found this picture of her on his phone. She was probably yelling at him to put a more complimentary picture of her on the phone in case one of his coworkers were to see it.

The argument probably started to escalate when he told her he wasn’t going to do it because he loves her just the way she is, which only caused her to become more hysterical and demanding. Well, whatever they were arguing about, Patriot Kramer’s wife ordered him out of the house and told him he would have to sleep somewhere else that night.

So naturally Patriot Kramer began packing all of his essential overnight items, like his tooth brush and his gun. Well, when she saw him packing the gun, she testified she tried to stop him from taking it. She stated the gun fired while she was interfering with his packing, sending a bullet through her arm and hitting her in the side of the head.

As she told the judge, “I don’t know if I did something to cause that, when I went to reach for it.” See, here is a woman who knows her place and knows that she was the reason she got shot in the side of the head. Better yet, she told the court she was not afraid of her husband and wanted to reconcile. This is a prime example of a beautiful marriage between a man and a well conditioned woman, and this is a reminder of why we must make sure those dirty, false gay marriages don’t ever destroy the sanctity of real marriages like this one.

Sadly, the tentacles of  the evil octopus also known as Dictator Obama extend and exert control over the Jefferson Parish Court so Patriot Kramer still got convicted on the negligent injury charge because Dictator Obama only has 10 more months to lock up as many Good Guys With A Gun as possible!

Former CCC officer pleads guilty after wife testifies he ‘accidentally’ shot her


Good Guy With A Gun’s case demonstrates the dangers marijuana presents to all of us!!!!


Jesse Alan Flemister from our Hot Springs NSPA chapter was arrested and charged with second-degree battery on Sunday and is being held in lieu of $20,000 bond at the Garland County Detention Center all because he was having a little fun playing with his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and allegedly accidentally shot a 13-year-old child in the leg. See, according the accident report, Patriot Flemister was playing with his AR-15 with four other people in his house when he pulled the bolt back on his weapon while unaware it was loaded. Then, through no fault of his own, the bolt slid forward, causing the gun to discharge and strike the 13-year-old child in the leg.

Now, sure enough, the snide “police officers” who responded to the accident had to get their digs in by noting in their report there were alcohol bottles strewn around the living room and that Patriot Flemister smelled of intoxicants. Then they made sure to note Patriot Flemister told them he had been smoking marijuana before the little accident.

So as you see, marijuana is the real source of this tragedy. If Patriot Flemister hadn’t been smoking this brain destroying weed of decadence, the 13-year-old would be bullet free. However, Dictator Obama and his minions will make this all about the dangers posed by guns. Don’t you see what they are doing? They are doing whatever they can to criminalize guns in America while doing whatever they can to legalize marijuana in America. Hmmmmm, wouldn’t it be easier to establish a caliphate in America and a Communist paradise presided over by Raul Castro in Florida if all of us are unarmed and stoned out of our minds? As our good, God fearing buddy Glenn Beck always says, “I’m just sayin’.”

Man playing with AR-15 shoots Ark. 13-year-old



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because a dog’s owners were too damn cheap to pay for one of those invisible fences that give dogs a little shock!


Tyler M. McKeon from our Bay City NSPA chapter found out last week he must wait another two weeks to face a totally ridiculous charge of killing and torturing an animal. See, it all started back in December when Patriot McKeon was hunting on his father’s private property that had numerous ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted all around. Well, while Patriot McKeon was busy trying to hunt deer, this vicious Labrador/pit bull mix with the deceptively sweet sounding name of Tippy ignored the ‘No Trespassing’ signs and came onto the property and menacingly approached as close as 41 yards to Patriot McKeon’s raised hunting blind. Obviously fearing for his safety, Patriot McKeon had no choice except to shoot and kill Tippy with a muzzleloader and a 9 mm handgun because you can never be too careful when killing one of these crazed canines.

Well, Tippy’s irresponsible owners, who live next to the property where Patriot McKeon was hunting, heard the gunshots and ran outside to start snooping around and found Tippy’s bullet riddled corpse. Then the wife saw Patriot McKeon walking with a gun from the hunting grounds to the road and asked him if he had shot her dog. Since Patriot McKeon knew better than to get into some sort of an argument with a hysterical woman, he told her he had only shot a deer.

Then once Patriot McKeon was safely in his Silverado pickup truck, he justifiably flipped off the lady and her husband as he drove away. So then this trouble making couple escalated the situation by following him in their truck and confronted him a second time, as reported in Michigan Live. Well, Patriot McKeon again denied he shot the dog, according to court records.

Not willing to let this go, the couple called 911 to continue their harassment of Patriot McKeon. So the Bay City “Police” grilled him like a common criminal until they forced him to say, “All right, I shot him.” He explained to the “police officers” he had to do this because the damn dog had been hanging around his hunting blind all morning in a threatening manner. Furthermore, the “police officers” did nothing to Tippy’s owners for letting him run unsupervised onto the private property where Patriot McKeon was hunting. If they had paid for one of those invisible fences, none of this would have ever happened. We’re guessing they’re a couple of government dependent liberals who were waiting for the government to pay for the invisible fence. All we know for sure, though, is another Good Guy With A Gun is locked up in jail while the truly guilty go free! It’s just another day in Dictator Obama’s America!

Court hearing delayed for Bay County hunter charged in dog’s killing


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for getting shot by his wife!!!!


Bradley Skinner from our Huntsville NSPA chapter has been sitting in jail since May (!!!!!) while waiting for a Madison County grand jury to decide if he should face burglary and domestic violence charges. The “authorities” claim Patriot Skinner was terrorizing his estranged wife, who had a restraining order against him, and broke into her house with a gun and large knife. Okay, so it isn’t the first time the “authorities” have made bogus accusations against an NSPA member, but, get this, in this case it was Patriot Skinner who got shot by his estranged wife, and it was the Huntsville “police” who shot his wife. Yet somehow Patriot Skinner was the one who was made out to be the bad guy and is the only one facing charges!!!! Double WTF!!!!

See, it all started a year ago in April 2015 when Patriot Skinner allegedly broke into his estranged wife’s home and was armed with a gun and a large knife. We’re guessing he probably just wanted to drop off these weapons for her to use since she was living alone in the house and no longer had him around to depend on to keep her safe from any emotionally disturbed weirdo who might try to break into the house to harm her.

Well, Patriot Skinner’s obviously unstable estranged wife thought he was coming to hurt her so she was armed with a shotgun.  When Patriot Skinner saw her point it at him, he had no choice except to point his pistol at her. Then his estranged wife, responding to that deranged bloodlust which courses through the veins and arteries of hysterical women, shot him in the chest, causing life-threatening injuries.

Thankfully the police arrived on the scene and saw Patriot Skinner shot and injured with his estranged wife standing nearby with her shotgun. So one of the police officers shot her to end the threat to Patriot Skinner’s well being. Now right away the political correctness police took over the investigation and claimed the officer had misread the situation and was wrong to have shot her. Then to add insult to injury, they arrested Patriot Skinner on the burglary and domestic violence charges.

Flash forward a year, and Patriot Skinner is still sitting in Madison County jail. Last week his attorney asked for the charges to be dropped since he has been denied his Constitutional right to a speedy trial in addition to the unconstitutional confiscation of his gun after he was the victim of a shooting. So to recap, out of the three people involved in this story, Patriot Skinner is the only one who didn’t fire a gun and is the only one who is facing criminal charges!! Who says Dictator Obama is a lame duck? His fingerprints are all over this miscarriage of justice!

UPDATE: Huntsville Police identify parties involved in weekend shooting involving an officer

Man accused of domestic violence in double shooting asks for charges to be dropped


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply standing his ground against a naysaying, neurotic, nosy, nagging neighbor!


James Davies Richards from our Port Townsend NSPA chapter was forced yesterday to face the Jefferson County Superior Court via a video link from jail to plead not guilty to a charge of first degree attempted murder. See, all this baloney started on Tuesday when Patriot Richards apparently pointed a gun at his upstairs neighbor in the Claridge Court Apartments. Considering no shots were fired, we’d like to know where the Hell “the authorities” came up with an attempted murder charge!

See, Patriot Richards’ neighbor was the one who started all of this in the first place. Before all of this happened, Patriot Richards had simply been relaxing with a cigarette while watching television in the apartment complex’s common recreation area, which just happened to be only 30 feet away from this neighbor’s apartment. Well, this neighbor who could not mind her own business walked up to Patriot Richards and berated him for smoking in a smoke-free building and nagged him about ongoing excessive noise coming from his apartment, as reported by the Port Townsend Leader. So Patriot Richards calmly followed her back to her apartment and pointed his .45-caliber handgun at her to let her know he didn’t appreciate how she interfered with his attempt to relax in the recreation area.

Now this wasn’t the first time this neighbor harassed Patriot Richards. Back in December 2012 she must have done something seriously bad to provoke him because he was charged with harassment after he allegedly threatened to kill her. Because of that bogus claim on her part, he got stuck with a guilty conviction and a yearlong protection order on his record. Furthermore, in the two weeks prior to that 2012 arrest, this neighbor had carried out a coordinated campaign of harassment against Patriot Richards by calling the police multiple times to claim he was drinking heavily while listening to talk radio played at a high volume and would regularly shout at her through his ceiling or bang on her apartment door. Clearly Patriot Richards had a nutjob living below him, but he was the one made to look like the bad guy.

To make matters worse for Patriot Richards, the local media “professionals” obviously tried to bias any future jury pools by dredging up a case from way back in 2005 in which Patriot Richards was forced to plead guilty to a felony harassment charge for allegedly threatening to kill a Quality Food Center grocery store employee. What was conveniently absent from all of these stories is what this employee did to Patriot Richards to force him to threaten to kill her. Hey, we certainly wouldn’t want to get Patriot Richards’ side of the story, would we?

Well, all we know for sure is that Patriot Richards will never get a fair trial between the reporting of his need to stand his ground against a rude Quality Food Center employee and the testimony which will be provided by his neighbor who is a professional victim who knows how to manipulate the “law enforcement” and “judicial” systems in Port Townsend and Jefferson County.  And the liberal media wonders why there are so many angry, insecure, small penised White guys in America! Duh!!!!!

Port Townsend man pleads not guilty to attempted murder


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing up to a couple of probable Mexican gang members who were trying mark his property with a gang symbol!


David Frank Stass from our Stuart NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he drew a gun on two menacing Mexican gang members who were clearly trying to intimidate him by marking his property with a gang symbol to show they would soon be taking over it.

See, it all started yesterday afternoon when Patriot Stass witnessed two landscapers, who were mowing his neighbor’s lawn, splaying grass clippings all over his car with their lawnmowers. Well, we figure these two landscapers were probably Mexican because they are landscapers, and we figure they were probably gang members with some dangerous drug cartel because they are Mexican. Since they are probably Mexican gang members, we figure they were probably putting the grass clippings on Patriot Stass’ car as a gang symbol to show they were staking a claim on his property.

So Patriot Stass was entirely well within his rights to draw his gun on them. This was in Florida after all so he was legally entitled to stand his ground, for which we will always thank Jeb! Bush. However, since this is an election year and Dictator Obama wants to make sure Hillary Clinton gets the Mexican vote, the local “authorities” arrested Patriot Stass and did nothing to the Mexican gang members. If this assault on justice doesn’t motivate you to get Donald Trump in the White House, nothing will.

Stuart police say man pointed gun at landscapers


Good Guy With A Gun arrested by the liberal nanny state which thinks it can dictate how Patriots raise their children!


Andrew Crittenden from our San Angelo NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with (get this) endangering a child-criminal negligence all because he simply gave his 7-year-old son a handgun to play with, as any loving father would do to instill a love for guns in his son at an early age. Well, surprise, surprise, it turned out the gun which he thought was unloaded actually had bullets in it. He discovered this when his son shot himself in the leg.

Now, here’s what really burns us up. Patriot Crittenden did the responsible thing by rushing his son to the hospital, but some incredibly irresponsible parent (probably a distracted, inattentive single mother sitting at her computer on or looking to lure in an unsuspecting man) allowed her 5-year-old child to walk unsupervised in the apartment complex parking lot. As a result of this criminally incompetent parenting, the 5-year-old child got in the way of Patriot Crittenden’s truck as it was speeding its way out of the parking lot to the hospital.

Well, all’s well that ends well because both Patriot Crittenden’s son and the 5-year-old wayward walker were treated and released from the hospital. So we want to know why the “authorities” still felt the need to charge Patriot Crittenden with a crime. Furthermore, Patriot Crittenden was doing the responsible thing by giving his son the gun because his son really should be taught as soon as possible how to handle a gun since he lives in San Angelo, Texas, which is just a short, straight shot from Mexico on U.S. Route 277. In other words, he lives right along a pipeline for transporting Mexican drug smugglers, Mexican murderers and Mexican rapists into our once great country. His son needs to learn sooner rather than later how to handle a gun so he can protect himself and his community from these Mexican marauding muchachos!

Unfortunately, Dictator Obama’s nanny state nitwits think they know better than we do how to raise our children so they feel free to persecute good, responsible Christian parents like Patriot Crittenden. This is just another reminder why we must get Donald Trump in the White House!

Texas father of 7-year-old who shot himself hits 5-year-old with truck on way to hospital


Good Guy With A Gun sentenced to 5 years in prison basically for being a little hard of hearing!


Guy Pohto from our Cook NSPA chapter was sentenced to 5 years (!) in prison today after being convicted in Mesa County District Court for felony manslaughter and a misdemeanor count of hunting in a careless manner. See, all this nonsense started back in September during deer hunting season when Patriot Pohto, a stalwart and responsible gun owner, was in the woods with his beloved single-shot muzzleloader rifle. Then he heard something nearby that sounded like a deer so, experienced marksman that he is, Patriot Pohto sagely took a “sound shot”, which (for you liberal non-hunter types who are only reading this because you are trolling this site) means he shot his gun without actually seeing the target.

Well, lo and behold, it turned out Patriot Pohto’s shot didn’t strike a deer. No, he actually shot a 14-year-old young man in the chest and killed him. Look, shit happens. Okay, so maybe Patriot Pohto is getting up there in age, and maybe his hearing isn’t what it used to be. However, we should not let this accident be used as an excuse to carry out Dictator Obama’s mandate to use any means necessary to lock up Good Guys With A Gun and confiscate our guns.

As we here at the NSPA and our brothers in the NRA have selflessly and tirelessly pointed out over the years, we need stoic, fiercely independent, unflappable, experienced and responsible gun owners like Patriot Pohto to keep us safe from all of the threats our country faces, such as the New Black Panthers, Mexican murderers and rapists, ISIS terrorists, “government” troops coming to take away our guns and send us into FEMA camps, those young black kids who sneak up on White people to play that ‘knock out’ game, Obamacare death panels and those Godless thugs from the Bureau of Land Management.

We are establishing a ‘Go Fund Me’ account to purchase Patriot Pohto a hearing aid so he can get right back to hunting as soon as we are able to get him out of jail on appeal. We will post a link to the account as soon as we have it posted.

Cook man gets 5 years for Colorado shooting


Good Guy With A Gun learns the hard way that the heart is indeed a lonely hunter!


Christopher Kevin Butler from our Eureka Springs NSPA chapter and a proud hog hunter pleaded innocent to ridiculous first-degree murder charges yesterday in the kangaroo court also known as the Carroll County Circuit Court. See, it all started one day back in February when Patriot Butler was out hunting some hogs on property the owner permitted him to use. Well, as Patriot Butler explained to the “authorities,” he looked up and thought he saw some dangerous nut job with a gun, which he probably bought from some Mexican drug smuggler, pointed in his direction.

Well, Patriot Butler explained he “popped off a couple of rounds.” What else was he supposed to do? Other than shoot the guy with an AR-15-style rifle, we really can’t think of any other course of action. So we totally understand Patriot Butler when he said, “I felt like if I didn’t pull the trigger I was going to die.” Better safe than sorry as we always say around the NSPA headquarters.

Sure enough, the “authorities” showed up and claimed, get this, that Patriot Butler discovered this other guy was trespassing on the hunting grounds and waited in the bushes with his gun to confront him. Then after he shot and killed this guy, the “authorities” claimed he planted a P90 Ruger .45-caliber pistol near the unarmed dead man’s body in a failed attempt to provide himself a self-defense cover story.

We know Patriot Butler won’t get a fair trial because Dictator Obama has so much influence in rural Arkansas, and all of the “authorities” there are complicit in his plan to confiscate our guns and lock up Good Guys With A Gun. However, we know we have no choice except to follow our hearts and continue our hunt to make America great again no matter how lonely this path may be!

Hunter pleads innocent to murder


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to teach his crazy ass girlfriend ‘a lesson.’


Jacob Daniel Nelson from our Billings NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with one felony count of criminal endangerment all because he has an emotionally unstable and behaviorally erratic girlfriend. See, it all started the other night when Patriot Nelson was trying to enjoy the briefest moment of repose and relaxation when that objective was obliterated by the calamitous cacophony of his girlfriend’s caterwauling and countless complaints. Come on, how much is a guy expected to endure?

Well, Patriot Nelson sensibly decided to put an end to her bizarre behavior by putting his .45-caliber handgun to his head and pulling the trigger. The bullet missed Patriot Nelson’s head and lodged in a wall. Sure enough, this had its intended effect and put an end to his girlfriend’s deranged denouncements.

Unfortunately the “authorities” felt the need to stick their noses into Patriot Nelson’s business, and his girlfriend started blabbing to them and claimed she was the victim. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they totally ignored Patriot Nelson’s voice of reason as he explained to them he shot the gun because his girlfriend had been acting crazy, and he wanted to teach her “a lesson.” Sadly, the only lesson learned was that the Billings “police” department is in cahoots with Dictator Obama to round up and lock up as many Good Guys With A Gun as possible.

Man accused of shooting gun in apartment to teach girlfriend ‘a lesson’


The horrifying roundup in Key West continues while the world looks the other way!


Derek David became the second member of our Key West NSPA chapter to be arrested in the past week, providing further proof that Dictator Obama has enacted his master plan to lock up all the Good Guys With A Gun in Key West so he can establish a gateway to turn the state over to his new best buddy, Raul Castro.

Now, if you believe the biased local lamestream media, you’ll believe last week Patriot David was arrested for firing his Ruger semiautomatic .380 handgun wildly into a crowd of bystanders who tried to intervene in a drunken temper tantrum and alleged assault he was engaged in with his wife.

In addition to hijacking the narrative of what happened that night, the lamestream media is also making much of the fact that police had to confiscate a gun from Patriot David just six months ago after he was allegedly walking along Duval St. brandishing a gun in a drunken rage because he was angry at the person who took his truck without his permission while he had been drinking at Willie T’s bar.

So six months later Patriot David found himself back on Duval St. after having a few drinks with his wife when according to video surveillance footage (and you know how easily that can be manipulated nowadays) Patriot David “shoved” his wife to the ground during a drunken tantrum. Then these four busybody strangers stepped in, apparently to try to tell Patriot David how to handle his woman. Since this was in Florida Patriot David was well within his legal rights to stand his ground because there was no way for him to know what these guys were up to. So he pulled out his gun and started shooting.

Well, three of the meddlers got shot but survived and another ran away like a chicken before he could even get a superficial flesh wound so it’s not like Patriot David killed anybody. However, the “authorities” didn’t care about that and went ahead and charged him with (get this) four counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, discharging a firearm in public, violating the concealed carry permit law, resisting an officer and using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

In other words Patriot David was arrested for using his 2nd Amendment rights and for trying to maintain a sense of order in his marriage in a country where Dictator Obama is determined to destroy the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. As a result of the events of the past week, we are pulling out all of the members of our Key West chapter from Florida and are now busy locating homes where these persecuted refugee families can be relocated. Please contact us if you are able to open your hearts and your homes to these people who have lost everything except their love for guns.

Shooting suspect warned in past about carrying gun while drunk



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for fighting against Obamacare death panels!


Matthew Oden from our Belton NSPA chapter was surely coerced by thugs in the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office into pleading guilty yesterday to charges of burglary, theft of a firearm and cruelty to animals. See, according to the tall tale spun by the “authorities”, Patriot Oden broke into a house back in October, stole a firearm and shot a dog in the face before leaving the house.

Sure enough, the lamestream media helped the “authorities” bias the public against Patriot Oden, by constantly showing pictures of the dog named Meeko and claiming the mutt was a therapy dog at a nursing home.


Well, here’s what we think was really going on here. First, for a little context, in addition to our tireless gun rights advocacy work the National Small Penis Association has been working side by side for years with the Republican Governors Association to prevent nursing home and direct care workers from being able to form unions. The way we see it, this push to unionize these workers with access to many of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens who have a desperate need for quality care is all part of Dictator Obama’s plan to have an organized army of reasonably paid (thereby easily controlled and totally obedient) minions all too eager to enact the verdicts delivered by his Obamacare death panels!

Well, we are proud to say our efforts have paid off and these workers remain too disorganized, isolated and worried about the crushing financial stressors in their lives to be manipulated into acting as executioners for the Obamacare death panels. However, the progressive left is a relentless, diabolical enemy, and, as we discovered from this article, they have adapted to our defensive measure of blocking unionization of nursing home and direct care workers by getting nursing home operators to allow dogs (WTF!!!!) to provide therapy care to their residents. This is obviously an ingenious end around by the progressive left to have these dogs who lack any medical training or licensure to provide substandard, life threatening care to the nursing home residents with the expectation that most of them will die from inadequate care!

So we’re guessing Patriot Oden probably found out Meeko was one of these Obamacare death panel “therapy” dogs and decided to save the lives of countless nursing home residents by breaking into Meeko’s house and shooting him in the face. Unfortunately, Patriot Oden did not succeed in killing Meeko, who is now back in the nursing home helping to enact the will of Dictator Obama’s death panels. This is just another reminder our work here at the NSPA is never done!

Man pleads guilty in shooting of Overland Park therapy dog


Till you pull a gun on me do us part!


Edwin Hipp from our Arnold NSPA chapter was charged today with second-degree murder and armed criminal action for shooting and killing his wife of many years in their home early Thursday morning. See, according to the police report this all started when the couple got into an argument (and who do you think was responsible for initiating and escalating the argument?), and Patriot Hipp’s wife retrieved a handgun from a living room recliner.

Yes, Patriot Hipp signed on for taking his wife for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, but he sure as Hell can draw the line at her pulling a gun on him. We here on the NSPA executive council don’t care if you are a Mexican bandito or our wife for the past 60 years. If you pull a gun on us, you are going down permanently. We may not be for equal pay because we are stronger and work harder than women (and we don’t spend 32% of our time on the clock gossiping about coworkers like most women do), but we fully support women suffering equal consequences for pulling a gun on us. So, as he explained to the police, Patriot Hipp took the gun from her and shot her once in the abdomen, then put the gun to her neck and shot her again, as reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Since she was dead, there really was no point in calling for medical help. I mean, it’s not like EMS units now have the power to reanimate the dead. Eventually he got around to calling her brother to say, “You need to come over today at some time.” Then before the day was out, the police ended up in the house and found Patriot Hipp waiting to be arrested with two of his beloved guns at his side. See, when it comes to a Good Guy With A Gun, the bond with his wife stops at death while the bond with his guns lasts forever!

Arnold man, 83, charged with fatally shooting his wife in their home


Hey, how were we supposed to know?!?


Well, at first we thought it was an early April Fools joke being played on us earlier today when we got a phone call at the NSPA national headquarters about the arrest of Dan Garton from our Mills NSPA chapter for possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

See, it all started on Wednesday night when Patriot Garton was driving a Jeep and pulled into the parking lot of Wayne’s Auto & Truck Repair. Now it turns out by coincidence another driver just happened to be in the parking lot at that time. He was there on a tip he got through Facebook to retrieve his car which had been stolen the day before. By another coincidence the Facebook tipster told him his car had been dragged to the repair shop by a Jeep.

So the other driver jumped to the incorrect conclusion that Patriot Garton’s Jeep was the Jeep involved in the theft of his car so he started following it after Patriot Garton pulled out of the parking lot. Sensing the tail, Patriot Garton then chose the one sensible course of action and pulled up by the car’s driver’s side door and pointed a handgun at the driver to get him to back off. Well, one thing led to another and the “authorities” arrested Patriot Garton on the gun charge.

Here’s where we ended up with egg on our face. We found out that Patriot Dan Garton was actually Danielle Garton. Granted, our admissions process is a little lax, but there was no way for us to see this coming. Some of the NSPA executive council members demanded we institute a physical exam for all prospective members in the future. However, as we thought about it, softball season is starting soon, and Patriot Garton has been the best player on our Mills chapter’s summer league softball team for the past three years so we’re going to let this slide. After all, we like how Patrtiot Garton, whether it be Dan or Danielle, handled this situation. When it comes down to it, this world would be a better place if we could all look past our difference and focus on the common ground we all share in understanding the best way to resolve any conflict, minor or large, is to draw a gun! Welcome to the team, Patriot Garton.

Mills woman accused of pointing gun at man


Good Guy With A Gun charged with capital murder for protecting himself from the menace of an unarmed man walking toward his car!


Matthew Brent Wilson from our McCalla NSPA chapter was arrested Monday and charged with capital murder all for exercising his 2nd Amendment right to defend himself. See, it all started early Monday evening when he was minding his own business, cruising down Interstate 20/59 with his beautiful gun in the passenger’s seat. Then when he was stopped at an intersection, he looked over at the driver next to him and discovered the fates had placed somebody with whom he had a troubled history in that car.

So the two of them allegedly began to exchange words while they were both stopped at the intersection. Then the other driver got out of his car and started walking, most likely in a threatening manner, toward Patriot Wilson’s car. So put yourself in Patriot Wilson’s position. What were his options?

The cut and run crowd would say he could have simply driven away, but that would have just been kicking the can down the road. He had a history with this guy and needed to resolve it once and for all. Sure, he could have run him over, but Patriot Wilson probably didn’t choose that course of action because he probably realized he might have one of those God damn airbags made by those Godless* Japanese bastards so any front impact with the guy walking toward him could have triggered the potentially defective airbag and sent a deadly shard of metal into his carotid artery. So to play it safe, Patriot Wilson had no choice except to shoot and kill him.

Sure enough, the “authorities” showed up and shot down Patriot Wilson’s claim of self defense. They claimed, get this, the physical evidence and witness statements contradicted Patriot Wilson’s version of events and that there was probable cause to charge him with capital murder. See, that’s what these liberals due. They create a false narrative, no matter how much the facts stand in stark contrast to their ridiculous story, and peddle it relentlessly without apology or conscience to bolster their indefensible position. Sadly, Patriot Wilson sits in the Tuscaloosa County Jail as just another victim of this liberal hate machine!

McCalla man charged with capital murder in deadly I-20/59 shooting
*Shinto doesn’t count as a religion. First off, what real religion has a name that sounds like a cross between a swear word and the name of a Parker Bros. game for children 6 and under? Second, what kind of religion worships rocks, rivers, trees and animals rather than invisible people in the sky? Let’s be real!


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because of the corrosive effects of these God damn, annoying, liberal bike sharing programs!


John G. Dorsey from our Summerfield NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon all because of the liberal scourge of bike sharing programs. See, it all started when some punk juvenile, who has been raised in a politically correct, carbon-based fuel hating and sanctimoniously self satisfied bike sharing society, thought it was perfectly okay to take Patriot Dorsey’s dirt bike and ride it around the neighborhood.

See, because of the subversive influence of these liberal bike sharing programs, whose proponents drone on incessantly about reducing carbon foot prints and street congestion in major urban centers by encouraging people to use a network of shareable bikes rather than cars or buses, most people nowadays think they’re entitled to start riding any bike they happen to walk by. Well, thankfully Patriot Dorsey is old school when it comes to bikes so he started chasing after the juvenile bicycle thief and pointed his gun at him to force him to give the damn bike back.

Sure enough, once the “authorities” got involved, they made Patriot Dorsey out to be the bad guy and hauled him off to the God awful Marion County Jail where he was confined with actual real criminals. However, some good has come of this incident because it gave those of us on the NSPA’s executive council the idea to establish gun sharing programs in a number of major urban centers across America. We will be releasing a major policy paper on our plans within the next month!

Man jailed after allegedly pointing gun at juvenile in dispute over dirt bike


Good Guy With A Gun violated by five “law enforcement” officers while he was trying to take a shower with a gun!


James Adam Sherlin from our Catoosa County NSPA chapter was minding his own business last night taking a shower at his mom’s house when, get this, four Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department deputies and one Georgia State Patrol trooper barged in the house to serve him outstanding warrants for aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal trespassing and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

When Patriot Sherlin opened the bathroom door to see the cause of the commotion, one of the deputies who had absolutely no sense of decorum forced the door open and rushed into the bathroom. Well, Patriot Sherlin had no choice but to stand his ground so he jumped in the shower where he had his .22-caliber pistol. So the deputy then tackled Patriot Sherlin in the shower while the other four “officers” stood around watching their compatriot writhing around with the buck naked Patriot Sherlin covered in soapy suds while shower water soaked the deputy’s uniform, forcing the wet, sodden fabric of his uniform to accentuate his musculature. See, this is exactly the kind of stuff we were worried would happen once gay marriage became the law of the land.

Well, Patriot Sherlin had no way of knowing what these five “officers” were going to do to his manhood so he refused to allow himself to be a victim and shot the deputy and then accidentally shot himself. That allowed the other four “officers” to pile on and put Patriot Sherlin in handcuffs. Excuse our French, but where did the “authorities” recruit these five “law enforcement officers”? We’re guessing they found them at some gay S&M bar from the way they conducted themselves against Patriot Sherlin.

So now in addition to all the warrants he was facing already, Patriot Sherlin is now also facing charges of, get this, criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and obstruction of a police officer all because these “officers” wouldn’t let him have a little privacy while he was trying to take a shower with his gun! These liberal bastards think they have the right to force their will on the most intimate and private aspects of our lives. Shame on them!

Catoosa County man shoots deputy, himself during fight while being arrested


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for basically trying to stop Dictator Obama’s plan to allow Cuba to take over Florida!


Matthew Ferro from our Key West NSPA chapter was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon all because he had the gall to try to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America from a Communistic Cubano coup!

See, it all started when Patriot Ferro was driving his creme colored Cadillac pickup truck along Seven Mile Bridge and passed a suspicious looking married couple cruising on their motorcycle. Then when both vehicles reached the Bahia Honda Bridge, the fishy couple on the motorcycle zoomed past him, which led both parties to exchange rude gestures.

Patriot Ferro knew something was up with this couple so he sped after them. It turns out he was perfectly justifiably suspicious of them because, get this, their last name was Valasquez. Isn’t it interesting Diego Velazquez de Cuellar was the first Spanish governor of Cuba in 1514, and just last week Dictator Obama was palling around with Raul Castro in Cuba?

My best friends had been asking me all week why Dictator Obama was doing the wave with Dictator Castro at a baseball game, and now I know the answer. He was obviously there to plot with Dictator Castro to have this Valasquez couple, who must be the descendants of Diego Velazquez de Cuellar (the slight spelling change didn’t fool us), sneak into Key West as a vanguard strike force to take over Florida.

Patriot Ferro was on to them so to Stand His Ground for his country he drove past them and forced them off the road onto the shoulder. Then Patriot Ferro pulled up to them and pointed his fully loaded Ruger on them to halt the invasion. Well, one thing led to another and Patriot Ferro ended up in the Monroe County Jail because the invasion plans had spread so quickly into the local “law enforcement” agencies all because of the clout of Dictator Obama. It may be too late, but the only way we can stop this Cuban invasion is to get Donald Trump in the White House!

Man Accused Of Pointing Pistol At Couple On Motorcycle



Someone’s knockin’ at the door. Somebody’s ringin’ the bell. Someone’s lookin’ down the barrel of a gun!


Good Guy With A Gun Todd Lee Davis from our Ocala NSPA chapter was minding his own business Wednesday night at Buster’s Bottoms Up bar, probably to try to help some wayward young women by inviting them to accompany him to a Good Friday church service, when some dummy deputy from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office showed up and started giving Patriot Davis the third degree for simply trying to protect his property earlier that evening.

See, before going to Buster’s Bottom Up, Patriot Davis was at home, probably watching a little Fox News, when somebody started ringing his doorbell. Well, Patriot Davis went to the door and found nobody there. Then he observed two suspicious looking people, a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, walking by his house so he sensibly yelled at the them to stop or he would shoot.

The girl told the Sheriff’s office Patriot Davis walked up to the boy and pointed a gun at his head and repeatedly asked him if he was the one who rang the doorbell, according to reporting in the Ocala Star Banner. When the boy said he didn’t do it, Patriot Davis allegedly grabbed the girl by the arm, pointed the gun at her head and asked if she was the doorbell ringer.

That little brat wasn’t any help and started crying, so Patriot Davis let them go with a stern warning and a valuable life lesson about the hazzards of ringing somebody’s doorbell for immature kicks. Sure enough, when the kids went home and told their parents about the lesson they learned, one of the helicopter moms flew off that handle and ran over to confront Patriot Davis, as if he hadn’t been bothered enough already. Well, enough was enough so Patriot Davis told her he had a gun. He lifted up his shirt, showed her the weapon and said, “I’m not joking.”

So rather than take responsibility for her poor parenting skills and allowing her child to run around unsupervised with other little trouble makers, terrorizing their neighbors, this lady ran home to call the Sheriff’s department to try to get Patriot Davis in trouble. Sure enough, the gutless, gun hating goons in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office were all too happy to arrest Patriot Davis for, get this, two counts each of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery, and one count of carrying a concealed firearm.

In other words, they arrested him for providing those two brats headed for a certain life of crime the strong parental guidance they were never going to get in their own homes! Look, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes a Good Guy With A Gun to raise a child!

Man, 46, accused of pointing gun at teens suspected of ringing his doorbell


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to teach his adult son how to behave like a grown ass man!


Richard Phillips from our Lincoln County NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action for allegedly shooting his son in the back at their home after an argument. When the deputies from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office showed up after responding to a shots fired call, they found Patriot Phillips on his front porch and his wounded son at a neighbor’s house.

So then the deputies started browbeating Patriot Phillips for an explanation of what happened. Well, he reasonably explained to the deputies he shot his son because the 26-year old young man had been drinking all day, “acting disrespectful and wearing his pants too low.” In other words he shot him for acting like something other than a proud White man, if you know what we mean.

According to the police report, Patriot Phillips and his son got into an argument just before the shooting. Well, Patriot Phillips realized he had to get his son on a path to acting like a responsible, well adjusted adult so he pulled his .38 caliber handgun out of a boot and shot his son. Look, he could have either hectored his son with warnings about the limited and rapidly diminishing prospects he would have in his life if he continued acting like a White thug without having any impact on his son’s behavior or he could shoot his son in the back and have an immediate impact on his behavior. We think he chose the wise course of action.

Even after the shooting, though, Patriot Phillips’ overgrown brat son was slow to catch on and asked his father what happened. Patriot Phillips responded, “I shot you, that’s what happened.” Excuse me if I get a little misty eyed because that reminds me of many conversations I used to have with my late father, and I am forever thankful to him for what a good job he did with disciplining me and teaching me to be a proud White man because I turned out to be such a well adjusted, accomplished White man. Thanks, pops, you were the greatest!

Lincoln County man shoots adult son in back for being disrespectful, wearing pants too low, police say


Good Guy With A Gun railroaded in court with an indictment for first-degree murder based on the most ridiculous conglomeration of tenuous, circumstantial evidence ever!

plevell_1 (1)

John Joseph Plevell from our Aurora NSPA chapter woke up today as if trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare after getting indicted yesterday in the monument to malfeasance also known as the St. Louis County State District Court in Virginia, Minnesota for a crime he surely didn’t commit. Right off the bat you should know something is wrong here by the location of the courthouse. Could you possibly have a more baffling, scattershot geographic mashup than St. Louis County in Virginia, Minnesota? Just imagine how confused and misguided the citizens must be and what easy marks they must be sitting on a grand jury!

Sure enough the county prosecutor played this disoriented grand jury pool like the easy marks they are and got the first-degree murder indictment with nothing more than a weak hand of circumstantial “evidence”.

See, Patriot Plevell was accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend back in November after she had begun a relationship with a new boyfriend. So right on cue the county prosecutor trotted out the tired cliche of the standard liberal boogeyman of the deranged, revenge seeking, insecure, emotionally immature, gun obsessed ex-boyfriend. Sure enough there were endless allegations that Patriot Plevell had made a series of threats towards his ex-girlfriend and seemingly all too convenient claims from “witnesses” that Patriot Plevell had been seen in the bar where the shooting happened shortly before the shooting and that he had “suggested doing something” if he saw his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend in the bar.

Well, the facts are Patriot Plevell left the bar when the couple showed up, and later in the evening some gunman hiding behind a shed 25 feet away from the bar shot and killed Patriot Plevell’s ex-girlfriend with a deer rifle as she exited the bar with her new boyfriend.

The county prosecutor alleges the “authorities” found a shell casing and a half-smoked cigarette with Patriot Plevell’s DNA on it behind the shed where the shooter had been stationed. Then he alleged the “authorities” found a rifle and matching ammunition in the execution of a search warrant at Patriot Plevell’s home later that evening. Then to bias the grand jury, the county prosecutor made much of the fact Patriot Plevell had pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge a month earlier after he was accused of striking his ex-girlfriend with a telephone and a full beer can, which got him stuck with an abuse no-contact order.

So as you can see, this case is based entirely upon manufactured circumstantial evidence and an entirely out of context, blown out of proportion past minor indiscretion. Hell, Patriot Plevell even told the police he didn’t do it, but they weren’t going to listen because they were clearly taking their marching orders from somebody higher up. We will get to the bottom of this and make sure this Good Guy With A Gun does not get convicted!

Aurora man indicted on first-degree murder charge



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to teach his girlfriend’s 16-year old daughter “how to shoot” so she could avoid the little accident he had two years ago!


William DeHayes from our Brooksville NSPA chapter is in the news once again for an incident involving a gun. This time, though, Patriot DeHayes is actually facing charges because he was arrested for, get this, allegedly drunkenly firing a shotgun in public. (Since when did having fun become a crime?) See, all this nonsense started back on Friday evening when some crybaby liberal neighbor of his in a mobile home park called the police to whine about Patriot DeHayes firing a shotgun into the air.

The police, who couldn’t be bothered to patrol Muslim neighborhoods to look for dangerous killers, swarmed all over the mobile home park and disturbed Patriot DeHayes by knocking on his door at 10:42 PM (knocking on a door after 9:00 PM really is graceless and inconsiderate) and forcing him to come outside to give his account of the shooting. Patriot DeHayes explained he had been acting as a responsible adult by teaching his girlfriend’s daughter “how to shoot” a shotgun in a safe manner.

Well, the police were bound and determined to arrest him one way or another so they started making a big deal out of his bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Then they started bombarding him with questions about how much he had to drink. DeHayes, knowing full well that prohibition ended 83 years ago, explained he had lost track because he had been drinking beer and Crown Royal straight from a bottle since noon. Despite his cooperation with their “investigation”, they arrested him on the flimsy charge of discharging a firearm in public, a misdemeanor.

Now some of you may remember our first post on Patriot DeHayes back in July 2014 when we reported on how he accidentally shot and killed a friend’s pregnant wife at a party while showing off the old fashioned Western-style draw he had been practicing. Thankfully, Patriot DeHayes never ended up facing any charges for that accident because prosecutors in Florida refuse to bow to the anti-gun lobby and won’t prosecute for accidental shootings. That is why we are so saddened and puzzled by Patriot DeHayes’ arrest for this ridiculous misdemeanor charge. We can assure you we will get to the bottom of this miscarriage of justice and get this charge cleared from Patriot DeHayes’ record.

The one good aspect we can report about this story is that Patriot DeHayes will still be able to possess guns since the charge is only a misdemeanor. So if any reckless Muslims with guns rampage through Patriot DeHayes’ mobile home park, he will be able to keep his neighbors safe.

He Killed a Pregnant Mom—but He Still Gets a Gun


Good Guy With A Gun profiled and arrested basically for coming from a community targeted and scapegoated by irresponsible liberal politicians who try to play on the fears of the easily manipulated for cheap political gain!


Donald Ray Coleman from our Gun Barrel City NSPA chapter was arrested this morning for allegedly entering a Kaufman Wal-Mart and shooting and killing a Wal-Mart employee before unsuccessfully attempting to commit suicide. Though the alleged “victim” died at the scene of the shooting, we are greatly relieved to announce Patriot Coleman is in Critical Condition but is anticipated to pull through. Now sure enough, the “authorities” are churning out the narrative that Patriot Coleman is an emotionally volatile sociopath with a long history of violent attacks who sought to resolve a long simmering feud with the alleged unarmed “victim” by resorting to the terrifying chaos of unprovoked gun fire.

The truth is we are still waiting for the facts to be revealed, and we are sure Patriot Coleman will be vindicated if he can ever get a fair hearing. However, that is unlikely to happen because he has already been targeted and victimized by liberal politicians who are dehumanizing him by labeling him as a figure of distrust who only seeks to kill us. Furthermore, you know he will never have a chance since he comes from Gun Barrel City, Texas, which the liberal hate mongers will have us believe is nothing but a community that seethes with hatred and breeds and indoctrinates an endless wave of sub-human, gun crazed terrorists who seek to destroy us all. These shameless liberal politicians whip up this mad and potentially ungovernable hysteria for short term, ill gotten advantage.

Well, we here at the NSPA are proudly standing up to the liberal politicians who betray the fundamental values of our country and proudly standing by Patriot Coleman and the community of Gun Barrel City. We will soon be announcing details on our family vacation packages for a 5 day, 4 night trip to Gun City Barrel in August for a week of celebration of the 2nd Amendment. Please join us for days and nights of wholesome, gun related fun and fellowship.

Kaufman Wal-Mart shooting has ties to GBC



Whoa, let’s not rush to judgment because it’s only an “investigative theory” that this Good Guy With A Gun shot and killed his wife. After all, global warming is also just a misguided “investigative theory”.


Bruce Bratcher from our Greeneville NSPA chapter was unceremoniously hauled into Tennessee General Session Court this morning to stand before Judge Kenneth Bailey Jr. for a bond hearing all because the “authorities” have accused him of shooting and killing his wife before unsuccessfully attempting to kill himself. To make matters even worse, the state later in the day bumped his bond up from $200,000 to (get this!) $350,000 because Judge Bailey Jr. had “grave concerns” about “the safety of the public.” Well, truth be told, if this Judge Bailey Jr. had so much concern about the public safety, he wouldn’t be taking armed Patriots off the streets of Greeneville and locking them up in jail.

See, all this nonsense started Thursday night when the “police” responded to a 911 call to Patriot Bratcher’s home and found his 50-year-old wife dead from a gun shot and Patriot Bratcher with a gun shot wound to his head. That’s when the Sherlocks employed by the Greeneville police department arrested Patriot Bratcher under the, we would like to stress, “investigative theory” that he shot and killed his wife and then tried to commit suicide.

Well, isn’t this a convenient little narrative that satisfies the liberal lamestream media’s daily need to deliver up their favorite trope of the emotionally erratic, insecure, violent, middle aged White guy who vents his rage at the world because of his sense of social and sexual impotence by shooting a gun at a defenseless victim, typically cast as the long suffering woman in his life.

Well, if you ask us, we suspect Patriot Bratcher was actually the real victim here. See, after we closely examined his booking photo, it struck us that it looks like maybe his wife shot him but failed to kill him. After all, she was a woman so it wouldn’t be a surprise she wouldn’t know how to handle a gun properly. Then Patriot Batcher probably tried to wrestle the gun away from her. Then the gun probably went off accidentally, and his wife was dead before he knew it. Then right on cue, the spinmeisters costumed as Greeneville Police officers hijacked the narrative and fixed the case against Patriot Bratcher. Thankfully, though, the NSPA is here to expose this deceit, and we will have Patriot Bratcher free by November 8 so he can vote for Donald Trump for President so America and become great again!

Husband Appears On Murder Charge


Hey, as this Good Guy With A Gun said, “It’s the Lord’s will, not mine.” 


Billy Joe Richter from our Fayette County NSPA chapter was forced to sit through a preliminary hearing in the Pittsburgh Municipal Court on Friday to face charges of homicide, burglary, criminal mischief and five counts each of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for firing at police related to the shotgun death of his uncle back in May. Worse yet, the judge set his formal arraignment for April 16. Sure enough, we suspect there’s a lot more to this story that will never get introduced to the jury in order to make sure Patriot Richter gets carted off to jail for the rest of his life.

Now, if you believe the Assistant District Attorney, you believe Patriot Richter broke into his uncle’s home on March 20, 2015 to steal a stash of guns. In the course of the alleged robbery, Patriot Richter allegedly shot his uncle multiple times before killing him. In a moment of pure manipulative court theatrics, the Assistant District Attorney played a tape of the 911 call Patriot Richter’s uncle made to report Patriot Richter had just broken into his house to steal his guns. On the tape you can hear Patriot Richter fire a shot from a shotgun and miss him. As Patriot Richter reloads, he informs his uncle, “It’s the Lord’s will, not mine.”

Then the “authorities” showed up for an armed standoff, which led to Patriot Richter getting shot and dragged off to jail to face these charges. Here’s what we think may have really happened. We think Patriot Richter probably had the foresight to anticipate the “authorities” were coming to confiscate his uncle’s guns so he rushed over there to get them out of his uncle’s house and store them in a safe place until they would be needed for the coming showdown with the “government”.

Well, his uncle didn’t have Patriot Richter’s foresight and called the “police” because he thought his nephew was stealing the guns for his own gain. We think Patriot Richter then tried to shoot the phone out of his uncle’s hand and tried to explain to him that it was the Lord’s will for him to rescue his guns before the “authorities” confiscated them. Well, after he missed the phone with the first shot, he probably got nervous because he knew the “authorities” would be there soon. Therefore, his hands were probably shaky when he fired the second shot, which missed the phone and hit his uncle.

Sure enough, we figure the “authorities” seized on this accidental shooting and came up with this story that Patriot Richter intentionally shot and killed his uncle. As busy as we are attending Donald Trump rallies to show him our support, we will be doubling our efforts to free Patriot Richter and to reveal the truth!

Fayette County man held for trial in uncle’s shotgun slaying


Good Guy With A Gun convicted basically for trying to be prepared to defend himself from a bunch of gang members trying to lay siege to his condominium!


John Mitchell Dodrill from our Temecula NSPA chapter was sadly sentenced yesterday to six months in jail after being convicted on a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a firearm and a felony charge of possession of an illegal assault weapon. We first reported on this story in 2014 after Patriot Dodrill had been arrested and began his nightmarish descent into our country’s polluted “judicial” system.

As Patriot Dodrill tried to explain in his testimony at trial, he was minding his own business at home on a Sunday morning, sound asleep with his wife until there was an ominous knocking at the door. He explained to the judge he felt he had been placed in a situation through no fault of his own in which he “was fighting off a siege of gang members.” So he understandably confronted the threat at his door with a shotgun and put the intruders on notice by saying, “You might not want to do that again.”

Well, the judge went way out of his lane to ridicule Patriot Dodrill by making much of the fact that the gang members at the door who Patriot Dodrill made reference to were actually a 7-year-old Girl Scout selling Girl Scout cookies and her father. Look, the Girl Scouts wear uniquely colored outfits to represent their group affiliation and regularly intimidate comfortable middle class and upper-middle class people into purchasing their cookies by making them feel like cheap, heartless jerks if they don’t. That sounds like gang like activity to me!

Also, on a side note, I would like to restate my belief that the Girl Scout Thin Mint is the most overrated cookie ever. I’ve always felt that damn “cookie” tastes a schmear of toothpaste on a flavorless chip of corkboard covered in a thin sheen of cheap chocolate. I will never understand why anybody likes them. Hell, with possible exception of the Chinaman’s fortune cookie, the Girl Scout Thin Mint is the worst “cookie” in the history of cookies.

Now getting back to Patriot Dodrill’s case, this is just another example of Dictator Obama’s mission to jail as many Patriots as possible over the course of the next 10 months so he can confiscate our guns and stack the Supreme Court with his toadies before his lame duck year runs out. Good luck coming for my guns, though, because I have a bunker stocked with a year’s supply of Chips Ahoy! and Oreo Double Stuff so I can just wait it out until President Trump takes office!

TEMECULA: Man who pointed shotgun at Girl Scout selling cookies sentenced


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for defending his property from a savage Mexican dog!


Zachary Lee Johnston from our Clinton NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals all because he was forced to defend his life and property by using his shotgun to stop a vicious Mexican dog from crossing the backyard yard border between his home and his other neighbors’ homes. See, the Chihuahua is a Mexican dog named after the lawless breeding ground of depravity and debauchery more commonly known as the Mexican state of Chihuahua, which looms menacingly just across the borders of Texas and New Mexico, thereby acting as the premier gateway to the destruction of the United States of America!

See, Mexico knows its days of exporting killers, rapists and drug smugglers across the border in order to destroy the purity and piety of our Christian nation will come to an end on 1/20/2017 when Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States of America and builds a beautiful wall along the border. Therefore they have already started to switch tactics and are now trying to catch us off guard by sneaking in packs of seemingly innocent looking Chihuahua dogs, which are really diseased rabid killers just waiting for the command to attack.

So the skeptics out there might ask who would be capable of coordinating such a staggering attack on America while it sleeps. Well, isn’t it convenient that Univision cancelled Sabado Gigante back in September, and Don Francisco has suddenly seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth? Where is he? What is he doing with all of his time? What do you think?!?!?


Now that you know the facts you must ask yourself if you are ready to Stand You Ground for America against the Mexican migration of misery, madness, misfortune and mayhem like Patriot Johnston has!

Man accused in dog shooting faces new charge


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for being an armed intruder in his own home! We’ve been warning you Dictator Obama would start pulling these gun confiscations!


Michael Anthony Southerland from our Twin Falls NSPA chapter was forced the other day into making a plea agreement on an unlawful gun possession charge and now faces up to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release and $250,000 in fines all because he had a Glock 21 handgun, a Tauras 709 handgun and a Harrington & Richardson 1871 12-gauge shotgun with a sawed off barrel.

See, all this governmental scrutiny of Patriot Southerland started back in 1996 when he was charged in the double murder of his half brother and stepfather. Somebody had killed the two of them with shotgun blasts to the back of their heads. However, Patriot Southerland never got convicted for the murders, and to this day their killer is still out there somewhere.

Then three years later he was convicted of felony possession of a destructive device. That damn “conviction” stripped away his 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to own guns. Despite this government harassment, Patriot Southerland managed to find happiness when he moved in with his girlfriend last year. Well, just by coincidence, a month before Patriot Southerland moved into his girlfriend’s home, somebody snuck into the house and killed her estranged husband with a shotgun blast to the back of the head in a manner identical to the way Patriot Southerland’s half brother and stepfather had been killed 20 years earlier. What are the odds of that?

Patriot Southerland was trying to make sure another shooting didn’t take place in the house so he kept a Glock pistol holstered on his hip at all times and a shotgun in the master bedroom, according to his girlfriend. Sure, he was prohibited from owning any of these guns because of the destructive device charge, but he was simply putting the well being of his girlfriend and her daughter above his freedom. Well, a lot of good that did him because his girlfriend’s brat daughter called the police one night in October because she mistook Patriot Southerland for an armed intruder in the house.

Right on cue, the “authorities” arrived and started nosing around and found all of Patriot Southerland’s guns. Then they started making ridiculous, speculative assertions about the similarities between the killings of Patriot Southerland’s half brother and stepfather 20 years ago and the killing of his girlfriend’s estranged husband last year. Then the “authorities” started implying Patriot Southerland’s shotgun was fully loaded with ‘Zombie’ 12-gauge 2 3/4 rounds, which was allegedly the exact same round used to kill Patriot Southerland’s girlfriend’s estranged husband.

Now the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Twin Falls County Prosecutor are all hinting that Patriot Southerland is about to be indicted for the murder of his girlfriend’s estranged husband because they want to make sure they take down this Patriot before Dictator Obama’s lame duck last year in office runs out. See, that’s what this is really about. Dictator Obama wants to lock up as many Patriots as he can from now until January 20, 2017 because he knows no Patriots will be locked up once President Trump is in the White House!

FBI: Felon Has Ties to Twin Falls Unsolved Murder


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for basically not letting his gun collection go to waste!


Steven Scholz from our Oregon City NSPA chapter was arrested this weekend and charged with one felony count of unlawful use of a dangerous weapon and eight misdemeanor counts of recklessly endangering another person (whatever the Hell that means). See, this all started Saturday morning when Patriot Scholz began intentionally firing a gun inside his house multiple times and shot neighboring homes and parked cars.

Sure enough, right on cue, all of the busybody, window watching neighbors who are always poking their noses in Patriot Scholz’s business started asking why he felt the need to fire 20 to 30 rounds through the front and side of his home from the inside. One of his neighbors complained that multiple bullets ripped through her home including a bullet which barely missed her son. Another neighbor complained some of the bullets struck her daughter’s room, a garage door and her husband’s truck parked outside.

Well, Patriot Scholz had a perfectly good explanation. He said from jail, “I figured I’d just shoot at random because I had all these guns.” That makes sense to us. What’s the point of buying a cache of guns if you’re never going to use them? Besides, what would happen if you never got any practice with your guns and then the government comes to take your guns? You’re going to be rusty, and the government shock troops will walk all over you while they confiscate your guns! That’s what will happen to you.

Hell, Patriot Scholz said he was sorry and made it clear he never would have fired the gun toward his neighbors’ homes if he had known any of them were home. After all, it was a Saturday morning at 9 AM. Who in the Hell is at home at that time on a Saturday other than lazy free loaders who just want free stuff from the government?

Worse yet, Patriot Scholz knows he will get a chilly reception from his neighbors when he returns home after getting a completely unnecessary psychiatric evaluation. As he explained to a reporter about the prospect of returning home, “I know I wouldn’t feel warm in that neighborhood.” We so totally relate to what Patriot Scholz is going through. We know all too well that there is nothing worse than being surrounded by a bunch of narrow minded, judgmental, selfish, sanctimonious, ignorant fools who have a reckless disregard for the well being of others because of their childish pursuit of ridiculous fetishes in a pathetic attempt to cover up their own raging insecurities. That basically sums up what it is like being a Patriot in Obama’s America and exactly why we need to get Patriot Trump in the White House!

Oregon man explains shooting spree: ‘I figured I’d just shoot at random because I had all these guns’


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he wanted to share a drink called loneliness because it’s better than drinking alone!


Leroy Romo from our Albuquerque NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday by the New Mexico State “Police” and the Albuquerque “Police”, who apparently couldn’t be bothered with protecting our borders from the packs of Mexican rapists, killers and drug couriers who are flooding into our country every day because they were busy harassing a true American Patriot!

Look, all Patriot Romo did was approach a couple in Coronado Park to invite them to drink a beer with him. The couple rudely declined this gracious offer with the lame excuse that they were waiting for a ride and would be leaving soon. Well, understandably, Patriot Romo became angry at the rebuff so he allegedly took out a handgun and shot the woman in the neck. Before walking away, he then allegedly told the couple, “Don’t fuck with me again.”

Look, it is sad this country has become so divided and filled with hate that a couple of strangers can’t sit down and share a beer. If that couple hadn’t been so close minded and intolerant of people different from them and had accepted the offer, none of this would have ever happened. See, this kind of catastrophic divisiveness is the logical end product of the hate and scapegoating that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been whipping up amongst their dull witted, easily manipulated base. Shame on them for destroying America!

Man shoots woman in neck for not drinking beer with him, police say


Good Guy With A Gun arrested, we’re guessing, probably for doing nothing more than standing up for himself in the face of merciless teasing!


Stacy Matheny from our Cannelton NSPA chapter was hunted like an animal all day long by the disgusting degenerates disguised as Indiana State “Police” officers until he was cornered in Hancock County tonight and arrested for allegedly shooting and killing another man outside of the “victim’s” home after a brief altercation.

See, what burns us up is that the “authorities” and the liberal lamestream media in rural Indiana (look, the Jews even control the media in rural Indiana) aren’t bothering to look into the root cause of this alleged shooting. See, the other members of the Cannelton NSPA chapter vouch for Patriot Matheny as a stand up kind of Patriot so we know there is more to this story.

Here’s what we think happened. This alleged “victim” was probably some wise ass who endlessly teased Patriot Matheny for looking like the bastard child who would have been produced if Matthew Perry and Lars Ulrich were able to conceive a baby son during the course of an evening of passionate homosexual intercourse.  There’s no way Patriot Matheny would take that without putting up a fight.

Well, the NSPA executive council is here to tell any wise asses and internet trolls out there who try to throw any shade like this at us that we will stand our ground in the face of this teasing and bullying. We see what the Cossack troops sent out by socialistic communistic Bernie Sanders have been doing to peaceful Donald Trump supporters, and we’re not going to let them get away with any of that nonsense with us. It is time for this vicious name calling, like what we’re guessing Patriot Matheny faced, to end now!

Police arrest man after fatal shooting in southern Indiana


Look, the reason this Good Guy With A Gun never showed any remorse during his trial for shooting and killing his girlfriend, her daughter and his son is because deep down he really loved them, and as any Ali MacGraw or Ryan O’Neal fan will tell you love means never having to say you’re sorry.


Corey LaValley from our Dorr Township NSPA chapter was sentenced recently to 55 to 82 years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend, her 12-daughter and his 10-year old son with a single-shot shotgun while they all slept and setting their mobile home on fire.

The trial was a joke because the showboating Assistant Allegan County Prosecutor spent so much time claiming this was a premeditated, planned execution. Look, Patriot LaValley repeatedly told the court he couldn’t remember anything about the night of the shootings so where does the Prosecutor’s office get off making these unsubstantiated, hypothetical claims?

Furthermore, Patriot LaValley implied there was another side to this story, but the Allegan County Circuit Court Judge (who very conveniently was a woman, good luck getting a fair trial with her on the bench!) said there wasn’t another side and shut him down. Look, she probably wanted to get the trial over as quickly as possible so she could be home in time for ‘The Bachelor.’

Then she droned on and on about the “shocking” lack of remorse shown by Patriot LaValley throughout the trial. As I noted earlier, any fan of the movie ‘Love Story’ knows you don’t have to say in a case like this, “Hey, I’m sorry I shot these three defenseless people in the head and killed them.” See, Patriot LaValley told the court he loved his family, and like Ali MacGraw said, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” So the fact that he never openly apologized for what happened doesn’t mean he is a heartless sociopath who used a gun to snuff out three souls.

Lest anybody think I spend time watching womanly movies like ‘Love Story’, the only reason I know anything about that movie is because it is one of my mother’s favorite movies. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I have movie night with my mother, and she insists on watching ‘Love Story’ every time it’s on tv. Furthermore, I never cry at the end of it. Now frequently I might have some water coming out of my eyes toward the end of the movie, but that’s only because I’m probably having some sort of allergic reaction to all of the cat dander in the house because of all of my mother’s cats. Look, I like manly movies like ‘Red Dawn’ and ‘Over The Top’, but my mother is getting up there in age so I have to let her watch ‘Love Story’ whenever it’s on, okay! Now, maybe after she is no longer on this Earth, I might still watch ‘Love Story’ every time it’s on because it could be a way for me to keep my mother’s memory alive. That’s the only reason I would still be watching it.  I just want that to be clear.

Man who killed 3, including own son, shows no remorse for ‘horror,’ judge says


Good Guy With A Gun forced to plead guilty basically for something that was entirely the fault of his ex-wife’s actions!


Philip Seidle from our Asbury Park NSPA chapter was surely coerced on Thursday into pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the shooting death of his ex-wife back in June because nobody was able to prove he intentionally shot and killed her in a planned manner.

This is the tragic ending to the story we first reported on in June after the shooting. Just to bring any new readers up to speed, back in June Patriot Seidle explained he had to shoot bullets in the direction of his ex-wife because she had moved in with another man without telling him about these new living arrangements. Patriot Seidle was justifiably upset because how was he to know whether this new guy, who would be in the house with his children, wasn’t some unstable, insecure screwball capable of impulsive acts of violence which could put his children in harm’s way?  So Patriot Seidle went to confront his wife, one thing led to another and when it was all over she had stopped living because she had a few bullets inside of her. After the shooting, Patriot Seidle made a salient point when he sent a text to his children that said, “Your mother is dead because of her actions.” Exactly!

It is important to note in the plea deal Patriot Seidle never admitted to shooting his ex-wife. No, he admitted shooting 12 shots IN HER DIRECTION but not intentionally at her. Furthermore, he only admitted that she was shot and killed by the bullets discharged from his gun. Nowhere in all of this does he say anything about intentionally and purposefully shooting and killing his ex- wife

Typically I would add more commentary to this entry, but I am unable to do that because I am physically and emotionally drained after confronting Donald Trump protesters at Patriot Trump’s campaign rally at the I-X Center in Berea this afternoon. Sure enough there were hordes of trouble making professional agitators there spewing hateful, destructive speech about black lives mattering, loving Muslims and Mexicans, blah blah blah, etc., etc., etc.

See, these progressive provocateurs plan these calculated attacks to instigate disunion, disruption and degeneration, yet they get to walk away from the violence and hate they foment without ever being held accountable for their actions. There is nothing that makes me more sick than insecure, emotionally immature losers who don’t take responsibility for their actions!

WATCH: Seidle admits guilt (not really, NSPA editor’s note), recounts details of shooting


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to save his fiancee’s little girls from becoming screwed up liberal “adults”!


Steven Scroger from our Concord NSPA chapter was surely coerced earlier today by the “authorities” to plead guilty to two felony assault charges all because he tried to bring a little discipline and respect for authority (the right type of authority, that is) into the lives of fiancee’s six and four-year old daughters.

First, we would like to point out it is the liberal, homosexualist agenda that has destroyed the family unit and caused many real marriages to end in divorce. This is all part of their agenda because it is a known fact that the only thing more emotionally destructive than being raised by homosexual parents is being raised by divorced parents. After the liberals have separated the biological parents by destroying the institution of marriage, they know this will lead to emotionally manipulative head games played by the parents on their children in an effort to curry favor and turn them against the other parent. The liberals do this because the children who are treated as pawns in these hateful chess games will grow up to be confused, emotionally scarred adults who will be easy prey to be manipulated into the liberal camp by playing upon their insecurities and dissatisfaction with the way their lives turned out.

So Patriot Scroger saw his fiancee was not properly disciplining her six and four-year old daughters because she probably desperately wanted them to like her more than their biological father, and Patriot Scroger certainly knew their father was going to go just as easy on them for the same reason. So only Patriot Scroger was in a position to do the responsible thing and discipline the girls in order to prevent them from turning into screwed up liberal “adults”. So on February 16 he fired a BB gun at the girls “multiple times” in order to punish them, as he was forced to acknowledge to the obviously biased State Supreme Court-8th Judicial District today!

We would like to point out the BB pellets never broke the girls’ skin so it’s not like they were ever in any danger. Well, Patriot Scroger’s plan to save the girls from a lifetime of insecurities and emotional immaturity was destroyed by the girls’ busy body biological father who questioned the girls about their bruises. To the girls’ credit, they stuck with Patriot Scroger’s plan to explain the bruises were the result of insect bites in case anybody asked them. Well, the busy body dad dragged them to a medical center to discover what really happened. This was just a case of the biological father wanting to appear to be a good guy and score easy points with his daughters. Do you think this guy will ever have what it takes to properly punish these girls and save them from stumbling down a wayward path in life? No, he won’t!

So the little girls’ fates were stamped with certain defeat and despondency today when Patriot Scroger was removed from their lives. The real tragedy here is that Patriot Scroger now faces up to 14 years in prison when he has his sentencing hearing on April 27th! You know Dictator Obama is smiling somewhere today because this case means the Democrat Party is now guaranteed two more voters in the future to do their bidding!

Concord man pleads guilty to two felonies for shooting girls with BB gun


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for an unfortunate decision to vacation in Bay City, Michigan!


Scott King from our Murrieta NSPA chapter was shamefully sentenced this week to one year in jail for drunkenly waving a gun and threatening to commit murder during a stroll through Bay City’s Midland Street Historic District while vacationing in Bay City.

See, all this nonsense started back on August 7 when Patriot King, on vacation from California, went out for a harmless night of drinking with his sister. Well, to make a really long story short, within a couple of hours Patriot King was brandishing a snub-nosed .38-caliber revolver outside of Lucky’s Bar and announced to a bystander, “There’s gonna be a murder tonight in Bay City.”
(Look, if you’ve ever been to Bay City, you completely understand the sentiments.) So right on cue the Bay City “police” who apparently had nothing more important to do showed up and chased down Patriot King

Then the Bay County Prosecutor’s office had to pipe in and try to hijack the narrative of this case by delivering a prudish lecture on the “dangers” of mixing alcohol and firearms. Give me a break! The real danger here is mixing the squandering of hard earned vacation time with a trip to Bay City, Michigan. If there ever was justification for drunkenly brandishing a gun in public, it would be for coming to the awful realization that you traveled from California to vacation in Bay City! #freepatriotking

Calfornian gets year in jail for drunkenly waving gun, threatening murder


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because we’re sure he has been a victim of bullying for his entire life! Where are all of the sanctimonious liberals who drool for the opportunity to appear in an anti-bullying public service announcement?!?!?


Anthony Fagiano from our Bozeman NSPA chapter was arrested early this morning by the Bozeman “police” department and charged with deliberate homicide after he allegedly shot and killed his estranged girlfriend and then texted her ex-husband to taunt him about the murder. The police found his estranged girlfriend’s corpse in a closet and discovered she had been shot in the head and stomach.

Well, sure enough, they initiated a relentless manhunt, captured Patriot Fagiano and threw him in jail like he was a common criminal. To kill any chance of a fair trial in front of an impartial jury, the Bozeman “police” department started babbling to the press about the two restraining orders his estranged girlfriend had placed against him and his “confession” that he had been thinking about killing her for several months. They also shared Patriot Fagiano’s admission of his recent theft of the rifle he used to kill her and the assistance he provided with recovering the weapon.

In all of the salacious coverage of this case not a single soul has shown the least bit of empathy toward Patriot Fagiano and the trauma from the unending bullying he has surely endured all of his life, which definitely forced him to commit this shooting. Look, the man’s last name is Fagiano so we’re not even going to bother listing the litany of lewd, linguistic lashings he has certainly suffered from the moment his peers gained the most rudimentary usage of language skills. Couple this with the fact that he has a stunningly small penis, and you will be able to place his actions in a completely rational and understandable context.

So ultimately this case is really about the long term, catastrophic consequences of bullying. As a result of this, the National Small Penis Association is preparing to release a major policy paper on our plans to end all bullying on school playgrounds by advocating for all school aged children to be allowed to carry guns during all lunch and recess periods. Nothing stops a bully more effectively than a Good Kid With A Gun!

Man ‘broke into estranged girlfriend’s home and shot her dead as she hid in the closet’ before texting confession to her ex-husband


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply trying to provide a deputy a little cover during a traffic stop!


David Michael O’Connor from our Byron NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department in a stunning show of a lack of gratitude and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and attempted aggravated murder of a police officer. See, according to the “authorities”, Patriot O’Connor fired a shot with his rifle from his apartment window at a Genesee County deputy’s patrol car while the deputy was conducting a traffic stop in a store parking lot across the street. Patriot O’Connor’s shot shattered two windows on the patrol car.

Sure enough, the “authorities” swarmed into Patriot O’Connor’s apartment and arrested him on the spot. Then they began whining to the media about how this case emphasizes the dangers law enforcement officers face all the time now, even when they are making a routine traffic stop.

Well, the irony here is we’re guessing the reason Patriot O’Connor was even pointing his rifle at the patrol car in the first place was probably because he understood the dangers law enforcement officers face all the time, even when they are making a routine traffic stop, so he wanted to provide a little unsolicited backup to the deputy in case the driver he pulled over tried anything funny because you never know what kind of an unstable lunatic you might come across.

Well, maybe Patriot O’Connor sneezed or something and accidentally pulled the trigger on his rifle. However, the “authorities” never bothered to consider this plausible explanation and locked up a Patriot who had their back, thereby making the streets they patrol even more dangerous. Once again, these gun hating liberals show a self destructive lack of foresight and self awareness on the consequences of their foolhardy and impulsive policies!

Deputies: Byron Hotel resident shot at officer


Good Guy With A Gun convicted basically for cleaning his AR-15 while his wife sat too close to him!


Skylar Nemetz from our Lakewood NSPA chapter was shockingly found guilty this past Thursday of first-degree manslaughter with a firearm enhancement and is now facing 11.5 to 13.5 years in prison all because the gullible jury fell for the prosecutor’s hocus pocus.

See, the fact is Patriot Nemetz completely accidentally shot and killed his wife while he was cleaning his AR-15 rifle, which he didn’t think was loaded. However, Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist saw an opportunity to make a name for himself by taking down a Patriot and having him carted off to jail so he concocted a doozy of a story about the shooting. He lured the jury into a lurid tale of jealousy and infidelity that led to murder.

See, he claimed Patriot Nemetz returned home from military training and discovered alcohol at their home. Well, after a conversation with his wife, he found out a man had purchased the alcohol for her. Then prosecutor Lindquist claimed Patriot Nemetz had become convinced the alcohol was an indication his wife had been cheating on him, which then led him to become so angry that he shot his wife in the back of the head while she sat at her computer.

Now we don’t believe for a moment this story is true, but if Patriot Nemetz’s wife had been cheating on him, well, it could be said God delivered his judgment through this accidental shooting. If you will open your Bible to Hebrews 13:4, you will clearly see the Good Book says:

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Look, that’s the Lord’s word so you could say she brought this accident upon herself if she had been cheating. Should it be any surprise, though, in Dictator Obama’s Muslim America the Lord’s word provides no defense in our corrupt court system? No, it certainly shouldn’t be a surprise so that’s why the NSPA remains ever vigilant!

Former soldier convicted of manslaughter in shooting death of wife


Good Guy With A Gun arrested because of Dictator Obama’s and the IRS’s burdensome, job-killing, criminally complicated tax code!!!!


Thomas Miner from our Greenwood NSPA chapter was arrested and charged recently with attempted murder even though he really wasn’t at fault here if you look at the bigger picture, which the liberal “lamestream” media is simply incapable of doing because they are always pushing their gun hating agenda and doing everything they can to do the bidding of Dictator Obama.

See, the mindless worker drones from the Greenwood Sheriff’s Office arrested Patriot Miner after they found a “victim”, who had been shot in the torso and the leg, lying among a row of cypress trees along the edge of Patriot Miner’s property. Then some window watching, busy body neighbor who has nothing better to do than meddle in everybody else’s business (you know the type) ran up to them and tattled on Patriot Miner for being the person who placed the bullets in the “victim”.

Sure enough these tax payer funded “law enforcement” officers (yeah, right) forced Patriot Miner from his home and treated him to God knows what kind of brutal interrogation. So they piece together this account that Patriot Miner and the “victim” had gotten into an argument on Patriot Miner’s front porch. Well, God knows what kind of verbal abuse the “victim” began spewing because Patriot Miner had no choice but to begin hitting him. Then, the “victim”, who probably instigated this scuffle, compounded his cowardice by trying to run away to the safe confines of his car. So Patriot Miner pulled out his gun and shot at him multiple times, striking him three times, before he could drive away and avoid accountability for his actions.  

In an act of shocking malfeasance and professional misconduct, the “law enforcement” officials completely disregarded the REAL cause of the altercation and the shooting.  See, this all started because Patriot Miner and the “victim” had gotten into an argument over filing income taxes. As the annual execution date for initiative and entrepreneurship approaches on April 15, Patriot Miner rightly felt soul searing rage over the fact that Dictator Obama and the IRS were coming to take away his money so they can give it to non-White freeloaders in exchange for their votes. Also, isn’t it convenient that this case was “investigated” by public union employees who are paid with hard earned and easily stolen tax dollars? Do you think for a moment they are going to hold the real culprits here accountable, which would ultimately stem the flow of tax dollars into their coffers? Now maybe you’re starting to connect the dots!

SC man shot during ‘income tax filing’ argument, deputies say



Good Guy With A Gun arrested because his girlfriend acted like a typical woman around a gun!


Kelly Hamilton from our Bladenboro NSPA chapter has somehow been arrested and charged with murder by the criminally inept doofuses in the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office. To make matters worse, they’re holding him without bond, like he’s some sort of dangerous criminal.

See, it all started one night last month when Patriot Hamilton found himself stuck at home watching a movie with his girlfriend, who was probably making him watch some stupid woman movie like ‘Maid in Manhattan’ or ‘Made of Honor’ or ‘27 Dresses’. So if that wasn’t bad enough, he had to put up with her not knowing how to handle a gun. Or in other words, he had to put up with her acting like your run of the mill, typical woman.

See, as he tried to explain to “the authorities” when he called 911, his girlfriend had accidently shot herself with his gun when she moved the weapon from the coffee table he had set it on. If anything, this incident shows you need to teach any woman in the house in addition to any children in the house the importance of not playing with guns and only letting the man of the house handle any guns.

Well, sure enough, the bumbling fools dispatched to investigate the incident completely botched things. It’s like they sent the characters from those ‘Police Academy’ movies to investigate the scene. Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me laugh harder than those ‘Police Academy’ movies, but would you want those characters investigating a situation like this? I don’t think so.

If you want to know why you don’t want bumbling fools, even if they are lovable, conducting investigations, just check out this statement from Bladen County Sheriff James McVicker, “After further investigation in this case, we have determined the physical evidence at the scene was not consistent with the account given by Mr. (Patriot) Hamilton. Based on our investigation, we have charged (Patriot) Hamilton with the murder of Ms. McLamb.”

Even if one of the investigating officers had been really good at making sound effects with his mouth, there sure as HELL isn’t anything funny about this miscarriage of  justice!

Bladenboro man charged with murder


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for playing with his cats!


Cody Jay Haberman from our Big Lake NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with, get this, two felony pet torture counts from a harmless incident of horseplay with his cats all the way back in November. See, the local lamestream media, ably assisted by the incompetent local “law enforcement” nitwits, reported Patriot Haberman blinded his ex-girlfriend’s adult cat in the left eye with a pellet from an Airsoft gun. Then they claimed he beat the cat with a broken golf club and shot thumb tacks through a straw at it. To top it all off they also claimed they found a kitten bound in electrical tape.

Look, if he had wanted to really hurt the cat he would have used a real gun. As for the thumb tacks and the broken golf club, well, he probably didn’t have money to buy fuzzy toys or squeaky toys because he probably lost a job because his employer was probably financially crushed by Obamacare and probably had to fire him because of this so that’s on Dictator Obama.

As for the kitten bound in electrical tape, Patriot Haberman was probably making a funny cat video titled “Mummy Kitten” or something like that. Who wouldn’t be charmed by a cute video about Mummy Kitten? You would have to be a mean, cold hearted son of a bitch not to be amused by Mummy Kitten. See, there are some sociopath bastards out there who would click the “thumbs down” button on a Mummy Kitten video.

We are sending our chief legal advisor to Minnesota tomorrow so we can get Patriot Haberman out of jail and reunited with his cats as soon as possible!

Man arrested for allegedly shooting, beating and binding cat in New York Mills


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for indirectly keeping his neighbor safe from a home invasion!


Shawn Szczepkowski from our Colonie NSPA chapter was arrested recently and charged with reckless endangerment all because of a minor accident he had with his gun one night in his home. See, Patriot Szczepkowski was acting as a responsible gun owner by cleaning his gun to ensure it worked properly when the gun accidentally discharged a bullet. It probably wasn’t Patriot Szczepkowski’s fault the gun discharged in the first place. See, he was probably watching Fox News and got angry over a story about Hillary Clinton lying about Benghazi or her e-mails. Can you blame him if his body tensed with anger and caused his finger to press against the trigger while thinking about Hillary? No, you couldn’t blame him.

Well, the bullet from his gun went into his neighbor’s bedroom and struck the headboard of his neighbor’s bed. Look, even though the neighbor was in bed at the time, the neighbor didn’t even get a scratch so we would like to point out the neighbor was never in any danger. So, when you think about it, what’s the big deal? Sure, the lamestream media and local “authorities” are treating Patriot Szczepkowski like a criminal now, but they would have feted him as a hero if that very same bullet had struck and disabled a dangerous black man or a dangerous Mexican man or a dangerous Muslim man who was breaking into his neighbor’s home.

We would like to know who will keep that neighbor and everybody else in the neighborhood safe in the future when one of these dangerous types comes calling. Well, it sure won’t be Patriot Szczepkowski because “the authorities” have confiscated his gun and have locked him up in jail. The most infuriating aspect of this story is the fact that Patriot Szczepkowski is in jail, but Hillary Clinton isn’t. Wake me up when it’s over!

Colonie man accused of shooting gun through neighbor’s home, into occupied bedroom


Good Guy With A Gun sacrificed on the altar of political correctness for shooting and killing a dangerous (i.e., black) man who was armed with a retractable painter’s stick!


Aaron Smith from our Birmingham NSPA chapter (which happens to be the second NSPA chapter established after our founding chapter in Akron) and a brave Birmingham police officer, no less, was somehow charged with murder today by the gutless Montgomery County District Attorney in order to appease the political correctness police who are now running and ruining this country.

See, it all started last week when Patriot Smith was patrolling the streets of Birmingham at 3 A.M. when, as noted in a police report of the incident, he drove up on a “suspicious” looking man (he was a black man after all) walking down a residential street toward the home he shared with his 87-year-old mother.

Now it took a lot of bravery for Patriot Smith to get out of his car to confront this suspicious looking 58-year-old black man because it appeared  he was armed with a dangerous weapon. Yeah, we learned after the shooting it was only a retractable painter’s stick, but at 3 A.M. it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You never know what kind of half-cocked, insecure, emotionally unstable, cold blooded killer you might come across in a situation like this.

Well, we’re still waiting for the results of the investigation, but something happened that forced Patriot Smith to get into a struggle with the man. Then this guy must have done something pretty serious because Patriot Smith obviously had no choice but to shoot him repeatedly until he died.

That was when the omnipresent political correctness police took over the investigation which resulted in today’s announcement of the murder charge. Thankfully, Patriot Smith is being represented by Mickey McDermott, a real fighter, who summed up the status of this case perfectly, “This is on the back of a 23-year-old police officer working by himself in a high crime area, with a larger man who ran. We’re sorry for the loss of this man, but he brought it on himself.”

Yes, the larger black man brought it on himself, but in the topsy-turvy world of Dictator Obama’s America, it is Patriot Smith who is taking the fall. This won’t happen when Trump is in charge. Let’s just hope he makes our good friend David Duke the Attorney General. Then we can officially say we have taken our country back!

Alabama Police Officer Charged With Murder in Death of Unarmed Black Man


The National Small Penis Association is proud to announce today that we are breaking down barriers and taking a bold step into the future by offering a membership to our first not totally White (and probably not Christian, we’re guessing) member!

Kamiran Bakir

Kamiran Bakir from West Fargo sure got our attention today, and though he is not White (based on his name and just looking at him, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what he is), and we’re pretty sure he’s not Christian (I mean, just look at him), we are offering him membership to the NSPA. See, we now understand we need to let in a few select non-White, non-Christian members because Dictator Obama has been locking up so many White, Christian, real American Patriots that we won’t have an organization left much longer unless we do something drastic (like letting somebody named Kamiran join us).

Though his name and skin tone did cause us a moment of pause, he has the type of heart and character that appeals to us, and that’s good enough for us every once in a while. See, a member of our West Fargo NSPA chapter called us after reading a newspaper article in today’s West Fargo Pioneer about soon-to-be-Patriot Bakir being arraigned last week in Cass County District court on a felony charge of terrorizing.

Now up until today we would have been the first to believe somebody who looks like soon-to-be- Patriot Bakir is a terrorist. However, a review of the facts shows us he is no terrorist. No, he is a Patriot!

See, back on February 21 Patriot Bakir allegedly pulled a loaded gun on his 16-year-old daughter and threatened to kill her because she told him she is a homosexual. According to a police report, soon-to-be-Patriot Bakir’s daughter said he told her, “she was lucky she isn’t 18 because he would have put a bullet in her head.” Look, what’s so wrong about a Patriot trying to scare his child straight (literally and figuratively) with a gun to prevent her from suffering for all eternity in Hell? Nothing, if you ask us. It’s the responsible thing to do.

As the West Fargo Pioneer reported, a relative told police soon-to-be-Patriot Bakir was troubled by his daughter’s sexual orientation because of his religion, which police believe to be Islam according to court documents. Well, we guess that just goes to show that Islam isn’t a completely worthless false religion.

We would say Kamiran Bakir is kind of like the Jackie Robinson of the NSPA except for the fact that our stomachs turn when you put it like that. Let’s just say this is the dawn of a new day for the NSPA and leave it at that.

Police: West Fargo man pulled gun on daughter because she’s a lesbian


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he can’t use Scotchgard to protect his carpet because of God damn government regulations!


Nathan L. Bumgardner from our Springfield NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday for shooting and killing his girlfriend’s black Labrador after he allegedly got in an argument with her. He then allegedly put the dog’s corpse on a brush pile in the backyard and set it on fire.

However, the real story is that the argument started because his girlfriend’s dumb dog pooped on Patriot Bumgardner’s carpet and stained it. Hell, have you ever seen how big black Labradors are? Just imagine the size of their bowel movements and the amount of damage those dumps can do to a carpet! Now get this. “The authorities” went ahead and charged Patriot Bumgardner the next day with animal abuse and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon. WTF?!?!

Sure enough, the local lamestream media is trying to control the narrative of this story by presenting Patriot Bumgardner as an emotionally abusive, bullying, alcoholic, erratic thug who vents his rage at the world through the irresponsible use of a firearm because haters are simply going to hate.

The truth, we’re guessing, is that this shooting wasn’t Patriot Bumgardner’s fault. See, we’re putting the blame on government regulations that strangle chemical corporations. Back in 2000 the 3M chemical corporation announced it would stop using perfluorooctane sulfonate in Scothgard all because of (what we feel were unfounded) claims by “scientists” that this chemical was seeping into the bloodstreams of consumers and possibly causing long term destructive health consequences. In other words, the Clinton administration’s business hating, egg head brigade of job killing regulators applied a little muscle on 3M and forced them to deep six the perfectly harmless perfluorooctane sulfonate.

Well, ever since then Scothgard has been a worthless product so Patriot Bumgardner had no way of protecting his carpet. If the Clinton administration hadn’t destroyed Scotchgard, Patriot Bumgardner probably would have had a well protected carpet, and that dog’s massive bowel movement would have slid right off the carpet with no staining. However, thanks to our corrupt “judicial” system, poor Patriot Bumgardner is the one being held accountable for the consequences of government overreach and over regulation. This is just another reason why we must get Donald Trump in the White House. #letsmakethewhitehousewhiteagain

Springfield man shot dog then set it on fire, deputies say

3M and Scotchgard: “Heroes of Chemistry” or a 20-year coverup?



Good Guy With A Gun arrested simply for teaching his daughter the importance of creative play!


Justin Ryan Jones from our Austin NSPA chapter was arrested last week for accidentally shooting and critically injuring his daughter in their home on February 4. Get this, he was charged with a first-degree felony of injury to a child and is now stuck in the Bell County Jail with a $25,000 bond hanging over his head. Hold on, though, because it gets even worse. Right on cue the liberal, family hating trouble makers, more commonly known as Children’s Protective Services, swooped right in to start snooping around and took Patriot Jones’ children away from him and turned them over to his parents.

However, a closer review of the facts of this case reveals this is all just another classic case of big government overreach and government meddling into a family’s private ass business! See, it all started on the evening of February 4 when Patriot Jones was just harmlessly horsing around with his 7 and 6-year-old sons and his 9-year-old daughter.

See, Patriot Jones had taken out his handgun for a little imaginative play with his young children. If you do a review of childhood development research journals, you know how vitally important opportunities for imaginative play during the pre-teen years are for the development of emotionally healthy and well educated adults. Well, Patriot Jones was making sure his children had plenty of imaginative play so he pretended to shoot his handgun at them. See, his sons like the clicking sound made whenever he pulls the trigger so he was simply trying to amuse them in an imaginative way.

Well, it turns out there was actually a bullet in the gun so when he pulled the trigger a bullet accidentally discharged from the gun and ended up in his daughter’s torso. Look, with the advances made in medical technology over the past 10 years, she was really never in any danger. So she went through multiple surgeries and got to spend a lot of time chilling out in the critical care unit. Look, if anything, she is safer in the future because what are the chances that she’ll be accidentally shot in the torso a second time?

Sadly, “the authorities” in Texas have never been acquainted with accountability so they are getting away with destroying Patriot Jones’ life. Furthermore, think about what a negative effect being taken away from her father will have on his daughter’s emotional development! Shame on the Bell County Sheriff’s department and the Bell County Children’s Protective Services! You have scarred this young girl for life!

Texas dad pretends to shoot his 9-year-old daughter — and then accidentally shoots her in the chest


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for trying to teach his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter how to stay cool in a crisis situation!


David Domaracki from our Scott Township NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday night and charged with multiple charges, including making terroristic threats and simple assault, all because he tried to teach his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter how to respond in a crisis situation.

See, it all started earlier in the evening when Patriot Domaracki’s longtime girlfriend told him she wanted to end their relationship. Even though Patriot Domaracki had allegedly been drinking heavily before this emotional bombshell, he still had the good sense to recognize he could turn this into a teachable moment for his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter. Patriot Domaracki probably figured it would be good to prepare her for what to do if she ever finds herself in the middle of an active shooter situation at her high school.

So Patriot Domaracki allegedly put a revolver to his head and threatened suicide. According to the police report, Patriot Domaracki then put the revolver down, probably hoping that the 16-year-old girl would have the intuition to grab it. However, Patriot Domaracki’s girlfriend complicated the situation by grabbing the gun.

Well, Patriot Domaracki is quick on his feet like a good improv comedy actor, so he just rolled with this and lunged at his girlfriend with a bayonet knife. He then pointed at another gun on a table and announced he would do whatever it took to get her to shoot him. His girlfriend just continued to yell while holding the gun.

See, the dumb girlfriend was ruining the exercise and with all the hysterics she caused her daughter to run out of the living room to hide in her bedroom. Well, Patriot Domaracki probably didn’t want her to get in the habit of always taking such passive action so he put the bayonet down and ran to her doorway with another gun pointed to his head. The police said he cocked the hammer of the gun and put it into her hands. Then to really make an impression, he yelled, “Take me out of my misery.” Well, the girl passed the cool under fire test because she didn’t fire the gun. With work done, Patriot Domaracki took the gun back and walked back to the living room.

Without him knowing it, though, the little, ungrateful tattletale called the police. Usually it takes lethargic, lazy “law enforcement” officials at least an hour to respond to most calls. However, in this case, they arrived immediately because they wanted to confiscate this Patriot’s guns, and boy did they hit the mother load. Before their larcenous labors were over that evening, they had managed to confiscate 30 firearms and 40,000 rounds of ammunition from the apartment. In addition to that they actually confiscated a couple of dangerous weapons, two swords and six knives, with which the young girl could have hurt herself.

The old adage about no good deed going unpunished is certainly true because Patriot Domaracki sits tonight in the Lackawanna County Prison while waiting for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, where we’re sure he will get a fair trial….NOT!
Weapons seized after police accuse man of threatening girlfriend with bayonet knife


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply loving his cat too much!


Eric Napoli from our Walker Valley NSPA chapter was convicted of aggravated animal cruelty today in the kangaroo court also known as the Ulster County Court and now faces up to two years in a freaking New York state prison all because he avenged his beloved cat’s death just like Charles Bronson would have if a dog had killed his wife in one of those Death Wish movies.

See, back in April “the authorities” arrested Patriot Napoli in connection with the fatal shooting three days earlier of his housemate’s 6-year-old Husky dog named Luna, according to the Daily Freeman newspaper. Patriot Napoli allegedly tied the dog to a tree, shot it with a shotgun and then buried it in his yard.

Now, sure enough, the county prosecutor tried to turn this into a real sob story by bringing the dog’s owner on the stand and having her testify that she adopted the dog years ago after it was abandoned and tied to a tree. Then to really manipulate the jury, the county prosecutor had her testify she loved the dog as much as if it had been her daughter.

In a pathetic attempt to make Patriot Napoli look like a bad guy the prosecutor had her testify he had texted and called her at work multiple times on the day of the shooting to warn her he was going to “fucking kill” the dog if she didn’t return home immediately and bring it to the pound. Well, to make a long story short, Patriot Napoli ended up shooting and killing the dog.

However, Patriot Napoli provided a perfectly good explanation for the shooting. See, he testified he came home and found the dog standing over his deceased cat. So he was totally justified in shooting the dog. Right on cue, though, the nagging county prosecutor started playing with semantics and forced Patriot Napoli under cross examination to admit he didn’t witness the cat die and that he never saw the dog act aggressively toward his cat in all the years they lived together. Furthermore, he forced Patriot Napoli to testify that he owns a pit bull terrier which also lives at the house.

Well, the jury fell for the prosecutor’s tricks and found Patriot Napoli guilty. This shouldn’t come as any surprise that the county political machine would want to take down a Good Guy With A Gun. After all a review of the county’s voting statistics shows in 2004 John Kerry defeated George W. Bush by 54-43%, in 2008 Barack Obama defeated John McCain by 61-38% and in 2012 Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 60-37%. First off, how in the hell was Patriot Napoli ever going to get a fair trial by a jury of his peers in a corrupt and amoral county like this? Also, the county’s back room machine bosses surely wanted to get Patriot Napoli thrown in jail so he won’t be able to vote for Donald Trump in November because they need to deliver some political payback to Hillary for all of the pork barrel projects and graft she surely funneled to Ulster County while she ran her crime syndicate out of her office as a U.S. Senator from New York.

Please teach these Ulster County Democrat Party thugs a lesson and make sure Donald Trump wins New York’s 29 electoral college votes!

Man convicted in Ulster County Court of killing housemate’s dog




Good Guy With A Gun arrested for following logical gun safety practices!


Jordan Tyler Nelson from our Billings NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and hauled into Yellowstone County Justice Court to face a bogus felony count of criminal endangerment and a bogus misdemeanor DUI charge. In other words “the authorities” wanted to cook up any excuse they could to confiscate a gun from a true Patriot.

See, all this nonsense started yesterday when some busybody who didn’t have anything more important to do called the police to whine about hearing a gunshot downtown. So the on duty police officers who apparently didn’t have anything more important to do sped on over to an Albertson’s grocery store parking lot and rolled up on Patriot Nelson’s pickup truck.

So the first “officer” on the scene tried to act like a tough guy and accused Patriot Nelson of being intoxicated just because Patriot Nelson had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Look, all Patriot Nelson had was half a bottle of NyQuil and two Twisted Tea beverages. We’re guessing Patriot Nelson had a really bad cold or something. When did it become a crime for having a cold?

In regard to the gunshot that the nervous nelly called about, Patriot Nelson explained after he “took a piss” in the parking lot (maybe he has some sort of serious urinary tract infection, and when did it become a crime to have a urinary tract infection??!) he pointed his gun straight up in the air and fired it.

Look, Patriot Nelson told the “police” that he was “safe” with firearms. He explained he fired straight up because that was “the best direction to fire the gun in the city.” Who in the world other than Hawkman and Hawkgirl could he have possibly struck with the gunshots? So why even bother charging him? Hell, they didn’t even bother to listen to Patriot Nelson’s explanation that he didn’t even know the gun was loaded. He explained maybe his children, a 4-year-old or a 10-month-old, could have loaded it. So how can you hold Patriot Nelson accountable for something one of his irresponsible children did?

Well, the fix was in so “the authorities” arrested him and took away his .40-caliber gun, which was their plan all along. Now Patriot Nelson faces up to 10 years in prison for the criminal endangerment charge and up to six months in jail for the DUI charge. Well, that shouldn’t be a surprise because it is now a crime to be a Good Guy With A Gun in Obama’s America!

Man accused of firing gun in Billings, thought straight up was safest direction to shoot


Like father, like sons! They’re going to make America great again!


While we still miss the recently departed Jeb! from the campaign trail, we are delighted by the winning ways of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate we are now endorsing for President. Better yet, his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are stalwart members of our Manhattan NSPA chapter, and we were thrilled to see proud papa Trump give them props for their love of guns during his victory speech after his runaway win last night in the Nevada caucus.

Big Daddy Donny said, “He (Donald Jr.) loves the rifle stuff. This is serious rifle. This is serious NRA, both of them, both of them. We love the Second Amendment folks, nobody loves it more than us, so just remember that.”

Sure enough, there were plenty of haters and internet trolls slamming the Donald for his poor grammar (….nobody loves it more than us,…), but he was just trying to relate to the poorly educated voters he loves so much for comprising such a large part of his base.

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have repeatedly displayed their courage by shooting and killing big-game animals armed only with high powered firearms and the assistance provided by well paid professional animal trackers and hunters. Their success in increasing their self esteem despite their small penises by using big guns to kill big animals has inspired us to initiate a new program to take insecure, small penised White men from big cities and send them to Africa on expensive, luxury hunting excursions as a way to bolster their self esteem. It’s kind of like those programs which take colored little kids from the inner-city and send them out to the country for a week to grow as individuals or something like that. We will have more details on this program soon!

Donald Trump declares ‘I love the poorly educated’ as he storms to victory in Nevada caucus

Here’s Your Reminder That Donald Trump’s 2 Sons Are Also Big-Game Hunters



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply trying to protect his privacy while having a little birthday celebration!


Justin David Hann from our Killeen NSPA chapter was arrested this past Thursday and unceremoniously dumped into the Bell County Jail under the charge of deadly conduct discharging a firearm all because he had to protect his privacy and get his nag of a wife out of his belated birthday celebration.

See, here’s what happened. Patriot Hann had his 26th birthday the day before all this trouble went down. Well, Patriot Hann’s wife obviously didn’t fulfill her Christian wifely duties on the birthday night because Patriot Hann was forced to find comfort and joy in the arms of another woman the following night.

Earlier that evening Patriot Hann and his wife must have gotten into some sort of a confrontation, which we’re sure was her fault, because she stormed out of the house, probably in an overly melodramatic manner like so many attention seeking women do. Well, with the joy killing nag finally out of the house, Patriot Hann probably figured it was time to get the party started.

Unfortunately, Patriot Hann’s wife later marched back into the house to get some clothes because she was going to be staying with a friend for a while (which was probably the greatest birthday present Patriot Hann could have hoped for). Well, surprise surprise, she walked in on Patriot Hann having a belated birthday celebration with another woman. So his wife started to cause a scene and tried to violate their privacy by taking their picture on her cell phone. Talk about nerve. Well, Patriot Hann put a stop to that by grabbing the phone and breaking it.

Sure enough, his wife only became more emotional and disruptive so Patriot Hann had to cool the situation down immediately before it got out of control. So he pulled out his gun and shot it in her direction. Look, the bullets didn’t strike her so he obviously had no intention of shooting her so we don’t see what the big deal is. However, just like in countless communities across America, “the authorities” felt it was a big deal and they wasted no time in taking down this Good Guy With A Gun.

We would like to point out that Patriot Hann and his wife never had this kind of trouble before the liberal wing of the Supreme Court shoved gay marriage down our throats. See, we told you gay marriage would destroy real marriages all across America! Are you listening to us now?

Killeen: Shot fired after wife catches husband with another woman


Lamestream media covers up the obvious cause of the Kalamazoo shootings: Hillary Clinton!

Well, the lamestream media sure has been making hay in pushing its Un-American, anti-gun agenda by tearing apart Jason Dalton from our Kalamazoo NSPA chapter after he was arrested Sunday for allegedly shooting and killing 6 people during the course of his Saturday night shift as an Uber driver. What’s interesting, but not the least bit surprising, is the role this lamestream media has played in covering up Hillary Clinton’s role in these shootings by using the magician’s art of misdirection by keeping the focus on Patriot Dalton.

See, as Uber reported today, Patriot Dalton had been driving for them since January, had a stellar 4.73 customer rating and had a clean criminal record so there was no indication he would be capable of such a shooting spree. So what would have caused him to be filled with enough angst and anguish to start shooting and killing people indiscriminately?

Well, Patriot Dalton probably felt hopeless about his long term career prospects of driving for Uber because of the potential trouble being caused by that Marxist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who had been extolling the virtues of state control of production by advocating for capping the number of Uber drivers to be allowed to drive in the city. This was clearly the initial step in a Communistic plan intended to be expanded country wide in multiple industries to destroy America. This just happens to be the same Bill de Blasio who was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 run for her New York Senate seat. This just happens to be the same Bill de Blasio who just gave his endorsement for Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat Party’s Presidential nominee for 2016. Do we need to spell this out any more clearly for you?

See, we here at the NSPA national headquarter are able to connect the dots, and we could see where all of this was clearly heading. No doubt Patriot Dalton came to the same conclusion and decided to act before Hillary and her Marxist thugs could finish enacting their plan. It’s so obvious, but you will never see any coverage of these facts in the lamestream media. Hell, even News Busters and The Blaze haven’t picked up on this yet. So once again you can thank the NSPA for bringing you the truth you can’t find anywhere else.

Uber saw ‘no red flags’ in Kalamazoo shooting




After 24 hours of soul searching and resolute Christian prayer, the National Small Penis Association’s Executive Council has decided to endorse Donald Trump for President for 2016. While we are still grieving for Jeb! Bush’s defunct Presidential bid, we understand we must not waver in our efforts to take our country back and to bolster the self esteem of White men who have small penises.

We will never forget for one moment the debt we will always owe Jeb! for his landmark role as Governor of Florida in introducing Stand Your Ground legislation to America, which emboldened insecure, small penised White men who are disappointed with the way their lives turned out to heedlessly initiate unwarranted confrontations with unarmed, young black men to show them who is boss! However, we realize it is time to move on, no matter how painful it may be to continue this journey without Jeb!, to sustain our fight.

After a thorough vetting of all the remaining candidates (with the exception of the large penised Ben Carson), we have selected Donald Trump as our new standard-bearer. Mr. Trump huuuuuugely captures the ethos of the National Small Penis Association and is the only man we feel who is capable of taking Jeb!’s place in our movement. Let’s make America great again and bring all small penised White men out of the shadows by placing pointlessly, excessively powerful firearms in their hands!


We here at the National Small Penis Association ask the media and internet trolls to respect our privacy during this difficult time as we mourn Jeb!’s departure from the 2016 Presidential campaign.  Once we finish processing our pain tonight, we will be back tomorrow to Stand Our Ground and will announce a major policy decision concerning our role in the 2016 Presidential election.



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply being the head of the household!


Nicholas Lehmeier from our Collegeville NSPA chapter was hit last week in Stearns County Court with charges of felony malicious punishment of a child and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon all because he was ruling his household as it is mandated in the Bible.
(Ephesians 5:22 – Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.)

See, all of this nonsense started back on February 7 when Patriot Lehmeir’s wife selfishly went shopping with one of their children and dumped their other four children on Patriot Lehmeier to babysit. (As if he didn’t have more important things to do!) Well, shortly after she split on him, she claimed Patriot Lehmeier called her and told her she better hurry home before he killed the kids. Hell, anybody who has been forced to watch over four children for more than five minutes knows exactly what Patriot Lehmeier was talking about. After his wife rushed home, she claimed to the police she saw red marks on the eye, cheek and forehead of one of their children. Yeah, Patriot Lehmeier admitted to “the authorities” he had slapped the girl after she got into a bag of candy, but he did this probably because he didn’t want her to get any cavities.

Then Patriot Lehmeier’s wife played the “victim” card and claimed he had been abusive to her during the 10 years of their marriage. She recounted all kinds of fishy sounding, florid accounts of abuse. Then to top it all off she claimed back in July Patriot Lehmeier grabbed a shotgun and pointed it at her from 3 feet away while she was breastfeeding their 5-month-old baby on the first night she and the children had returned to the house after an assault incident in April.

See, Patriot Lehmeier had allegedly become angry she was not spending enough time with him so he probably got the shotgun out to suggest they have a little alone time the following weekend by going hunting together without the children. Since his wife is probably so impulsive and lacking in self awareness, she probably immediately jumped to the conclusion he might hurt her with the gun and didn’t even process his suggestion about the hunting trip. Now Patriot Lehmeier must wait until April 8 to see if these ridiculous charges stick.

See, the lamestream media has so totally hijacked the narrative on guns that the majority of the U.S. population freak out anytime they see a gun and assume somebody brandishing a firearm poses a threat to them. This is so typical of Dictator Obama’s attempt to de-emphasize and de-legitimize the role guns play in our society, and this is why we fight the good fight every day!

(On a side note we want to remind all of our NSPA members in South Carolina to vote tomorrow for Jeb! in the South Carolina primary so he can finally get some traction in this campaign. As I’m sure all of you remember, the NSPA was the first prominent organization to publicly announce our endorsement of Jeb! all the way back in 2013. We can’t stop now!)

Charges: Man pointed gun at breastfeeding wife


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for putting a kitten out of its misery. See, you just can’t please these PETA nutjobs!


Michael Vreeland from our Fenner NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony cruelty to animals for allegedly shooting and killing his mother’s kitten with a .22 rifle behind her home. Sure enough the lamestream media is having a field day with this story because it fluffs up their anti-gun agenda. They are ignoring the true story behind the shooting because they could never allow a Good Guy With A Gun to be recognized as the hero he really is.

See, as Patriot Vreeland explained to “the authorities”, who arrived after Patriot Vreeland’s tattletale mother called the police on him for the shooting, the only reason he shot the kitten 6 times was that he thought the kitten was having a seizure. His goal was simply to make sure the kitten didn’t suffer. After all, what better way is there to end a kitten’s suffering than by shooting it six times with a powerful firearm? It makes perfect sense to us.

We here at the NSPA headquarters seem to be the only media outlet which recognizes the hypocrisy at play here. The very same wild eyed liberal activists who support the sin of doctor assisted suicide are totally freaking out about Patriot Vreeland’s Good Guy With A Gun assisted suicide, of sorts. It’s okay with them to kill grandma and grandpa but Heaven forbid if you even think of killing a kitten.

Sure enough, “the authorities” kept poking and pulling apart Patriot Vreeland’s heartfelt explanation until they announced they were pressing the felony charge because they believed Patriot Vreeland had intended to cause extreme physical pain without any justifiable reason. In other words, they accused Patriot Vreeland of doing exactly what Dictator Obama has been doing to us for the past 7 years.

Police: Man shot mother’s kitten 6 times at Madison County home


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for trying to defend himself from his girlfriend’s vicious attack!


Frank Weir from our Shrewsbury NSPA chapter was forced by the state of Vermont to appear in court today to face a second-degree murder charge all because he had to defend himself on Monday from his girlfriend who was surely trying to kill him. Of course Patriot Weir pleaded not guilty, but we have a sinking feeling this could easily become yet another rigged case which sends another innocent White Patriot to prison.

See, it all started on Monday when Patriot Weir and his long time live in girlfriend got into an argument. We’re guessing the argument probably started because she was nagging him about his beard. Now we here at the NSPA think Patriot Weir totally rocks that cool beard (a lot of annoying, fucking hipsters could learn a thing or two about cool beards from Patriot Weir), but you know how picky and domineering women can be when it comes to this type of stuff.

Well, she likely escalated the argument and then, as Patriot Weir explained to “the authorities”, she pulled a gun on him. In his effort to de-escalate the situation, Patriot Weir stated he simply tried to yank the gun back away from her. However, since he was dealing with an obviously overly emotional woman, who we are sure didn’t have any experience handling guns, the gun accidentally went off and killed her. We would like to know what about this explanation doesn’t sound completely plausible.

Sure enough, the public union employees with the Vermont State Police are peddling their anti-gun agenda and got the prosecutor to go along with their ridiculous story that Patriot Weir killed his girlfriend in the course of a domestic violence incident. They started blabbing to the press about the dozens of guns they found in Patriot Weir’s home and how he loves working on his guns in the gunsmith workshop he set up in his home. (As if there is anything wrong with these activities.) Then, get this, they claimed he had allegedly written words disparaging women all over a chalkboard he’d hung on the wall. (Oh yeah, we forgot, it’s now a crime to write the truth in Dictator Obama’s America.)

Since this is Vermont maybe those liberal goons Ben and Jerry could celebrate their victory over this Good Guy With A Gun by naming an ice cream something like Peanut Patriot Purge. Enjoy yourselves now, hippies, because in November we are taking our country back from the likes of you!

Shrewsbury man pleads not guilty to girlfriend’s murder



And to think we were just about to bail on Jeb! and throw our support to Donald Trump.  What were we thinking?!?!


We here in the National Small Penis Association’s Board of Directors Office admit we were just a couple of days away from cutting and running on Jeb! Bush’s campaign for the Republican nomination until this tweet from Jeb! came across our computer screens. All the haters and internet trollers out there claim this tweet is Jeb!’s pathetically patronizing, desperately embarrassing and ultimately pointless attempt to ingratiate himself with a proudly ignorant political base which will never accept him anyways.  Well, haters are always going to hate. We want to thank Jeb! for capturing everything that makes America great in this single image by renewing our vows of support for his sadly flailing Presidential campaign. Jeb!, we’re with you all the way!



Good Guy With A Gun was clearly experiencing mental health issues on the day of the shootings.


Israel Roman from our Colonie NSPA chapter and a Colonie Police Department Patrol Officer shot and killed his wife and his 10-year-old son before setting their house on fire and committing suicide with a gun on Tuesday. Patriot Roman did not kill his older son who was in school at the time of the shooting.

We are flying our American and NRA flags at half staff today at our NSPA headquarters because we have lost yet another Good Guy With A Gun, which seems to have become a daily event ever since Dictator Obama came into office with his Chicago wrecking crew.  (Just sayin’.)

“The authorities” are struggling to determine what precipitated the murder-suicide, but we don’t think they should spend too much time searching for an answer because Patriot Roman was certainly dealing with mental health issues prior to the shooting deaths. See, on the day of the shootings, Patriot Roman had gone to American Shooter Supply to sell three of his guns. Get this, he sold his Kimbler Pro, his Rock River Lar and his Glock G19. Can you believe that? What sane Patriot would do something as unhinged as selling those three beautiful guns? This is all the proof we need that mental illness (not guns and not Patriot Roman) was the cause of this mess!

Police still asking ‘why’ in Colonie officer murder-suicide


Good Guy With A Gun still waiting to get his day in court to clear his good name all because he had to stand his ground against his weirdo cat lady neighbor’s 7-month-old Miniature Pinscher!


Fred Lee Wright from our Louisville NSPA chapter found out Friday he has to wait another three damn months for his trial to begin over the charge that he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog more than two years ago. Excuse us, but doesn’t the Constitution guarantee a speedy trial? Apparently Dictator Obama allows the courts to overlook this guarantee anytime a real Patriot is the one facing charges.

See, way back on August 27, 2013 the Blount County Sheriff’s Office claimed Patriot Wright admitted to their deputies that he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog that day after she left for work. However, Patriot Wright’s daughter informed a The Daily Times reporter it was the kooky neighbor’s fault this happened. She explained, “ Ever since she moved in…It’s just been constant. It’s always something.” With that detailed account, you can clearly see why Patriot Wright had no choice but to shoot the dog.

See, the neighbor lady had frequently hired Patriot Wright and his wife to do lawn work prior to this incident, but she was a pain in the ass to work for. I mean she was a real nag and always complaining that Patriot Wright and his wife were cutting down plants she told them never to touch or that they were burning brush on her property when she told them not to. Then she complained about Patriot Wright chasing her with his lawn mower and trying to break down her door once after he got fed up with all of her nitpicking.

To make matters worse, Patriot Wright’s daughter explained this wacko neighbor lady always had stray cats roaming on her property. Get this, the neighbor lady claimed she proudly fosters lots of animals and participates in a trap, neuter and release program as a supporter of the Feral Feline Friends group out of Knoxville. (Yeah, I guess you have to be friends with cats when you’re too screwy to have any human friends!)

Well, with all of this provocation Patriot Wright probably got real suspicious of the 7-month-old Miniature Pinscher she had been fostering for a couple of months. She had clearly been escalating her hostilities toward Patriot Wright so he probably figured she might have been planning on training the dog to attack him so he probably figured he better stop the potential threat before it became a reality. It’s just like how Dick Cheney explained the rationale for the invasion of Iraq to find those weapons of mass destruction before they used them against America. See, as Cheney reasoned, it is suspicion, not evidence, the provides the threshold for action. So if you ask us, this was a case of justifiable dog homicide. Case closed!

New trial date set for man charged with shooting neighbor’s dog

Daughter of Fred Lee Wright, Louisville man who killed neighbor’s dog, speaks about dispute



R.I.P Antonin Scalia. Not only was he a brave hunting partner of Dick Cheney, but he also helped us prove once and for all that homosexuality is a choice.


Antonin Scalia, formerly of our Washington D.C. chapter, sadly died this morning due to natural causes, according to “the authorities.” However, before we accept this account of his passing, we want to know exactly where Hillary Clinton was at the time of his death. We see yet another Hillary coverup here.

Patriot Scalia was a brave hunter who knew how to handle a gun under the most dangerous conditions. His courage knew no boundaries, as evidenced by his hunting trips with Dick Cheney into the savage lands to hunt wild, untamed ducks. Sure enough, the liberal hate machine had to seize upon their hunting trips as the basis for one of their most vicious anti-Scalia smears. This one snarky liberal asshole I know once said, “Antonin Scalia is so homely that he is the only man who would look better after getting shot in the face by a drunk Dick Cheney.”

Even more than his unending gun advocacy, we think Patriot Scalia’s greatest professional accomplishment was his role in finally proving without question that homosexuality is a choice. See, we here at the NSPA headquarters conducted a survey last year of 357 heterosexual women and asked them whether they would rather have sex with Antonin Scalia or Portia de Rossi.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes gestures as he speaks at the Northern Virginia Technology Council's (NVTC) Titans breakfast gathering in McLean, Va., Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013. Scalia was the featured speaker at the speaker series sponsored by the Council. The 77-year-old justice, currently the longest serving on the nine-member court, is scheduled to discuss the art of persuasion as well as major constitutional issues. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


Every single one of the 357 heterosexual women we surveyed said they would rather have sex with Portia de Rossi.  So, just as we have said all along, that proves beyond any doubt that homosexuality is a conscious choice made by heterosexuals who have a lot of issues, if you know what we mean.   Thank you, Patriot Scalia.  You will be missed but not forgotten.


Good Guy With A Gun victimized by a sneaky prosecutor’s chicanery! We will get to the bottom of this!


Zachary Grant from our Abbot NSPA chapter was hoodwinked in Somerset County Superior Court today into pleading guilty to manslaughter in the shooting death of his father last year. See, this all started back in May 2015 when Patriot Grant’s 61-year old father was found shot to death in the front yard of his home. By what we think was most likely a tragic coincidence, Patriot Grant was found nearby with what “the authorities” claimed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his face.

So in their rush to judgment (so they could wrap up the case quickly so they wouldn’t have to exert themselves with any real investigatory work) “the authorities” started asking Patriot Grant leading questions which implied he had something to do with his father’s shooting. Look, he clearly told them he had been drinking and failed to take his medication that day so he didn’t remember shooting his father and that he didn’t even remember going to his father’s house in the first place. That sure doesn’t sound like an admission of guilt to us.

Well, here’s where the sickening trickery of our “legal” system kicked in to destroy Patriot Grant’s life. Patriot Grant didn’t actually plead guilty to the manslaughter charge. See, he actually entered an Alford plea, which is a guilty plea without an admission of guilt. Now we’d like to know who in the Hell out there other than some slick shyster has ever heard of an Alford plea? Our guess is that the prosecutor tricked Patriot Grant by striking up a conversation with him and his attorney about Lake Alford, a famous Maine camping grounds not too far away from Abbot. So once he got Patriot Grant’s guard down he probably asked him whether he thought Alford was a nice place. Patriot Grant probably said it was. Then the prosecutor probably asked him whether he would accept an all expenses paid long vacation by agreeing to go to Alford. Patriot Grant probably couldn’t believe his good fortune and said he would accept this.

Before he knew what hit him, Patriot Grant was being carted off to prison. Due to the sinister nature of the crafty, conniving and scheming legal trick which was played here against Patriot Grant, we have a hunch the prosecutor’s name was probably Rothstein or Weinberg or something like that. We can assure you we are going to do some research on the prosecutor and get an appeal filed right away.

Man pleads guilty to shooting his father to death in Parkman


Good Guy With A Gun stands his ground…from the safety of the cab of a large pickup truck…against an unarmed…57-year old man…who just happened to be his father-in-law.


Cameron Post from our Meridian NSPA chapter was sentenced last week to three to ten years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and two to five years for using a deadly weapon in commission of a felony just because he had been forced to defend himself from his 57-year old father-in-law who was technically unarmed if you count guns but was certainly armed if you count passive-aggressive comments of disapproval of Patriot Post’s ability to provide for his daughter or about Patriot Post’s suitability to be his daughter’s husband.

See, it all started last year in February when Patriot Post was using one of his father-in-law’s pickup trucks. Well, the domineering, micro managing father-in-law must have been pestering Patriot Post all day long about his access to the truck and must have been throwing all kinds of emasculating insults at him. Then things got heated later in the day when Patriot Post’s father-in-law strutted over to the parked pickup truck Patriot Post was borrowing and started arguing with him about his use of the truck.

Patriot Post acknowledged to “the authorities” that his father-in-law was not armed with a gun. However, he told them he felt threatened when his father in law reached into the truck cab through the open driver’s side window. Also, when it comes to in-laws you really have to establish clear boundary lines or those in-laws will walk all over you and interfere with your life. So Patriot Post had no choice but to stand his ground by shooting his father-in-law in the face, thereby killing him and terminating the threat.

However, the Meridian “authorities” realized they had a brave Patriot on their hands who would stand up to them when they come to confiscate our guns so they stood their ground and rigged the trial to have him thrown in prison. That’s their definition of self defense and exactly why we must always be on the lookout!

Meridian man, 24, gets up to 15 years for killing his father-in-law


The Detroit Free Press tries to destroy a Good Guy With A Gun for a dog shooting which was the paper’s fault in the first place!


David Hursley from our Battle Creek NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday and charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly beat a dog with an aluminum baseball bat and shot it in the head with a pellet gun as the Detroit Free Press gleefully reported. To make matters worse, he had to suffer the indignity of being hauled into the Calhoun County District Court today to be arraigned on a felony charge of killing or torturing an animal and the misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. Then the real doozy is that Patriot Hursley was also charged as a habitual offender just because he has 8 previous felony and 20 misdemeanor convictions on his record.  That means he is facing 15 years in prison on this charge alone. When you put all the charges together, Patriot Hursley faces up to nearly 20 years in prison.

See, this all started on Tuesday when Patriot Hursley and another man were sitting on a couch and petting Patriot Hursley’s dog. Well, the damn dog bit the other man on the hand. Since Patriot Hursley is a considerate host and wanted to stop his dog from acting aggressively toward his guest, he got an aluminum baseball bat and beat the dog with it multiple times. Then to make extra sure the dog wouldn’t continue to bother his guest he got his pellet gun and shot the dirty dog numerous times.

Look, Patriot Hursley didn’t kill the dog. The dog was still alive, and surely a little wiser, when the Battle Creek police arrived. They claimed the dog was bleeding heavily and struggling to breathe. Since it was the middle of the night, one of the rogue officers shot the dog because he claimed he wanted to put the dog out of its misery rather than wait until the morning to bring the dog to a veterinarian. Right off the bat we were suspicious of this account because we have seen police officers time and again write lie filled police reports, typically with the well understood purpose of building a rigged case used to destroy the life of a White Patriot.

The infuriating irony is that the Detroit Free Press, which has been reporting this story feverishly, is ultimately responsible for all of this, and nobody is reporting it. See, the Detroit Free Press used to print a hefty daily paper, but nowadays it’s a tiny, thin paper consisting of a few skimpy pages in a rapidly dwindling number of sections . The paper is now so weak and beleaguered that it is impossible to roll the paper up and use it to smack a dog on its snout in order to instill discipline in the dog. So if the Detroit Free Press had done its job properly and printed a viable newspaper, Patriot Hursley never would have needed to beat and shoot the dog. He could have simply rolled up the Tuesday morning paper and given the dog a good smack on the snout with it.  So as you can see, the Detroit Free Press is the real villain here.

Police say dog was hit 5-10 times with bat


Look, it’s just like this Good Guy With A Gun explained to his attorney. He didn’t intend to shoot and kill his wife. It was an accident.


Ricky Green from our Greene Twp. NSPA chapter has his future in the hands of the Trumbull County judicial system (heaven help him!) after getting arrested for the shooting death of his wife in their home. His attorney has already told the media Patriot Green told him he loved his wife and never intended to shoot her. The shooting had simply been an accident. Yet for some reason the prosecutor is determined to plow ahead with a trial, which only cruelly forces Patriot Green to relive this horrible accident all over again in the courtroom.

Now, get this, the prosecution rests its case entirely upon the fact that Patriot Green called a 911 operator after the shooting and calmly announced he had shot his wife while she was sitting in a chair because he had discovered she was being unfaithful to him. He then told the operator he had been trying to get a divorce but added that she “won’t (expletive) leave.” Come on, these were clearly comments made while he was in shock after his gun accidentally discharged. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told his attorney it had been an accident.

However, how often have we seen prosecutors ignore and suppress evidence which would obviously vindicate a White defendant? (Hint, more times than we can count!) Luckily Trumbull County is only a half hour drive from our Akron based NSPA National Headquarters so we are planning to occupy the Trumbull County Courthouse until Patriot Green gets justice.

Trumbull deputies: Greene Twp. man calls, says he killed wife

Attorney for Greene Twp. man says shooting of wife was accident


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for being a job creator, albeit in a roundabout way. Once again Dictator Obama wages his war on job creators! Also, we here at the NSPA kindly ask the PETA crowd to pipe down because the damn dog didn’t die. Move on with your lives (or what passes for lives in your cases).


Anthony M. Jackson from our Enid NSPA chapter was hauled in front of a Special District Judge this morning for a preliminary hearing related to the 10 felony charges of drive-by shooting and a single felony count of cruelty to animals he faced related to a November shooting spree, for the lack of a better term. Patriot Jackson knew the fix was in so he waived his right to the preliminary hearing because there was no point in participating in the miscarriage of justice which was bound to ensue.

All this nonsense started back on the evening of November 18, 2015 when Patriot Jackson needed to blow off a little harmless steam after he had been let go from his job at an auto glass repair shop. He drove around Enid and used a .22-caliber handgun to shoot out the windshields of approximately 33 cars. See, here’s what he was thinking. Patriot Jackson wanted to generate an overwhelming amount of business for the auto glass repair shop which had let him go. See, once all of the cars started coming in, the owner would realize he was in over head with the volume of work, and he would be sorry he ever fired Patriot Jackson.

Look, the insurance companies would cover the cost of all the windshield replacements. That’s precisely why people have insurance so it’s not like the car owners would be on the line for the all the repair costs. Besides, the owner of the auto glass repair shop probably had to hire a couple of workers to keep up with all of the work so when you get down to it Patriot Jackson was acting as a job creator. Between these extra jobs and all of the insurance money flooding into the repair shop, Patriot Jackson’s gun spree had a big positive effect on the Enid economy.

Now, sure enough, the PETA hysteria mob had to pile on and cry out for Patriot Jackson’s blood all because he inadvertently shot and injured a dog during his shooting spree. We don’t see what the big deal is because the dog didn’t die. Yeah, the dog needs to get a leg amputated as a result of the shooting, but it’s not going to cost the owner anything because those PETA kooks have started a Go Fund Me page to pay for the surgery. Besides, we’re sure the dog will be featured in one of the stories the lame local news shows always like to do about three legged dogs or cats who get around thanks to some wheeled contraption a group of engineering students have created for the animal. Look, that sounds like a win win to us.

The most ridiculous part of the story is that Patriot Jackson lost his job because his boss had become uncomfortable with the stash of guns Patriot Jackson was keeping in his work van. All he had was an AR-15 rifle, a pistol, ammunition and a bullet proof vest. Hell, that’s our definition of a road safety kit. However, get this, the company has a policy against having guns at work. It sounds like to us Dictator Obama has secretly begun to implement state control of the auto glass repair industry as the first step in his plan to confiscate all of our guns. We’ve been warning you for years about this day coming. Are you finally ready to listen?
Man charged in drive-by shootings waives right to hearing



Good Guy With A Gun treated like he is Hannibal Lecter. All he did was shoot the woman who ruined his life. It’s not like he ate her or anything so this is outright overkill!


Christopher O’Kroley from our Stoughton NSPA chapter was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide for allegedly shooting and killing a former female coworker on Tuesday in the parking lot of the grocery store where that had both worked. 

See, this all started two weeks ago when the grocery store’s manager suspended Patriot O’Kroley after the female coworker claimed he was harassing her.  According to coworkers, the relationship between O’Kroley and the female coworker had soured after O’Kroley informed her he ‘wanted more’ out of their workplace relationship. Isn’t that so typical of a woman?  They trick us into revealing the contents of our heart of hearts and then cruelly smite our hopes and send us off to deal with the sickly sting of that sinking feeling of resignation and disappointment. It’s as if Miss Havisham has trained a generation of heartless temptresses to raise our hopes only to destroy them for their trite amusement.

So Patriot O’Kroley went to a gun store and purchased a gun on Monday. He initially planned on shooting her that day but decided to wait a day because he realized he needed a little target practice. Then he returned to the grocery store on Tuesday and allegedly shot her in the abdomen and head. As Patriot O’Kroley explained to “the authorities”, it had been easy to kill her because she had ruined his life.

Sure enough, all the gun hating rabble rousers are making much of the fact that the Republicans who run Wisconsin thankfully abolished the 48-hour waiting period for purchasing a gun last year and are trying to claim this shooting may have been avoided if Patriot O’Kroley hadn’t been able to walk out of the store Monday with the gun.   These losers have been so conditioned to make these spurious arguments reflexively any time a gun discharges a bullet.  If you ask us, it is more likely this shooting would have been avoided if women knew how to show a little more appreciation and respect to proud, small penised White men.


‘It was easy’: Man, 26, who shot dead his 24-year-old co-worker the day after he was fired told police she ruined his life – as he appears in shackled in court wearing anti-suicide smock


Good Guy With A Gun gets life in prison for having an accident with his gun! Excuse me, but when did our decrepit criminal “justice” system sink so low to criminalize accidents?


Ryan Randy Robinson from our Murray NSPA chapter was dragooned in the 3rd District Court Wednesday at his sentencing hearing for his November conviction on charges of first-degree felony murder, third-degree aggravated assault and third degree possession of a firearm by a restricted person. See, “the authorities” claimed Patriot Robinson intentionally shot and killed his girlfriend after subjecting her to a brutal assault. Sure enough, the gullible jury fell for all of the lies.

Now, true to Patriot form, Patriot Robinson spoke truth to power at the sentencing hearing and told the dimwit judge the shooting had simply been an accident and he was the victim of an incompetent police investigation. Well, the judge couldn’t admit the whole trial had been fixed so he ignored Patriot Robinson’s explanation and sentenced him to life in prison.

See, if the jugheaded jury and judge had listened to the truth, they would have understood this was all just a tragic accident which occurred while Patriot Robinson was handling a gun that had been given to him the day before on his birthday. Look, the gun just slipped or something. Can you really send a White man to prison for life because of an accidental gun discharge?

The prosecutor made much of the fact that neighbors had called the police to come to Patriot Robinson’s home after seeing him dragging his girlfriend by the hair down the street while punching and kicking her two hours before the shooting. Sure enough, though, both Patriot Robinson and his girlfriend denied to police the fight had been physical so the police couldn’t arrest him. Right on cue, the prosecutor claimed the girlfriend’s refusal to tell the police Patriot Robinson had attacked her fit the pattern of battered woman’s syndrome, which we all know is a left wing fabrication just as preposterous as global warming.  Sadly the truth died in Utah on Wednesday, and the “government” got to lock up a Patriot for life.

Utah man sentenced for murdering girlfriend, but still calls it an accident


They’ve got to be kidding us! Does this Good Guy With A Gun really look like somebody who has “anger issues” as “the authorities” claim he does?


Paul Neff from our Apopka NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday on a charge of first-degree murder for the November 5th shooting death of his male roommate. Patriot Neff repeatedly told “the authorities” the shooting was done in self defense, but they were determined to take him down so they plowed ahead with a surely predetermined “investigation” and made their move yesterday to ruin his life.

Shockingly, “the authorities” are libeling Patriot Neff by claiming he has anger issues, which they say contributed to the shooting. Worse yet, get this, they are trying to destroy his reputation by planting the obviously bogus tale that Patriot Neff and his male roommate were a gay couple who had gotten into a lovers’ spat which escalated into a shooting. Baloney! We here in the NSPA are CHRISTIAN men. In other words, we are REAL men who follow the teachings of the GOOD BOOK, and there sure as Hell aren’t any good and decent men in the BIBLE gropulating another man’s penis.

Here’s what we think really happened. See, Patriot Neff’s roommate probably was a sodomite but had kept it secret from Patriot Neff all the years they lived together. See, utilities sure have gotten expensive over the past few years, primarily because of all of Dictator Obama’s regulations which are crippling coal and electric companies, so Patriot Neff needed a roommate to help split the costs of these runaway utility bills. It’s not like when his roommate moved in that Patriot Neff would have thought to say, “Oh, by the way, are you gay?”

Then we’re guessing Patriot Neff’s roommate announced totally out of the blue on November 5th that he was gay and had feelings for him. Then we’re guessing he tried to drug Patriot Neff’s drink and sexually violate him like Bill Cosby did to all of those women. So Patriot Neff had no choice but to stand his ground to protect himself from his unarmed roommate. That sounds like legitimate self defense to us here in the NSPA headquarters. However, “the authorities” have a way of perverting justice to suit their own needs so Patriot Neff’s claim of self defense doesn’t stand any chance in the Orange County Courthouse.

Apopka man charged with murder in roommate shooting



Does this Good Guy With A Gun really look like a scuzzy White man who is prone to erupting into impulsive flashes of violence that would allow him to shoot two of his neighbor’s dogs?


Theodore J. Robinson Jr. from our Humphrey NSPA chapter was inexplicably arraigned in the Ellicottville (Kangaroo) Court today on two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and evidence tampering for allegedly shooting and killing one of his neighbor’s dogs and shooting and injuring another. Then “the authorities” claimed Patriot Robinson dragged the dead dog into the woods in a failed attempt to hide its corpse.

Come on, look at this guy. We’re sure he was probably in his bedroom listening to his April Wine and Triumph albums on his stereo system while drinking a six pack of Schaefer Beer and smoking some good weed at the time the dogs were killed. We’re thinking that maybe the dogs were shot by Muslim terrorists who have established a training camp in Humphrey and wanted to get in a little target practice before targeting Manhattan for a massive attack.

Sure enough, we’re betting “the authorities” didn’t want to bother investigating the shooting and grabbed Patriot Robinson off the street because they figured they could pin this crime on him because this kind of injustice is always happening to small penised, gun loving White men in America, and most of the country simply doesn’t care. Not to brag, but once again you can thank the NSPA for being the only media outlet to investigate and report on this rigged system that tries to pass itself off as a judicial system.

Police: Man shot neighbor’s dog and hid the body


It’s hard enough for a Good Guy With A Gun to get a fair shake when it comes down to a he said, she said, but you can completely forget about it when it comes down to a he said, she said, it woofed.


Thomas Floyd Callen Jr. from our Fawn NSPA chapter was arrested early yesterday morning for allegedly shooting his girlfriend’s dog and then turning the gun on her. The “police” have charged Patriot Callen with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, cruelty to animals, making terroristic threats, reckless endangerment and simple assault.

See, the problem here is the “police” never gave Patriot Callen’s explanation of the events any real consideration. Just like it always happens, they totally fell for the girlfriend’s version of what happened.

She told the “police” she moved in with Patriot Callen about a month ago. They had their ups and downs (big deal, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had plenty of ups and downs themselves), and they separated at the end of last week. Well, they got back together over the weekend and decided to celebrate their reunion by going out drinking Monday night.

When they returned home, she stated she went straight to bed and snuggled up with her father’s dog, which she was watching, while Patriot Callen stayed in the kitchen. When Patriot Callen came into the bedroom, the damn mutt started growling at him, which she said enraged Patriot Callen. She then claimed Patriot Callen shot the mutt in the head and said to her, “I meant it for you.”

She continued to lay it on a little too thick by claiming Patriot Callen pointed the gun at her. She said he pulled the trigger again, but it didn’t fire. Hell, none of this makes any sense, but she probably started pouting and crying so the police bought it.

The “police” didn’t even consider Patriot Callen’s account for a second. He told them he entered the bedroom and saw the mangy mutt on the bed next to his girlfriend. He said he told her earlier that he didn’t allow dogs on the bed and reminded her of it. Well, the dog started growling, and she said, “sic ‘em.” He explained the dog jumped off the bed and knocked him over. Patriot Callen then had no choice but to grab his .380-caliber pistol and shoot the dog in the head. Look, he had to stand his ground against this selfish girl and her dangerous dog.  This makes total sense.

Unfortunately, there’s little hope a White, small penised Good Guy With A Gun has a chance of getting a fair trial in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Fortunately, the NSPA is monitoring this case, and we will not rest until Patriot Callen receives the justice he deserves.

Fawn man charged with shooting dog, trying to shoot woman


A horse is a false hope for victory; Nor does it deliver anyone by its great strength.
Psalm 33:17


Robert Webster Jr. from our Durhamville NSPA chapter was arrested and charged today with second-degree criminal mischief, aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment for allegedly shooting and killing a show horse on an Oneida County farm in December as reported by

According to the “police reports”, a man was seen December 29 driving a gray Dodge Avenger on the road that runs by the farm. The witnesses claimed the driver crossed into the opposite lane and disrupted traffic. The driver then pulled to the side of the road and took out a long gun. From his car the driver shot once at the horse, named Jak, and struck him in the neck, killing him instantly.

Well, sure enough, there were plenty of tattletales ready to turn in Patriot Webster Jr. to “the authorities” as the shooter for no good reason other than their desire to see a good man taken down. I guess it makes them feel better about their own miserable little lives by seeing Patriot Webster Jr. get in trouble.

The bozos in the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting. Well, if they read their Bible and interpreted Psalm 33:17 like good Christians would, they would understand a horse is a vain thing for safety and is not to be depended upon. So who cares if Patriot Webster Jr. put Jak down? It is a well known fact that horses can spread ringworm, leptospirosis and anthrax to humans so he really performed a community service if you think about it, but good luck finding anybody other than the members of the NSPA to thank him for his service.

Man charged with shooting, killing Oneida County family’s horse


Hey, he gave them fair warning when he told the bouncer, “I’m going to grab my banger.” Hell, I grab my banger every night when I go to bed so what’s the big deal here?


John Tramaine Knox from our Casper NSPA chapter was charged this past Thursday with attempted second-degree murder after initially being charged on January 19 with aggravated assault and possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent all because of a little dustup that occurred January 16 at Racks Gentlemen’s Club, which is a classy establishment where he unfortunately had to deal with some of riff-raff who somehow snuck in.

See, it all started when Patriot Knox went to the club to celebrate his birthday and got involved in a brief fight. Then some insecure smart ass commented to Knox, “Everyone thinks they are MMA.” Well, Patriot Knox is a real man so he challenged the punk to a fight. Then one of the punk’s friends poked his nose into the situation by stepping in between the two of them.

Well, Patriot Knox took a swing at him and missed because he was just getting warmed up, but then this big dumb palooka of a bouncer kicked Patriot Knox out of the club. On his way out, Patriot Knox duly warned another bouncer, “I’m going to grab my banger.”

So Patriot Knox went to his SUV and got his handgun because he had to stand his ground for his manhood. When he racked the slide of the gun and approached the club, the nervous Nellie bouncer locked the doors to the club and called the police. So the police who must not have had anything better to do showed up and arrested Patriot Knox because apparently being a real man who knows how to use a gun is now a crime in Dictator Obama’s America.  Enough is enough!  It is time now for all of us to grab our bangers in unison in order to take our country back!

Man faces attempted murder charge for strip club gun threats


Don’t worry. The investigation is ongoing so we are sure we will find out soon what she did to cause all of this to happen.


Robert Hefner from our Tulsa NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and hauled off to Tulsa County Jail after officers were called to his house to investigate a reported shooting. The details are still sketchy, but according to police accounts the trouble started when Patriot Hefner got into an argument with his female roommate while they were driving with her dog in the car. Well, Patriot Hefner allegedly threw her dog out of the car, which caused it to get run over by another car.

Then when they got home, Patriot Hefner allegedly shot her in the back of her neck and in one of her legs. He then stabbed her in the side. Before all of the haters get carried away, we would like to point out she didn’t die or anything. Yeah, she sustained life threatening injuries, but that’s why we have tax payer funded service providers like the Tulsa Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services Authority, who patched her up and got her to the hospital before she died.

These firemen and emergency medical service providers are such a drain on tax dollars that it’s nice to know they are actually working every once in a while, like on this case, rather than spending all of their time at the fire station working on their chili recipes for some God damn fire department chili cook off. If there’s one thing I’m sick of, other than those Arby’s commercials with the deep voiced narrator which I kind of liked at first but now can’t stand, it’s lightweight local tv hosts talking to firemen about their upcoming chili cook offs during some lame segment on the station’s morning “news” show.

Okay, back to Patriot Hefner’s plight. We are pleased to report the Tulsa Police are still investigating the case. This assures us that within the next couple of days they will be able to report what type of devious womanly incantations Patriot Hefner’s female roommate conjured up and cast upon him to cause him to do what he did. We agree with the NRA that more focus needs to be placed on mental health issues rather than access to guns in these types of situations because there sure are a lot of crazy ass broads out there causing all kinds of problems.

Man throws roommate’s dog out of car window, shoots and stabs dog owner


Now, hold on, let’s not jump to conclusions. Sure, “the authorities” found him in front of the apartment covered in blood splatter. Sure, his girlfriend, their infant daughter, the girlfriend’s teenage daughter from another relationship and the family dog were found murdered inside. However, as we always need to remind the gun haters (who know nothing about U.S. civics), he is innocent until proven guilty.


Patrick Carlopoli from our Fort Meyers NSPA chapter is incarcerated tonight after being arrested at what the Lee County Sheriff’s Office hyperbolically called a “gruesome” crime scene at Patriot Carlopoli’s apartment. Before even conducting a thorough investigation the dimwit deputies went ahead and arrested and charged Patriot Carlopoli with second-degree murder, two counts of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated child abuse and one count of felony animal cruelty simply because they found his girlfriend and her teenage daughter from another relationship shot to death in the bedroom. Then in another room they found both Patriot Carlopoli’s infant daughter and the family dog stabbed to death.

See, what we think really happened here is that Patriot Carlopoli probably got covered in blood when he tried to defend everybody in the apartment from a dangerous intruder, probably Mexican or Muslim.

Yeah, the arrest report states Patriot Carlopoli told “the authorities” he shot his wife. However, the woman who was shot was his girlfriend, not his wife. See, we think he was probably still in shock and was trying to say he shot the Mexican or Muslim who attacked the woman who was going to one day be his wife. That just makes a lot more sense.

The thing that has us worried most, though, is the fact that his infant daughter and the family dog were stabbed to death. That means there is a knife wielding Mexican or Muslim maniac prowling the streets of Fort Meyers. With Patriot Carlopoli locked up in the Lee County Jail, there is one less Good Guy With A Gun available to bring this vicious killer to justice!

Florida man arrested after girlfriend, two daughters, family dog found dead at ‘gruesome’ crime scene


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for trying to keep his family safe from an intruder, who just happened to be his wife. Hey, accidents like this happen all the time. Just ask Oscar Pistorius.


Noah Gaston from our Windham NSPA chapter was charged earlier this week for shooting and killing his wife in their home in the predawn hours of January 14 as reported by the Portland Press Herald. We here at the NSPA immediately smelled a rat when the gun hating thugs in the Windham police department (public union employees, need we say more?) started leaking to the media that Patriot Gaston was providing “inconsistent statements” about the events leading up to his wife’s shooting death.

We’ve conducted our own investigation by reading the newspaper accounts of the case, and we see nothing inconsistent. Patriot Gaston provided the perfectly plausible explanation that he had thought his wife was an intruder when he began shooting. With three children and a wife in the house, Patriot Gaston had the responsibility to keep them safe with his gun so of course he had to shoot anybody he suspected of being an intruder.

See, he explained he was out of his bed and in another room when he heard some suspicious noises on the first floor of the house. So as soon as he heard those noises he grabbed his 12-gauge shotgun and ran to the staircase and immediately started firing at this intruder. Now he was as surprised as anybody when he discovered the intruder was actually his wife. As he explained to the police, his wife must have gotten up “super early” that morning, and he simply hadn’t heard her leave their bedroom and walk downstairs. That sounds perfectly understandable to us, and the exact same thing happened to our South African friend Oscar Pistorius.

Good luck, though, to any small penised, gun loving White guy who tries to explain himself to “the authorities.”  Rather than accept what Patriot Gaston told them, they were bound and determined to manipulate their “investigation” to take him down so they started getting all hung up on semantics. They made a big deal out of the fact that Patriot Gaston first told them his wife was standing in the middle of the staircase at the time of the shooting but later told them she was at the bottom of the staircase. Yeah, like that makes any difference.

Then he claimed he and his wife hadn’t been arguing any time recently. So to stir up trouble, “the authorities” started interrogating two of Patriot Gaston’s children who we’re sure they tricked into saying that they had heard their parents arguing in their “scared voices” before the shooting, whatever that means.

So right on cue Family Services got involved and took the three children out of the house because there is nothing the government loves to do more than destroy the family unit in their effort to force gay marriage upon us. See, this case has all of the hallmarks of Dictator Obama’s agenda all over it. Lock up Patriots, take away their gun and destroy the family unit. That’s what we call a Dictator Obama hat trick!

Police question Windham man’s account of shooting wife in their home


Here we go again. Yet another vicious police dog was sent into a White community to instill fear, but a Good Guy With A Gun was there to save the day! Sure enough, though, he now has Hell to pay for being a hero!


Michael Paul Koch from our Grand Saline NSPA chapter was arrested the other day for interference with a police service by killing, evading arrest, drug possession and illegal possession of a firearm. See, it all started when Patriot Koch was driving along 1-20 West, minding his own business, when this Deputy Constable bozo pulled him over for a traffic stop because he probably had to meet his speeding ticket quota for the day.

Well, first off, all White Patriots in Texas have a long history of being persecuted by “authorities” pulling them over for contrived reasons so Patriot Koch had every right to be concerned for his safety. So he took off running from this car on the side of the highway and headed into the woods.

Then the tin horn Deputy Constable treated Patriot Koch like a hunted animal by sending his K-9, Ogar, into the woods to maul him. Here we have another example of a militarized “police” force being sent into a White community to use shock troop tactics to degrade and terrorize White citizens.

Well, we’re guessing Patriot Koch decided it was time to stand his ground against this type of insensitive “police” overreach so he pulled out his gun and allegedly shot and killed Ogar, a Belgian Malinois. On a side note, why the Hell are our “police” hiring Belgian dogs instead of American dogs? Donald Trump is so right that we need to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Sure enough, the PETA crowd and a whole bunch of Facebook shut-ins, who are so lacking in interpersonal skills that they spend all of their time “advocating” for animals rather than humans by trolling with pro-dog posts, got the public all riled up against Patriot Koch. Then the relentless “police” tracked Patriot Koch down in Dallas and arrested him because they wanted to get him off the streets before he could raise a mass protest against what the “police” are getting away with in our White communities. #whenwillitend

Man suspected of shooting and killing beloved police dog captured in Dallas as hundreds gather to mourn Ogar’s death


Good Guy With A Gun stays chill and refuses to let ridiculous gun “laws” bring him down!


Matthew Morris from our Portland, Maine NSPA chapter was arrested early this morning and charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. In other words, “the authorities” arrested him simply for being a gun owner.

See, Patriot Morris’ uptight (probably liberal) neighbor called the police like a Nervous Nellie Tuesday morning because a bullet penetrated his living room wall where an adult was sleeping and damaged a few items in the room. The salient point, though, is that the bullet hurt absolutely nobody. Hello, no harm, no foul. Duh!

However, the gun hating Portland Police Department insisted on conducting an “investigation” and determined the bullet came from Patriot Morris’ adjoining condominium. They allege that Patriot Morris was recklessly handling his gun late Monday night or early Tuesday morning when it discharged the bullet into his neighbor’s living room.

Since nobody was injured, we just don’t see the point in arresting him. After all, what if a murderous Mexican immigrant had broken into the neighbor’s condominium and was then struck by the bullet from Patriot Morris’ gun? Or what if a radical Muslim terrorist had broken into the neighbor’s condominium to cut his head off and was then struck by the bullet from Patriot Morris’ gun?

Well, in both cases Patriot Morris would have been feted as the Good Guy With A Gun who saved the day. That’s precisely what the Portland Police are afraid of because they don’t want the public to know all we really need to keep ourselves safe is a well armed militia of Patriots who know how to handle a gun. So “the authorities” followed Dictator Obama’s prime directive and arrested Patriot Morris to confiscate his gun and throw him in jail!

Thankfully Patriot Morris is made of stronger stuff and isn’t going to let Dictator Obama’s ruse get him down because he knows this is only a temporary setback. So Patriot Morris is going to laugh it all off because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. We can’t exactly remember who first said that, but we’re pretty sure it was John Ehrlichman, a Real American.

Portland man arrested for firing gun into neighbors home



Look, the gun didn’t actually kill one of the two dogs. A shovel ended up killing the dog after it got shot. So why isn’t anybody calling for a ban on garden shovels now??!!!!


Kyle Anthony Santos from our Palm Springs NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday for allegedly killing two Chihuahuas that belonged to his girlfriend’s father a week earlier. Sure enough, the liberal, lamestream media has been trying to paint Patriot Santos as the bad guy. However, a fair and balanced account of the facts presents a completely different picture.

Patriot Santos was living with his girlfriend at her father’s house, but they could never relax in their own home, or technically her father’s home (if you want to nitpick), because her father had these two 8-year old yappy Chihuahuas that were always getting on their nerves. It got really bad one night when Patriot Santos told his girlfriend he was becoming annoyed with the dogs’ “growling, barking and biting.”

As Patriot Santos’ girlfriend told “the authorities”, the damn dogs frequently nipped at their heels and barked at them. Well, it’s not as if they could have been expected to move into their own place to get away from the dogs because why should they have to disrupt their lives just because these two dogs couldn’t behave themselves?

So Patriot Santos took the necessary action to bring peace and tranquility to the household by allegedly dumping the two dogs in a hole he dug in the back yard. He then allegedly shot the two dogs in their heads. One of the dogs died, but the other survived the bullet to his head. Well, Patirot Santos then showed he is really a dog lover at heart. When he saw the bloodied Chihuahua try to crawl out of the hole, Patriot Santos humanely ended the dog’s suffering by beating it over the head with a shovel until it died. He then buried the dogs in the hole. His girlfriend did a lousy job of lying to her father about what happened with the dogs (you can’t count on women to keep their cool in high pressure situations like this), and she eventually confessed what happened, which caused her father to call “the authorities”, who were all too happy to take down this Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate his gun.

Right on cue, the PETA crowd joined forces with the anti-gun crowd to vilify Patriot Santos. However, isn’t it curious that nobody is saying peep about the role the shovel played in all of this? After all, didn’t Patriot Santos use the shovel to dig the hole and bury the dogs? Furthermore, didn’t Patriot Santos use a shovel to kill one of the dogs? However, the garden shovel lobby has such a stranglehold on the legislative and legal systems in this country that garden shovel manufacturers will never face any trace of accountability for what happened! #holdthemaccountable

PBSO: Palm Springs man shot Chihuahuas, finished one off with shovel


Good Guy With A Gun stands his ground against vicious police dog and lives to fight another day!


Mark L’Heureux from our Omaha NSPA chapter fought the good fight and valiantly held the Omaha Police Department, the OPD Bomb Squad and SWAT team, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and Nebraska State Patrol at bay for 26 hours until he was forced to surrender early Saturday night, probably because “the authorities” had cut power to his house during the standoff, which meant Patriot L’Heureux wouldn’t be able to watch ‘Stossel’ on Fox News at 8:00 that night. We’re thinking Patriot L’Heureux surrendered hoping to get booked, processed and bailed out by 8:00 so he could go to a friend’s house to watch ‘Stossel’. Sure enough, though, “the authorities” lied to him and had no intention of letting him leave the Douglas County Jail by 8:00. Far from it.

See, “the authorities” intended all along to lock Patriot L’Heureaux in a mental health facility, just like the Soviet leaders used to do to free speaking dissidents. The whole standoff started when “the authorities” first sent a couple of officers to deliver a Board of Mental Health warrant to force him to enter a mental health facility.

Well, Patriot L’Heureux wasn’t about to let that happen so he got his guns and initiated the standoff. So that’s when the Omaha Police Department called out that cavalry to surround his house. After they failed with the surveillance robot they sent into the house, “the authorities” sent a ferocious K-9 attack dog into the house. Luckily Patriot L’Heureux was able to stand his ground, and he shot the dog dead. That’s when “the authorities” cut the power and played mind games with him about missing ‘Stossel.’

The one good thing to come out of this is that Patriot L’Heureux is alive to fight another day. Once he gets these bogus charges dismissed we will take him to purchase a new cache of firearms. See, “the authorities” confiscated three fully automatic handguns, one semi-automatic handgun, two rifles, a shotgun and two revolvers from Patriot L’Heureux’s home. Thankfully we won’t be burdened with any pointless and petty mental health background checks when we bring him to the gun store thanks to the selfless advocacy work done by our friends in the NRA.

Standoff suspect booked, nine guns found in home



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply trying to make sure his girlfriend didn’t come to any harm!


Cody Wade from our Higdon NSPA chapter was arrested early this morning by the liberal, gun hating goons in the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office for exercising his 2nd Amendment rights in order to protect his girlfriend, who could have been harmed after getting into a car with two other men. How many times have you heard horrible stories about women who get in cars and then suffer horribly at the hands of the emotionally unstable men behind the wheel? Too many times!

See, it all started when Patriot Wade and his girlfriend got into some sort of an argument which we’re guessing she started because you know how manipulative women can be at times and how they try to push buttons by running their mouths constantly to initiate completely pointless arguments. Well, she stirred up all of this commotion and then stormed out of their house and walked to a neighbor’s house to call for a ride. To show you how irrational she was, she then began walking toward the neighboring state of Georgia to get away from Patriot Wade. Despite all of the aggravation she had caused him, good Patriot Wade began following her on foot along the road to make sure she stayed safe.

That’s when the two guys who she had called for a ride pulled up in a car and picked her up. Well, Patriot Wade wanted to make sure they didn’t hurt her because who knows what could happen to a woman in a car with two men so he tried to get in the car with them. The guy driving accelerated before Patriot Wade could get all the way in the car. Luckily Patriot Wade was able to push himself away from the moving car before getting dragged to death.

So Patriot Wade then did the only thing he could have in this situation. He got his gun out and shot at the car as it drove away. Some of the bullets ended the life of the reckless man behind the wheel and some of the bullets injured the driver’s accomplice.  Sure enough, the woman who probably caused all of this to happen didn’t get a scratch on her.

Well, instead of getting a thank you from “the authorities” for probably saving his girlfriend from harm, they arrested Patriot Wade and confiscated his gun. So once again we have a galling story of a crooked Sheriff’s department in Alabama perverting justice in order to persecute an innocent White man who has a small penis and a love for guns.

One dead, one injured following Sunday morning shooting in DeKalb County


We’ll take a Good Guy With A Gun over an alleged “Good Samaritan” any day!


Marvin Jacob Lee from our Claremont NSPA chapter was arrested last night for allegedly shooting and killing an alleged “Good Samaritan” who allegedly tried to “help” Patriot Lee, whose car had become stuck after spinning off an icy road. Sure enough, this appears to be yet another case of the liberal, lamestream, gun hating media trying to carjack the narrative of a story of a Good Guy With A Gun who was simply defending himself.

Now, as you would guess, the Catawba County Sheriff’s office has just announced Patriot Lee was drunk at the time of the incident in a copyrighted news release that we cannot link to. Well, we have decades of history of “the authorities” planting lies against White men in police custody to help us see through this pathetic ploy.

According to witness accounts, a mob assembled by the side of the road after Patriot Lee lost control of his car and spun out into a ditch. We are sure the spin out was due to icy road conditions and had nothing to do with any alcohol usage. Witnesses claimed the mob observed Patriot Lee acting odd and belligerent. Well, those just happen to be the hateful labels liberals like to put on real Patriots.

Then Patriot Lee heard the alleged “Good Samaritan” at the head of the mob talk about calling the police. The media has tried to make it sound like he wanted to call the police to help Patriot Lee, but those of us in the White Patriot community know all too well that the police are usually called in to our neighborhoods to harass us, not to help us.

So Patriot Lee was justifiably suspicious of this mob’s intentions. Then, when the alleged “Good Samaritan” approached his car, Patriot Lee knew it was time to stand his ground so he took out his gun and started shooting.

Sure enough, the lamestream media is trying to paint the “Good Samaritan” as a well liked, loving father who was always ready to help anybody in need. The media did this just to try to make Patriot Lee look like a villain to help promote their anti-gun agenda. Shame on them for violating their duty to report the truth.

Ask yourself, if an ISIS radical Muslim and a blood lusting Mexican murderer rapist were coming at you, who would you rather have covering your back, a Good Guy With A Gun or a Good Samaritan?

NC dad who was Good Samaritan is fatally shot after stopping to help driver, sheriff says



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for trying to give Dumb Dog With An Attitude a bath!


Brian Blair from our Zachary NSPA chapter was arrested by the liberal gun haters in the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office for allegedly shooting his dog multiple times when the black lab refused to cooperate while Patriot Blair tried to give it a bath. So now they’ve got him booked on bogus charges of cruelty to an animal and illegal use of a weapon.

See, it all started last night when Patriot Blair and his roommate tried to give the dog a bath, but the savage beast behaved like a petulant brat and struggled to get out of the bath. Patriot Blair probably understood the importance of giving the ungrateful dog a bath because of all the news you hear about Lyme disease nowadays. So when the dog started acting up and refused the bath, we’re guessing Patriot Blair wanted to make sure no ticks spread from the dog’s coat so he did the one sensible thing he could have. He went and got his gun.

Now, Patriot Blair’s wussy roommate and Patriot Blair’s wife begged him not to shoot the dog, which just goes to show how important it is to have a man of the house around to make sure the right thing gets done. So Patriot Blair rightly ignored them and shot the dog multiple times. This is just like (SPOILER ALERT !!!) the ending of ‘Old Yeller’ when the boy had no choice but to shoot the dog.

However, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office saw an opportunity to lock up a Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate that gun so they claimed he was intoxicated and claimed this heroic act constituted cruelty to an animal. Once again, though, the only cruelty in a case like this is cruelty to the Constitution!

EBRSO: Man arrested after shooting dog for not behaving during bath


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply trying to relax with his gun and some bacon in his neighbor’s backyard!


Evan Carter from our Madison Heights NSPA chapter was hauled into General District Court on Tuesday so a lame ass grand jury could do the bidding of an obviously bogus Amherst County prosecutor and vote to charge him with felony wearing a mask in public, misdemeanor trespassing, public intoxication and carrying a gun while intoxicated.

However, the truth is “the authorities” cooked up these charges against him for speaking out this past summer at Amherst Board of Supervisors meetings against a no-shoot zone which would have covered his property, where he frequently liked to unwind by shooting off some his assault rifles and automatic firearms. Patriot Carter stood up to these gun hating goons and presented a petition to overturn this no-shoot zone. Sure enough, the fix was in, though, and the no-shoot zone was approved September 15. Worse yet, the Amherst Board of Supervisors surely determined they had to take down Patriot Carter because there is no bigger trouble maker than a truth teller.

So back in October they made their move. One night Patriot Carter had consumed a few alcoholic beverages and went for a walk from his back yard to his neighbor’s backyard. He happened to have his 9 mm handgun and a bag of bacon on him when he decided to take a quick nap next to the outdoor pen holding his neighbor’s dogs.

Well, the dogs started barking, which prompted the busybody neighbor to come outside to see what was going on. There he found Patriot Carter wearing a camouflage mask face down on the ground. When he roused Patriot Carter for an explanation, he claimed he smelled a heavy presence of alcohol on his breath. Patriot Carter told him to chill because he was simply relaxing and maintained nothing was wrong.

Well, the scaredy cat neighbor saw the gun and ran back in his house to call the Sheriff’s department. So the deputies showed up with what we are sure were explicit orders to take down Patriot Carter at all costs. So they concocted a cockamamie claim that there was a suspicious oily substance on the bacon, clearly to imply Patriot Carter was going to try to poison his neighbor’s dogs. They probably did this to rile up the PETA nutjobs against him.

So they arrested him and confiscated his gun and then waited for the Amherst County puppet masters to pull their strings and arrange for Tuesday’s grand jury takedown. First they came for our guns, then they came for our bacon. Hmmm, what could they have against bacon? Well, if we need to spell it out for you, there will be no bacon in America after Dictator Obama allows an American Muslim caliphate to be established. Let’s just say he’s laying the groundwork here. Don’t say we never warned you!

Charges certified against Amherst County man accused of having gun, suspicious bacon on neighbor’s land


Look, the National Small Penis Association simply prefers open carry over concealed carry.


William Pharmer from our Stuart NSPA chapter was arrested at his house Saturday night and charged with aggravated assault after he got into a little bit of an argument with a friend. Hey, who doesn’t have a frenemy or two? These kinds of things happen between people. Well, in this case, Patriot Pharmer allegedly pointed a handgun at his friend and pulled the trigger. The bullet sailed over the friend and went through the ceiling so it’s not like the friend got hurt or anything.

Sure enough, the overreactive Martin County Sheriff’s Department swarmed Patriot Pharmer’s home and provoked a standoff because we’re guessing they were hoping to score some brownie points with Dictator Obama to get some federal grants by confiscating Patriot Pharmer’s gun. Well, they tricked Patriot Pharmer into surrendering to them. When he walked out of the house, he was buck naked. Right on cue, the snarky liberal media pounced all over this story and ridiculed Patriot Pharmer for greeting the deputies in his birthday suit.

We here at the NSPA don’t see what the big deal is because we will not be bullied by bigoted social biases and be body shamed for having small penises. #opencarry

Naked gunman surrenders after standoff in Florida


Did Track Palin get crucified by the lamestream media for exercising his 2nd Amendment rights? You betcha!!!!


Track Palin from our Wasilla NSPA chapter was arrested last night at his parents’ house and charged with interfering with the report of a domestic violence incident, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and assault on his girlfriend. However, let’s be clear, the real “crime” he committed in the eyes of the liberal lamestream media who have pounced on this story is being Sarah Palin’s son.

First they claimed Patriot Palin and his girlfriend argued most of the day and into the evening about her recent contact with an ex-boyfriend. Then they claimed Patriot Palin “struck her on the left side of her head near her eye with a closed fist,” sending her into the ground where she curled up into a fetal position, according to court documents (and we all know how biased court documents can be against real Patriots).

Then they claimed Patriot Palin kicked her in the right knee and threw her phone outside. She ran out of the house to get the phone. When she returned inside, she found Patriot Palin exercising his 2nd Amendment right to possess an AR-15 assault rifle. Sure enough, the lamestream media tried to make it sound like Patriot Palin was menacing her with the gun by quoting him as saying, “Do you think I’m a pussy?” and “Do you think I won’t do it?” At this point, the trouble making girlfriend, who we think caused all of this to happen by seeing her ex-boyfriend, ran out of the house to call 911 and wait for the police to come “rescue” her.

Then, when “the authorities” showed up, they claimed in their report Patriot Palin was “uncooperative, belligerent and evasive” with the original line of questioning. Excuse us, but that’s exactly how a maverick responds to the establishment “authorities.”

We want to be clear here. Track Palin is no pussy! He is a Good Guy With A Gun who likes to have a few drinks while handling an AR-15. Can he help it if his girlfriend is probably a manipulative temptress who probably set him up to try to make him look like an unhinged, dangerous man who responds to his raging insecurities by beating a woman? Well, that’s how the the liberal, lamestream media will do you!

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges on Eve of Trump Endorsement



Happy Robert E. Lee Day!!!


We here at the National Small Penis Association headquarters are celebrating Robert E. Lee Day along with our fellow NSPA Patriots in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, where Robert E. Lee Day is a recognized state holiday.

Robert E. Lee had a very small penis a very large heart, both of which swelled for his love for freedom from government (Yankee) aggression. The Confederate War for Southern Independence provided the National Small Penis Association the template for armed resistance against a tyrannical government. General Lee was a genius, and the only reason the North won was because they had more guns. That’s why we are making sure that will never happen again thanks to the legislative work we are doing with our brothers in the Republican Party and the NRA.

The only drawback to this day of celebration is the fact that we must share it with the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We agree with the calls of protest to separate these days so General Lee doesn’t have to share the spotlight just to placate the political correctness police.

State rep calls MLK-Robert E. Lee shared holiday ‘offensive’


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for wanting to spend some quality time with his daughter!


Adam Lee Dickinson from our Cedar Springs NSPA chapter was sentenced in the Kent County Circuit Court Thursday to between 2 to 10 years in prison on one count of assault by strangulation and two counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer as reported by WZZM Channel 13. Nominally, Patriot Dickinson had been hauled into court for allegedly strangling the mother of his one-year old daughter and getting into an armed standoff with officers from the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, but this case was really about the radical liberal plot to destroy the family unit and to confiscate our guns.

See, it all started when “the authorities” claimed Patriot Dickinson choked the mother of his infant daughter and forced her out of their home. This led to a prolonged standoff with “the authorities”. Now, first off, we don’t totally buy the story he strangled his girlfriend because you know how women can totally blow things out of proportion. Regardless, even while engaged in an armed standoff with the Sheriff’s deputies, Patriot Dickinson cared enough about his parental responsibilities to hold onto his 1-year old daughter in one hand while holding his shotgun in the other hand.

The way we see it, Patriot Dickinson should be viewed as a model father determined to spend quality time with his daughter no matter how busy he might be. He certainly isn’t like the father in ‘Cats In The Cradle’ who was always rushing away. No, even under the most difficult of circumstances Patriot Dickinson was there for his daughter. Also, he was teaching her at an early age to be comfortable around firearms.

Well, Patriot Dickinson refused to talk to the hostage negotiators sent to the scene because he wanted a little bit of alone time with his daughter. Then the thugs in the Kent County Sheriff’s Tactical Unit stormed into the house and ripped Patriot Dickinson away from his daughter. Can you imagine how traumatic this must have been for her?

Unfortunately for Patriot Dickinson there is nothing Dictator Obama hates more than guns and intact families so he put the fix in to take down Patriot Dickinson and send him off to prison.

Standoff suspect who held gun & baby girl gets prison



Gun hating liberal “authorities” try to hold this Good Guy With A Gun responsible for a faulty shotgun that accidentally “went off”!


Wayde Chaulklin from our Black Canyon City NSPA chapter is sitting in the Campe Verde Detention Center today because the gun hating, liberal puppet masters who control the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department follow the Saul Alinsky rule to never let a crisis go to waste.

See, they’ve charged Patriot Chaulklin with one count of second degree murder in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend. However, we believe this was clearly an accidental shooting, but “the authorities” are bound and determined to use this crisis to push their anti-gun agenda and to lock up yet another Good Guy With A Gun.

As Patriot Chaulklin explained to the detectives investigating the death, part of the rifle he was carrying hit a corner of a table and accidentally “went off.” Hell, that happens around my house a couple of times a year so I can vouch for him. Well, the shell from this accidental discharge ended up in his girlfriend and caused her life to end accidentally.

Since there was no chance of saving her, Patriot Chaulklin sensibly covered her corpse with a blanket and didn’t bother to call 911 because he probably needed some time to compose his thoughts to figure out the gentlest way to inform her family she had died accidentally. Well, this plan fell apart when Patriot Chaulklin told a neighbor about the accidental shooting a few hours later. Get this, the busybody neighbor didn’t even wait a moment to call 911 to have “the authorities” swarm Patriot Chaulklin’s home.

“The authorities” didn’t even bother to listen to his account of what happened. If they had listened, they wouldn’t have been able to slap him with this bogus murder charge. If you happen to hear a disembodied chuckling sound, that is the ghost of Saul Alinisky laughing from beyond the grave because he is happy to know his agenda to destroy America is still thriving!

Police say Arizona man accidentally shot girlfriend when rifle ‘went off’


Okay, so he left the coffee maker on, but she overplayed her hand. What else was this Good Guy With A Gun supposed to do?


Larry Lotz from our Barrington NSPA chapter was arrested early this morning and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife. However, once again, there is much more to this story than what the liberal lamestream media wants you to know, and our legal department is researching the Illinois Compiled Statutes to see what the Illinois General Assembly counts as justifiable homicide because we do not think Patriot Lotz was at fault here.

See, it all started this morning shortly after midnight when Patriot Lotz’s wife began nag, nag, nag, nagging him about leaving the coffee maker on in the kitchen. Patriot Lotz would never have been forced to shoot his wife if she had simply told him once that he left the coffee maker on and left it at that, but you know how woman are. They can’t let things go and feel the incessant need to bray their feminine toxicity into a man’s ear to the point that he has no choice but to take extreme action to bring deliverance of the sweet, soothing balm of silence.

After enduring her initial salvo of overbearing utterances of disapproval over his momentary lapse of carelessness in leaving the coffee maker on too long, Patriot Lotz attempted to find respite in the sanctuary of the home office he maintained above the garage. However, the demon huntress of womanly scorn will not let her prey escape so easily so Patriot Lotz’s wife tracked him to his office to continue ruefully remonstrating at him relentlessly about the damn coffee maker. Cornered and desperate, Patriot Lotz defended his sanity by simply getting out his gun and shooting her multiple times until the hideous harangue halted!

Unfortunately, since this case will be handled in Lake County, Illinois, which is the county just north of Cook County, which is the headquarters of Dictator Obama’s Chicago Wrecking Crew, Patriot Lotz will not get a fair trial and will surely get shuttled off to some God forsaken state prison.

Prosecutors: Barrington man shot wife in dispute over coffee maker


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for stopping what we are guessing was maybe his ex-wife’s plot to have him killed by her pit bull!


Frederick Sisson from our South Kingstown NSPA chapter was charged yesterday with malicious killing of an animal and firing in a compact area for shooting and killing his ex-wife’s five-year-old pit bull mix last month. Once again, though, the lamestream media is too lazy to investigate what’s really going on here.

See, Patriot Sisson was watching his ex-wife’s dog last month when it bit him on the hand. According to the police, as reported by WPRI Channel 12, Patriot Sisson retaliated against the dog by shooting it in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun while the dog was trapped under the front porch of the home. The dog, named Kilo, died immediately. Patriot Sisson then buried Kilo in a shallow grave in the backyard.

After a month-long investigation, the incompetent thugs in the South Kingstown “police” department exhumed the dog’s body to have a necropsy performed, which led to Patriot Sisson’s arrest. However, the “police” never bothered to look at what was really going on here.

See, we think it’s possible Patriot Sisson’s ex-wife maybe trained her dog to attack him as part of a plan to kill him and make it look like an accident. It would be kind of like that George C. Scott movie ‘The Day of the Dolphin’ except with a pit bull mix instead of dolphins and with a plot to kill her ex-husband by having her dog trained to bite him to death instead of a having a trained dolphin assassinate the U.S. President by attaching a bomb to the bottom of the presidential yacht.

Unfortunately, that type of an investigation would take some brain power, which the South Kingstown “police” department simply doesn’t have. Now Patriot Sisson must wait until next week to be arraigned on these bogus charges, and the beat goes on!

Cops: SK man shot, killed ex-wife’s dog


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for simply trying to halt ISIS infiltration at a bachelor party!


Phillip Jay Clark from our Lewis and Clark County NSPA chapter is now somehow facing felony assault with a weapon charges for allegedly hitting and pulling a gun on a man while intoxicated at a bachelor party bonfire thrown at Patriot Clark’s home last month. “The authorities” claim Patriot Clark pointed the gun at the man’s chest three times with his finger on the trigger. What makes these charges all the more bogus is the fact that Patriot Clark is a deputy with the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Department. Yeah, like a White law enforcement officer (and an NSPA member, no less) is going to act irresponsibly with a gun. As if!

According to court documents quoting a Montana Division of Criminal Investigation agent, the alleged victim, who was a friend of one of Patriot Clark’s neighbors, stated Patriot Clark was “super intoxicated” and acted aggressively toward him soon after he arrived. After shaking hands up on his arrival, the “victim” claimed Patriot Clark pulled out his gun and pointed it him while laughing.

The “victim” said Patriot Clark punched him in the ribs and asked him to name the capital of Thailand. Before the “victim” could respond, Patriot Clark said, “Bangkok,” and hit him in the groin. See, this can’t be considered assault because Patriot Clark, as a member of the National Small Penis Association, forgot that a strike to the groin is a painful experience for most men. He obviously meant no harm.

Another important thing to consider is that the “victim” is half-Asian and has long hair and facial hair. As a law enforcement officer trained to assess threats to national security, Patriot Clark is well positioned to profile people who could be up to no good. Patriot Clark knew he had to secure the party and prevent a possible terrorist attack so he called the “victim” out as “an ISIS” and brandished his gun at him, causing him to run away from the party. In other words, Patriot Clark kept us safe. Better safe than sorry.

Well, sure enough, the political correctness police called in the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation to build up a phony case against Patriot Clark and slap him with these ridiculous assault with a weapon charges. So far Patriot Clark’s supervisor is staying mum on whether he is on restricted duty while these charges are pending. It will be a sinful tragedy if a Good Guy With A Gun like Patriot Clark is stripped of his responsibility for using his gun to keep us safe from terrorists just to mollify the gun hating liberals who are determined to demonize White men with guns at every chance they have.

Deputy Accused of Assault, Brandishing a Gun and Calling Man “an ISIS” at Party


NSPA member threatened with a scalding cup of coffee!


Robert Lara from our Las Cruces NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday basically for doing nothing more than protecting himself from sustaining disfiguring burns all over his body. See, it all started when Patriot Lara left his home Monday morning to confront his brother-in-law about a voicemail the man allegedly left on Patriot Lara’s phone according to a Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office news release, as reported by the Las Cruces Sun-News.

When he arrived to his brother-in-law’s home, he was confronted instead by his father-in-law. Patriot Lara had no idea he had walked into a death trap until his father-in-law held a cup of hot coffee above Patriot Lara’s head in what he referred to as a threatening manner.

Faced with this peril, Patriot Lara reportedly told investigators he had no choice but to draw his handgun and point it at his father-in-law to let him know he better set down that dangerous cup of coffee. Patriot Lara then reportedly took the next logical step by hurrying over to the Third Judicial District Court to file a restraining order against his obviously unstable and impulsive father-in-law. Well, unfortunately the gun hating goons from the Sheriff’s Office hunted Patriot Lara down at the courthouse and confiscated the loaded handgun he had used to defend himself. To make matters worse, the goons then confiscated a second gun. (They just can’t stop themselves.)

So get this, even though Patriot Lara’s father-in-law started all of this by brandishing a dangerous cup of coffee, Patriot Lara is the one who got in trouble and is now facing two counts of aggravated assault against a household member with a deadly weapon. This is just further proof that the no good, latte drinking, Starbucks liberals are getting away with bloody murder and destroying America while real Patriots are being locked up for exercising their Second Amendment rights!

Man alleged to have pointed gun at father-in-law–law/78686182/


Good Guy With A Gun’s selfish, rude neighbor causes a shooting, and it’s the Good Guy With A Gun who gets the blame!


James Junior Tipton from our Greeneville NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with attempted first-degree murder, DUI multiple offender, reckless endangerment, driving on a revoked or suspended license and having no proof of vehicle insurance. If you read that in the Greeneville local rag that pretends to be a newspaper, you would think he was some sort of an unstable slimeball. However, thankfully you have the sense to come to the NSPA to get the fair and balanced account of what really happened.

See, it all started Thursday afternoon when Patriot Tipton approached a neighbor who was repairing a truck. Patriot Tipton asked this neighbor if he would help him get his truck started. Well, this rude neighbor admitted to “the authorities” that he told Patriot Tipton to fix his own truck.

Obviously this inconsiderate neighbor has never read one of my favorite Bible verses, Philippians 2:4 – Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Well, Patriot Tipton’s Christian heart must have been singed with contempt by his neighbor’s callous, anti-Biblical response so according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department report Patriot Tipton allegedly “pulled a small revolver from his waistband, pointed it at his face and attempted to fire twice before firing a third time, striking (the victim).”

Look, Patriot Tipton only ended up shooting his neighbor in a calf muscle so it’s not like the guy’s life was ever in danger. Besides, the neighbor learned a valuable Biblical lesson about being considerate of the interests of others from this incident, and he will be a better person for it.

So Patriot Tipton got into his car to drive away because he knew his neighbor was going to call 911 and give a one sided account of what had just happened. Then he got into a minor accident which was probably the fault of the other driver who was most likely distracted by being on one of those “free” Obama cell phones paid for by hardworking taxpayers. However, “the authorities” were bound and determined to pile on as many charges as possible so they made up a story about him driving while intoxicated and under the influence of illegal drugs. Furthermore, they accused him in their report of engaging in “aggressive driving/road rage” and “reckless/negligent driving” which led to a, get this, “head on” collision (so that’s what they’re calling a little fender bender now?). We would almost respect “the authorities” if they came clean and admitted the only driving infraction he committed was driving while White.

We can only keep dreaming, though, because our Government will never stop lying to us and have an honest discussion about this nation’s unequal treatment of small penised, Christian White men who own guns.

Attempted Murder Charged After Shooting



On November 24 they arrested him for “domestic assault” against his girlfriend. On December 3 they arrested him for violating a no contact order. On December 23 they arrested him for “animal torture” for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s dog. On January 8 they arrested him for threatening terrorism. At this rate, we’re guessing on January 13 they will be arresting him for kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.


Trey Sudbrock from our Indianola NSPA chapter has really been put through the wringer over the past month and a half by “the authorities” who seem determined to keep throwing charges against the wall at him until something sticks. The list of charges against him reads like a checklist written by a cabal of hateful liberals who think all White men who love guns are monsters.

Domestic assault. Check. Torturing and killing a dog. Check. Threatening terrorism. Check. See, this threatening terrorism charge is the biggest joke of them all because all he tried to do was purchase a gun, which is a Constitutional right the last time we checked. Yeah, they found some stooge to claim Patriot Sudbrock said he wanted to buy a gun from him so he could “kill a lot of people”, but isn’t that the whole point in purchasing a gun?  You buy a gun so you can kill Mexican murders and rapists who are trying to break into your home or radical Islamist extremists who are coming to establish a caliphate in America or government agents coming to confiscate our guns. So where’s the crime?

Well, there is no crime. No, this is just hateful liberals engaging in dog whistle politics to rile up their gun hating base even if they have to ruin the life of a Good Guy With A Gun to do it.

Indianola man tries to buy gun from friend to ‘kill a lot of people’


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for murder because his girlfriend didn’t know how to behave around a gun!


Jay Patrick Bowman from our Savannah NSPA chapter was arraigned earlier this week in Andrew County Court and charged with first degree murder, second degree murder (make up your mind, prosecutor!), armed criminal action, first degree domestic assault, unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanors for possession of marijuana and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

All this nonsense started just after midnight on New Year’s Day when Patriot Bowman allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend at the Amazonia Ball Park on State Route T.   Andrew County Deputies and Missouri State Highway Patrol officers who arrived on the scene found Patriot Bowman’s girlfriend dead with a gunshot wound to her head. What burns us up is that Patriot Bowman provided a perfectly understandable explanation for what happened, but these incompetent officers went ahead and arrested him anyways.

See, Patriot Bowman explained he had been trapped in the car his hysterical girlfriend was driving (women drivers are dangerous enough to begin with, but forget about it when you add in uncontrolled emotions) as they got into a verbal argument. She stopped the vehicle (probably because Patriot Bowman told her to), and they continued to argue after they got out of the car.

Patriot Bowman has certainly taken gun safety classes because he made a point of holding his .22-caliber handgun in his right hand as he got out of the car because, as he told “the authorities”, he wanted to keep his girlfriend from hurting herself with it. That’s textbook gun safety for all of you wussies who have never owned a gun.

Well, the verbal argument escalated into a physical confrontation because you know how women get when they go completely berserk. Patriot Bowman explained he tried to push her away, surely to keep her safe from the gun he was holding. However, she kept on coming at him and struck his hand which caused the gun to accidentally discharge a bullet into her head. As a result of her ignorance of how to behave around a loaded gun, she lost her life. The point here is that she would still be alive if she had ever taken a gun safety course. Sadly, Patriot Bowman has fallen victim to the gun hating “law enforcement” cabal that is determined to lock up as many gun wielding Patriots as they can.



Good Guy With A Gun most likely stopped some sort of Nazi uprising in eastern Maryland, but he gets convicted for shooting and killing a dog! Heil Obama!


Tyler Willis from our Trappe NSPA chapter was found guilty of animal cruelty today in the Circuit Court of Talbot County for shooting and killing one of his neighbor’s dogs back in April. Sure enough, the liberal gun haters and the PETA nutjobs hailed this as a victory, and the lamestream media was all too ready to cover up the truth behind this case because they don’t want anybody to know what a true hero Patriot Willis probably is.

See, back in April two dogs belonging to one of Patriot Willis’ neighbors got loose and ran onto Patriot Willis’ property. Now get this. The dogs’ names were Benz and Diesel. Who would name his dogs Benz and Diesel? We here at the NSPA headquarters think only some sort of German nationalist with a dream of raising a new Reich like in that movie ‘The Boys From Brazil’ would give his dogs those names.

Isn’t it bad enough that we have to fight Islamic extremist terrorists? Now imagine what it would be like if we also had to fight Nazi hordes led by a clone Fuhrer and his army of vicious German Shepherds at the same time.

Well, when Patriot Willis saw the two Nazi dogs running on his property, he did the only sensible thing he could have. He grabbed his shotgun and shot at them. He killed Benz, but that sneaky Diesel managed to scurry away like a coward without getting hit.

However, “the authorities” who arrived on the scene didn’t investigate Patriot Willis’ neighbor for his suspicious activities. Instead, they turned their attention on Patriot Willis and brought criminal charges against him that led to today’s kangaroo court decision. So instead of being hailed a hero (as he should have been), Patriot Willis now has convictions of cruelty to animals and reckless endangerment of firing a gun on his record. Sadly, America never learns the lessons history has to offer.

Trappe man guilty of shooting dog



Good Guy With A Gun arrested for shooting and killing yearling calves basically because of gay marriage!


Ronald Livermore from our Prineville NSPA chapter has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing multiple yearling calves on farms near his home over the past couple of months. This isn’t the first time Patriot Livermore has been harassed by “the authorities.” See, way back in 2008 he was charged with shooting and killing twelve deer with a silencer on his gun. The crooked prosecutor who wanted to take him down in this bogus case also charged him with having sex with the dead deer. Yeah, they may have claimed they had DNA evidence, but this was clearly just a bluff to force him to plead guilty to killing four deer and using a silencer in a plea bargain to drop the sexual assault charges.

Well, the shameless prosecutors are so lazy that they’re trying the exact same stunt all over again. See, they’ve charged Patriot Livermore with 20 counts of unlawful possession of a silencer, seven counts of felon in possession of a firearm, two counts of first degree aggravated animal abuse and two counts of first degree criminal mischief in regard to the murders of the yearling calves.

The article we’ve linked to quotes a Sergeant from the Crook County Sheriff’s Department who said they were in the process of gathering DNA evidence to possibly add charges that Patriot Livermore had sex with the calves after he killed them. A subsequent copyrighted article from another news source that we can’t redistribute confirmed the Sheriff’s Department has charged Patriot Livermore with sexual assault of one of the calves.

The same copyrighted article also offered Patriot Livermore’s explanation for the shootings. See, he said he is a vegetarian who just happens to like to shoot animals. He explained to “the authorities” that he would drive around with a spotlight. When he would see eyes, he’d shoot and drive on.

We feel it is bogus that he was ever charged with shooting the deer and the calves. Those dumb animals would have either been hit by cars on the highway or turned into hamburgers or flank steaks anyways so why bother? Well, the anti-gun crowd wanted the charges pressed so they can take down another Good Guy With A Gun.

In regard to Patriot Livermore’s alleged tendency to get it on with dead animals, this is exactly what Rick Santorum and the NSPA have been warning for years will happen because of gay marriage. Once you destroy the Biblical definition of marriage and allow homosexuals to marry, it will only be a matter of time until men try to marry animals and have sex with them. Unfortunately, it appears Patriot Livermore fell victim to the plague of gay marriage and was forced to have sex with animals. #toldyouso

Prineville man arrested again for killing wildlife


Evil liberals frame Good Guy With A Gun and plant his corpse in Hobby Lobby parking lot….or at least that’s our gut feeling on what happened.


Well, sadly we’ve lost another one. Jerry Way from our Chillicothe NSPA chapter was found dead last night in the back of a white Dodge Caravan in a Hobby Lobby parking lot in Richmond, Indiana. If you believe “the authorities”, you believe Patriot Way shot and killed himself in the van after shooting and killing his sister-in-law in Chillicothe earlier in the day. However, we here at the NSPA headquarters see through the vast left wing conspiracy at play.

Now, “the authorities” claim Patriot Way had been having problems with his wife, who claimed she asked him to leave their home a couple of days ago after he stabbed her. First off, we see this as a liberal tall tale told to de-legitimize marriage between one man and one woman. Then they alleged Patriot Way showed back up at the house early yesterday and lured his sister-in-law, who was staying at the home to comfort his wife, outside by flashing the lights in his wife’s Dodge Caravan. So they expect us to believe that Patriot Way shot and killed her after she stepped out of the house, and then they expect us to believe he sped away in his wife’s van.

After an all day manhunt, the van somehow ended up in the Hobby Lobby parking lot in Indiana with Patriot Way’s corpse in the back. So the official line is that Patriot Way shot himself. Yeah, right.

See, we’re pretty sure “the authorities” and their liberal comrades from Dictator Obama’s regime framed Patriot Way and staged all of this for a number of reasons. As we already mentioned, they wanted to discredit opposite sex marriage. Then, obviously, they wanted to make a Good Guy With A Gun look like an unstable criminal. More important, though, they wanted to try to scare customers away from Hobby Lobby because Hobby Lobby had the guts to stand up to Dictator Obama’s arbitrary decree to force them to pay for their female employees’ birth control. The family that owns Hobby Lobby are good Christians so should they really be forced to subsidize the uncontrolled sexual escapades of the women they employ who have insatiable sexual urges? NO!!! So obviously that made them Public Enemy #1 in Dictator Obama’s eyes. Hence, we get the headline printed below.

Chillicothe man kills sister-in-law, later shoots self


Don’t tread on me. Don’t pee on my carpet.


Kobe Hanns from our Conklin NSPA chapter was arrested this weekend basically for standing his ground for his carpet. See, Patriot Hanns shares a home with his sister, and she had a 4-year old pit bull that couldn’t behave itself. We’re guessing Patriot Hann’s sister is emotionally immature and has impulse control issues that have caused her to be unmarried and without children at her age so she probably compensated for all of this by treating her pit bull like it was the child she never had.

So it’s a good bet she spoiled the dog and never gave it any discipline or structure so it felt it could do whatever it wanted to. We’re pretty sure it was this bad parenting that led the dog to urinate on Patriot Hann’s carpet Saturday. The pampered dog knew Patriot Hanns’ sister wasn’t going to do anything about it. However, this punk pooch didn’t take into account that it peed on a Patriot’s carpet.

Well, if Patriot Hanns hadn’t stood his ground right then and there, that dog would have had free license to pee on the carpet every day. So Patriot Hanns had no choice but to take the dog outside and shoot it in the head with a shotgun simply to make sure it never pees on his carpet again. Since his sister couldn’t take responsibility for her role in all of this, she allowed the police to arrest her brother and charge him with felony aggravated cruelty to animals. What a bunch of hogwash. If anybody should be arrested, it should be the police for cruelty to the Constitution!

Man fatally shoots sister’s dog with shotgun


Let’s get real! Do they really expect us to believe this NSPA member could be capable of a “road rage” shooting?


Well, it’s a new year, but it’s the same nonsense. George Cupi from our Shelton NSPA chapter got hauled into Criminal Court in Queens to be arraigned for a (get this) 2011 “road rage” incident. If he is so guilty, why did it take so long for them to arrest him?

See, “the authorities” allege Patriot Cupi got into a traffic dispute way back on July 14, 2011 in which a double-parked Cadillac Escalade wouldn’t move to allow Patriot Cupi pass in his van. Eventually the Escalade started moving, but it moved at a deliberately slow speed, as if to piss off Patriot Cupi.

Witnesses said Patriot Cupi waited patiently for the Escalade to drive away. When the two vehicles passed each other a block later, Patriot Cupi and the two brothers in the Escalade got into a loud, profanity filled argument and exchanged threats of physical harm. They said Patriot Cupi then drove away.

The brothers got out of the Escalade and walked toward a park near their home. That’s when the witnesses allege Patriot Cupi came walking along with his gun and shot one of the brothers in the face and the other brother in the chest. The witnesses then claim that Patriot Cupi walked away from the scene laughing. As for the brothers, one died and the other survived.

First off, we don’t believe anybody as serene as Patriot Cupi could be capable shooting two people in cold blood. Second, we don’t believe it should take four and a half years to bring a charge in a case like this. Isn’t it interesting that Patriot Cupi got arraigned only after Mayor de Blasio took office? The two brothers had Hispanic sounding names. Mayor de Blasio used to work for Hillary Clinton. Just maybe Mayor de Blasio wants to sacrifice an innocent Patriot Cupi to deliver a whole bunch of Hispanic votes to Hillary in the 2016 presidential election. We smell a rat!

Shelton fugitive busted in fatal NYC road rage


Yes, just like the police have asked, please call 911 immediately if you see this man so we can make sure he stays safe.


Investigators in northwest Indiana launched a nationwide search yesterday for Richard Kalecki from our Crown Point NSPA chapter and have asked anybody who sees him to call 911 immediately. We implore all of the members of our NSPA network to be on the lookout for Patriot Kalecki and to call 911 if you spot him because we are worried about his well being.

See, yesterday afternoon Patriot Kalecki allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife at the Edible Arrangements store where she worked in a Schererville strip mall. Now, “the authorities” haven’t released any details about the motive behind the shooting, but his ex-wife did have a foreign, kind of Mexican sounding name. So here’s what we’re thinking. Maybe Patriot Kalecki discovered she comes from a family of Mexican narco-terrorists, and she was planning on smuggling some of her brothers into America to terrorize and kill perfectly innocent people. If that’s the case (and we’re pretty sure it is), we can thank God that there was a Good Guy With A Gun to put a stop to this senseless killing that surely would have occurred.

However, in Dictator Obama’s America, heroism imposes a heavy toll on a real Patriot. See, if our theory is right, some Mexican drug lord has just dispatched three of his sons to America to fulfill a blood vendetta against Patriot Kalecki to avenge their sister. Since we still don’t have a wall on the border, they will have no problem sneaking into America to wreak death and terror. Patriot Kalecki is obviously on the run because he knows they are coming for him. Patriot Kalecki (most likely) stood his ground to keep America safe, now it is up to us to get him safely in police custody so they can hook him up with one of those new identity relocation programs for people being targeted by terrorists and drug cartels.

Ex-Husband Sought in Indiana Strip Mall Murder


Free the Nitro Three!


Well, 2016 is only two days old, and it already appears this year will be filled with just as much hate and intolerance toward NSPA members as 2015 was. James Snyder, Jeffrey Payne and Larry Stevens from our Nitro NSPA chapter were all hunted down last night like animals in an unprecedented governmental raid and violation of their Second Amendment rights.

It all started last night when West Virginia State Troopers obtained information that Patriot Payne was a suspect in a shooting that left two people in the hospital on December 29. Some snitch told them they could find Patriot Payne in a house in Nitro. So they got a search warrant and swarmed the house where they believed he was staying. Then they started pounding on the door. Patriot Stevens answered the door and told them Patriot Payne wasn’t there before he slammed the door on them.

Well, the troopers couldn’t take no for an answer or leave well enough alone so they called up the special operations officers who they brought along with them because they received word that the house was filled with multiple weapons. The last time we checked, there isn’t anything illegal about having a house filled with guns.

The goons from the special operations unit broke down the door, and “the authorities” invaded the house like rodents. After a quick search, they found Patriot Payne hiding. Patriot Stevens being the freedom loving Patriot that he is allegedly got into a fight with one of the officers until he was brutally taken down by a small army of other officers. They then arrested him and slapped him with charges of fleeing from an officer, obstructing an officer, aiding and abetting, and assault and battery.

Then after conducting interviews with another suspect in the shooting, they arrested Patriot Snyder after a traffic stop and charged him with malicious wounding and wonton endangerment. Patriot Payne was charged with wanton endangerment, brandishing a weapon and assault and battery. Some broad got arrested along with them, but you know the jury won’t convict her once she starts crying and batting her eyelashes so we aren’t even going to bother providing any information on her.

How sad is it that the pregnant hope of change that accompanies the arrival of a new year is already aborted like a fetus at a Planned Parenthood clinic by “the authorities” who can’t give up their hatred of gun loving, small penised Christian White men? Well, it’s pretty damn sad!

Four Arrested In Connection With Lincoln County Shooting



So a man from Louisiana with a gun enters a bar….


Thomas Ransom from our Independence, Louisiana NSPA chapter sadly lost his life recently in what the lamestream media is gleefully referring to as a “double murder-suicide” because they are always anxious to push their liberal, anti-gun agenda. Sure enough, though, the lamestream media didn’t give a fair and balanced account of what actually happened. See, they have completely left out Patriot Ransom’s side of the story.

Now, according to the lamestream media’s account, Patriot Ransom, carrying a concealed handgun, entered the bar where his estranged wife worked. What’s the big deal? Louisiana has concealed carry laws so he wasn’t breaking any laws. Besides, what if a Muslim Socialist Islamic extremist terrorist had come to the bar to kill a lot of people like all those people who got killed at that bar in the Paris terrorist attacks a few weeks ago? There are a lot of French speaking people in Louisiana so there very well could have been a lot of these terrorists planning a copy cat attack there. If they had tried anything funny, Patriot Ransom would have shot them all, and he would have been a hero (as much as it would have pained all of the gun haters in the media to report it)!

Well, unfortunately there weren’t any Muslim Socialist Islamic extremist terrorists in the bar that night, but Patriot Ransom’s estranged wife was. According to witnesses Patriot Ransom took a seat at the bar, and his estranged wife sat down next to him to talk to him briefly. We have no record of what type of inflammatory remarks she made to Patriot Ransom, but the witnesses said she got up and walked away after a brief exchange of remarks.

She must have said something awful because Patriot Ransom followed her away from the bar and shot and killed her. Patriot Ransom then tracked down a man in the bar who police later reported shared an address with Patriot Ransom’s estranged wife. Once Patriot Ransom found him, he shot and killed him. Then, probably realizing he wouldn’t get a fair trial and would be blamed for what happened, Patriot Ransom turned his gun on himself and ended his life, a life that offered so much potential. The other tragedy is that Patriot Ransom will no longer be able to save the bar’s patrons in the future from being shot and killed by deranged terrorists.

Here’s the important part of this story that the lamestream media is keeping suppressed. Over the past couple of years, the NSPA has lost a number of its members in these types of situations involving estranged wives. See, there’s a pattern here. These estranged wives are doing something in common to cause so many of our members to take these actions. Maybe if the “authorities” would actually investigate this angle, maybe we would have a few more NSPA members still alive today!

Louisiana man walks into bar and kills estranged wife, man in murder-suicide: authorities


Look, his son should have called Maaco….or at least Earl Scheib.


Thomas Barry Woods from our Maryville NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with two counts of aggravated domestic assault, three counts of aggravated assault, two charges of felony reckless endangerment, three counts of reckless endangerment and vandalism basically because his son was too cheap and headstrong to hire a professional to do a paint job on his truck.

See, it all started when Patriot Woods gave a pickup truck to his 18-year old son and later found out his son was applying a coat of primer to the truck in the driveway of Patriot Woods’ mother’s house. Well, this angered Patriot Woods, who didn’t approve of the work being done to the truck so he hurried over to his mother’s house to put a stop to it. Sure enough, Patriot Woods and his son got into a good, heated argument.

Patriot Woods left the scene but returned soon after in his own truck to block his son’s truck in the driveway. This led his hothead son to lose control and nearly attack him, until he was restrained by his punk brat friends. Like clockwork, Patriot Woods’ gullible mother took her grandson’s side and told her son to leave. Well, Patriot Woods is a grown ass man who wasn’t going to be pushed around by his brat son or bossy mother so he allegedly simply got his semi-automatic pistol out of his truck and shot his son’s truck four times. One bullet struck his mother’s home.

Patriot Woods’ son then went into his grandmother’s house to get her shotgun, but Patriot Woods then hightailed it out of there. The real tragedy here is that a family of gun lovers like this can’t find harmony. It’s probably because of the anti-family agenda this country has been subjected to for the past 7 years of Dictator Obama’s regime.

Well, the “authorities” arrived on the scene and hunted down Patriot Woods like a common criminal. Again, this all could have been easily avoided if Patriot Woods’ son had done the responsible thing and brought his truck to a professional auto body paint shop. #thanksson

BCSO: Man shoots truck, goes to jail



2015 National Small Penis Association Man Of The Year –                            

                                 DONALD TRUMP!!!!

Donald Trump speaks during the 38th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington February 10, 2011. The CPAC is a project of the American Conservative Union Foundation. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS)

While the National Small Penis Association still endorses Jeb! Bush for the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination to recognize his landmark role in establishing Stand Your Ground legislation in 33 states, we must acknowledge the untiring and inspiring advocacy Donald Trump has performed in 2015 on behalf of insecure White Christian men who have small penises.

His campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has shown how deep-seated insecurities and emotional immaturity can be overcome through cartoonishly boorish swagger, a calculated and pandering ignorance, craven deceit, a sadly laughable narcissism that has lost its once comic effect, a seemingly impossible lack of self-awareness and a voracious viciousness that exposes a spiritual emptiness and lack of capability for having the slightest element of human decency. Oh, yeah, he also fully embraces gun rights.

So with apologies to Jeb! we must celebrate Donald Trump’s personification of the National Small Penis Association’s ethos and present him our Man Of The Year Award for 2015.


Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.”
– Plato


Joshua Sadowski from our Jefferson Parish NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday basically because some busybody married couple stuck their noses in his business while he was simply having a conversation with his woman. So as a result of this elitist couple not knowing how to mind their own business, Patriot Sadowski is now stuck in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and facing charges of illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault. Well, we have a sneaking suspicion that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department was simply scrambling to fulfill their arrest a Good Guy With A Gun quota before the end of the year.

See, the facts just don’t justify the arrest. Patriot Sadowski was having a conversation with his woman when this dogooder married couple pulled off the side of the road to see what was going on. We’re willing to bet $1,000 that their car had a Ready For Hillary bumper sticker because they were the types who are always looking for a “victim” to rescue because they don’t believe in letting people take care of themselves. So they viewed the conversation as a dangerously escalating argument and encouraged the woman to get into their car, according to the arrest report.

Well, the woman had enough sense to tell them no, but the husband still had the childish dream of being a hero who saves the day so he started arguing with Patriot Sadowski. That’s when Patriot Sadowski decided to teach the married couple the importance of minding their own business. So he simply got his semi-automatic pistol from his car, racked and chambered a round and fired it at the husband. Look, the bullet didn’t hit anybody, but the busybody couple still felt the need to call the Sheriff’s department because they simply couldn’t let it go. Before he knew it, Patriot Sadowski was sitting in the back of a deputy’s squad car…all because he was having a conversation with his woman. #whenwillitend?

Old Jefferson man shoots at Good Samaritans who tried to help his girlfriend, JPSO says






Timothy Loehmann (pictured above) from our nearby Cleveland NSPA chapter received the joyous news this afternoon that a Cuyahoga County grand jury decided not to bring criminal charges against him for shooting and killing 12-year old Tamir Rice last year. We here at the NSPA had been terrified about Patriot Loehmann’s fate for the past year because we all know how unlikely it is for a White police officer to be treated fairly in the American court system so we were pleasantly surprised that the grand jury had the courage to make such a brave decision.

In particular we would like to thank Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty for his courageous stewardship of this case. Sure, there are haters out there who claim he manipulated the process and betrayed the responsibilities of his office by clearly siding with the police officers, but they’re just sore losers.

Cleveland Police Union chief Steve Loomis summed it up best when he praised the grand jury for not falling for the rhetoric of certain types (you know what I mean) who had an agenda behind their calls for charges to be brought against Patriot Loehmann. Yeah, we here at the NSPA headquarters from the beginning saw through their self serving agenda of pursuing accountability and justice.

Sure, the haters point out that Patriot Loehmann had a dismal record with the Independence Police Department before the Cleveland Police Department hired him. The Independence Deputy Chief wrote that Patriot Loehmann was “distracted” and “weepy” during firearms qualification training. Furthermore, he wrote, “He could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal.” Then to really rub it in this Deputy pinhead wrote a letter recommending the department let Patriot Loehmann go in which he dropped this big whopper, “I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct the deficiencies.”

We call bullshit on this because we know what a bunch of pussies many of those suburban police departments are. The truth is Patriot Loehmann was too much of a real man for them so he had to sign up with the Cleveland Police Department where his true talents could shine. Now we just pray to Jesus Christ that the Cleveland Police Department removes Patriot Loehmann from restricted duty and gets him back on the streets of Cleveland as soon as possible to keep the city safe!

Tamir Rice decision: No indictments of Cleveland police officers


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because of those God damn, industry killing EPA regulations!


Cade Austin from our Preston NSPA chapter was not only shot and wounded last week by an armed Utah emergency medical technician, but he was also charged earlier this week with two counts of first degree felony attempted murder (WTF?!?), misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence, interference with arresting police officer, reckless driving and open container in a vehicle on a highway. In the worst case scenario, Patriot Austin could face life in prison. Shit just got real!

See, it all started last Monday night as Patriot Austin was driving along U.S. Highway 91 when he crashed into a large natural gas regulating device that got in his way and began to spew gas, according to the Logan police department news release. Now right off the bat, we’d like to point out the obvious fact that none of this would have ever happened if that damn regulating device hadn’t been in his way. We’re not exactly sure what a natural gas regulating device is, but it sounds damn well like all of those business hating EPA regulations that Dictator Obama’s regime tries to tyrannize us with to destroy all of the job creators.

Well, when the EMT crew arrived and tried to force themselves upon Patriot Austin in his heavily damaged car, they found him to be “not appropriate” and “not cooperative”, as they said in their catty comments to the police who arrived later. They also complained that he produced a firearm and pointed it at them. Maybe Patriot Austin as a grown ass man didn’t want these men putting their hands all over him.

One of the EMTs happened to have a concealed firearms license, so he escalated the situation by pulling out his gun, which led to an exchange of gunfire. Patriot Austin got hit and the two sides settled into a stand off. While all this was going on, natural gas continued spewing from that damn damaged regulator. Then a SWAT team showed up, but they couldn’t shoot at Patriot Austin (thankfully) because there was so much combustible gas in the air that another gunshot could have caused a devastating explosion. To compound the problem, the natural gas crew couldn’t repair the leak because Patriot Austin was still allegedly waving his gun.

Well, Patriot Austin was understandably annoyed that he had to be dealing with all of this bother so he continued to drink from a handy bottle of Crown Royal whiskey to help take the edge off over the course of the next hour until he passed out. So then the cowardly SWAT team took advantage of the unconscious Patriot Austin and swooped him to the hospital so they could patch him up just so the police could arrest him.

This sad case is just another example of how these damn useless EPA regulations can ruin the life of an American Patriot. Worse yet, with Patriot Austin locked up we have one less Good Guy With A Gun on the streets to keep us safe from all of those unstable and erratic types out there.

Man charged with attempted murder after exchanging gunfire with armed EMT


Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to call the police to report a crime….in a roundabout way!


Mykhael Hicks from our Hamilton County NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week for allegedly shooting at a woman’s car and striking it four times as she drove away. Patriot Hicks is now facing charges of aggravated assault, felony reckless endangerment, vandalism over $1,000 and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

The first surprising thing about this case is there are actually White parents who spelled the name Michael as Mykhael. We pretty much thought only black parents would have done that. The second surprising thing about this case is that the “authorities” would arrest somebody who really wasn’t trying to do anything except to call the police to report a crime.

Now, if you believe the “authorities”, you believe Patriot Hicks stepped in the middle of a residential street to stop a woman who had just dropped off a friend in the neighborhood. Then they allege Patriot Hicks asked the woman if she had seen three men in the area walking or driving away. When she told him she had dropped off a friend at home and hadn’t seen anything, the “authorities” allege Patriot Hicks pulled out a gun and pointed it toward her car. As she drove away in a panic, she told the police she heard Patriot Hicks fire the gun. The police later determined the car had been struck four times.

Well, the “authorities” quickly tracked down Patriot Hicks, who admitted he had fired his gun at the woman’s car. However, after he backed off his first explanation for the shooting, which was that he was afraid she was going to hit him with her car, he then offered a perfectly understandable explanation. See, he said he had arrived home and found three men breaking into his car in the driveway. He warned them he was going to get his gun, which caused them to run away. He then said he was trying to track them down when this woman drove up on him. So he explained he simply started shooting at her car to disable it so he could call the police to catch the guys who were breaking into his car.

That sounds perfectly reasonable to us. See, if only we had more stable, well thought out Good Guys With A Gun like Patriot Hicks and Patriot George Zimmerman patrolling our neighborhoods, we would all be safer. However, the “authorities” saw Patriot Hicks as just another White man with a gun so they deemed him a thug and threw him in jail. Good luck finding justice in this country if you’re a White man, particularly one with a gun.

Hamilton Co. Man Charged with Firing Gun at Car



Good Guy With A Gun loses his life trying to make sure his daughters weren’t harmed by his estranged wife’s new boyfriend!  You can thank the liberals who want to destroy the family unit for this tragedy!


Levi Parker from our Pima County NSPA chapter sadly lost his life today (of all days) as a result of a self inflicted gun shot wound because he was determined to do whatever it took to make sure his 5-year and 7-year old daughters were not harmed by his estranged wife’s new boyfriend.

See, Patriot Parker and wife were in the process of finalizing their divorce, and Patriot Parker was unhappy that his estranged wife had a new boyfriend. As the daughters’ aunt told the local media, Patriot Parker didn’t want his girls with another man. Who knows what kind of horrible things this new boyfriend might have done to them? There are a lot of sick people in this world! (Which happens to be one of the reasons why everybody should have a couple of guns at hand.)

So, to make sure nothing bad happened to them at the hands of mom’s new boyfriend, Patriot Parker shot and killed both of his daughters.  He then turned the gun on himself. Sure enough, my email has been bombarded by liberal trolls ranting about Patriot Parker’s act, but I’d like to point out that most of them probably feel *SPOILER ALERT* that the big Indian fella did the right thing when he killed the Jack Nicholson character at the end of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ or when Clint Eastwood killed that girl boxer at the end of ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

See, the real culprit here is the liberal agenda to destroy the family unit. As we’ve always said, children are going to be better off in a home with one man married to one woman, with the man calling the shots, naturally, in the house. It’s so sad that Patriot Parker had to become yet another victim of Dictator Obama’s liberal agenda.

Arizona dad who fatally shot two young daughters two days before Christmas has died



NSPA member arrested for losing control of a pistol in his pants!


Seth Allan Millner from our Mora NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday after being identified as the person who lost control of a pistol in his pants December 13 in a Findley Target store, as reported by

According to the police report, surveillance video showed Patriot Millner with a gun in the waistband of his pants as he entered the store, and it slipped down one of the legs of his pants. As he attempted to grab it, the gun went off. Nobody was injured, and Patriot Millner and a woman ran from the store.

Sure enough, it was some Jezebel-like woman who called the “authorities” to identify Patriot Millner after seeing the surveillance video and their pleas for assistance with identifying the accidental shooter. A few days later, the “authorities” picked up Patriot Millner as he was driving a stolen car. He also had illegal drugs and a stolen 9mm handgun according to the complaint.

Once the Findley police had Patriot Millner in their clutches at the Ramsey County Jail, they were able to apply what we are sure were harsh interrogation techniques to get him to break. As reported, Patriot Millner told them, “All right, it was me, it was me in the (expletive) Target. I was just walking with it, the stupid (expletive) went off. I didn’t fidget with it. It just went off.”  (Heck, if I had a dollar for every time my little handgun just went off without even fidgeting with it, I would have $15,000,000 to my name.)

Then the busybody Findley police started snooping around Patriot Millner’s background and discovered he had a November 2014 conviction in Chisago County for possession of a “machine gun or short-barreled shotgun” and is ineligible (in their twisted minds) to possess a firearm.

The one good thing to come out of this story is that we here at the NSPA headquarters just got the idea to refer to our small penises as short-barreled shotguns. The bad thing to come out of this story is that Patriot Millner is still sitting in the Ramsey County Jail pending felony charges while waiting to be transferred to Anoka County to face the firearms charge there.

So now there is one less Good Guy With A Gun out there to protect us. I bet the next time you’re out shopping and a band of Muslim terrorists start killing people in the store, you sure will wish Patriot Millner could be there to whip his gun out of his pants and save the day.

Minnesota man charged after carrying pistol in pants, accidentally shooting it in Target


Further proof that Pope Francis and Dictator Obama are in cahoots to destroy America with their Socialist Marxist Communistic agenda!


Kevin Ledet from our Houma NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday after bringing a handgun to a service at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. Patriot Ledet was doing nothing more than worshiping in camouflage clothing and clutching a gun because he is a warrior for Christ. Well, a whole bunch of scaredy-cat families panicked, fled the church and called the police. (We’re sure they were all nut job liberation theology Catholics, not real Catholics.)

Patriot Ledet was on his way out of the church, probably to make sure there were no Muslim terrorists in the area, when the “authorities” swarmed on him and confiscated his gun. After they arrested him, they took him to a hospital to get treatment for a gunshot wound on one of his legs. According to the “authorities”, Patriot Ledet told them he had accidentally shot himself in the leg the day before. We figure he didn’t get medical treatment right away because he probably didn’t have health insurance because he refused to submit to the tyranny of Obamacare and went to church on Sunday to sprinkle a little holy water on the wound.

After they got him stitched up, the “authorities” turned around and charged him with terrorizing, illegal use of a weapon and failure to appear in court. Apparently Patriot Ledet had outstanding warrants on unrelated charges of drunken driving and carrying an open container of alcohol.

Now here’s what has us suspicious. Louisiana law allows church members to carry concealed handguns, but Louisiana’s bishops have barred such details in Roman Catholic churches according to reporting in the New Pittsburgh Courier. We’ve always been suspicious of Catholic politicians because they would likely take their marching orders from Rome. Well, here’s proof positive of the kind of destruction of American human rights that can occur when Pope Francis and Dictator Obama join forces to destroy our country. #toldyouso

Sheriff: Man arrested after showing gun at church service


White man arrested for shooting beer cans! Has Dictator Obama no shame?!!


David Ralph Gilmore from our Palm Coast NSPA chapter was arrested on his property and had his guns confiscated for doing nothing more than engaging in his harmless hobby of shooting at beer cans. (This is personal because I learned to love guns when my daddy would take me in the back yard to shoot at Schaefer Light beer cans.)

Well, the gun hating liberal goons with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Department saw it differently and arrested him and charged him with (get this) aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. See, they claimed he was shooting his shotgun toward the bleeding heart animal rescue operation next to his property and then pointed his gun at some 16-year old girl who was on the rescue operation’s property.

It all started earlier that night when the busy body rescue operation owner (who probably spends all of her time helping animals because she probably is so weird that she doesn’t have any human friends) called the Sheriff’s department to accuse Patriot Gilmore of shooting toward her and the animals on her property. So these bozos went out and “investigated” the situation and told Patriot Gilmore not to shoot toward the operation’s property anymore and not to point his gun at anybody on her property.

Then not more than 2 hours later, the hysterical rescue operation owner called the deputies back out just to stir up trouble and claimed Patriot Gilmore had been hiding behind a tree on his property and pointing a gun at the 16-year old girl. He denied it and explained he had simply been shooting at beer cans. So the dummy deputies started snooping around the rescue operation’s property and oh so conveniently happened to find a .410 gauge shell. This was their cue to slap handcuffs on him in order to take one more Good Guy With A Gun off the streets. We figure Dictator Obama wants to round up as many of us as possible during his final year in office so we must all be on guard.  TRUST NOBODY (except for White Christians!)

Man arrested after neighbor says he pointed gun at child, Tanimals


Rejoice always,
1 Thessalonians 5:16


Shawn Gantnier from our Belfast NSPA Chapter is keeping his heart full of Christian joy and refusing to allow the gun hating, liberal “authorities” in Maine to break his spirit. See, Patriot Gantnier was arrested over the weekend for allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend and pointing a gun at her.

According to the geniuses with the Belfast Police Department, Patriot Gantnier had been drinking Saturday night and became angry with his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was still living, early Sunday morning. The police then claimed Patriot punched her a couple of times with closed fists. Then they fell for her claim that Patriot Gantnier pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her before she managed to escape from the house, where her 2-year old son was sleeping, to call the police.

If this really happened, we would like to know where in the Hell is the cell phone video of all this? It seems like every time a White Man is accused of doing something there just happens to be a cell phone video popping up to ruin his life. Isn’t it interesting that there is no cell phone video to back up any of these claims? We wonder what that could mean. Hmmmm. Let me think about that for a moment.

Well, unfortunately the Belfast Police Department wasn’t as curious because they went ahead and charged him with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence assault, domestic violence terrorizing and endangering the welfare of a child. In other words, he was charged with being a Good Guy With A Gun who knows how to keep his woman in line, which is a serious crime in loony liberal land.

Thankfully, Patriot Gantnier is a totally secure, well adjusted White Man, as evidenced by his booking photo, and is not going to be humbled by the haters and liars who are determined to destroy him. Rejoice!

Belfast man reportedly threatened girlfriend with gun



White cop’s life ruined by the political correctness police!


Ray Albers from our St. Ann NSPA chapter and a former St. Ann’s police officer has had his life ruined basically for doing nothing more than to try to bring law and order last summer to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri which had been reduced to anarchy by the vicious and unruly protesters who were trying to destroy America all because a White police officer had no choice but to kill a young black guy.

At one point Patriot Albers found himself face to face with a protester who was armed with a cell phone video camera. Patriot Albers had no choice but to defend himself by pointing his AR-15 at the rioter and calmly telling him, “I will fucking kill you.” When the rioting provocateur tried to escalate the situation by asking for his name, Patriot Albers wisely defused the situation by saying, “Go fuck yourself.”

Sure enough, the political correctness police seized on the video and spread it all over the internet, causing Patriot Albers to be forced out of his job shortly after the incident. To make matters worse, Patriot Albers was hauled this past week in front of the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission because the state’s meddlesome Department of Public Safety (yeah, right) wants to suspend or permanently revoke Patriot Albers’ license to work as a police officer.

Patriot Albers and his attorney made the salient argument that he wasn’t the only officer pointing a semi-automatic weapon and making threatening comments at the protesters so there’s really no reason he should be singled out for punishment. Besides, they also made the point that his life has been ruined by all of this nonsense. After all, if those people knew how to behave, he never would have been forced to point his gun and tell the thug that he was going to fucking kill him.

Now Patriot Albers must wait over the next couple of months for this kangaroo Commission to make its decision, but we’re guessing the fix is in because White Men can’t get justice in Dictator Obama’s America.

Cop Who Threatened To Kill Ferguson Protesters Says His Life Is ‘Ruined’


White Man forced to shoot and kill 2 people while driving along 1-40 in Oklahoma to defend himself…. or at least we’re sure he had to defend himself (or maybe foil a terrorist attack) because why else would a White Man shoot and kill 2 people?

This Dec. 9, 2015, booking photo provided by the Custer County, Okla., Sheriff's Office shows Jeremy Doss Hardy, who was arrested for DUI after a brief pursuit on Interstate 40 in Custer County, Okla. Oklahoma state police say Hardy, jailed on a preliminary complaint of driving under the influence, is the "only person'" being investigated for a pair of suspected road rage killings along Interstate 40. Jessica Brown, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman, said Hardy and his vehicle are the ones described by victims and witnesses as the suspect vehicle involved in the shootings. (Custer County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Jeremy Doss Hardy from our Pasadena, Texas NSPA chapter was forced to turn himself in to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation on Thursday because he is suspected of being the White Man who led the “authorities” on a high speed chase through three counties along 1-40 while firing randomly from his pickup truck, hitting at least four vehicles and killing two people. One of the persons was a 45-year old man who was driving with his wife and the other was a 63-year old woman. The OSBI announced Patriot Hardy is the only person they are investigating in the shootings, and they are preparing an affidavit to be submitted to the district attorney.

Here’s the thing that burns us up. So far the focus has been on figuring out who the shooter was, but no consideration has been given to WHY the shootings took place. Suppose it was Patriot Hardy who shot and killed the two people. If it turns out he is the shooter, we would like to point out the obvious fact that he is a White Man, which means he would have obviously had a good reason for shooting and killing the two people.

Sure enough, the lamestream media has been portraying this as a senseless road rage shooting because they have to resort to ‘dog whistle’ language any time there is a story involving a gunman who happens to kill a few people. We’re guessing this Good Guy With A Gun who did the shootings (maybe it was Patriot Hardy) was probably defending himself or foiling some kind of a terrorist plot, kind of like what Jack Bauer sometimes had to do on ‘24′. We’re only hoping that the OSBI actually gets around to investigating what threat the shooter faced so the truth can come out.

2 dead in suspected road rage shootings in Oklahoma


NSPA member arrested basically for just having a few drinks and taking a little target practice at a wood pile in his back yard! Okay, so maybe a few of the bullets ended up in a mosque next door, but you can’t get a bullseye every time.


Ted Hakey Jr. from our Meriden NSPA chapter was basically racially profiled for being a brave White Christian Man and was taken into custody yesterday to be hauled in front of a U.S. magistrate judge this morning. To make matters worse, he will have to be stuck in jail until his detention hearing on Monday. Worse yet, he was charged with damages to religious property, a federal charge that could carry a sentence of up to 20 years and a $250,000 fine.

So what caused all of this fuss? Well, way back on November 13, a few hours after the Paris terrorist attacks, Patriot Hakey returned home after having a few or 10 drinks. Well, he wanted to wind down a little bit before going to bed so he went in his back yard to take a little target practice at a wood pile. So he fired a number of shots from a high-powered rifle, and a few of the bullets missed their mark and just happened to end up in a mosque next door. Hey, it happens. Even Good Guys With A Gun don’t hit their mark every single time. Did Michael Jordan make every basket he ever shot? No. Larry Bird probably came closer to hitting every shot, but even he couldn’t do it every time.

Sure enough, the gun hating “authorities” started snooping around and zeroed in on Patriot Hakey. As he tried to explain to them, he never intended to hit the mosque. However, the “authorities” were determined to get him in trouble so they started scrolling through his Facebook page where they cherry picked his posts over the past couple of years to frame him.

For example, the “authorities” took the following posts completely out of context: “I hate Muslims”, “What might work is to desecrate the Muslim religion. Burn their local mosque to the ground, defile the land with pig blood”, “…the only solution is to wipe Islam off the face of the earth…”, “…they are gonna cross the point of no return, and all the Muslim hang outs will burn”, “The next big attack on our country, and it’s over for them”, “…is Muslim season open yet? I’m in a target rich environment…”

See, the “authorities” can take any offhand comment out of context and twist it around for their own purposes to frame an obviously innocent man. The sick thing is that the “authorities” got what they wanted out of all of this. They seized 24 of Patriot Hakey’s firearms, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a bullet proof vest. Let’s be real now. That’s what this is all really about.

Dictator Obama’s hands are all over this because he surely wanted to silence Patriot Hakey, who has, according to a search of his cell phone and electronic devices, used expletives in text messages to describe Dictator Obama and called him out for being a Muslim. Truth tellers get taken down in Obama’s America. Sadly, it’s now open season on Christian White Men, particularly those who have small penises and love guns.

Former U.S. Marine charged with hate crime following South Meriden mosque shooting


For dogs have surrounded me, A band of evildoers has encompassed me, They pierced my hand and my feet.
Psalm 22:16


Robert Schabel from our Laurel County NSPA chapter was shamefully arrested and thrown in jail earlier this week for allegedly luring a dog into a hunting trap in his yard and then shooting and killing it. The gun hating “authorities” swarmed onto Patriot Schabel’s property and maliciously charged him with second-degree animal cruelty and second-degree wanton endangerment.

See, if you believe the lamestream media which quoted his slanderous neighbors, you believe that Patriot Schabel set out rabbits in cages on his back porch to use as bait to lure stray dogs into hunting traps set up in his back yard. These neighbors complained the traps were the type that clamp down on an animal’s leg. Hello! It’s a trap. What do you expect it to do? Maybe they would like a trap that snares an animal by having a spring loaded mechanical hand give it endless belly rubs?

Well, one of the crybaby neighbors claimed he begged Patriot Schabel to let him take the trapped dog to a veterinarian, but Patriot Schabel allegedly ignored him and killed the dog with a gun while it was howling in the trap. That’s when the police descended upon Patriot Schabel’s property to arrest him and confiscate his gun.

What was Patriot Schabel supposed to do? He was surrounded by stray dogs and evildoing neighbors in his backyard. I guess those calling for “justice” in this case feel Patriot Schabel should have let the dogs and neighbors pierce his hands and feet. No, that’s not going to happen whenever there’s a Good Guy With A Gun!
Laurel Co. man accused of shooting, killing dog after trapping it in yard


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.”
M.B. Whitman (1909)


It sure is easy to become dejected if you are a gun loving, small penised Christian White man in Dictator Obama’s America, and that is why we are so proud of Michael Brent Gay from our Lancaster NSPA chapter because he has been able to maintain a positive attitude in the face of relentless government persecution.

See, Saturday night the deputy thugs in the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department arrested Patriot Gay and charged him with murder following a shooting earlier that night. The “authorities” allege that Patriot Gay shot and killed a 40-year old male acquaintance. In other words, they needed to come up with something that sounded serious so they would have an excuse to arrest this Good Guy With A Gun and confiscate his gun. Right away we smelled a frame up so we were pleased when we saw Patriot Gay display his million dollar smile in his booking photograph. This picture assured us that his heart is full of Christian righteousness so we just know the truth will set him free.

Take note, fellow NSPA members. Our second most valuable weapon is a positive attitude!

Lancaster man accused of shooting, killing man


NSPA member arrested basically for being a Billy Ocean fan!


Okay, here we go again. Steven Michael Karr from our Williams Township NSPA chapter was forced to appear in court yesterday and forced to surrender all of his firearms and not to be in possession of any firearms until his case is resolved. In other words they ordered him to stop being a man. In addition to that he was ordered to return to court on February 16 to be formally arraigned to face charges of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, making terroristic threats, driving under the influence and simple assault.

What prompted a judge to take such horrific measures? Well, Patriot Karr has been accused of driving up on a woman and her brother as they were walking along on a sidewalk. He then allegedly tried to persuade the woman to get into his car, according to court records. When she refused and continued walking, her brother confronted Patriot Karr, which led to a verbal exchange. Patriot Karr then allegedly displayed a loaded 9-mm handgun at them. When the police arrived, they forced Patriot Karr to submit to a blood alcohol test, which allegedly registered at .13.

At least that’s what the “authorities” want you to believe. Look, here’s what really happened. We’ve heard from some of the other members in our Williams Township NSPA chapter that Patriot Karr is a big Billy Ocean fan. So we figure he was driving around blasting a cd of Billy Ocean’s ‘Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car’ and singing along with it.

Well, the self absorbed woman must have thought Patriot Karr was calling out to her. It’s like that ‘You probably think this song is about you’ line in ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon.  Then when her brother started talking back to him, Patriot Karr had to pull out his gun in order to stand his ground.

While the woman and her brother don’t have Muslim names, they do have foreign sounding names that let you know something fishy is going on with them. That’s really the problem here. If they were real Americans and knew American culture, they would have known the Billy Ocean song, and there never would have been this misunderstanding that led to Patriot Karr’s arrest.

All that really matters here, though, is that the “authorities” have confiscated all of Patriot Karr’s guns, just like what we’ve been warning will happen to all of you soon enough. #toldyouso

Man must surrender firearms after pointing loaded gun at 2, judge says


NSPA member arrested for basically trying to prevent unwanted cat pregnancies. I thought liberals were all about stopping unwanted pregnancies so why are they out for his blood?!!!


Arthur Allan Glover from our Johns Island NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s cat with a 12 gauge shotgun. According to the incident report an obviously biased witness, who just happened to be a friend of the cat’s owner, claimed Patriot Glover shot the cat in his back yard and walked back into his house laughing.

When county deputies arrived to investigate, Patriot Glover told them he thought the cat was feral and had been getting other stray cats in the neighborhood pregnant so he shot it. Nevertheless, they arrested him even though he was doing nothing more than trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Isn’t that what Planned Parenthood does? However, the very same liberal crowd that loves Planned Parenthood is out to destroy Patriot Glover. That’s liberal logic for you. They’ll turn on you every time like a pack of vicious feral cats!

Right now this Good Guy With A Gun is facing an absurd cruelty to animals charge. Patriot Glover reportedly told the deputies, “If I knew this was going to become a (expletive) storm, I would have shot the cat with a BB gun.” See, that’s how these liberal gun haters operate. They use the threat of accountability to try to scare us from using our guns. Never again!

Report: Man shoots neighbor’s cat, laughs as he walks away


Look, he had to wait 49 minutes to get his pizza, chicken wings and bread sticks delivered. How else would you have expected him to react?!!!


Frank Veltri from our Pittsburgh NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week basically for standing his ground as a customer who expects prompt service because he ordered a pizza, chicken wings and breadsticks and had to wait 49 minutes for the order to arrive.

Well, when the slow poke husband and wife delivery team finally got around to making the delivery, Patriot Veltri was determined to get his order for free. Again, he had to wait 49 minutes!

According to the criminal complaint filed about this incident, when the little lady delivery person brought the order to the door, Patriot Veltri said, “I talked to corporate. This pizza is free.” He then allegedly grabbed the order out of her hands and walked into his house. However, the lady wouldn’t leave his property because women like nothing better than to escalate a situation so Patriot Veltri was well within his rights when he went back outside and continued to scream at her to leave.

So she called her manager and handed the phone to Patriot Veltri. For some reason the manager didn’t apologize for the delivery taking so long and had the nerve to ask Patriot Veltri to return the order. NSPA members always stand their ground so he refused to give the order back.

Then the hysterical woman ran back to the car and told her husband who was riding along with her what was going on. Well, thinking he was some kind of a tough guy, he got out of the car and told Patriot Veltri to give the order back.

That was it. Patriot Veltri knew he had to go all NSPA on their asses so, according to the criminal complaint, he pointed to a sign that said “owner of this property is armed.” When they still insisted on getting the food back, Patriot Veltri allegedly got a gun out of his car and pointed it at them. So the police showed up, and one thing led to another and Patriot Veltri was charged with robbery, simple assault and theft by unlawful taking.

However, we all know the real reason Patriot Veltri was arrested. He was a White man defending his rights with a gun. That’s a capital crime in Dictator Obama’s America.

Police: Man Pulls Gun, Robs Pizza Delivery Drivers For Taking Too Long


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for standing his ground against 2 hysterical women!


Grady Voiselle from our Greenwood NSPA chapter got arrested earlier this week basically for protecting himself with his trusty AK-47 from two unhinged, emotional women who had charged into his bedroom to do him harm.

See, here’s what happened. Patriot Voiselle is a happening guy and had it going on with two women. He was engaged and living with this one broad and had been dating this other broad for a little over a year. Well, one thing led to another, and these two women ran into each other one night and got to talking. You know that nothing good can come from two motor mouth, busy body women yakking to each other non-stop. Sure enough, nothing good came from that conversation.

So once they were done getting each other all worked up and overly emotional, they went charging into Patriot Voiselle’s bedroom where he was sound asleep. When he woke up and saw these two furies, what was he supposed to do? Well, he did the only thing he could and stood his ground. According to the police report, Patriot Voiselle allegedly looked for his handgun. When he couldn’t find it, he got his AK-47 out of his closet and allegedly pointed it at them. Let’s just say that nothing quiets down two frenzied, raving women more quickly than an AK-47.

Well, the Greenwood police showed up and sided with the women, who probably started crying and presented themselves as the victims. Sadly, they manipulated the Greenwood police, and Patriot Voiselle found himself sitting in the Greenwood County Detention Center facing a charge of pointing and presenting a firearm. In other words they charged him for being a Man!

Have you ever seen that show Snapped on the Oxygen cable channel? I know Oxygen is a women’s channel, and we here at the NSPA headquarters spend most of our time watching manly tv shows like Duck Dynasty and Ice Road Truckers, but we watch Snapped because it teaches just how dangerous the unhinged and emotional female mind can be. We believe Patriot Voiselle was facing two women who were getting ready to be featured on Snapped. However, since this is Dictator Obama’s America, Patriot Voiselle is the one who is facing jail time. Figures.

Man charged with pointing gun at women



Good Guy With A Gun forced to resign as police chief for protecting his community from a vicious dog!




Andrew Spencer from our Sparta NSPA chapter was shamefully forced to resign as Sparta’s Police Chief today for protecting the good citizens of Sparta from being mauled by a vicious pit bull chow mix. However, the bleeding heart political correctness police, who refuse to call pit bull chow mixes the threat that they are, don’t care about public safety and insist on fighting for the rights of these dirty, killer mutts.

See, here’s what happened. Back in November this pit bull chow mix got out of his owners’ back yard and started roaming the streets of Sparta like some nefarious refugee, obviously with the intention of killing as many Sparta citizens as possible. Police Chief Spencer found the vicious dog just in time before it could kill anybody and put it in a cage. When Patriot Spencer couldn’t find a shelter to take the dangerous dog and got called to respond to a car crash, he did the one sensible thing he could have by shooting and killing Chase.

See, Sparta is a city that has been proactive in addressing the pit bull chow mix threat because it has banned all pit bulls from its city limits. Sure enough, all of the liberal crybabies have decried this policy and whined that Chase was a harmless dog and a beloved member of the family that had adopted him from a dog rescue operation. His family complained that it took a full week before Police Chief Spencer finally admitted to killing Chase and alleged that the Police Department lied about the threat Chase posed to the community and tried to cover up the shooting. To all these hysterics, we can only say thank God we have a leader in Sparta brave enough to ban all pit bulls! It’s just a shame that the liberal hate machine got to take down another Good Guy With A Gun!

Missouri city’s police chief resigns after shooting dog



NSPA member arrested for doing nothing more than having a slight mishap while engaging in his hobby of reenacting his favorite Popeye comics!


John O’Quinn from our Jacksonville NSPA chapter was arrested this past weekend for allegedly shooting his girlfriend, who is in her late 30s, then barricading himself in his home for hours. If you believe the “authorities”, who we all know hate Good Guys With A Gun, you’ll believe their concocted story that Patriot O’Quinn got into an argument with his girlfriend, who then called her husband to pick her up and bring her home. Then the “authorities” claimed Patriot O’Quinn shot his gun at their car as they drove away from his home and struck his girlfriend in the back, hand and face.

However, another member from our Jacksonville NSPA chapter told us what really happened. See, Patriot O’Quinn enjoys reenacting his favorite Popeye comics at children’s parties and was practicing one of his routines when his gun accidentally went off and shot his girlfriend.

Sure enough, the “authorities” saw their chance to lock up a Good Guy With A Gun so they hijacked the narrative of this accident and charged Patriot O’Quinn with aggravated assault, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and shooting/throwing deadly missiles into dwelling (WTF !?! on that last one). Well, blow me down, we are sending our NSPA legal defense team to Jacksonville to free Patriot O’Quinn. Dictator Obama won’t get away with this one!

78-year-old man makes first appearance after reportedly shooting girlfriend in her 30s


Good Guy With A Gun arrested for standing up to U.S. government crook!


Mark Alan Smith from our Evansville NSPA chapter was arrested today for standing his ground and defending his home from a U.S. government snoop/crook who had sneaked onto his property under the guise of delivering the mail.

Patriot Smith saw through the disguise so he ran out of his home and allegedly held this masquerading mailman at gunpoint with his .22 rifle. He was sure this U.S. government employee was trying to break into his garage because you’ll have a hard time finding a U.S. government employee who isn’t a thief. Also, we’re sure he was probably sent to Patriot Smith’s home to confiscate his guns.

Well, the only mistake Patriot Smith made was calling the Evansville police to come and cart this crook off to jail. See, the “authorities” in Evansville were obviously in cahoots with the White House, and they had no intention of serving justice. Sure enough, their agenda was to make the victim the criminal so they arrested Patriot Smith for intimidation with a weapon.

We are obviously onto a larger story here because we are sure the U.S. government plans on sending shock troops disguised as mail carriers, who have access to all of our homes, to invade our homes and steal our guns. BEWARE!!!!

Evansville man accused of pointing rifle at mailman


Good Guy With A Gun NSPA member arrested for having a rare and tragic medical condition!


Andrew Frost from our Jupiter NSPA chapter was arrested early Saturday morning on an unjust charge of aggravated assault with a firearm after he allegedly pointed his Glock 19 handgun at his roommate and threatened to shoot him. See, it all started late Friday night when Patriot Frost returned home after having just two beers, as he reported to the police after the incident, and couldn’t find one of his guns.

Patriot Frost understandably became distraught and had no choice but to confront his roommate about the missing gun. Of course the roommate denied he took the gun because how many honest thieves have you met in your lifetime? Zero!

Well, Patriot Frost allegedly used the time tested tactic for getting the truth out of stonewalling crooks (which was perfected by the Chicago Police Department) and began to rough his roommate up a little bit. Then the roommate could no longer mask his true violent nature, and he pushed Patriot Frost back in what we’re sure was a ferocious fit of rage. That’s when Patriot Frost allegedly pulled his Glock 19 from his waistband and threatened to shoot him.

The police are insisting that alcohol played a role in this incident and caused Patriot Frost to use poor judgement in handling the situation. They pointed to the fact that Patriot Frost’s blood alcohol level was .209, which is more than 2 ½ times greater than the legal limit in Florida. Well, if the blood alcohol level did play a role in Patriot Frost’s actions, why aren’t the “authorities” factoring in the obvious medical condition at play here?

See, Patriot Frost, we would like to remind you, told the police he only had 2 beers that night. He obviously has some sort of medical condition that affects his metabolism if 2 beers is putting his blood alcohol level at .209, but the “authorities” certainly don’t care because all they care about is locking up another Good Guy With A Gun. Oh, if Patriot Frost had been a black man with sickle cell anemia, we are sure the “authorities” would have set him free with the excuse that his medical condition affected how his body processes alcohol, thereby relieving him of any responsibility for his actions. However, well armed White guys in Dictator Obama’s America don’t get that kind of special treatment because we’re the only ones who can stop him from establishing a caliphate here!

Jupiter police: Man threatens roommate over ‘missing’ gun


Hamilton County “authorities” rip NSPA member away from his family and confiscate his gun!


Matthew Gannaway from our Pleasant Ridge NSPA chapter was hauled away from his home in handcuffs Friday night, and his gun was confiscated by the Hamilton County gun hating goon squad. The heartless “authorities” carried out this government sanctioned kidnapping right in front of  his wife and four children because their agenda includes destroying a family unit headed by one man and one woman.

The Hamilton County hate squad used a commonly occurring in-home accident as a pretext for this civil rights shakedown. See, Friday night Patriot Gannaway and his wife returned home after having a few drinks, and she started nagging him about God knows what (probably something selfish and petty if you ask us). Well, Patriot Gannaway was holding a semi automatic handgun during the argument because he probably wanted to make sure the little lady didn’t get her hands on it in a fit of anger because you know how dangerous a gun can be in the hands of a woman who is getting all emotional. Unfortunately Patriot Gannaway allegedly had some sort of accident which caused the gun to fire twice, hitting his wife once in the thigh.

Look, it was a completely harmless flesh wound because she didn’t die. She probably had put on a few pounds because you know how a lot of women let themselves go after they snare their man so her thighs were probably really fleshy so she was never really in any danger. However, the Hamilton County “authorities” went ahead and charged Patriot Gannaway with felonious assault and using weapons while intoxicated. So they locked up one more Good Guy With A Gun and got to check off the top item on their daily to do list faxed to them by Dictator Obama’s White House. When will the madness end!?

Police: Pleasant Ridge man shot wife with kids upstairs


We warned you this was coming! Dictator Obama uses the San Bernardino terrorist attack to begin his nationwide gun confiscation plan!


Playing straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook, Dictator Obama didn’t let the crisis of the San Bernardino terrorist attack go to waste by using it to initiate his plan to confiscate all of our guns. John Piotrowski from our Rochester Hills NSPA chapter was the first victim of his evil master plan. This past Tuesday the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department swarmed into Patriot Piotrowski’s home and confiscated 145 guns from him.

Sure, the San Bernardino shooting took place on Wednesday, but Dictator Obama obviously knew it was coming so we’re sure he figured nobody would protest the confiscation of Patriot Piotrowski’s guns by the time it was reported in the local media on Wednesday because of the panic that would be caused by the shooting.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies used the flimsy pretext that Patriot Piotrowski had allegedly beat his wife and shot her with one of his 145 guns as an excuse to invade his home to arrest him and confiscate his guns. This is exactly how the other side operates. They label our members as deviants who want to harm us so they can scare the gullible public to support rounding us up to throw us in jail. Then once we’re locked up they will take all of our guns!  We must fight this divisiveness to keep Good Guys With A Gun free so we can keep America safe!

Rochester Hills man arrested for attempted murder; had 145 guns in home


Our man Jeb! at our favorite school, Liberty University!, where you can actually earn a worthwhile degree: BA in Muslim Ass Kicking! Oh, dear Lord, we miss you, Jerry!

Probable U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush delivers the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia May 9, 2015. REUTERS/Stephanie Grossjerryfallwell

While we here at the NSPA understand most colleges and universities are nothing more than toxic indoctrination camps used to push a homosexual Marxist agenda to feminize and de-Christianize America in order to destroy it, we are proud of our alliance with Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, one of our foundational spiritual inspirations for the work we do, and it is the only campus in America where the NSPA has a student organization. Sure, the ineffectual liberal eggheads at institutions of (alleged) higher learning complain about Liberty University for its positions on race relations, women’s rights, religious tolerance, gun rights, global warming, homosexuality (heck, I’ll just stop here because they know how to do nothing but whine and complain so this list would just go on and on), but that’s precisely why Liberty University is the only campus in America that is doing any worthwhile teaching.

Back in May we were so proud when our man Jeb! gave Liberty’s commencement speech and spoke out forcefully in defense of Christian values, which have been under fierce attack ever since Dictator Obama and his Islamic wrecking crew occupied the White House.

Now we are even more proud of Liberty University as the school president Jerry Falwell Jr. gave a beautiful speech today in which he spoke truth to power and said, “I’ve always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.” Amen!

See, that dirty bastard Saladin got off easy back in the 12th century because he never had to face good ol’ Christian semi-automatic firepower, but we’re ready for those Muslims now because we have unfettered access to an unlimited arsenal of semi-automatic weapons thanks to our brothers in arms at the NRA.

Now sure enough the liberal lamestream media had a freakout over Patriot Falwell Jr.’s comments. My liberal jerk neighbor had the disgusting nerve to say Patriot Falwell Jr. is a case of the dingleberry not falling far from the turd. I didn’t even take his bait and just walked away because he’s going to Hell anyways. God bless Jeb! and Liberty University!

Jerry Falwell Jr.: If more good people had concealed guns, ‘we could end those Muslims’


Horrible mother forces NSPA member to point a loaded shotgun at her 3-year old son!


Well, it sure is open season on Good Guys With A Gun as Dictator Obama heads into the homestretch of his regime’s master plan to destroy America. Darian Keith Taylor from our Ephrata NSPA chapter was sinfully sentenced yesterday to 5 years of probation for pointing a loaded shotgun at a 3-year old boy during a domestic disturbance. The non-partial (yeah, right) “authorities” in Lancaster County pressured Patriot Taylor into pleading guilty to endangering a child, reckless endangerment and simple assault so they could put another proud, gun loving, small penised White Christian man out of commission to make it easier for them to confiscate all of our guns once Dictator Obama delivers the order.

What burns us up is that the Lancaster County district attorney’s office was able to suppress vital evidence that would have exonerated Patriot Taylor. See, the D.A was emotionally manipulative by playing up the scene of the 3-year old boy looking to Patriot Taylor and begging, “Please don’t shoot me.” However, the D.A. never presented the evidence that explained why Patriot Taylor was pointing the gun at the little crybaby in the first place.

According to the police who responded to the incident, Patriot Taylor explained he pointed the gun at the little crybaby in order to intimidate his mother during an argument they were having. (Anybody who has ever gotten trapped in an argument with a shrill, hysterical, unhinged woman knows what a Herculean task it is to get her to shut up!) Patriot Taylor explained to the little crybaby that his mother was “making” him point the gun. However, the “authorities” never followed up on this key piece of evidence to investigate the mother’s role in all of this because America has become so politically correct it’s perfectly fine nowadays to ignore the Man’s side of the story in any domestic/custody cases!   #jesuscried

Man sentenced for pointing gun at 3-year-old as boy said ‘please don’t shoot me’


Another case of racial profiling as racist “authorities” target White (!) man named White. You know he never had a chance!


Casey Cole White from our Athens NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday for allegedly shooting and wounding his ex-girlfriend, shooting and killing a dog and shooting and wounding a woman in Tennessee. We smell a frame up because we think the “authorities” have some sort of a quota system to take down a set number of gun loving, small penised White men every week to please Dictator Obama.

See, it all started Tuesday night when the “authorities” claim Patriot White approached his ex-girlfriend with .380-caliber and .40-caliber handguns in her home and then allegedly shot her. As he ran away from her house, the “authorities” claim he shot and killed a dog. Then they spun a tale that he got in his car and drove to Tennessee where they alleged he shot and wounded a woman at a state welcome center on Interstate 65. This allegedly led to a high speed chase by the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department that ended with Patriot White’s arrest.

We feel it’s obvious that Patriot White is innocent, and this is nothing more than a prime example of how corrupt law enforcement departments can railroad an innocent White man with fabricated evidence. They need to do this to reduce the number of Good Guys With A Gun who will be around to battle them when they come to confiscate our guns. However, they won’t get away with this with Patriot White because the NSPA is on the case!

Authorities: Athens man who wounded woman and killed dog arrested after chase


In regard to today’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, all of the haters out there have been throwing a lot of shade at us here at the NSPA national headquarters in Akron, Ohio all day and all night long. They’ve been asking us where were all of the Good Guys With A Gun who the NRA and we have long been saying are all that is needed to stop these types of incidents. Well, the members of our San Bernardino NSPA chapter were part of a rally in Los Angeles today to protest against letting illegal Syrian immigrant children come into America because we know these children are coming here to establish sleeper cells to be activated one day to harm us.

So if it hadn’t been for these conniving illegal Syrian immigrant children, our San Bernardino members would have been home today and surely would have been able to rush to the scene of the shooting with their guns to save the day. So if you want to point a finger at those responsible for today’s shooting, point your fingers at the picture below:





Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.
Hebrews 13:4


Dennis Patrick Gibson from our Katy NSPA chapter has been thrown into the Fort Bend County Jail and charged with shooting and injuring his wife and shooting and killing her boyfriend. Do we need to emphasize the fact that she had a boyfriend even though she was married to Patriot Gibson? Hello! What part of ‘till death do us part’ did she not get? Also, has the county prosecutor considered for a second that God will be judging the sexually immoral and adulterous in the Heavenly Court? No, of course not because God has been removed from our schools and courts!

See, this all started on Friday when Patriot Gibson’s wife’s boyfriend stopped by the house to pick her up for a day trip to Louisiana to celebrate his birthday. So what was Patriot Gibson supposed to do? Well, he did the one sensible thing he could have. He got his gun and shot his wife and her boyfriend. She’s now in the hospital while her boyfriend is in the morgue.

The thing that’s so screwed up about this case is that none of this would have happened if Patriot Gibson’s wife and her boyfriend had not succumbed to the depravity of the flesh. They drove Patriot Gibson to this act. As Patriot Gibson said in a jail room interview yesterday, “I’m the victim here because I was pushed into something that I didn’t (expletive) want to do.” He then said, “I’m a good person. And I’m a fine man. I’ve done everything that I know how to do with no support.”

Patriot Gibson is such a fine example of secure, self reliant White Christian Manhood, as you can see in his news interview video included in the article linked to this post, that you have to wonder why his wife would have ever felt the need to look for love and comfort in the arms of another man. Sickness of the mind and heart must have plagued this harlot!

Sadly we now count one less Good Guy With A Gun available for NSPA duty as the liberal forces determined to undermine the sanctity of marriage and unfettered access to guns expand the reach of their evil power.

78-year-old confesses to killing: ‘I’m the victim’


Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees.
Isaiah 10:1

Typical of government is to stack another law upon us!”
Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah


Sheriff Frank Skrah from our Klamath County NSPA chapter is under Judas-like judicial attack for following the Biblical directive to refuse to obey and enforce the unjust Oregon Firearms Safety Act, which requires background checks for private firearms sales. As he told the Klamath County commissioners earlier this year, “I will not be taking away guns from anybody.” Amen, and praise Jesus.

Well, sure enough the liberal gun hater cartel in Klamath County has set its sights on Patriot Skrah, and they are coming after him with obviously bogus charges of sexual harassment, official misconduct, attempted assault and strangulation in a crass and calculated compact to run him out of office so they can send Dictator Obama’s goon squad to Klamath County to confiscate everybody’s guns.

To make matters worse, these same evil forces are now coming after Stephen Ray Sorensen, also from our Klamath County NSPA chapter.



See, they are accusing him of allegedly using an AK-47 last week to shoot up a home where two adults and three children under the age of 6 were staying. Well, we really don’t see the big deal here because none of those people were actually shot. Furthermore, we would like to know if perhaps Patriot Sorensen hadn’t gotten information that this was a safehouse for illegal Syrian immigrants who were sneaking into America to commit acts of terrorism.

Using Saul Alinsky tactics, the Sheriff Skrah haters used this unproven incident to criticize him, pointing out that Patriot Sorensen is a convicted felon who should never have been allowed to legally purchase an AK-47 and may have been prevented from doing so if Sheriff Skrah had enforced the Oregon Firearms Safety Act. Hell, haters are going to hate, and let’s see what they have to offer when ISIS comes to our shores to establish a caliphate with the tacit support of Dictator Obama.

Felon accused of shooting up house full of kids with AK-47 in Oregon county whose sheriff vows to ignore gun laws


The woman Folly is loud; she is seductive and knows nothing.
Proverbs 9:13


Well, we lost another Good Guy With A Gun to the criminal “justice” system earlier this month when Richard France from our Wilson Township NSPA chapter was sentenced to prison for 40 to 60 months for shooting an AK-47 in the direction of the petulant little lady in his life.

See, it all started back on July 27 when Patriot France was trying to steady his frayed nerves with a little alcohol. Why were his nerves frayed? Well, let me spell it out for you. W-O-M-A-N. That’s why his nerves were frayed. As he explained in his court testimony, he fired the AK-47 simply to get his point across. After all it’s not like he actually shot any rounds into the woman. He elaborated that he shot his AK-47 at the woman because the woman ‘wouldn’t listen, she never does.’ Hell, who can’t relate?

Sure enough, the “authorities” had to get their pound of flesh because Patriot France engaged them in a one hour standoff after the shooting and reportedly told a deputy on the phone, “This isn’t going to end well. I got plenty of guns. Why don’t you come up here and see what happens?” (By the way, we’re thinking of making this the theme of our 2015 NSPA Christmas (not holiday) Party.) He then reportedly said he could “pick off” officers “like chickens.” Hell, that’s nothing more than the kind of trash talking you’ll hear during any NFL game so we recommend that the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department just chill out.

Man sentenced to prison after shooting at woman, vehicle


Well, he doesn’t like Dictator Obama so he’s okay in our book.


You may have seen Robert Dear from our Colorado Springs NSPA chapter in the news over the past day because he allegedly went on a shooting spree in a Planned Parenthood facility, killing three people and wounding nine.

Sure enough the liberal lamestream media has been operating in their drive by manner by questioning Patriot Dear’s background worse than they’ve been questioning Ben Carson’s background in a ridiculous attempt to find a motive behind this alleged shooting spree. Credit where credit is due, though, because the top usual suspect, The New York Times, actually did some fair reporting, and we are proud to say they interviewed a neighbor who said Patriot Dear recently offered him political pamphlets critical of Dictator Obama. See, Patriot Dear obviously recognizes a troublemaker when he sees one.

As for a specific motive for allegedly shooting up the Planned Parenthood facility, we can only point out that it was a Planned Parenthood facility. Hello, what other motive would a Patriot need? Look, Carly Fiorina has seen video of Planned Parenthood workers scooping out the brains of a live fetus while it was kicking its legs just so they could sell its body part for a profit. Sure, the liberal media will claim that no such video exists, but that’s just how they operate. They spend so much time looking for “facts” that they overlook the obvious truth. Hell, based on what we’re sure Carly saw, we’re guessing Patriot Dear saved a couple of fetuses from getting their brains scooped out at that Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

Who else other than a Good Guy With A Gun could interfere with a woman’s access to healthcare to prevent kicking and flailing fetuses from getting their brains harvested for profit even if there is no factual basis that any of this has ever happened (which is only further proof that Dictator Obama commits all of his worst crimes under the cloak of darkness and deceit!)? The answer is: nobody!

Gunman’s Past Scoured for Clues to Siege at Planned Parenthood



Well, when they keep on taking away our rights, something like this was bound to happen.


Johnny Max Mount from our Biloxi NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this morning for allegedly shooting and killing a waitress at the Biloxi Waffle House where he had simply been trying to enjoy a few puffs on a cigarette until she came over and nagged him about Waffle House’s no smoking policy. At what point wouldn’t we expect a Patriot to stand up to the ever encroaching plague of this Bloomberg (need we really say anymore than this?) influenced imposition of Nanny State values? I mean, where in the intersection of Waffle House and Mississippi should there be any expectation of healthy lifestyle choices? Hell, first they take away a Patriot’s right to smoke in Mississippi, next they’ll force (Dictator) Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion on him. Can anybody really blame Patriot Mount for fighting back against this tyranny? Well, once again we have another Good Guy With A Gun locked up, which gives us one less comrade (as in fellow soldier, not fellow Communist for Christ’s sake) in the battle we will need to fight when Dictator Obama comes to confiscate our guns at the behest of Michael Bloomberg and his cabal of Jewish power brokers!

Cops: Man Kills Waffle House Employee Over Smoking Policy



Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?  
Matthew 6:26


Jeremiah Dyetvayi from our Clarksville NSPA chapter was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault for doing nothing more than the Heavenly Father’s task of feeding birds. However, since our courts are veering toward fealty to Sharia law and ignoring GOD’S law, it should come as no surprise that Patriot Dyetvayi (we know it sounds Russian, but we can vouch for him) is languishing in the Montgomery County Jail.

See, here’s what happened. Early Monday morning, like around 5:00 AM, Patriot Dyetvayi noticed the bird feeder outside his apartment building was running low so he knocked on a neighbor’s door to get assistance with filling the bird feeder. Well, the selfish neighbor (probably an atheist) refused to help. Patriot Dyetvayi became upset by this act of selfishness so he did the one logical thing to address this situation. He allegedly left to get his gun and returned to confront the neighbor and his wife to remind them of their Biblical responsibility to feed birds. Patriot Dyestvayi then allegedly began cursing and threatened to kill them. They claim he tried to shoot the gun three times, but it failed to fire. Look, he was clearly just trying to get their attention to rouse them to do the right thing. However, in Dictator Obama’s America, using a gun to make a Biblical point is a high crime!

Warrant: Man draws gun in bird feed spat




If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.
John 4:20


Joel Scott Dahrling Jr. from our Billings NSPA chapter was forced to plead guilty to three felony counts of assault and one count of tampering with evidence related to a simple, harmless argument he had with his sister who had betrayed their sibling bonds and tried to turn their father against him.

See, here’s what happened. Patriot Dahrling Jr.’s sister went behind his back and told their father that he should stop supporting Patriot Dahrling Jr. and his girlfriend. First off, why the Hell is she even poking her fat nose in Patriot Dahrling Jr.’s business anyway? Besides, what does she know about the hardships faced by proud, small penised, Christian White men in today’s society? Our society hates White Christian Men with small penises who love guns so Patriot Dahrling Jr. needed his father’s assistance. It’s not like he’s an able bodied feeloader who expects his government to give him free stuff like foodstamps.

So when Patriot Dahrling Jr. discovered this hateful betrayal, which also just happens to go against all Biblical teachings about how siblings should treat each other, he simply went to his sister’s home to let her know how disappointed he was with her actions. So to make sure he got her attention he simply brought his shotgun to her house and pointed it at her son. He then entered her bedroom and shot a shell into the wall above her head while she was in bed with her husband. Do we even need to emphasize that the shell did not strike her so what’s the big deal?

Well, the court of man found him guilty of assault and tampering with evidence, but the court of God found her guilty of hating her brother, so it’s obvious to us who is the bigger criminal. Shame on her!

Man pleads guilty to pointing gun at nephew, sister in February


NSPA member Denver Christian Smith is being crucified by the legal system. However, you just know if his name had been Denver Radical Islamist Smith he would have had all charges dropped and probably would have gotten a $50 Chipotle gift card to compensate for being hassled by the police!


Well, Dictator Obama and his One World Order Wrecking Crew have clearly set their sights on our Johnson City NSPA chapter because for the second day in a row a member of that chapter has been taken down! Denver Christian Smith was arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault and convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

See, it all started when Patriot Smith got into some kind of an argument with a woman in his apartment and allegedly shot her once in the face and once in the thigh. It’s important to note she didn’t die. It’s also important to note that the drive by lamestream media members at the Johnson City Press glossed over important details in this story, such as failing to report what exactly the young woman did to cause Patriot Smith to shoot her. Good luck getting any facts like that with this story.

Well, after he shot her in a non-fatal manner, he knew he had to get away for a little while until the truth about what she had done came out so he tried to get a stranger to give him a ride by running into the road outside his apartment to flag down passing cars. Well, we all know how many inconsiderate, dangerous drivers there are on the road who look at their smart phones while they’re driving and pay no attention to the road. So Patriot Smith had no choice but try to get the attention of these reckless drivers by shooting his gun at their cars.

A couple of his shots killed a young woman who was driving by and injured her friend in the passenger’s side. If the driver had been paying attention to the road, she would have been able to offer Patriot Smith a ride, and none of this would have ever happened.

So now an NSPA member Good Guy With A Gun and with the middle name of Christian gets locked up in jail. Well, Dictator Obama will certainly have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

UPDATE: Police say shooter confessed to wounding woman at Johnson City apartment, killing passenger in passing car



They’ve got to be kidding us! Does this look like the face of a man who would threaten his wife with a gun?


Here we go for what seems like the 10,000th time. Eric Anderson from our Johnson City NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife and threatening her while they were having an argument. So the Johnson City Police hauled him off to jail and held him on a $15,000 bond. Get this, he doesn’t get to have his day in court until Monday afternoon so that means he will have to spend Thanksgiving in the Washington County Detention Center while his wife, who we’re guessing started the argument, gets to stuff her face with turkey and fat laden gravy.

It was gun toting Patriots like Patriot Anderson who back in the day took America from those Godless heathen savages soon after the first Thanksgiving so his confinement in jail this Thanksgiving is a sad reminder of how much our country has been debased ever since Dictator Obama took over the White House with marching orders to confiscate our guns and to turn county jails into internment camps for Good Guys With A Gun.

Police: Man arrested for threatening wife with gun


Once again a jury shows its racial bias against a White man who has three names. #freebillyraysmith


Billy Ray Smith from our Williamston NSPA chapter was railroaded Wednesday by an obviously biased jury that reached its decision to find him guilty on charges of attempted murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of a weapon after deliberating for just a little more than an hour.

See, here’s what really happened. Back in April 2014 Patriot Smith accidentally shot his wife in the head. Okay, he acknowledged maybe he had been drinking a little too much before the accidental shooting, but it’s not like drinking alcohol is a crime. In case you forgot, Prohibition was overturned in 1933. Also, he showed responsibility by not getting behind the wheel of a car, but you certainly won’t hear Mothers Against Drunk Driving coming to his defense. Most important, though, is the fact that Patriot Smith’s wife didn’t even die. Yeah, the prosecutor tried to claim she must deal with painful, life altering injuries for the rest of her life, but you know how prosecutors always try to manipulate juries by playing on their emotions.

Sure, Patriot Smith originally told the investigating officers that some random gunman struck his wife with a bullet shot through the front door of their home before he admitted to pulling the trigger accidentally. See, Patriot Smith knew the deck would be stacked against him in court because there is such a bias against White men who have three names. Once the jury would hear the name Billy Ray Smith, he knew they would start thinking of Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Billy Clyde Tuggle, etc. For that reason alone he had every reason to lie to the investigators.

Sure enough, the jury racially profiled Patriot Smith and ignored the obvious facts that this was a tragic accident resulting from his untreated disease of drinking a little too much. Sadly, we now have one less Good Guy With A Gun to fight by our sides when Dictator Obama sends his goon squad out to confiscate our guns.

Billy Ray Smith convicted of shooting wife in head


Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.
Revelations 3:19


Eddie Gene Thetford from our Odessa NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with two counts of injury to a child and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he ALLEGEDLY (we would like to remind you!) punched two of his daughters (11-years old and 12-years old) in the face, pointed a gun at both of them and threw a knife at one of them.

Leave it to representatives of the local government (who are certainly getting their marching orders from Dictator Obama who is clearly getting his marching orders from the Jewish power brokers who are organizing the formation of a One World Government) to enter a Patriot’s home to prevent him from properly disciplining his children based on sound and proven Biblical principles.

If Patriot Thetford does not instill proper discipline and respect for authority figures in his impressionable daughters now, they will surely grow up to be unstable, maladjusted adults who have no respect for the utility guns have in getting people to stay in line. In other words, they will grow up to be docile sheep who are unable to fight back against the One World Government, just the way Dictator Obama wants it to be!

Police: Father punched, pointed gun at daughters


“I’m not really a bad guy,” Gregory Graf, NSPA member who just happened to have one really bad day. Hey, who hasn’t had a really bad day so who are we to judge?

Judge not, that ye not be judged.
Matthew 7:1


Earlier this year we reported on the plight of Gregory Graf from our Allen Township NSPA chapter after he was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing his stepdaughter and attempting to have sex with her corpse.

Well, he was hauled into court yesterday to face first-degree murder charges. Patriot Graf admitted to the crime, but his lawyer is trying to get the charge dropped to a third-degree murder charge since this was surely just a spontaneous lapse in judgement and had no elements of premeditation to it.

As Patriot Graf explained during his confession to a Pennsylvania State Police investigator soon after the incident, “I’m not really a bad guy. I just lost my mind.” Is it really fair to judge a man’s entire life based simply on one incident?

Also, Patriot Graf has already been punished enough because he has lost everything. Was there a dry eye in the court yesterday when the jury heard him say, “I lost everything. My business. My home in Florida. My dogs. My wife.” No, I don’t think there was a dry eye except for the liberal nags who complained that he named his wife at the end of the list. Jeez, there’s nothing liberals like to do more than pile on a Patriot when he is down.

See, we feel sorry for his wife because this is a case in which everybody loses. With Patriot Graf locked up in prison, she now doesn’t have a well armed man in the house to protect her from any dangerous deviants who might try to break into her house and harm her.

‘I’m not really a bad guy,’ alleged killer tells police



When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to the evildoers.
Proverbs 21:15

Of course the case was dropped. He’s a pastor after all so Jesus has his back.


Praise Jesus! Pastor David Murphy from our Girard NSPA chapter walked out of court yesterday a free man after the judge correctly dropped the charge of injuring an animal that Patriot Pastor was facing for shooting and killing his neighbor’s black (need we say more) Labrador Retriever.

See, Patriot Murphy noticed his neighbor’s black Lab (which we’re sure was vicious) running rampantly without a leash so he had no choice but to protect himself by getting his gun and shooting three bullets into it. As his attorney pointed out after the judge dismissed the charge, Ohio law allows a citizen to shoot an unsecured dog that comes onto his property because, well, you know, we have to be able to protect livestock and stuff like that.

Case dropped against pastor accused of shooting dog


Love goes by haps; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.
William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing- Act 3, Scene 2



Dylan Grubbs from our Bath NSPA chapter accidentally shot his girlfriend in the head Monday in a grocery store parking lot while she was sitting in the passenger’s seat of their SUV and he was standing outside the SUV to show his gun to a prospective buyer. She is in critical condition, but we’re sure she’ll be okay because love is the best medicine!

Now, sure enough, right on cue all of the gun hating organizations in Maine, such as Maine Moms Demand Action (don’t even get me started), have screeched to the media that this incident only highlights the folly of the lack of any laws regarding private gun sales. See, this is all about trying to capitalize on any accident to push their gun confiscation agenda. Have they no shame? No, they don’t.

Man trying to sell handgun in Bath parking lot shot girlfriend accidentally, police say



What?  Did you expect him just to stand there and take the diss?


David Sorrell from our Rainier NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with attempted murder and assault for allegedly shooting his roommate with a 12-gauge shotgun after they got into an argument. Now, look, let’s get one thing straight. His roommate didn’t die so we really don’t see what the big deal here is.

However, the finks with the Oregon State Police and the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department took it upon themselves to haul Patriot Sorrell off to jail without ever hearing his side of the story. See, word got back to us here at the NSPA headquarters that the reason Patriot Sorrell got into the argument with his roommate was that the roommate was relentlessly teasing him for looking like a Wooly Willy toy. Maybe now that Patriot Sorrell’s roommate has a little lead in him he’ll grow up and not throw out such lame, immature insults! Just sayin’!

Man faces attempted murder charge for shooting near Rainier



NSPA member racially profiled for driving a pickup truck with a big Confederate Rebel Flag sticker on the truck cab’s back window! Well, he was also arrested for shooting and killing two hunting dogs, but that’s the secondary story here if you ask us.


Jeremy Edge from our Camp Lajeune NSPA chapter was arrested today for allegedly shooting and killing two hunting dogs and charged with two counts of felony cruelty to animals, two counts of misdemeanor larceny, two counts of misdemeanor injury to personal property and two counts of misdemeanor removal of an electronic tracking collar (WTF on that last charge!).

See, Patriot Edge had simply been taking a break from his MP duties at Camp Lajeune by getting in a little hunting at the Croatan National Forest on Saturday. So these two American Fox Hounds belonging to another hunter saunter right into his path, acting like they owned the place. Having somebody else’s dogs interrupt your hunt is like the ultimate cock block so we’re not going to stand for it when some mutts pull this kind of crap.

Well, it appears Patriot Edge had to stand up for his manhood so he shot the two dogs and cut off their electronic tracking collars, which he buried in the mud. As WITN Channel 7 News reported, Patriot Edge admitted to the “authorities” that he shot and killed the dogs because he’s from Tennessee, and he said it’s legal there to shoot and kill a dog for interrupting a hunt. Well, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office micromanagers couldn’t leave well enough alone and checked with Tennessee officials and found out that this isn’t the case, but it still makes a lot of sense to be able to kill dogs in situations like this if you ask us.

Well, the reason they even got their hands on Patriot Edge in the first place is that a whole bunch of busybodies who don’t have anything better to do than spend all of their time on Facebook sent tips over Facebook to the Jones County goon squad to report a GMC Yukon with a large Confederate Rebel Flag sticker was spotted in the area where the dogs had been killed. The “authorities” then located the owner of the truck after he had already removed the Confederate sticker when he found out his truck was under suspicion. (See, it’s now a crime to express Confederate Pride in Obama’s America.) He squealed and told them that he had lent the truck to Patriot Edge. It all went downhill from there.

So the way it stands now, we have an NSPA member locked up in jail and there is one less Confederate Rebel Flag being proudly displayed in North Carolina. I could have sworn I saw Dictator Obama smiling on tv today. Hmmm, I wonder why.

Military police officer charged with killing hunting dogs


And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,
Thessalonians 4:11


Michael Randall from our Edmond NSPA chapter was arrested last week because a lot of busybodies in Oklahoma apparently have nothing better to do than inject themselves into the affairs of other people, and they have never used all of that free time in their empty lives to read the Bible passages about the importance of minding one’s own business.

See, it all started Tuesday night when Patriot Randall allegedly urinated all over the back room of a 7-Eleven store. We’re guessing maybe he has a prostate condition that he hasn’t checked out because he has refused to bow down to the tyranny of Obamacare and as a matter of principle hasn’t seen a doctor for the past 6 years since Dictator Obama signed Obamacare into law. So he probably experiences an increase in the frequency and urgency of the need to urinate. I didn’t go to medical school, but I know these kinds of accidents happen you have a prostate condition. When did having a prostate condition become a crime?

Well, sure enough some 7-Eleven employee with absolutely no empathy called the police on Patriot Randall, who had no choice but to get in his car and drive away. He was probably embarrassed that he had big urine stains on the crotch of his pants so he would have understandably wanted to get home as soon as possible before anybody saw him. So of course he would have been driving erratically. Who wouldn’t have in a situation like this?

Well, sure enough, there were a lot more busybodies on the road who began calling 911 to claim there was a drunk driver on the road. One 911 caller even claimed Patriot Randall pointed his handgun and shot it in the caller’s direction. Look, Patriot Randall was probably holding his gun up because he didn’t want to get any urine on it so that’s what the driver must have seen. Then the caller, who was probably some hysterical woman, probably heard a car backfire and assumed it was Patriot Randall’s gun going off.

Then it all ended when Patriot Randall got into a multi car accident, which probably happened because there were so many irresponsible, distracted drivers using their cell phones to call 911 and not paying any attention to where they were going. None of them would have been on their phones if they had simply been minding their own business. However, Patriot Randall is the one who actually got sent to jail because there is no justice in Dictator Obama’s America.

Police: Drunk man urinates all over convenience store, shoots at 911 caller


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Benjamin Franklin


Roger Stevens from our Decatur NSPA chapter is being hounded by the stinking liberal gun haters in the Decatur “Police Department” because of what we’re sure was an accidental shooting today of his ex-wife, who recently divorced Patriot Stevens. They have the very nerve to conduct a man hunt for him and to libel him to the good citizens of Alabama by labeling him as armed and dangerous! What a joke – and not a funny joke, more like a cosmic joke!

If you believe the numbskulls in the Decatur “Police Department” you’ll buy their theory that Patriot Stevens had been waiting this morning outside of the bakery where she works to ambush her as retaliation for their recently finalized divorce. Then they claimed Patriot Stevens approached her as she got out of her car and shot her multiple times before fleeing from the scene. Now they’ve got an all points bulletin for his arrest.

See, here’s what we figure probably really happened (something you’ll certainly never hear from the Decatur “Police Department” because they have their own agenda). We’re guessing after Patriot Stevens saw the news coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks that he wanted to make sure his ex-wife could protect herself in case ISIS terrorists decided to strike the bakery shop. Even though he was bitter about the divorce, he knows the power of a Good Guy With A Gun (or at least taking your chances with a lady with a gun if no Men are around) so he wasn’t going to let any hard feelings about the divorce override his responsibility for keeping his ex-wife safe, which is more of an issue than ever since he will no longer be in her life to keep her safe.

So we’re betting Patriot Stevens drove to the bakery to give his ex-wife one of his guns so she could shoot any terrorists who might launch an attack in Decatur. After all, Ann Coulter (just about the only lady we ever bother to listen to) made the point after the Paris attacks last night that part of the reason the attacks happened was the fact that France doesn’t allow concealed carry permits. Patriot Stevens was doing nothing more than abiding by the old adage about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

Well, here’s our theory on why this was probably an accidental shooting. We’re guessing Patriot Stevens had heard a lot of news stories recently about these newfangled cronuts. Apparently they are a combination of a donut and a croissant. All of the stories on the news report how delicious they are. Even though I’m not a dessert person and don’t care for sweets, I’ve got to admit even I had been thinking about trying one. Well, we’re thinking he ordered one of these cronuts from the bakery while he was waiting for her to arrive to work, and maybe he put some butter on it. If that’s the case, it’s perfectly understandable that his hands were probably extremely greasy. So it’s totally understandable that the gun probably slipped out of his hand when he tried to hand it to her. So the gun probably hit the ground and then discharged a few bullets that hit her.

We’re guessing Patriot Stevens had probably seen that Harrison Ford movie ‘The Fugitive’ recently because that TNT Network insists on showing it 14 times a week even though it came out in 1993. Well, the lesson he took from that movie is that he had to go on the run until he has a chance to clear everything up and prove his innocence. So we are completely sure this is what is going on so if you happen to see Patriot Stevens, don’t turn him into the “police.” He just needs a little more time to clear all of this up. Thank you for your anticipated assistance.
Decatur Police searching for alleged gunman in Saturday morning shooting at Decatur bakery


Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.
Ephesians 5:22-24


 (obviously praying to Jesus for strength to guide him through this persecution)

Cameron Michael Lundy from our Butte NSPA chapter was charged today with felony assault with a weapon and misdemeanor partner or family member assault after he allegedly pointed a gun at his wife and slammed her head against a wall in their home, according to a report in the leftist media rag known as The Montana Standard.

Leave it to them to blow everything out of proportion and ignore Biblical teachings.  If they knew the Bible’s WORD on husbands and wives, they would know that the Lord’s courtroom would have dismissed these ridiculous charges.  See, all that happened was that Patriot Lundy’s wife didn’t submit to him, which led to an argument, which probably led to Patriot Lundy to subdue her before she hurt herself during what must have been one of her hysterical fits, because you know how women can be when they lose control of their emotions.

Well, then Patriot Lundy probably wanted to make sure she calmed down before she did something rash so he simply allegedly held her in their bedroom and bathroom for an hour.  His wife claimed Patriot Lundy brandished a gun at her and slammed her head into a wall.  Excuse me, but where in the Bible is the any indication that Patriot Lundy did anything wrong?  (Hint: The answer is NOWHERE!)   

Then she used her deceitful, womanly ways and sneaked out of the house to call the police.  Sure enough, they saw their chance to arrest a true Patriot and confiscate his guns so they put Patriot Lundy in handcuffs and took his shotgun and .45-caliber pistol from him.  This is exactly what I warned my sister would happen when she voted for Barack Obama back in 2008.  Now I can officially say, “See, I told you so, Helen!”  By the way, Helen, if you are reading this, please call me.  I guess you’re having problems with your phone because you haven’t returned any of my phone calls for the past month.  I need to know what time you will be serving Thanksgiving dinner.

Butte man arrested for pointing gun, slamming wife’s head against wall


Founder of first NSPA international chapter persecuted by One World cabal!


Peter Frederiksen from our recently established Bloemfontein, South Africa NSPA chapter (we had no qualms about branching out to South Africa because this is one country we are hoping to take back just like we hope to take back America, if you know what we mean) has been hauled into the Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court to face obviously fabricated charges of multiple counts of female genital mutilation and the shooting death of his wife.

See, all this nonsense started when (South African) Patriot Frederiksen’s wife told police back in September that he had assaulted her and mutilated her genitals. We suspect the “authorities” put her up to it because they wanted to take down Patriot Frederiksen because he owned a gun shop and was establishing the NSPA in South Africa. After all, there is nothing the country’s black majority fears more than a group of well armed White guys who have small penises. So they were all set to make her the star witness against Patriot Frederiksen to convict him for allegedly mutilating her genitals.

Then by coincidence somebody shot and killed Patriot Frederiksen’s wife in Lesotho, where she had been hiding before testifying against him. Sure enough, the South African “authorities” sought to capitalize on the murder by framing him for it. Hell, with all of those angry black people in South Africa and Lesotho , the “authorities” would have had plenty of suspects to interrogate if they had felt any responsibility for conducting a real search for the truth.

After all of this, the “authorities” ransacked Patriot Frederiksen’s house and allegedly found 10 frozen pieces from the genitals of seven women, as well of pornographic photographs of children so now he is facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of assault, bigamy and production and distribution of child pornography.

See, the One World cabal behind all of this wants to make sure the deck is completely stacked against Patriot Frederiksen so they can stifle the NSPA movement before it can get started outside of our borders. They know this is the one movement that could halt their plans for world domination through a One World government. Though this looks grim, please remain hopeful for our efforts in South Africa because Oscar Pistorius has just agreed to take over the chapter if Patriot Frederiksen is sentenced to prison.


S. Africa police investigate genital mutilator over wife’s murder


NSPA member arrested basically for looking out for his daughter’s well-being and trying to protect her from danger!


Ronald Landrath from our Washington County NSPA chapter was arrested Friday and charged with (get this) second degree recklessly endangering, possession of a short barreled shotgun, two counts of receiving stolen property, plus misdemeanor counts of pointing a gun at someone and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon. While the “authorities” were at it, they might as well have added charges of blah blah blah blah blah blah because this case is obviously a bad joke.

See, it all started around 2 A.M. Friday when Patriot Landrath told his teenage daughter he needed to use her cell phone because his was broken. According to the report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he returned to her bedroom minutes later to confront her about text messages he had found on her phone.

Since Patriot Landrath was such a responsible father, and a good Christian looking out for her morals, he ordered her into the dining room and began dictating a message for her to text to the person to announce they could no longer be friends. To make a point, since this situation required tough love, he allegedly hit her in the head. He then allegedly pointed a handgun at her and then fired a round into the floor. Concerned that his daughter still didn’t appreciate the danger she faced from these text messages, Patriot Landrath allegedly threw a knife at her to make sure she was paying attention to his concerns about her safety.

Sure enough, right on cue, the gun hating “authorities” showed up and started snooping around Patriot Landrath’s house so they could confiscate his cache of handguns and long guns. Then to really rub in the injustice of it all, the “authorities” claimed one of the shotguns had an illegally short barrel (in our opinion that claim was really just a dig at Patriot Landrath’s small penis) and claimed that one of the other guns had been stolen from a neighbor’s house.

Well, Patriot Landrath is free on bail, awaiting his next court appearance, which we know will be fixed. See, this case is all about the government wanting to take guns away from Patriots and to tell good Christian White fathers how to rule their families. Aren’t you glad the National Small Penis Association exists to do the Lord’s work to fight on behalf of small penised Christian White guys? Please remember us in your prayers so we can continue to fight on behalf of the most persecuted group in America.

Angry dad charged with firing gun over texts to daughter


They return at evening, they howl like a dog, And go around the city.
Psalm 59:6


Lynn Gary Toothman from our Merlin NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with first-degree animal abuse for basically doing nothing more than silencing a ceaselessly barking dog, which is repeatedly a symbol in the Bible for evil spirits. See, Patriot Toothman was trying to mind his own business (we’re guessing he was probably trying to study his Bible or read the latest issue of Guns & Ammo magazine) when his irresponsible neighbor’s dog’s unending barking disturbed his good Christian peace of mind.

So Patriot Toothman took the perfectly understandable and justifiable action of getting his gun out and allegedly shooting his neighbor’s dog in the neck. Well, peace returned to the neighborhood, but the “authorities” saw their opportunity to arrest and lock up yet another NSPA member to make their master plan to confiscate our guns that much easier. Now Patriot Toothman waits to face a court appearance scheduled for the end of the month. Though a temporal court may find him guilty (because we all know the system is rigged against small penised, Christian White men), we know the heavenly court of our Lord recognizes that Patriot Toothman is NOT GUILTY!

Man accused of shooting neighbor’s barking dog


NSPA member condemned to 6 ½ years in federal prison just for blowing off a little steam, kind of like what you say you would like to do to your busybody mother in law but never do.

Robert James Talbot Jr, 42, is accused by federal authorities in Houston of plotting to blow up government buildings and kill police officers as part of the American Insurgent Movement.

Robert James Talbot Jr, 42, is accused by federal authorities in Houston of plotting to blow up government buildings and kill police officers as part of the American Insurgent Movement.

Robert James Talbot from our Katy NSPA chapter was sentenced earlier this week to 6½ years in federal prison on charges related to his “efforts” to recruit a small group to blow up government buildings, rob banks, shoot and kill law enforcement officers and spray a mosque with gunfire on a Friday to kill as many worshipers as possible. Look, we’re sure Patriot Talbot was probably just mouthing off to relieve a little bit of frustration after thinking about how so much of his tax dollars have to go towards paying for food stamps for people who expect free stuff from our government.

However, we’re guessing the Houston FBI office had to meet their quota to lock up a Christian White man so they set Patriot Talbot up and probably had the informants they sicced on him lead him into conversations about what he would really like to do to this nation’s greatest enemies, you know, government workers, police officers and Muslims. Then to make matters worse some Muslim group whined that the judge didn’t give him a long enough sentence because they won’t be satisfied unless the judge orders Patriot Talbot to be slaughtered like Christian soldiers were slaughtered by Muslim hordes at the Battle of Kosovo, 1389 or the Battle of Nicopolis, 1396.

So next time you’re just blowing off some steam by thinking out loud about how you would like to shoot and kill your boss be careful because the FBI is likely listening so they can lock you up and take away your guns so Dictator Obama can fulfill his father’s dream of establishing a caliphate in America. #justyouwaitandsee

Muslim group questions sentence for man who targeted mosque for machine-gun attack


NSPA member arrested for trying to prevent a woman driver from causing an accident with her poor driving skills and hurting somebody!


Shane Kendall from our Heber City NSPA chapter was arrested Thursday night basically for trying to keep his overly emotional wife off the road because he probably knew she was going to cause an accident because even for a woman driver she seems to have a great deal of difficulty handling a car.

See, it all started Thursday night when Patriot Kendall and his wife got into an “alcohol fueled” domestic dispute. We are researching the cause of the dispute, but we are guessing his wife was probably nagging him about not listening to her closely when she was going on and on about how her day went or something trivial like that. Well, whatever it was, Patriot Kendell’s wife ran out of the house like some out of control banshee and got in her car to drive away in a reckless manner. To prove this point, as reported by the local media, she hit a neighbor’s car two times while trying to drive away.

We’re guessing Patriot Kendall had to think quickly to protect any of the good citizens of Heber City who might have been on the road at that time so he had no choice but to use his 9mm handgun to shoot out her tires. She was driving so erratically that even a good marksman like Patriot Kendall wasn’t able to hit the tires.

Now if you believe the buffoons with the Heber City Police Department, you believe Patriot Kendall was actually trying to shoot his wife. Yeah, right! We all know how the police have a tendency to fix cases against small penised, Christian White Men who love guns, and this is a case in point. Since they face no accountability they went ahead and charged him with attempted homicide, co-habitant abuse discharge of a firearm, co-habitant abuse aggravated assault, two counts of co-habitant abuse in the presence of a child and various other charges, including several related to alcohol. While they were at it, they might as well have charged him with being the gunman on the grassy knoll in the Kennedy assassination. Jeeeez!

So Patriot Kendall tried to keep an emotional woman driver off the road so she wouldn’t hurt anybody with her poor driving, and he’s the one who ends up in jail. It’s morning in Dictator Obama’s America.

Man faces attempted murder charge for shooting at wife as she fled from domestic dispute


White Man arrested for playing with the family dog in his own home!


Zachary Tait from our Memphis NSPA chapter was arrested last night for allegedly shooting and killing his dog in his family’s apartment while his 5-year old daughter was nearby. See, Patriot Tait had a perfectly understandable explanation for what happened. He explained to the police that the dog knocked his rifle over. When he bent over the pick the rifle up, he accidently pulled the trigger and accidentally shot the dog.

Well, considering the Memphis police department hasn’t been worth a damn since Elvis used to drive around as a self-appointed auxiliary officer, they bungled the case and claimed this story didn’t add up. So they relied on the word of Patriot Tait’s girlfriend, who probably had an axe to grind, and she claimed Patriot Tait had been running around the apartment while pointing the gun at the dog and items in the apartment, pretending they were targets. While he was mugging around like this, the gun went off and killed the dog.

Then the local media jumped on the story and interviewed the backstabbing, whining neighbors who went along with the preposterous story peddled by the police and expressed concern that Patriot Tait would be playing with a gun in this manner with his young daughter nearby and wondered why he needed to have so many guns stockpiled in the apartment. Let’s just say we are sure these same neighbors will be begging Patriot Tait to get his guns out to protect them when residents of the Hickory Hill neighborhood (you Memphis residents know what I’m talking about) try to break into their apartments to rob them because they know the Memphis “police” won’t be any help.

However, these short sighted neighbors are clamoring for Patriot Tait to be kicked out of his unit, and Patriot Tait faces several charges, including aggravated cruelty to animals and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. We are only thankful Elvis is no longer alive to see what has become of Memphis, birthplace of the blues and now the birthplace of injustice.
Cordova father charged with killing dog in home with child nearby


How long will you lie there, O sluggard? When will you arise from your sleep?
Proverbs 6:9


Troy Smith from our Greenville NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday on felony charges of criminal recklessness and torturing or mutilating an animal after the junior varsity flunkies from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department responded to a “domestic call” involving Patriot Smith and his wife. When they arrived to the house, Patriot Smith had already left, probably because he had a volunteer assignment to deliver Meals on Wheels dinners to housebound senior citizens.

Well, the “authorities” started snooping around Patriot Smith’s home and noticed a dog under the porch in the rear of the house with severe injuries, according to a report in the Greenville News and Tribune. The dog’s jaw had been broken due to a gunshot wound and was in “distress” and having a hard time breathing according to a probable cause affidavit.  They also found a bullet hole above the couch in the living room wall.

The “authorities” then made contact with Patriot Smith, who reasonably explained he had shot the dog because he was mad at his wife for not waking up and getting off the couch. In case anybody has forgotten, sloth just happens to be one of the 7 deadly sins.  So right now Patriot Smith is sitting in the Floyd County jail while his wife is probably sitting with her lazy ass still on the couch, eating a full box of Cheez-Its and watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ on the TLC channel. See, none of this ever would have happened if she hadn’t been such a lazy sluggard.  Nonetheless, Patriot Smith gets to take all of the blame.  That’s how we roll in Dictator Obama’s America.

Greenville man arrested for shooting dog, house


It is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman.
Proverbs 21:19


Asbury Lee Perkins II from our Vero Beach NSPA chapter was arrested Tuesday night at his home for allegedly shooting and killing his wife after they had an argument. Now this Good Guy With A Gun is facing a first-degree murder charge because the “authorities” were in such a rush to judgement after they found the corpse of Patriot Perkins’ wife wrapped in a carpet in the basement.

See, the “authorities” claim Patriot Perkins told them he shot and killed his wife because she had taken money out of their banking account without telling him and more importantly because she had nagged him constantly. First of all, she should have let her husband handle all of the finances since we are sure he was the majority breadwinner in the house. Then on top of that, we would like to point out Patriot Perkins would never have felt compelled to shoot his wife if she had known how to be a quiet, obedient wife who knew her place in the house. Apparently she had never read the Bible or she would have known how to behave properly. Just sayin’.

Police: Florida man shoots, kills wife because she ‘nagged’ him


Have you ever had to listen to a woman gabbing away endlessly with another woman on the phone? If you have, you understand why he had no choice but to do what he did.


Michael Brahler from our Rawlins NSPA chapter was arrested on Halloween night for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman’s head and making threats towards her. To top it off, he’s now facing ridiculous charges of felony aggravated assault and battery and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence. The real agenda behind all of this was revealed Monday in his appearance before the Carbon County Circuit Court when the judge told him upon making bail that he could not contact the victim or her son and (get this) he could not possess a firearm. See, here we go again. This is all about confiscating guns.

Here’s what really happened. Some busybody in the neighborhood called the police Saturday night to check on a disturbance at Patriot Brahler’s home. So the police showed up and found a hysterical woman who was frantically packing her bags and planning on leaving the house with her young son.

Well, the police fell for her tears and listened to her story that she had just discovered her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Look, we’ve all got to die sometime and chances are that we will get cancer of some kind if we live long enough. However, you know how overly dramatic women can be so she insisted to Patriot Brahler that she had to call her mother. This led to an argument between the two. Well, Patriot Brahler rightly told her he didn’t want her on the phone and explained he would shut off the phone. Let’s keep it real. If she had started talking to her mother on the phone, that phone call never would have ended because you know how quickly a woman turns into a motor mouth the moment she gets on a phone.

Patriot Brahler also made the salient point that he felt she cared about everybody but him. Look, her role is to take care of the man of the house. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you open up your Bible? Thank you!

Sure enough she started getting out of control so he simply tried to get her attention in order to calm down the situation by allegedly gently pushing her to the ground a few times and then brandishing a gun at her head and making threats to shoot her. However, she was so hysterical this had no calming effect on her.

Sure enough, the police couldn’t wait five seconds before confiscating the gun and emptying a round from the chamber and several rounds in the magazine. Now that they have his gun, they want to take away his freedom. We will keep fighting to make sure they don’t get away with this.

Rawlins man accused of pointing loaded gun at woman


NSPA member arrested for trying to teach his 5-year old granddaughter how to defend herself!


Paul Rater from out Buckeye NSPA chapter was arrested Sunday and charged with one count of suspicion of endangerment and two counts of reckless child abuse for doing nothing more than teaching his 5-year old granddaughter important lessons in empowerment and self defense. See, it all started earlier that day when Patriot Rater took his granddaughter out for a ride in his new pickup truck. At some point they abandoned the truck and started walking in the desert. Then the little girl starting whining that she was having trouble walking with him so he surely decided right there to teach her a little something about self reliance. With so many soft, spoiled, pampered and entitled children in Dictator Obama’s America today, what more valuable lesson could a grandfather teach a granddaughter?

So Patriot Rater set her under a tree and handed her his loaded .45-caliber handgun before he left to go get help. In other words, he was teaching her to break out from society’s expectations of what a little girl is capable of doing. How many times have you had to suffer while listening to liberal parents brag about how they signed their little daughters up for science camps or tae kwon do classes to defy stereotypical expectations of how girls should act? However, these are the very same liberals who have expressed horror at what Patriot Rater did to help his granddaughter show that she isn’t some defenseless girly girl. Leave it to liberals to have galling double standards.

Sure enough, the girl was found hours later perfectly safe with the loaded gun still in her hands. Is it just a coincidence that she didn’t have a scratch on her? Let’s see, what could have possibly kept a 5-year old girl safe all that time? Could it have been the .45-caliber deterrent she was clutching? No way, if you ask the liberals.

Now the one thing that could save Patriot Rater is the fact that this all took place in Maricopa County, the domain of NSPA member Sheriff Joe Arpaio so there is hope that some common sense may prevail. However, as of now, Patriot Rater is waiting for his trial date while his granddaughter is back home, where her parents are probably forcing her to dress up as her favorite Disney princess while having a tea party with all of her dolls. Way to go, liberals!

MCSO: Man left granddaughter, 5, in desert with loaded gun


NSPA member under Satan’s sway shoots his brother!


Casey Louviere from our Harrison County NSPA chapter was arrested Friday for allegedly shooting and injuring his brother in an argument over trick-or-treating with his son. See, it all started when Patriot Louviere’s brother came over to his house because he looked forward to joining his brother to take his nephew out trick-or-treating. It turns out, though, that Patriot Louviere wanted to take his son somewhere without his brother. This didn’t sit too well with Patriot Louviere’s brother because he wanted to celebrate Halloween with his nephew.

This led to an argument between the brothers. Patriot Louviere got fed up so he drove away with his son in the car. Then a little later he returned to his home to resume the argument with his brother. While sitting in the car with his son in the back seat, Patriot Louviere pulled out his gun and shot his brother in the leg and back to put an end to the argument. His brother didn’t die, but the District Attorney still insisted on pressing charges.

However, it is obvious Patriot Louviere wasn’t responsible for the shooting. No, it was Satan’s will. See, it was the Satanic influence that accompanies Halloween celebrations that caused Patriot Louviere to pull the trigger. As Pat Robertson commented about Halloween Thursday on his ‘700 Club’ television show, “That’s the day when millions of children and adults will be dressing up as devils, witches and goblins…to celebrate Satan.” Unfortunately, Patriot Louviere (who we’re sure is a good Christian) succumbed to the narcotic like haze of Satan’s influence, which was unleashed by millions of Halloween revelers, and shot his brother.

What kind of sickness has infected America that allows us to wage a War On Christmas while we wage a Celebration of Halloween to praise Satan? Could it be the gun hating Obama Dictatorship? Hmmmm, let me think about that.

Update: Man accused of shooting his brother in Halloween dispute


Guns don’t kill people. Bath salts kill people.


Steven Bonham from our Mount Vernon NSPA chapter rightly pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges that he murdered his mother and girlfriend in September. Yes, Patriot Bonham’s mother and his girlfriend were found dead in his mother’s home. Yes, both of their corpses were riddled with multiple bullets. However, Patriot Bonham had a perfectly good explanation for his involvement in the events. See, he explained he was high on bath salts at the time. So he really wasn’t responsible because the bath salts made him do it. He just happened to use a gun, but he could have just as easily killed them with a good sized steak knife or a heavy lamp.

Yes, Patriot Bonham showed no emotion when he glanced at the victims’ families. Yes, the gun haters in Ohio are trying to make this a story about the horrible things that can happen when an emotionally volatile man has easy access to a gun in order to redirect attention from the real issue at the heart of this case, the scourge of bath salts abuse. Yes, you can count on the liberal hate machine to try to use a tragedy like this to push their anti-gun agenda.

Bonham pleads not guilty for killing his mother and girlfriend


NSPA member framed!


Ryan Bennett from our Lebanon NSPA chapter was arrested late Friday night and charged with (get this) attempted homicide, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, receiving stolen property, illegal possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure. See, if you believe the “authorities”, you believe this Good Guy With a Gun got into a fight with the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, left to get his gun and then returned to shoot at his ex-girlfriend, her boyfriend, another woman and that woman’s 3-year old child, who were all standing on an apartment balcony.

The “authorities” alleged this is what happened, and they reported Patriot Bennett yelled out something to the effect of “you wanna play?” before he started shooting. The “authorities” overplayed their hand by releasing this detail because it unravels the plot they put together to frame Patriot Bennett.

See, we heard from some of our other members that Patriot Bennett is an avid paint ball player. So we think Patriot Bennett probably wanted to show he was a reasonable guy after he got into the argument and went home to get his paint ball gun and returned to offer to play a fun game of paint ball to show there were no hard feelings. So when Patriot Bennett arrived to the apartment he yelled out, “You wanna play?”

His intention was clearly to show he was returning in peace to share his hobby. However, sometime shortly before this happened, the “authorities” must have snuck into his home and switched Patriot Bennett’s favored paint ball gun with an exact replica that shoots real bullets. They know they have to resort to this sort of trickery to make proud, small penised, gun loving White men look like emotionally unstable sociopaths because this is the only way they will be able to sway the gullible public into thinking there might be a need for the government to impose heavy handed regulations on gun ownership. Nice try Dictator Obama, but we got you!

Man charged with firing gun at ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and two others: Police


Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh. 
Philippians 3:2


Lawrence E. Reagle from our Union City NSPA chapter was shamefully sentenced in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas yesterday to two months in jail followed by two years of probation for doing nothing more than shooting and killing two dogs that were encroaching on his property (somehow this got spun as animal cruelty in the rigged court system) and telling a busybody to stay out of his business (somehow this got spun as intimidating a witness in the rigged court system), whatever.

See, back in April Patriot Reagle was minding his own business at home when he heard his dogs barking. He went outside and saw two Rottweilers approaching his home. Well, Patriot Reagle did what any self respecting NSPA member would have done. He ran into his house to get his shotgun and came back outside to shoot the Rottweilers. He shot and killed one of them but ran out of ammunition before he could finish off the other one. So he hit the dog multiple times with the butt of the shotgun to get it to go away.

Sensing his prey was weakened, brave Patriot Reagle ran back in the house and reloaded. He tracked the injured dog, who was hiding like a coward in a woodshed connected to Patriot Reagle’s home. Patriot Reagle then shot and killed the dog. What else was he supposed to do?

Then a few months later after Patriot Reagle had to face the indignity of going to court in June for a preliminary hearing on the “animal cruelty” charges, Patriot Reagle had a few chugs of Scotch whiskey and got on the Union City Facebook page and posted a simple suggestion to a witness in the case to stop being such a busybody, according to an arrest affidavit related to the case.

All he posted was, “(Victim’s name) – you lying (expletive). Put me in prison. I’ll make an orphan out of (other victim’s name). (Expletive) wit me you (expletive),” according to the affidavit. What the Hell ever happened to freedom of speech? I guess Dictator Obama’s wrecking crew wants to destroy the 1st Amendment as soon as they’re done destroying the 2nd Amendment.

Bloomfield Township man to jail after shooting two dogs, intimidating a witness


What greater gift than the love of a cat?” 
Charles Dickens

Well, I can think of about 10,000,000 things greater than the love of a cat, like the love of a cache of semi-automatic
rifles in my basement.


James Weyrauch from our Glens Falls NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty for simply trying to teach a freeloading stray cat a lesson. It figures in Dictator Obama’s America that even the cats are now expecting to be given free stuff.

See, here’s what happened. Patriot Weyrauch noticed a stray cat had moved himself right onto his front porch and carried himself as if he owned the place. Hell, with all the foodstamps Dictator Obama gives out, the damn cat was probably even expecting Patriot Weyrauch to give him a dish of Fancy Feast two times a day.

Patriot Weyrauch realized this entitled cat wasn’t going to leave anytime soon so he followed the one sensible course of action available to him. He allegedly got his pellet gun and shot the cat 5 times. Sure enough, there was a bleeding heart in the neighborhood who rushed the cat to a veterinarian’s office, probably with the expectation that the cat would get free healthcare. Well, the vet claimed the cat’s spinal cord had been damaged too severely so she put it to sleep.

Okay, so the cat was dead, and the story should have ended there. That is, it should have ended there if we only happened to have some sensible leadership in this country. However, since this is Dictator Obama’s America, the story didn’t end there. Instead, the “authorities” pounced on the opportunity to lock up yet another proud, gun loving, small penised White Christian Man so they could confiscate his guns. This is yet another reminder of why we need to get Jeb Bush in the White House in 2016!

Man accused of repeatedly shooting cat with pellet gun


The War on Christmas has already started this year as the Godless liberals go after NSPA member Lamar Christmas!


Lamar Christmas II from our Columbia NSPA chapter was arrested Monday by the atheistic, gun hating liberals in the Columbia police department and charged with attempted murder, unlawful carry of a pistol and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. However, if the Columbia police department had to follow truth in labeling type of regulations, they really would have charged Patriot Christmas for being a proud, small penised White Christian Man who loves guns.

Now the story the “authorities” have been spinning is that Patriot Christmas allegedly began arguing with some 60-year old man while they were traveling in separate vehicles. They claim Patriot Christmas was a passenger in a truck driven by some female. (We don’t know why Patriot Christmas would have ever let the woman drive the truck, and we are working on getting details about this one puzzling aspect to the case.) After Patriot Christmas and the old man in the other car began arguing, the “authorities” alleged that Patriot Christmas shot the old man in the wrist.

Now we acknowledge the female driver probably did something stupid while she was driving, such as putting on makeup or calling a friend to find out what she was wearing, to cause her to do something like swerving into another lane, which probably got the old man mad in the first place, which led to the argument with Patriot Christmas. You know what they say about women drivers. Sometimes there is a lot of truth in cliches. That’s just the way it is.

So maybe the old man overreacted to the female driver’s poor driving abilities, and maybe Patriot Christmas had no choice but to protect himself by shooting the old man. The thing is, that’s not the central issue here. The real issue is the “authorities” were bound and determined to lock up Patriot Christmas simply because they didn’t like his last name and wanted to send a chilling message to all of us good Christians who have been decrying the War on Christmas that has been waged for the past 20 years by the liberal atheists who are destroying America! We are ready for this War. In fact many of us in the NSPA unfortunately were not able to go and actually fight in Iraq even though we fully supported that war because we had to stay behind to fight against this War on Christmas. We will win this War because we love Christmas more than liberals hate it!

Arrest Made in Road Rage Shooting Incident


Love is a gypsy child, he has never heard of law.” 
Carmen, Act 1 Scene 1

Georges Bizet


Charles Brow from our Wakulla NSPA chapter was arrested this past weekend for allegedly shooting and killing his girlfriend. However, once again, the “authorities” have been in an obvious rush to judgment in this case and haven’t considered all of the facts in our opinion.

See, it all started when Santa Rosa Sheriff Department officers arrested Patriot Brow at a Navarre Waffle House for being in an altercation. While the deputies were hauling him off to jail, he told them he had killed his girlfriend at their Crawfordville home. According to the deputy’s report, Patriot Brow said, “You’re going to know who I am. I murdered my girlfriend in Wakulla.”

So the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department brought in the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Department on the case and sent them over to Patriot Brow’s home, where they claimed to have found evidence that a violent struggle took place between Patriot Brow and his girlfriend before he shot and killed her. Then they claimed to have found a .357 revolver in Patriot Brow’s car and leaked a rumor to the media that they thought it might be the murder weapon.

Then they tried to bias any future jurors by telling the lamestream media covering the case that Patriot Brow had a violent criminal past, including a domestic violence charge against his girlfriend this past February. Then the Sheriff played right into the hands of the victimization crowd’s ideology by emphasizing the need for law enforcement to get “victims” of domestic violence in touch with community resources. This is the classic example of the magician’s art of misdirection because this case is really about taking advantage of an accidental act of passion as an excuse to confiscate guns.

If Patriot Brow is guilty of anything here, he is guilty of loving too much. Who amongst us hasn’t been preyed upon and manipulated by some calculating woman who conjures the mind and heart altering machinations of Eros to aid her designing schemes? All of us have, but only Patriot Brow is facing charges of second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

When will this madness end?

Wakulla man admits to killing girlfriend


Woe to those who rise early in the morning, that they may run after strong drink, who tarry late into the evening as wine inflames them!
Isaiah 5:11