Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because government-run schools don’t teach gun safety because they are too busy pushing their homosexual socialistic agenda!!!!!!!!

Dustin Adkins from our Titusville, Florida NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and charged with (get this) aggravated child neglect with great bodily harm and violation of felony probation, along with four counts of possession of a firearm by convicted felon and 51 counts possession of ammunition by a convicted felon (WITCH HUNT!!!!) after he allegedly brought 4 young children into the woods for some wholesome target practice, and apparently one of the children accidentally shot Patriot Adkins’ 9-year-old daughter (who didn’t even die, but apparently facts don’t matter any more when it comes to destroying the life of a Good Guy With A Gun) in the back!!!!!!

Sure enough, the lying, disgusting so-called “media”, which is nothing more than the shameless propaganda arm of the democrat party, exploited an accident from Patriot Adkins’ past for
political gain by blowing it way out of proportion to try to make him look like an impossibly irresponsible imbecile because they have no hesitation in resorting to lies and distortions to commit character assassination against anybody they view as an ideological opponent!!!! SAD!!!!! See, way back in March 2011 Patriot Adkins accidentally shot and killed a 13-year-old girl during a family cookout and had to serve two and a half years of his life, which he will never be able to get back, in prison because of this accident. Well, apparently, the totally rigged “justice” system in America isn’t finished with trying to destroy Patriot Adkins’ life so they’ve decided to conflate that accident from 8 whole years ago with the accidental shooting this past weekend, and (BY THE WAY) Patriot Adkins didn’t even pull the trigger this time around???!!!!????

Furthermore, the accidental shooting in the woods from this past weekend wasn’t even Patriot Adkins’ fault because the real fault lies with the government-run schools which are destroying America and causing all the carnage we see in the streets!!!!! See, these government-run schools don’t spend a single minute of the “school” day teaching about gun safety because the union teachers are too busy pushing their homosexual socialistic agenda and making sure every child in the classroom gets a participation trophy!!!!!! So Patriot Adkins simply stepped into the void and did the responsible thing by bringing the four children into the woods to teach them how to handle guns.

Now, the thing is, Patriot Adkins shouldn’t have been expected to hover above the children every single waking moment (like a liberal helicopter parent!!!-PSYCHE), and he had to go and check on a hog trap. So while he was briefly away checking on the hog trap, one of the kids allegedly accidentally shot Patriot Adkins’ daughter in the back. The truth is, if the government-run schools had done their job and had taught these children about gun safety in the first place, Patriot Adkins never would have had to bring the children and his guns into the woods, and NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED!!!!!! Sure enough, though, Patriot Adkins is now facing at least 30 years in prison because of the failings of our government-run schools!!!!!! SICK!!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to stand up to out of control “law enforcement” agencies and the lying, disgusting so called “media” so they can no longer destroy the lives of Good Guys With A Gun!!!!!!’

Titusville man faces prison after target practice that left child injured



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to teach children that they should never handle guns as if they are toys!!!!!!!!

Anthony Knuth from our Sandford, Florida NSPA chapter was arrested earlier this week and charged with (get this) neglect of a child with great bodily harm and using a firearm while under the influence after he allegedly shot a 7-year-old boy who was playing with a toy Nerf gun with other children at Patriot Knuth’s sister’s friend’s house. Sure enough, in this case the lying, disgusting “media” and the so-called “authorities” are conducting yet again another one of their trademark, regularly scheduled WITCH HUNTS in order to destroy the life of a Good Guy With A Gun!!!!!! See, according to them (and the word is that these are some of the very worst people, nobody has ever seen anything like this), Patriot Knuth had allegedly become intoxicated on Southern Comfort and confronted the group of children with a warning that his gun and the bullets in the gun were real before shooting the 7-year-old boy in his left knee because they have a reflexive disdain for facts and an obsessive need to manipulate the coverage of every story to benefit their shameless, selfish and amoral agenda!!!!! SAD!!!!!! SICK PEOPLE!!!!!!

See, we heard from the other members of our Sanford NSPA chapter that Patriot Knuth had simply become alarmed by seeing the feckless children playing so recklessly with the toy Nerf gun and tried to impress upon them the importance of following gun safety practices whenever handling any type of a gun. See, Patriot Knuth didn’t want the children to develop a cavalier attitude towards firearms as a result of playing with toy Nerf guns because he wants them to grow up to be responsible gun owners who aren’t involved in tragic gun accidents!!!!!! Geez, when did that become a crime???!!!!!????? Okay, so Patriot Knuth’s gun went off accidentally, but the kid didn’t die or anything, and you can bet all the children certainly learned a valuable lesson about the difference between real guns and toy guns, which will certainly benefit them more in the long-run than if the child hadn’t been shot!!!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to fight these WITCH HUNTS that are being waged every day against GOOD GUYS WITH A GUN!!!!!!!

Drunk Florida man shoots boy who was playing with Nerf gun: cops




Just when you think the democRAT party and their dull-witted, gullible, bigoted base couldn’t possibly sink any shamelessly lower, sure enough, they manage to SINK LOWER!!!!!! SAD!!!!! Just tonight, we here at the NSPA executive headquarters are being flooded with photographs sent by shocked members of our Akron and Cuyahoga Falls NSPA chapters that document acts of terrorism committed at local Giant Eagle and Target stores!!!!!! We have verified reports of a rat-faced LIBERAL thug (obviously on George Soros’ payroll!!!!) who is going to stores throughout Northeastern Ohio to take books written by Donald Trump Jr. and Bill O’Reilly from the stores’ book sections and placing the books in the stores’ toilet paper aisles!!!! SICK!!!!! PERVERTED!!!!!

What kind of a pathetic loser, obviously completely lacking any semblance of a life, would have the time to go from store to store to commit these disgusting acts of alt-left terrorism???????

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to stand up to this type of hate and ignorance, which would destroy America if left unchecked!!!!!!!



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because the democrat party death cult celebrates suffering, and their totally rigged, so-called “courts”, filled with activist “judges”, let them get away with it!!!!!!!

Justin Ziehr from our Somerset, Kentucky NSPA chapter was cited Wednesday with (get this) second-degree disorderly conduct after he shot a stray cat. Sure enough, this is just another case of character assassination inflicted on a Good Guy With A Gun by the democrat party, which is so devoid of policies and integrity that they must rely on lies, fear and prejudice to hold sway over their gullible base!!!!!!!!

See, truth be told, Patriot Ziehr was simply trying to prevent the stray cat he allegedly shot from suffering. See, Patriot Ziehr tried to explain to the so-called “authorities” that he had shot the stray cat because he had accidentally stepped on the animal and broke its leg, and he wanted to put the stray cat out of its misery. On any given day in America thousands of people step on stray cats’ legs because stray cats do nothing but run heedlessly right up to strangers so suddenly that the strangers have no chance to avoid stepping on their legs and breaking them!!!!!! Most people simply walk away, leaving the crippled cat to die a slow miserable death!!!!! However, Patriot Ziehr has a good Christian heart and wasn’t going to let one of God’s creatures pass away alone and in needless pain, so he allegedly shot the cat. Sure enough, though, right on cue, the democrat party death and suffering cult wouldn’t let a single good deed go unpunished so they made Patriot Ziehr the bad guy because they must constantly deliver red meat to their ignorant, self-pitying, hate-filled base!!!!!!!

Worse yet, it is disgusting in this case that the supposedly “impartial” judicial system so openly sides with democrat party leaders rather than the law!!!!!!!!! We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House and William Barr in the Department of Justice to put an end to this bastardization of law and justice in America!!!!!!!!

Somerset man cited for disorderly conduct after shooting animal in public



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for just trying to keep school children safe from the hazards of elderly school bus drivers!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Lilly from our St. Paul, Minnesota NSPA chapter endured a totally rigged show trial, much of it probably conducted in secrecy, and was sentenced yesterday to (get this) 7 years in prison after he was forced to plead guilty to first-degree assault for allegedly firing multiple gun shots at a 78-year-old school bus driver after the two had gotten in a fender-bender that occurred during a snowstorm.

According to the so-called “evidence” presented at trial, footage from Minnesota Department of Transportation cameras showed Patriot Lilly getting out of his car and walking toward the small school bus that had scraped his rear bumper. Then to really pile it on, they trotted out the 78-year-old school bus driver to peddle a maudlin and manipulative yarn about the so-called “trauma” he experienced after being shot and worrying about the safety of the young girl still on the bus!!!! WAH WAH!!!!!!!

See, the ultimate irony is that we heard from the other members of our St. Paul NSPA chapter that Patriot Lilly had confronted the reckless senior citizen bus driver out of concern for the well-being of the children being forced to ride on his bus to be delivered to “government schools” that indoctrinate them in the propaganda of liberal multiculturalism!!!!!!!

However, Patriot Lilly certainly wasn’t going to get a fair trial because the so-called judge was obviously only interested in listening to hearsay and not actual facts because that is the only way to take down a True Patriot in a court of “law”!!!!!!!!!

Furthermore, how many more stories about the lives of school children being endangered by dangerous senior citizen school bus drivers must we endure???!!!!????? Is this the new normal???!!!??? SAD!!!!! It’s time once and for all to put an end to this senseless threat to our school children!!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to put an end to these type of shameless show trials pushed by hate-filled liberals who have no regard for the rule of law and to keep our children safe by passing sensible senior citizen school bus driver legislation!!!!!!!!!

Man who shot school bus driver in road rage incident sentenced to 7 years



Good Guys With A Gun arrested basically for trying to expose the horrors of abortion and the democrat party’s culture of death!!!!!!

Hunter Sinyard from our Texarkana, Texas NSPA chapter and Jedidiah Tadlock from our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma NSPA chapter were arrested today and charged with (get this) criminal mischief firearm/weapon death of livestock after they allegedly shot and killed a pregnant cow in September. Apparently (get this) some whistle blower snitched on them to Wardens from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and a Texas Cattle Ranger investigator, who then (WITCH) hunted Patriots Sinyard and Tadlock down like they were common criminals and got them arrested on these totally fake charges, which were all based on allegations from some unnamed whistle blower in order to pursue a smear campaign against GOOD GUYS WITH A GUN!!!!!!! HOAX!!!!!!

See, we heard from the other members of our Texarkana NSPA chapter that Patriots Sinyard and Tadlock had shot the pregnant cow to highlight the horrors of abortion and the democrat party’s culture of death!!!! Sure enough, though, the lying, disgusting so-called “media” is gaslighting America and presenting this case as if Patriots Sinyard and Tadlock are cold-blooded killers, even though the their entire goal was nothing more than to expose the killers in the alt-left, who want nothing more than to infect their death cult upon America!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to put an end to this manipulative media gaslighting before it destroys America!!!!!!!


Arrests made in shooting death of pregnant cow



Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for a so-called “crime” he didn’t commit!!!!  HOAX!!!!

James Ryan Wooton of our Henderson, Kentucky NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday by the Henderson County so-called “Sheriff’s” Office and charged with (get this) a first-degree felony of wanton endangerment after he allegedly fired a shotgun at his girlfriend after she got out of the pickup truck they had been arguing in and walked away.

We here at the NSPA executive headquarters would like to emphasize, because certainly nobody else will, that no one was injured in this alleged “crime”!!!! The lying, disgusting so-called “media” doesn’t want to call attention to this because this WITCH HUNT will fall apart if this obvious fact is acknowledged. See, Patriot Wooton didn’t actually shoot his girlfriend so where’s the wanton endangerment???? NO WANTON ENDANGERMENT!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to stand up against these WITCH HUNTS to make sure no PATRIOT is ever again charged for a crime he never committed!!!!! NO WANTON ENDANGERMENT!!!!!!!

Man shoots shotgun at girlfriend after argument, according to police



Good Guy With A Gun sent to prison and slapped with a LIFETIME GUN BAN basically for simply trying to save an innocent teenage girl from roving caravans of Somali terrorists!!!!!!! SAD!!!!!

Joshua Demmerly from our Warroad, Minnesota NSPA chapter was convicted last week of (get this) kidnapping, third-degree criminal sexual conduct and stalking for allegedly stalking and sexually assaulting a teenage girl multiple times while on duty as a Warroad police officer. Worse yet, the radical activist judge (who oh-so-conveniently just happened to be a woman, so you can be sure he got a fair hearing…..NOT!!!!!) who presided over the case ruled that Patriot Demmerly can never possess any gun or other dangerous weapon for the rest of his life!!!!!!!

In other words, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg (hmmmm, what could be the connection there?) orchestrated a WITCH HUNT which was a total HOAX to destroy Patriot Demmerly’s life and confiscate his guns in order to push their conniving plot to ban guns and to turn America into a safe haven for terrorists!!!!!!! See, we heard from the other members of our Warroad NSPA chapter that Patriot Demmerly had simply been trying to keep a close eye on the teenage girl to keep her safe from any roving caravans of Somali terrorists that might invade from Minneapolis!!!!! See, Minneapolis is a well-known sanctuary city for swarms of Somali immigrants (terrorists, same difference), and Patriot Demmerly was on high alert that these terrorists might easily make the 288 mile trip from Minneapolis to Warroad to violate this teenage girl.

However, right on cue, the democrat party henchmen of Soros and Bloomberg dug into their evil playbook and resorted to their dirty tactic of turning an opponent’s strength into a target for a vile character assassination. For example, the other members of our Warroad NSPA chapter told us that Patriot Demmerly was watching the young girl closely and contacting her constantly with text messages and phone calls to make sure she was safe, but the democrat party henchmen labeled this as so-called “stalking”!!!!! Patriot Demmerly instructed her on Brazilian jiu-jitsu to fend off attacks by the Somali caravans, and the democrat party henchmen labeled this as so-called “sexual assault” and so-called “kidnapping”!!!!! See, the plan was to get a Good Guy With A Gun locked up in prison and forever denied ownership of a gun in order to open the floodgates for the immigrant terrorists!!!!!!!!

Day after day we are all forced to wonder how much lower the democrat party can sink by debasing themselves to provide cover for monsters who will destroy America if given the chance. This case is just the latest example. We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to make sure they don’t get away with this crime against America!!!!!! #trump2020

Sentence: Prison, lifetime gun ban for ex-Warroad cop who sexually assaulted, stalked teen



Good Guy With A Gun railroaded by a WITCH HUNT that was a TOTAL HOAX presided over by a so-called judge who was obviously determined to convict him no matter what the “evidence” was!!!!!!! NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!!!

Gregg Trude from our Helena, Montana NSPA chapter was convicted in a totally rigged FAKE trial and sentenced to (get this) 3 ½ years in prison for the ACCIDENTAL (I REPEAT, ACCIDENTAL!!!) shooting death of his hunting partner last year. The TRUTH is that the liberal elevator screamers had their knives out for Patriot Trude from the get go because he is a well-known conservative lobbyist and gun-safety instructor with the NRA, which (SURPRISE, SURPRISE) made him Public Enemy #1 with the liberal power brokers in Helena, Montana!!!! SICK!!!

See, the truth is that Patriot Trude simply went on a hunting trip in October 2018 with a friend and simply placed a loaded rifle in the backseat of his truck, and the loaded gun simply accidentally discharged, which simply caused Patriot Trude’s friend to accidentally die.

We here at the NSPA executive offices have examined all of the “evidence” in this case, and we have seen nothing that rises to a convictable offense. After all, Patriot Trude is an NRA gun-safety instructor, so if anything could have been done to prevent this accident from occurring, Patriot Trude would have taken care of it. This case establishes a frightening slippery slope, because, if our rigged courts with Obama judges can start convicting people for accidents, then nobody is safe!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House to stand up to these types of shifty sham show trials that serve no purpose other than to push political self-interests and to destroy the lives of true PATRIOTS!!!!!!!

Ex-gun safety teacher sentenced in accidental shooting death